Monday, 9 August 2010

Much love

Round 28: Winter 2027
Claudia's next update/Patience's next update/Josie's next update

Claudia Kirby is 26 and Josie Benton and Patience Draper are both 25.
David is 45, Cara is 38, Jacob and Rob are both 26 and Troy is 24)

Narrated by Josie Benton

Patience is still doing those dumb fast food commercials. They’ve done a whole series of them now, each one with Patience in that ridiculous french fry costume. Patience is positive that she’ll be rich one day and it’s the commercials that are getting her there.

I don't know about that but I do know that it is hilarious to see her going off to work every day in that thing! It never gets old; Claudia and I laugh every time we see her. Claudia probably wouldn't, normally, but I'm a bad influence.

Patience is definitely over those commercials though. She's desperate to get a break and she goes to auditions all the time. If she's home, she's practising her lines in front of the mirror.

Her boyfriend Rob is in his first year out of law school, so even if Patience never makes it as an actress, they could probably live pretty comfortably on his salary alone.

Claudia finished her internship at town hall and is now working as a lobbyist and went out with Jacob to celebrate.

Over dinner, Jacob told her he was planning on joining the fire department. He's been waiting tables since college but he says this is what he really wants to do.

Claudia's really proud of him. I guess I can see Jacob in that kind of role. I'm just glad it's not my boyfriend taking that job.

I still don't feel quite like a "real" doctor, because I'm still a little unsure of certain things and David still supervises everything I do.

But I'm halfway through my internship now and David is a lot more hands off than he was at the beginning and I have more responsibilities. Sometimes I can forget he's there and I actually feel more confident at those times.

I have to check in with David every day and he's happy with my progress. So all is well.

Except the part where I have Cara over my shoulder constantly, picking at everything I do.

She’s such a know-it-all. She’s only just finished her residency and she thinks she’s an authority. If I want advice, I'll ask for it and I won't be asking her.

David is a bit concerned about my interpersonal skills and called me into his office for a meeting about it.

I had to keep my mouth shut and just take it but there wouldn't be a problem if Cara would mind her own. It would be one thing if I was making some vital mistake in surgery or something but she picks on really piddly things, like I put the gloves back on the wrong shelf or something.

Cara is married to David's brother though, so he would take her side.

Whatever. I'm just going to try and bite my tongue around her. She's not worth losing my internship over.

I could cope with Cara better if someone would listen to my rants without interjecting with advice.

I really just want someone to agree with me about how irritating Cara is. Then I can move on and forget about her for the day.

For the most part though, Claudia and Patience are pretty awesome roommates.

It's certainly been nice to actually hang out with them this year. For the past three years, it's sometimes felt like I didn't have any roommates at all, with me working all day and all night.

I was so busy that I didn't even have time to realise how much I missed all those girl talk sessions.

With Patience, recently, they all revolve around two things: Rob, and Exeter.

If Rob wasn't currently living in a shoebox in Exeter, he and Patience would probably already be shacking up. She just loves the city.

Patience grew up there and she really misses it, especially seeing we're about as far away as you can get from Exeter while still being in Sullivan.

I guess I don't really blame her. Exeter definitely has more going on than Sullivan, especially seeing that's what she was used to. Exeter is a pain to get to without a car as well. You can take the bus, which can be gross, or a taxi, which is expensive.

As soon as they can pool enough money together, Patience and Rob are going to get their own little place. She's so excited, even though it's probably a couple of years away!

Troy and I don't really care where we end up living. I'd be fine with staying here, or moving to Exeter.

We've been talking a lot about that sort of thing lately. Troy's always asking me about the future, where I see us living, what I see us doing and all that kind of thing.

I think I know what's coming, even though I can tell Troy thinks he's being really casual about it.

Troy didn't bring up the topic of marriage while we were having lunch at Dad's restaurant. Thank God. I really don't want to be proposed to in public again.

But Troy is completely different from Will, of course. He definitely has his faults but thankfully, none of them are deal breakers.

