Friday, 17 September 2010

Not the same

Round 28: Winter 2028

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Luc Lane is 35, Asha is 31 and Ruby is 1.
Linnea is 68, Steve is 33, Olivia is 31 and Ramona is 1)

Narrated by Luc Lane

Asha had a little freak-out when she found out she was pregnant with Ruby but we've both adapted to parenthood pretty well.

Ruby is a pretty great little kid and we've both been enjoying her.

She does produce an awful lot of stink for such a little person though!

Life didn't change much after we got married but Ruby changed everything.

Those lazy sleep-ins that we used to love so much? They're over.

Ruby's a morning person, apparently.

She's not at all shy about screaming her lungs out if we don't come and let her out of her crib as soon as she wakes up.

She's all smiles once she's finally free.

Ruby just hates not being able to get around on her own. She hates it when we leave her in her high chair a little too long as well.

Any kid in this house is going to be raised around music, no question.

I think Ruby could be a rock star one day. She took to nursery rhymes so fast! She can't actually pronounce the words properly but she babbles along with me, kind of in tune.

She's pretty good with her xylophone too. Ruby really loves that thing! We'll have to wait a while before we can get her behind the drums or a guitar.

Asha is just about to go back to work after maternity leave, so she's home with Ruby most of the time.

I feel like I've missed out on a lot of time with Ruby, being at work. She took her first steps one night while I was working.

Asha recounted the event in great detail but it's not the same as actually being there.

I try to make up for it when I am home but I'd love to take a whole stretch of time off. It's not looking like it's going to happen soon though.

Asha and I still get time to ourselves but we need to work harder to squeeze it in now.

For the first time since we moved here, I'm actually glad Mum lives so close.

If we want to go out, Mum is usually more than happy to watch Ruby for a while.

So they get some grandmother-granddaughter bonding time, Asha and I get to go and do something and everybody's happy.

A nanny is another option for us too. We never thought it would be but we've got more money in the bank than we did a couple of years ago, and hiring people seems a little more affordable.

Asha and I usually head back to one of the old clubs we used to go to and it's almost like old times.

I think we're getting old though. We seem to get worn out so much faster than we used to!

All our friends have kids now too, so we all get together sometimes. Steve and Olivia live closest to us, so we see them most often.

It's easier for us to catch up with the kids than without.

Asha and Olivia really got closer when they were pregnant at the same time and now they're trying their best to make sure Ruby and Ramona are best buddies one day.

I think they're a little young for that. They play together but neither of them really show too much interest in the other.

But I'll settle for Ruby just learning to play nicely with other kids, especially because she's going to be a big sister next year!

We were trying but it was still a surprise. Last time, Asha had morning sickness from the second she got pregnant up until about six months. This time, she's just been really moody. It's unusual for her to be like that, but pregnancy didn't cross my mind.

But Asha insisted that she just had a feeling and she asked if I'd come to the doctor with her.

Asha took a test at home, so we kind of knew what was coming but it was still exciting to get it confirmed.

Asha wasn't too impressed when I asked Cara if there was a possibility it'd be twins. Like I'd "jinx" it just by saying it! Asha doesn't think she could handle three under three, but I bet we could. People have done it before.

But having one more baby is going to be pretty amazing too.

I'll just have to keep working on her and see if I can convince her to have any more after Number 2!

Extras:Here's Ruby's dungeon nursery. Poor kid, it really looked like a prison cell before I redecorated! I think those walls and floors work fine in the rest of the house but it looked so wrong in Ruby's room!

In other news, I still love the posing parts posebox. It is awesome - so many possibilities and I haven't even played with the arms yet! I would have posed Luc like this at the hospital, had I not been so absent-minded and remembered to enable the box for community lots.

But if I had used that box, I don't think Ruby would have been quite so adorable She was singing nursery rhymes to herself the whole time. I love how Cara and Asha look like they're totally charmed by her.

