Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Kids, Autumn 2028

Round 28: Autumn 2028

Principal Tatiana Lachance is 45, Pamela Gray is 42 and Finn Romilly is 27.
Students: Anthony and Veronica Moretti are both 11, Noah Gottlieb and Adelaide Sitko are both 10, Mitchell Carmody is 9, Emma Gottlieb, Jessica Royce-Nihill, Eddie and Louisa Gentry and Timothy Lane are all 8, Declan Romilly, Austin and Lauren Carmody and Justin and Xavier Moretti are all 7, Brendan Lachance and Caitlin Romilly are both 5 and Annabel and Georgina Nott are both 4.

It's not even 9am yet and Adelaide is already causing trouble "playing" with Jessica.

Kicking other children in the head is not acceptable at Sullivan Primary and Adelaide is well old enough to know that. When her teacher pulls her into the office to give her a talking to, she plays dumb at first.

But Finn saw her - all three teachers saw her - so there's no denying it. Adelaide's in trouble.

And she's not happy about it either!

Maybe Adelaide can keep out of trouble in class.

Adelaide has been struggling with her school work lately though, which makes it hard to concentrate.

This morning's maths lesson is quite challenging though and Adelaide's not the only one finding it tough. Veronica has almost given up too.

Adelaide tries another tactic and sneaks a peek at Mitchell's work, to see if he understands it any better.

Adelaide's already skating on thin ice and makes sure her eyes are firmly back on her own work when Finn comes around to see if anyone needs his help.

At recess, teachers and students from all grades can mingle together and Xavier is making friends with Emma.

Emma's showing off her air guitar skills and Xavier is really impressed.

Justin uses the opportunity to catch up with his uncle Finn.

Finn is quite popular with the students. As soon as he finishes with Justin, Brendan is lined up to chat with him.

After recess in the classroom, Georgina is getting to know her teacher, Mrs Gray. Pamela is teaching the pre-schoolers and the kindergartners this year.

Story time is everyone's favourite activity, though Pamela isn't sure about the toilet humour in today's book.

The kids love it though, especially Caitlin!

This is Brendan and Caitlin's second year with Pamela and they're getting along a lot better than they were before they started school.

Caitlin is quite enjoying being one of the "big kids" in class this year.

In fact, once again, Pamela has a very harmonious classroom.

She might want to look out her window though, as there's something that would probably benefit from her attention.

Justin and Noah, who should be in their classrooms, are instead playing a game of catch outside. In the middle of the road.

Tatiana spots Justin missing from her classroom and spies the two boys from her classroom window. All she needs to do is look at them the right way and they go scurrying back to their classrooms.

On the whole, Tatiana's class is quite well behaved.

They're still kids and hard to keep motivated at times.

Much of Tatiana's time is spent walking from child to child, making sure everyone is on task.

She never, ever has to redirect Declan.

Declan loves school. He's more likely to speed through his work and then ask for more than he is to wander around the classroom, leaving his work unfinished.

Xavier wishes he found school so easy. Like his cousin Adelaide, he's not having the easiest time at school.

Tatiana has been working with him when she can, one on one. There hasn't been a whole lot of improvement yet but there's still plenty of time left in the year.

Caitlin is first in the cafeteria for lunch. She heard there would be pancakes and she wanted to make sure she wouldn't miss out!

Annabel and Georgina missed out but they're not too bothered. They're too busy gossiping to worry too much about their food.

On the other side of the cafeteria, Lauren lets out a truly heroic burp, which Justin finds hilarious.

Declan finds it disgusting.

Can't imagine where he gets that from!

Declan's just going to try to ignore Lauren's poor table manners. In Lauren's defense, her parents aren't really fabulous examples in that arena.

There are some seriously uppity kids at this school!

It's almost a tradition at Sullivan Primary, that whenever lunch time rolls around, it'll rain.

Not today though! Today, all the children will get to spend their play time outside.

The kids are absolutely relishing the chance to play on the equipment again.

Even some of the teachers join in on the fun!

This is what happens when I play with allmenus. I was looking to see if the "Lecture" option appeared anywhere (still can't find it) and found Displeasured. I thought it would be some kind of complaining interaction but it seems to be the Pleasure aspiration failure!