We actually don't argue very often at all, which is unusual for me. We had more arguments before we got together than we have had since then. Patience says it must have been the sexual tension!

When Troy actually proposed, it was in the kitchen, hours after Patience and Claudia had gone to bed. I accepted. I've always sort of known we'd end up heading this way. In my mind, it was only a matter of time.

Troy was a little nervous about asking me. Maybe a lot nervous. I always said I wouldn't consider it until after I'm done with medical school, which I'm not yet.

I felt a bit differently about it once I was faced with making an actual decision though and it just seemed right to say yes.

So we're getting married! It's looking like this is going to be a lengthy engagement though. Neither of us have much money for a wedding, let alone to get a place to live!

My parents were pretty quick to offer their house as a venue, which would be fantastic. Whenever we're ready, they said. They also wanted to give us a deposit on a house as an engagement gift but that's too much. They already paid enough for me to go to medical school and when Troy and I buy a house, I want it to feel like ours.

Patience is already getting way too excited about the wedding. She wants to go start picking out dresses now and we haven't even set a date. We haven't even set a year!

I keep reminding her what "long engagement" means but it hasn't helped much. She's always wanted to be a bridesmaid. I'm hoping she calms down a little, because I can't take this for the next couple of years!

It's hard to get Patience to calm down when I'm getting so excited myself. A wedding is so far off for us but it is fun to plan. We're pre-planning, I guess. Once we've got enough money to get our own place, we can start for real.

I love this one of Rob and Patience, but I ended up using the ones that weren't so zoomed in. I recently got a TON of new pose boxes and have categorised them all for community lots, so I'm hoping I can do some more interesting pics soon. Walking arm in arm - how cute is that? And I didn't have to turn their heads for any of the pictures of them - they were my most co-operative Sims ever!

  • Title is from Much Love by Jonny Polonsky.
  • All pics are currently not working - I'm hoping this sorts itself out today, so please check back later!
  • Sullivan was mentioned (in a complimentary way!) at SimSecret the last two weeks. I managed to post a thank you last week, but LJ hates me this week, so whoever you are, Secret Writer #27, thank you very much! I was sort of in awe to be mentioned in the same breath as the other writers in your secret, so I was very flattered.
  • I used Apple Valley's method to decide on a career for Jacob (and some other Sims who I wasn't sure about in terms of jobs). I just added my custom careers to the list and then went through with each Sim, seeing who fit what criteria.
  • So Josie and Troy are getting married...eventually! A long engagement suits Josie, so I think even if they could afford their own place (and trust me, they so can't!), I'd probably make them wait on marriage for a little bit.
  • I'm not sure when Rob and Patience will get their own place either. Rob is even poorer than these girls right now, so he might have to get a couple more promotions before it's a realistic option for them. Patience too - the Show Business career is a pretty high paid one. She's already getting over $700 a day, just for commercials.


  1. I just couldn't wait for the pictures to read this!

    I knew Josie and Troy would get engaged in this update! Imagine the lips on their babies :)

    Seeing Josie as someone who doesn't have enough money for something is very odd to me. Same thing about Patience. They are both just the "daddy's spoiled little girl" type!

  2. Hee hee, oh Josie. That girl cracks me up, she's such a diva! Congrats on the engagement! I was about 95% sure that she wouldn't reject him, and it seems that I was right! And I'm sure that Troy is quite relieved too!

    Patience and Rob are so cute together, I can't wait until they get their own place together and see what type of mischief they get themselves into! And I felt so bad for her when I saw her in that french fry costume!

    I can totally see Jacob as a firefighter, that definitely fits his personality, plus we get to see him in a hunky firefighter outfit, right? ;)

    Congrats on getting pics back up! Maybe it was just a server overload.

  3. Excuse my fangirl moment over the engagement -squeals- but YAY JOSIE AND TROY. I might have to take a cue from Hollywood and call them 'Jooy' :D

    I love Patience & Rob together too. When I first started reading this blog it was around the time Patience & Jacob had their 'moment' and for a long time I remember hoping they'd get back together but I think they're much happier with other people.