  • Title is from Not the Same by Ben Folds.
  • Ruby is a seriously hard toddler to keep happy! Her fun seems to be constantly in the red/orange, so she whines for attention all the time. Despite their extremely difficult child, Luc and Asha are really cute with her. I usually find Romance Sims to be pretty good parents, in terms of wants and Luc and Asha are in that mold.
  • In ACR, Luc's ideal family is 4 and Asha's is 2. I figure if they try again after this one, then Luc will have been successful in his attempts to convince her.
  • I was hoping Luc and Asha would take a little longer to conceive again this time and they actually did. They tried for a baby 4 or 5 times before Asha got pregnant. I would have preferred they held off until next round but they're not allowed to use BC, so this is the kind of randomness I've brought upon myself. Ruby and Baby #2 will be about 2 years apart and real siblings are often that close together, so I figure it's okay.
  • This has complicated my birthday posts slightly though, because I'm switching to months next round. Seeing this is the end of winter, I'm going to assume they conceived in August. So I'll bump Asha to her second trimester in Spring 2028 birthdays and she'll enter her third trimester in February 2029 and give birth in May.
  • Oh yes, and the ROS. Luc rolled the Get a Gold Badge ROS, which he did not complete. He's working on his gold badge in toys though and he got up to bronze. I'll get him working on it again next time. I crashed near the end of my play session, during Asha and Luc's date and then forgot to get pics of Ruby playing with Luc's toys when I reloaded the next day. Blogging fail!


  1. Ruby is such a doll!! Despite the Diva in her.
    I think the picture of Asha being upset with Luc, and he's standing there with a goofy grin on his face is funny. Ruby's such a cutie, I'm curious to see what Baby #2 looks like.

  2. Ruby seems to have a mind of her own from a young age. That's good, you just get pushed around if you're too nice.

    Luc and Asha have adapted to parenthood very well. I hope he can convince her to have more than 2 kids.

    You've got me convinced on that posing parts box, I downloaded it last night :)

  3. blogger ate my comment :( We should have some lolcatz for blogger :)

    Anyhoo, I'm excited to see Ruby become a big sister and your title rhymes with the Lanes which I thought was cute.

  4. Luc is such a great dad! It's sweet how this edgy rocker guy turns into a doting family guy with his little girl. I can't wait to see their next baby and maybe Luc can sweet talk Asha into another one after this. ;)

    I agree with D, that picture of Asha glaring at Luc while he gives her a goofy grin is hilarious!

  5. Thanks for reading, all. :)

    gallowaytownship, I think Ruby's diva qualities are probably still at a point when they're cute. ;) I think the time will come when they're not so adorable though!

    I like that picture of Luc and Asha too. I considered posing it so it looked like they were fighting but I thought it was funnier if he just looked kind of amused by Asha's rage. Because she really didn't have much to rage about!

    Sari, true! Ruby's developed a nice little self-preservation tactic and she's not even 2 yet.

    We'll see, I guess. I just checked and Asha's Ideal is actually 3, not 2. Luc's is definitely 4 though. If they have a #3, I'm curious to see if they'll try for #4. I'm not sure how that works.

    Yes, the posing parts box is the best! I didn't download it at first myself until rome posted about it at N99. Then I had to have it, lol!

    Apple Valley, ugh, stupid Blogger!

    Anyway, I'm excited too and I hadn't noticed that about my title. Not the Same, starring the Lanes. ;)

    Shana, I was pretty sure Luc would be a good dad, because of how he's been with Timothy but it's so sweet to actually see him with his own kid. As annoyed as I am about my boy shortage, it seems to fit that Luc would have a daughter!

    As for more babies, we'll have to wait and see. It took Asha quite a while to fall pregnant this time and with two toddlers in the house by next round, they might not have as much time to spend in the hot tub!

    LOL, as I said to gallowaytownship, I almost changed that picture but Luc's just enough of a jerk to find his wife's mood swings funny. So I left it.

  6. Luc and Asha are my favourite Sullivan sims and I love how Luc has turned out to be such a good dad.
    I have a soft spot for Luc ;)

    I've been meaning to ask for ages - I adore Luc's hair, it's perfect rockstar hair and I'd really love it for one of my sims.
    Do you know where you got it from or who the creator is??
    I've looked all over for it and can't seem to see it anywhere.

  7. Anilyn, I remember you saying they were your favourites at N99. I really love Luc and Asha too. I like how Luc's developed this unexpected soft side. It's cute.

    Anyway, I didn't think I'd be able to link you to Luc's hair, because it's by Sims Artist Union, which is closed. It wasn't even at the Graveyard. But it was at MTS!

    Looking at that reminds me that I'd really like some retextures of this hair! The red and blonde are a little too cartoony to me.