I don't know what Caitlin's problem was but she was stuck with this angry face for a while! I had to use "snap reset" to get rid of it.

One of the perils of using stretchskeleton! This was only momentary, by the way - it happens when the kids climb on that cubby house thing.

LOL, I wonder how it will be before Brendan and Caitlin are totally mortified to have their parents working at their school!

  • I don't know why but a lot of my kids seemed to be working really hard this round! I don't think Declan would have stopped writing if I hadn't cancelled the action - he got to around 203%! Even getting a picture of all my kids writing at the same time is a feat, normally and I could have taken several this time.
  • I had so much fun with this play session. I really love this group of kids and it ran so smoothly! When I was setting up the school photo at the beginning, it was really lagging but as soon as I froze the time with Freezer Clock and started playing, it ran beautifully.


  1. What the heck is up with Adelaide?!?!? Kicking children in the head?!?!? Gosh, it reminds me of my teaching days and not in a good way.

  2. I always like to see your school update. It's neat to see all the kids interacting with each other. And yeah, what got into Adelaide?

    I liked the picture with Pamela playing with the kids.

  3. Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, LOL, no, that's just Adelaide! She takes after her charming sister, Lila. ;) The last time I spotted a kid kicking another kid in the head, it was Josie. She was kicking either Patience or Maia.

    gallowaytownship, school updates are usually fun to play as well, except when my game isn't co-operating!

    Pamela did that autonomously. I like when Sims will do that.

  4. Sorry about the WCIF comment but in the second picture (Adelaide "playing" with Jessica), where did you find that fence in the background?

    Playing your school seems like it's so much fun, even just to see the kids interacting with each other. The only social thing my kids do is when they bring kids home from school. And LOL about the teachers who teach their kids. What do you suppose they do for parent/teacher meetings, give the info to their spouse?

  5. Wow Adelaide is not playing nice at all!
    I love your school updates and specially pictures of play time, they are so real.
    Kids will be kids though, always sneaking away from work and playing ball and trying to do other type of things, but glad they got some studing in also. I think Declan is going to be really smart when he grows up, if he keeps up being a good student...he will go far in life!
    I loved playing school in sims2, i got school building in sims 3 but its more for after school activities, as well for school time they dissapear into their rabbit hole. I am looking foward to playing it for my story though, but as my sim yet has no kids it is not going to happen any time soon :)

    Lol at outtakes...so funny!

  6. OMG, Adelaide is a real bad-ass girl! And she's only 9. She'll probably end up in prison, lol!

    I had so much fun reading this update. Kind of makes me wish I was still 10 years old and went to school instead of being 32 and having a crappy job ;)

    You have the best children's clothing! I have to go through your CC posts again to see where you got them.

  7. Wow Adelaide really isn't nice, but then again she only has one nice-point so it kind of figures! It's good Finn sat her down and talked to her about it.
    I love story time, loved it when I was 5 too, didn't have to read the book myself, and the voices were always so much better then what I had :)
    How do you get them all to sit down and listen?
    Tatiana's class all nice at work, it's a great picture.
    The picture where there are 2 kids thinking about fun, it happens to my kids too, even when their funbar is completely full!
    Those twins, only 4 and already gossiping in the lunchroom! :D
    Caitlin will always be my favourit I think!

  8. I built a school and tried it out this past round of playing. What I have noticed was that students work harder when the teacher is low on fun. I kind of remember Inges mentioned that somewhere on her website. I guess cranky teachers whip harder. lol

  9. rome_raven, I think the fence is by Spaik at TSR.

    My school is pretty fun to play. I usually prefer playing the high school but I enjoyed the primary school so much this round.

    As a teacher, I've actually never come across a teacher teaching their own kid, so I wonder what would happen with that myself! Tatiana has taught three of her four kids so far and she'll be teaching Brendan next time, and Declan will be in Finn's class next round too. I guess they do just talk about it with their spouse!

    Speechless, Adelaide rarely does. She's a little spitfire.

    I think Declan is going to be a successful adult, whatever he ends up doing. He's destined to be a knowledge Sim, I think.