  4. Patience and Rob are so pretty together. For some reason they remind me of that kind of Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie kind of couple, in a super cute yet still glamorous kind of way. Also, I'm excited for Josie's wedding. She's so practical, it'd be great to see her let loose on her wedding day.

  5. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    Flit Loue, LOL, I hope you managed to see the pics after they came back up!

    Josie and Troy both have dominant mouths so any kid they had could get either of their mouths. They're guaranteed to be quite pouty though! I checked my simDNA so I could look at the dominance and noticed that Troy's jaw is dominant. Ugh. Really want to breed that out!

    Josie has become more independent since living on her own and it's something she takes pride in. Patience is one I see a little differently. She wouldn't beg her dad for money but if he offered to buy her a house, she'd take him up on it. She likes her luxuries. Both of them definitely had quite charmed lives as children and teens though. If we ignore the fact that Patience's mother died when she was 8, that is!

    Tessa, thank you, I love Josie too. Josie has had the want to get engaged to Troy since college and she rolled up the want to marry him soon after graduation. It's sooner than Josie might have expected to get engaged but by the time they get around to getting married, it'll probably be around the original timeline she saw herself following.

    Patience is raking in the dough to wear that french fry costume, so don't feel too sorry for her. ;)

    You know, the fire service career comes with custom uniforms, but I haven't checked them out yet! Jacob's the first Sim I've put in this career. So we'll see!

    As for the pics, I don't think it was a server thing, from what I could tell. The server my pics are on has gone down before but when that happened, I couldn't log in. Oh well...just happy to have everything back as it should be now!

    Renegade, LOL, Jooy! Or Trosie!

    Jacob and Patience are definitely better off apart than they were together. Jacob has higher chemistry with Patience than he does with Claudia but Jacob kind of took the Claudia vs. Patience decision out of my hands. Once he fell in love with Claudia, he started rejecting Patience's advances (fairly significant, seeing he has Romance secondary). Patience and Jacob are quite single-minded about Rob and Claudia now - they don't even roll those "Fall in Love with my Ex" wants that all Sims seem to roll on dates. Which suits me just fine! I always think those wants are silly.

    Christina, Sullivan's very own Brangelina, eh? Patience and Rob make quite the attractive pair, so I can see that!

    I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself with Josie and Troy's wedding, because I haven't even finished planning Asha's! But I'm excited too. :D

  6. I love the look on Troy's face when he was proposing to Josie. Can ya tell he's nervous?

  7. Poor Troy lol. That must have been terrifying for him! Josie is a pretty intimidating girl :). And Rob and Patience are such a gorgeous couple. I love them together!

  8. How exciting! I can hear the masses of sims yelling "Let your parents give you a deposit on a house!" It's hard being poor. lol

    Hope she finished medical school! and Troy's face during the proposal is hilarious!

  9. Really, you don't like Troy's jaw? Hmm. I never thought of it in a bad light, I actually kind of like it lol He's got great cheek bone structure to go with it, kind of like Brad Pitt. He has a dominant jaw (well not dna wise I wouldn't know, but I mean in appearance haha).

    I'm pretty excited these two are engaged now, I see them as a long engagement type. Oh man, I LOVED Troy's face, if a sim could puke from nerves, I think it'd be that moment for Troy. Josie on the couch is hilarious, I can just hear her whining and grumping. Poor Cara, there's only one hospital, they're pretty much stuck being coworkers aren't they?

    Rob and Patience are adorable together, I see them as a wealthy, busy, in the middle of the city, kind of couple, and they look the part too. I really like his little studio apartment.

    I think Jacob's new job is suiting for him. Do you have a fire station in your game?

  10. eta: would you mind sharing where you put your custom careers from AV's career helper. I know we have a few similar custom careers, and I was curious how you placed them. I'm going to use her chart now for some sims that are wandering.

