Wednesday, 8 September 2010

You say it's your birthday, Winter 2028

Two little girls are celebrating their first birthdays this winter!

The first is Ruby Lane, daughter of Luc and Asha.

Here's Asha as a little girl...

...and here's Luc!

Ramona Nihill is also turning 1!

There's no toddler picture of her dad, Steve but here is her mother, Olivia.

  • I just had a feeling Ruby would turn out looking a lot like Luc and I guess I was right! His features just seem like they'd be more dominant than Asha's. Plus, Luc looks a lot like Cordy and Cordy's boys all seem to favour her side of the family.
  • I think Ramona is really cute but I wish she'd inherited more from Olivia than just her skin colour! They don't look much alike at all, do they?


  1. Aww they don't look a thing like I expected! I was thinking they'd both look more like their mothers. Though I did suspect that Luc may dominant a tad.

    It will take me a bit to get used to the red hair and that skin tone, it took me awhile to get used to dark/blond. Steve's a good looking guy, so I'm sure he'll make a cute girl too. lol

  2. Maisie, thanks for reading!

    Ruby didn't surprise me at all. I was hoping she'd have a little more of Asha in her but I was expecting a female Luc and that's what I got.

    I was very surprised by Ramona though. I really thought Olivia's looks would be more dominant. She might look a little more like Olivia when she gets older, though she definitely doesn't have her mother's mouth, which is Olivia's most prominent feature.

    The red hair/dark skin is one I'm getting used to as well. It's the eyebrows that get me, actually. I chose a reddy-brown style for Ramona on purpose but those eyebrows still stand out so much on dark skin!

  3. Ruby is adorable, and well, at least she has Asha's eyes!

    Ramona does look like Olivia, but in a real life kind of way. Seeing it's the Sims, and features can't really blend, I'll just assume Steve and Olivia are similar as toddlers.

  4. I think Ruby's got her mother's eyes (Luc's eye colour, but the form is more like Asha's). But mouth, nose, and eye brows look exactly like Luc's.

    And I'm really curious how Ramona will turn out in a few years. She looks very unique now, but in a good way!

    both girls a really sweet.

  5. They're both so cute! And both definitely look more like their fathers. I was hoping Ruby would look more like Asha but I think she's really cute anyway. Those Lane genes are good and strong :)

  6. OMG, almost went to bed without commenting, I really should start commenting the moment I read a post, but I always wait!

    Anyway, you said everything I wanted to say in your notes!

    Ruby definatly is Luc's daughter!
    And Ramona also looks so much like her father!
    So sweet though :)

  7. I checked again, and it seems that Ramona has her Grandpa Ben's eyes, and also his nose.

  8. Thanks for commenting everyone!

    Flit, you're right, Ruby does have Asha's eyes! Luc's are much larger.

    I know what you mean about blending features and perhaps you're right. I'm actually quite happy with Ramona. I thought if she looked so much like her father, she'd be a little Face One-ish, but she's not. Good enough for me!

    Astrid, you guys are better at this than me! I think you're spot on about Ruby.

    Olivia looks a lot like Ben, so I guess if Ramona has Ben's eyes and nose, she's inherited more from her mother than I thought.

    I'm interested to see Ramona when she gets older too. I think she'll be very pretty. She doesn't look freakish now and I've promised myself I won't age up toddlers to check what they'll look like unless they look weird!

    Sari, little daddy's girls! Have you ever heard that theory that babies are supposed to look like their dads when they're young so the fathers know that they're theirs and instinctively want to provide for them? It was some evolutionary thing. We discussed it at great length when my friend's daughter was born and looked nothing like her dad! That's what I always think of when I get Sim kids looking so much like their dads.

    I was hoping for more of an Asha clone too, mainly because the Royce surname is gone now and Zaria's kids both look a lot like Max. Oh well!

    Tanja, I usually have to comment as soon as I read, because otherwise Google Reader marks it as read and I forget to go back! LOL.

    I think these two are pretty sweet too. I was so excited to age them up and see what they looked like!

  9. I like Ruby's look, she's going to be a real pretty girl when she gets older I bet! I was kind of surprised that she didn't get blonde hair though, seeing as Luc has the recessive for it.

    Ramona looks great, the red hair and dark skin is a real kicker, I bet she's going to be stunning!

  10. Tessa, Ruby and Ramona look human, so that's enough for me! Stunning or pretty will be a nice bonus. ;)

    I was surprised Ruby ended up with black hair too. Between Asha and Luc, there's ONE gene for black hair and three for blonde. I guess it still works out to a 50/50 chance though, so I shouldn't be so surprised.

  11. Aww, the girls look like their daddies spit them out in darker shades LOL. Too cute! And it looks like they both got the shape of their mothers' eyes. I would have thought Ramona would've inherited more from Olivia, too, especially those lips. Oh, well, guess she'll have to have more kids ;).

    And you're better than I am. I would have soo cheated and aged them up to see what they look like when they're older LOL.

  12. Danielle, LOL, yes, that's probably a pretty accurate description!

    Steve and Olivia aren't allowed to use BC, as per my rules and they haven't reached their ACR Ideal yet either. So more kids are on the cards. Ditto Luc and Asha, while we're on the subject!

    It's tempting to age them all up, for sure. But the anticipation is exciting too. I don't think I'd get quite as excited about birthdays if I knew what they would all look like already. :)