  8. Yay, another baby! Anther great family that I love. I'm super excited for the new addition. I'm hoping for a boy!

  9. Carla, thank you for the link.
    I've been looking for that hair for ages and MTS is always the first I look for things so I don't know how I missed it!
    I wonder if anyone at GOS has done a retexture of the mesh?

  10. LOL, I love the moody pic! That's great! She's totally giving him the death-stare for doing this to her, lol!

    Ruby is adorable! Wow, the mouth on that child when she's yelling!

    Oh, that pose box! Sitting and holding the baby! Have you tried cuddling, or feeding while sitting with it yet? (I know there's a custom animation for that one, but it's so stiff) In fact, maybe I'll load up and see if it works, lol! That's got to be the one of the most useful pose boxes out there! Right up there with the Decorgal one.

  11. Aww, Ruby is such a cutie! I love her! And she will be getting a little brother or sister, I'm so excited about this new baby!!
    Luc looks so sweet when he plays with Ruby, he looks like such a though guy, and then he's teaching his little girl nursery rhymes = so sweet!
    I'm sure Ruby and Ramona will get along just fine when they are older.
    I have to say Olivia looks great with her hair like that!

  12. Aww, Ruby is so adorable. I loved seeing her singing to herself on Luc's lap. It seemed like they were both excited with the news of a new baby in Cara's office LOL. But yay! Another baby (though I got a spoiler when I saw the birthday update before scrolling down). These 2 are doing so great with Ruby and I know they'll be great with another. And when the heck did they become 30?! Time is going slower compared to the old way of aging but it still seems fast. And I agree with everyone about that pic of Asha looking pissed at Luc. Been there....

    And I just enabled that posebox for community lots right before I read that you forgot to. I sent 2 sims on a date and really wanted to use it so I quit. I had to enable a ton of other ones as well so it's worth the long load time.

  13. Riverdale, lol, you're not the only one! I still have a boy name picked out from last time. I was so bummed that I didn't get to use it!

    Anilyn, you're welcome! I checked GOS for retextures but it doesn't look like anyone has tackled that one. Makes me wonder if the mapping is strange or something - it's a very old mesh.

    Laura, yeah, Asha's mad! Luc finding it so hilarious probably isn't making it any better!

    I know, right? Ruby's mouth looks so small to me most of the time but the kid can yell!

    I'm getting so many ideas for this pose box already. I saw you tried out the cuddling on your blog - I added some thoughts about how you might be able to make it work better. I'll have to see whether the feeding works okay.

    Tanja, isn't she cute? I think Ruby is even cuter when you watch her moving around.

    Heh, Luc's not so tough after all, eh?

    I changed Olivia's hair a while ago. I figured that hat must be getting a bit smelly by now!

    Danielle, I know, I love that she started singing! Musical family and all. ;) I think everybody's excited this time around. Luc was excited the first time and Asha's pleased it's not twins. And Ruby can have someone to boss around.

    I think time probably feels even faster to you because it hasn't been as long for you since you read the beginning of Asha and Luc's relationship. I wonder if it'll seem slower to you as you go on, like with the Sims who've been born once you got caught up?

    How lame of me, I still haven't enabled that damn pose box. Tonight, hopefully!

  14. I love it that Ruby is being musical, too... and yay another baby!

    I'm late on the bandwagon here, but I have to try that posebox!

  15. Blackcat, me too, because I don't think I've ever had a musical family before! Ruby's OTH is sports but so is Luc's. And Asha's is fitness. Go figure.

    And yes, you must get that box. You'll love it. :)

  16. Awww. these two are such cute parents. But I'm surprised that they wouldn't stop at one! Ruby is a perfect princess for these two, lol. Demanding of attention and all. She clearly knows she's special.

  17. Lunar, yes, ego seems to be genetic! Ruby is a little diva already.

    I could actually see these two only having one but it was always quite unlikely anyway, given they're not allowed BC.

  18. Ruby picture alone on the xylophone is too cute for words!

    I use those walls way too much, in pretty much any room in any house. Ever since I started using those I couldn't get back to maxis walls. I really have to stop.

  19. Flit, yeah, Ruby is pretty adorable. ;)

    I hate so much of the Maxis stuff and most of the walls would be at the top of that list. Most of them are so garish.