  11. I'm glad everything has been worked out with your pictures!

    I love the look on Troy's face when he proposed, lol! You can just feel for the guy, afraid he might be the next Will. ;) But yay, I'm glad Josie accepted!

    We totally need to see Jacob in a hunky fire fighter uniform every now and then. ;) I agree with Christina, Patience and Rob do have that glamorous but cute look about them. They really suit each other as a couple. :)

  12. YAY an engagement!! I was so excited about that thought only in the previous post, that I never thought I would be any more happy, but I am!!! They will be graet together!! I'm hoping it won't take years, and that they find a place of their own, soon and can start planning!

    It's nice to see the other side of the relation between Josie and Cara.

    I've always loved Patience and Rob together, but the picture of them walking arm in arm made me even love them more! I don't know how you do it, but I look for good poseboxes a lot and never seem to find the great poses you're using!!

  13. rome_raven, Troy's just a little nervous there!

    Mizzgin03, Josie is intimidating and she takes a certain amount of glee in that.

    I love Patience and Rob too, though I didn't think I would. I held out hope for her and Jacob for a long time.

    Denise, yup, Patience's voice would probably be loudest among those Sims!

    Josie will definitely finish med school, if only because I haven't really thought of any conditions under which a Sim might fail! LOL.

    Maisie, oh, man, I've been unhappy with Troy's jaw for a long time. I never managed to fix it to my satisfaction. I photograph it selectively, so it probably doesn't look as bad to you as it does to me. Calvin's is worse but he won't ever have biological children, so I'm not so bothered by that.

    And yep, unfortunately for all involved, Josie and Cara will just have to learn to live with each other. That's probably going to be harder for Josie!

    That's how I see Rob and Patience too, with a nice, cute, little modern apartment. Pity they have no money to make it happen! I might move Patience in to his tiny apartment for a while, so they can pool their resources.

    I don't have a fire station yet, but it's on my list. I found one at MTS but it's way too big!

    Hmmm, I wasn't going to but I'll throw up my career thing sometime today. I'll put it in the side bar.

    Shana, Troy was probably about 90% sure he wouldn't be the next Will but still a nerve wracking time for him! That's why he didn't propose in the restaurant. Too embarrassing, had she said no.

    Oh, yes, we do! I agree. I can't wait to see what uniforms they've used, though I'm betting at least a few levels use the Maxis one.

    I'm glad everyone likes Patience and Rob. I think they're adorable. I'm really keen to start playing them together.

    Tanja, it probably wasn't exactly a surprise to you, given the previous post but I'm glad you're happy anyway!

    Didn't you just know that Josie would blame Cara for their clashes? LOL.

    If you check my Resources post, there's a link to an LJ community called Simgenix, which is all about Sim photography. They frequently list new pose boxes and it makes it easy to pick through the crap (because there's a LOT of crap). I found the link to that posebox there. If I still haven't linked the post to the sidebar by the time you read this, the Resources post is the only one dated 2005.

  14. Congrats to Josie. I'm glad it was in the kitchen this time and not out in public. She seemed to handle it better.

    Its always funny to tease the Sims in those silly costumes.

  15. HeredonCove, yes, although there were many reasons Josie turned Will down! They were really not suited to each other in the slightest.

    That costume is easily the most ridiculous thing EA have ever created. I was kind of happy Patience didn't get promoted because I'll get to giggle at it a little longer.

  16. I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet, I read it days ago! Anyway, here goes:

    Congratulations to Josie and Troy on the engagement! Oh boy, he was so nervous. I really love the surprise engagement animation.

    It's great to see all the girls together. They seem to have so much fun. I definitely need to get some roommates in my hood because it looks like it would be fun to play as well.

  17. I love this household, I wish I had enough sims that could live together as roommates for a while. It seems like so much fun.

    Aww, I'm glad the method worked with Jacob, I can see him as a firefighter and that should be interesting.

