Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I've been waiting

Round 29: May 2029 (Autumn)
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Trent Kirby is 59, Megan is 57 and Claudia is 28.
(Jacob and Victoria are both 28 and Patience and Josie are both 27)

Narrated by Claudia Kirby

I am just loving living on the farm again. I missed it so much when I was away. It's been too long. As soon as I get home from work, I throw on my jeans and head outside.

Eventually, the market will be solely my responsibility. Dad is already talking about retiring and he's not even 60 yet.

I'm currently being trained in all aspects of the business, so I'm ready to take over as soon as I can.

It's harder than I thought. Restocking inventory is a chore. I've never really been a maths person.

But Dad never has been either and he's managed okay, so I'm sure I'll pick it up.

And fortunately, I won't be on my own with it, even without Dad. Arianna is our manager and her grandson Edward started working with us this year.

Edward's only young but I hope he sticks around long term. He's a great salesman.

He even convinces Jacob to buy stuff, even though he could get produce for free from his mother anyway!

Mum is busy keeping up the market's stock of pies but she's now branching out into other desserts too.

She's been sampling a lot of the merchandise too. I'm amazed she's still so slim!

Things have changed around here since I was a teenager. My parents seem to be all over each other every time I turn around, which is definitely not what I remember!

I find it more funny than anything else. Not so much because of Dad but because of Mum - she's so straight-laced most of the time.

I wasn't sure what it would be like living at home again, with Mum being the way she is, but I've been pleasantly surprised so far.

I thought she would really be pushing for this wedding once she found out Jacob and I were engaged but she hasn't been. She seems happy enough for us to wait until May, as we've planned.

Mum is just a little bit more relaxed now, thank goodness.

I thought she would at least tut at me the first time Jacob stayed the night here but she barely raised an eyebrow. She's always really liked Jacob, so that works in his favour.

The house hasn't felt quite like home without any pets around, so after work one day, Jacob and I went to pick out some new members of the family. We came home with Taffy...

...and Sadie.

It was a good thing Jacob to rein me in, or else I would have ended up bringing them all home.

Mum adores Taffy.

She is not as keen on Sadie, who's taken up residence on Rebecca's old bed, despite Mum's efforts to coax her into the dog bed we got for her.

We love them both though, and the cat and dog are about as close to a family as Jacob and I will get within the next couple of years.

Jacob and I are both thinking about starting a family but we're not sure when that will be. Sometimes I want a baby right away and sometimes I think I'd like to wait a couple of years.

We haven't even really started planning the wedding yet. We're just enjoying our engagement for the time being.

It's really tempting to start planning everything now, especially seeing I'm spending so much time doing wedding-type things already. Josie asked me and Patience to be her bridesmaids and we're in the middle of a dress hunt right now.

We've been very enthusiastic about pretty much every dress Josie has tried on, but she is so picky!

We've gone through racks and racks of dresses and Josie has proclaimed them all "ugly" or "not me".

Victoria isn't one of Josie's bridesmaids, so she's been a bit out of the loop on all the preparations.

I've been sharing the news with her, of course. Victoria finds it all incredibly funny. I guess it is - it's basically exactly how we both expected Josie would be as a bride.

When I start my own planning, I hope I can be a little more laid back about the process than Josie!


Has anyone noticed some seriously bitchy wait staff at their restaurants?

This one has issues. It's no wonder though; she's still in townie limbo, even though she's slept with Amar, Emil and even Adam (when he was very young, pre-Athena).

This is a park where I have done quite a few weddings (the first one that comes to mind is Anna and Emil's) but I don't think I've ever taken Sims there in autumn and at sunset. So pretty!

  • Title is from I've Been Waiting by Matthew Sweet.
  • Megan and Trent got too used to their empty nest; every time I left them alone for a while, they'd be on the couch woohooing! Didn't matter if Claudia was home or not, they'd just go for it. Very surprising behaviour from Megan!
  • Apart from multiple romantic wants for Trent, Megan's main concern in life is now, apparently, cake. I was having her bake like crazy to stock the market and she kept rolling up wants to eat what she'd made. Sims don't seem to like it when you make them cook and then don't let them actually eat what they make!
  • I've picked everything out for Josie's wedding now and have even nerdily put the objects I need in her inventory. I think everything will come together nicely.
  • I just realised the second dress Josie tried on was also her grandmother's. Xanthia was not nearly so picky. ;)


  1. Darn it! I lost my train of thought and forgot what I wanted to say. LOL Don't you hate when that happens? Anywho, do you know Rupert is a bitch too! Yes, he is. He's still wroking for Samantha and Cafe Mode, and he's nasty to a lot of guests, and yet, he still gets tips.