    The rabbit holes are one of the many reasons I don't play TS3 very often. :\ They went to all that effort of creating an open hood and then most of the community lots are rabbit holes. It was disappointing.

    Sari, LOL, prison! Yeah, if she keeps kicking people in the head, she just might!

    I think my Sim school is much more fun than my real primary school was. I don't know if you could pay me enough to go back!

    You know, I don't think I've downloaded any children's clothes lately that were not by fakepeeps7. Just looking at the class photo, it looks like she dressed about 75% of them!

    Tanja, Adelaide didn't have much of an example to follow, with Lila and Kirstin at home!

    The kids aren't really listening to the story, except for Caitlin. I had Pamela read to Caitlin and the other kids are posed.

    I think Eddie and Louisa's fun bar was full too! They just didn't want to do their school work, lol!

    lepifera, yes, someone once told me all the different things that affect how hard the kids will work. They work harder if the teacher isn't friends with them and I think if the teacher is low on nice, or playfulness? Tatiana isn't friends with any of the kids but I wonder if the kids' seriousness affects it too. Declan is very serious and Adelaide (who was probably my hardest worker in the other class) is only moderately playful. Hmmm.

  10. Oh man Adelaide seems to be a bit naughty, eh?

    Declan is way too cute, I really like his nose. I loved the photos of Declan and Finn making those faces, haha.

    They are all so adorable, I feel like I'm just getting to know a few of them. Like they're really stepping into the spotlight... kicking kids in the head, is pretty big of a spotlight thief. Seems like a lot of really good teachers here.

  11. Maisie, just a bit!

    I like Declan's nose too. It's like a little button. I can't figure out if it's Victoria's or Finn's though. I used to think it was definitely Victoria's but Finn's nose is slightly upturned as well, so I'm not sure.

    Kicking someone in the head is a good way to get yourself in the spotlight, it's true! And I feel like I'm just getting to know some of these kids! Some of them just naturally command more attention, I suppose. By the time they're teens, I usually have a better idea of who they are.

  12. Declan and Finn are probably my two favorite guy sims right now! And poor Adelaide, she's just too much! I can't wait to see her in high school! You have sooooo many kids! I am not looking forward to my schools getting this large! And there are quite a few hoity toity sims there huh? I've never seen that many make that snobbish face lol

  13. Mizzgin03, I love Declan and Finn too. Definite favourites of mine.

    We won't have to wait long to see Adelaide in high school - next round! I can't believe it!

    My enrolment was actually under 20 this round - that's small for me. I had a ton of twins for a while, so I'm hoping it'll stay around this level? Maybe? LOL.

    I think my uppity kids are all neat. Declan is and Xavier is, anyway. Caitlin is moderately neat and I couldn't figure out what so offended her though! She's just being hilarious again, I guess.

  14. LOL At Adelaide kicking kids in the head. What's up with that!? I really want to start up my primary school now but I only have 4 kids. Caitlin is so cute, even when she has the mean face on. Too funny that Declan and Finn were making the same face. Like father, like son :).

    This update did look fun and I enjoyed seeing all these little ones. Can't wait to see what their crazy lives will bring. They grow up so fast.

  15. Danielle, I don't know, but I don't think it bodes well for any of Adelaide's future boyfriends!

    They do grow up fast! It seems like only yesterday that Caitlin was a cranky one year-old, giving Justin or Xavier a dirty look. Which I didn't think a toddler was even capable of before she did it!

    You know, I didn't have many more kids than you when I started my primary school. I just checked and I had 5 (and wow, blew my mind - they were Abigail, Evan, Eliot, Max and Zaria!). I had two little townie kids, just to pad it out a bit. But if you haven't built it yet, I guess there's no reason to rush it!

  16. Awww! Your kids are always so cute. Especially Declan and Adelaide. Much too cute. But oh man, that's crazy. You always have so many kids!

  17. Lunar, oh, I know! I have kids coming out my ears! Now that I'm taking everyone's fertility benefit away, I'm hoping I'll have less kids per year. I haven't had any so far this year and I won't either. That hasn't happened since the year after Declan was born.

    But they're all so adorable. It's hard to say no to my Sims when they want another!