    I thought it was only my game, so it's good to know that some else is having a similar issue.

    That first dress Josie tried on, OMG, I love it! I need to download more dresses. I still can't wait for the wedding! I should say wedings!

    It's nice to see that Megan has become more laid back and relaxed. That stick that was up where the light don't shine LOL. I hope is long gone.

  2. I agree, the first dress was amazing. I love the shot at the park, very nice. Too bad they're having a spring/summer wedding.

  3. I'm with everyone rooting for Josie's first dress.

    Claudia is cute with her reinvigoration into the family business. Those farms are a lot of work so it's pleasure to see the pay off.

    I would die if I saw my parents having sex all over the house. LOL

  4. Thanks for reading, guys. :)

    Riverdale, have you ever listened to Rupert when he drops the plates off at the tables? I find that some of the waiters bring the food cheerfully and others grumble, as if they're saying "there, now eat it". It's funny, but I've never noticed if the grumbly ones are the same ones who look bitchy when they're taking the orders!

    LOL, I just said I'd picked everything out for Josie's wedding and now I'm second guessing myself. I'm tossing up between that dress and another I didn't show. I'm not sure if the other is too froufy for Josie.

    Apple Valley, well, Josie and Troy are getting married in the summer but Claudia and Jacob will marry in autumn. I should stick a few nice trees on the farm so I can take advantage of the foliage.

    Heredon Cove, LOL, the first dress is a hit!

    Claudia is pretty happy in politics but I think she'll enjoy doing this on the side, with the manager running things day to day. The market is Level 10 now, so it pretty much runs itself!

    Fortunately for Claudia, she didn't walk in on Megan and Trent having sex - only making out. But they'd often be going at it with Claudia in the next room, which was probably almost as disturbing!

  5. I totally see Josie as picky about her wedding dress! I'm sure she'll look great, whatever dress she decides on. I can't wait for her wedding, and see the Mrs. Josie that comes from that, and someday mom!

    I'm excited about Claudia taking over the business, I think it fits her perfectly. And Taffy is a great name for a cat.

    I liked seeing Edward working there, he seems like such a good kid, that he'd be a great hire.

    By the time Claudia starts a family, Victoria will be well on her way out of that phase. Whether Victoria and her have a kid at the same time or not, as I don't see Victoria having 2+ more kids. I like when it works like that, but irl I hate it! I'm a "Victoria" in that regards, and BFF with a "Claudia". I peddled her having babies for years and years, and we managed to have one at the same time, my last her second.

  6. Maisie, I see Josie as a bit of a perfectionist, so yeah...nothing but the absolute best for her. ;) I got all excited last night about having another Clarke in the hood! I've only got Calvin and Troy right now!

    I figured I'd get Edward working there, as I need to pick a Lachance to take over from Arianna eventually anyway. So Edward gets to be that Sim, as I think he suits it the best. He's working out quite well so far!

    Yeah, I don't think Victoria and Finn will have more than three, so you're definitely right about her and Claudia. Even if they get pregnant at the same time, pregnancy will be old hat for Victoria but very new for Claudia.

    I'm friends with a bunch of Victorias, who all had babies within a year of each other!

  7. Jodie seems to me like the one to be picky just about everything, but if one thing just has to be right it's her weddingdress!

    Lol at Claudia's parents, not being able to keep their hands off eacht other, you're right that it just doesn't seem like Megan, at all :)

    I still love Claudia and Jacob together, and I'm really excited about their wedding, not as excited as Nick and Sarah's, but I think it's hard to top that :)

  8. Tanja, well, people only hope to get married once, so I can understand getting a little insane about the dress!

    I think Megan got used to not having any of her daughters around. Normally, my Sims won't woohoo on the couch unless no one else is home. It's definitely not what I expect from Megan anyway!

    I'm not letting myself think too much about Nick and Sarah's wedding, because I haven't set the date yet. But I'm excited about all my upcoming weddings. :D

  9. Oh wedding plans! :) It's kind of funny, I never imagined Josie as the type to care much about her wedding, but now that she's getting into it, I do totally see her as a bridezilla, lol!

    I love Sim-wedding dress shopping! I still need a dress for Piper and I don't like any of the ones I have.

    OMG, that waitress is having a bad day, lol! I have noticed though - my Lucy gets incredibly cranky when she's working sometimes!

    And wow, when did Victoria get so busty? lol!

  10. Oh, I totally get Josie being so picky about her dress and other details about the wedding. She's always seemed like a true perfectionist to me.

    Megan has really taken a turn! Public displays of affection, even if it's in her own house. And allowing Jacob to spend the night without a moral lecture. Who are you and what have you done to the real Megan? LOL.

    I love seeing the farm and the business passed on to another generation. I think it's so great that you keep some of the businesses in the same families through generations.

  11. Laura, at first, I didn't really imagine Josie to care so much about her wedding either but then when I thought about it, I couldn't really imagine her being any other way!

    I'm having the exact same problem with Sarah, and to a lesser extent, Claudia. I have a couple of maybes for Claudia and a big fat nothing for Sarah. I have to go shopping again. Oh, and I so hate doing that! ;)

    Hmmm, maybe it's just random then! I thought maybe it was a personality thing and mean Sims would be grumpy and nice Sims would be polite. But if Lucy's getting cranky with her customers too, I can't imagine it's a personality thing!

    LOL, Victoria put on weight when she and Finn went on vacation with her parents. It was all of Megan's pancakes, I guess. ;) She hasn't rolled a want to lose it and Finn doesn't care one way or another about "fatness", so unless she loses it on her own, she's staying that way.

    Sari, Josie finished high school with an A+, university with a 4.0, so I think she must be used to having things be perfect.

    Ha, Megan was a little strange this session. She was much more herself when she went to visit Rebecca on campus. She's gone a bit wild and crazy at home! But I imagine she can't really kid herself about her daughters' romantic lives any more, so she's probably biting her tongue about that, rather than being totally cool with it.

    Yeah, I try to keep some of my businesses in the family! There are some that I'm committed to keeping in the family but others will probably be sold and bought by non-relatives one day. I like having a mix, seeing not every business in real life is a family business.

  12. Haha, it's great to see Megan not wound so tight anymore. Jacob's lucky Megan likes him and doesn't give him a hard time like she did Finn. Granted those were different circumstances. I love it how they came home with the 2 pets and she wanted more lol. Whats a farm without all those animals (well, my Hu's don't have any animals either).

    LOL oh Josie. She's being picky? Nah! /sacrasm. I really like the pic of her looking through the dresses. She's so pouty. But the dress is the main thing people look at, so I'm with her on trying to find the right one.

    Can't wait to see these weddings :).

  13. Danielle, I think I've said before but Megan just thinks Jacob is sexy! Seriously, she swoons at him every time he walks by and she has three bolts with him! Not as high as the three bolts she has with Trent but three bolts nonetheless! Megan is very fond of Jacob. ;)

    I missed catching Josie while she was actually sneering looking through the dresses! But she was very unimpressed with them all. She (I) has finally decided though!

  14. LOL Oh yea. Now I remember that extra pic you posted a while ago of Megan swooning over Jacob. No wonder she doesn't mind him staying over ;).

  15. Yeah, she likes the eye candy! ;)

  16. OMG- your NPCS/townies are starting the uprising. Watch out, lol.

    That last picture of Jacob and Claudia is so pretty. Aww!

    What a nice update. I love seeing the farm and the shop again. (I miss all those delicious pies and being able to sell them!) It's funny how in her old age, Megan is chilling out a little.

  17. Lunar, lol, I'll keep my eyes peeled!

    I love that last picture. I was trying to pose them to do a different kind of picture and then they just did that and it was perfect.

    The pies always make me hungry! But Megan is chilling out a little bit. Since she expected being a grandmother much earlier than she expected it to happen, she's been much better. Still Megan but better.