  18. Sari, I really love the surprise engagement animation too but for this, I considered making my own to use for the blog, with pose boxes. I was feeling a little lazy that day though!

    I'll be sad to split these three up but hopefully, I'll have some new roommate households to replace them. They're so much fun to play.

    Apple Valley, I was missing out for so long, by moving my Sims back home or in with a partner right after college. Roommates are the way to go, if you can manage it at all.

    I was so excited when I started going through your method and Firefighter was one of the options. I just thought "Of course, that's perfect for Jacob!". Thanks for creating the guidelines for us all. :)

  19. Rob & Patience are adorable together. I love that last shot of them.

    Also Josie getting married! Haha, I love her as a character. She's so bitchy, but it's actually rather endearing on a sim.

    It's sweet how Troy proposed. In the kitchen when they were alone is perfect. I can almost see that scene in my head. I'd imagine he wouldn't say anything. Probably just slide the box over and wait.

  20. Lunar, that last picture is one of my favourite couples pictures ever. I'll have to remember to frame it.

    I actually sort of imagined the proposal the same way in my head. I think Troy would have been too nervous at that point to say much that was coherent.

  21. Catching up from WAY back, lol!

    Now I'm wondering if I ever saw my Bella in that french fry costume. I honestly can't remember if she ever was. I think she must have slept her way through that level, back in the day, lol!

    Poor Patience being laughed at though! She'll be laughing back one day when she's a big star! ;)

    Awww, Josie said yes! I thought she would, but I'm glad he didn't do it in public anyway! :)

    Oh - how do you re-categorize pose boxes for community lots? I thought I knew how, but then I realized that I didn't, lol!

  22. Laura, of all the ridiculous things in the game, I think the french fry costume is the best! If Bella wore it, I don't remember you ever showing us! I can't imagine she would have been too thrilled with that role. I think this is about as embarrassing as Patience's career is going to get, so her friends won't have much to laugh at soon!

    I think a man who would propose to Josie in public is a brave, brave man! Word about Will spread pretty quickly!

    As for categorising pose boxes for community lots, it's really easy! It probably took me about 30 seconds to do each box.

    So nice having all my pose boxes at my disposal on all lots, not just at home. :)

  23. Oh good, thank you! That does seem very easy! I like easy :)

  24. LOL congrats to Jooy/Trosie! I honestly laughed out loud when I saw Troy's face. Poor guy! So glad she accepted, which I had a feeling she would. I know you said she's really in love Troy and I don't see her breaking his heart. I already took a peek at the pics of Asha and Luc's wedding at N99 (which was beautiful, as usual) and I can't wait until Josie and Troy's wedding.

    And that's too funny about Josie and Cara, but I feel her pain. Sometimes you just want to complain about how stupid you think someone is and want someone to agree with you and that's all. lol

    I love your pics of Rob and Patience walking through Exeter. I so wish those kinds of interactions were in the game so we wouldn't have to rely on poseboxes so much. But they are truly awesome shots. Which reminds me, I need to categorize the last batch of poseboxes I downloaded for community lots.

    Great update and yay for firefighters! I have one but I don't focus much on it because I kind of just threw him into the career (Carlos Rodriguez) but I'll focus on it more whenever one of my younger sims goes into it.

  25. Danielle, nah, Josie wouldn't turn him down. She's got the want to get married too, so she's totally on board. It's come earlier than she expected but it is something she wants.

    I often sneak a bit of myself into some of my Sims and the thing with Josie and Cara is one of those cases. There's nothing I hate more than wanting to vent to someone and all they want to do is offer advice or take the other person's side! Hate that!

    Thanks, those pictures of Rob and Patience are some of my favourites ever. I wish my Sims were actors, and I could just tell them exactly what to do! LOL.

    I've been focusing more on careers lately, but generally, only for the younger Sims. I have so many Sims like your Carlos - I just threw them into their careers without really thinking much about it, and some of their careers don't suit them much. So I tend to gloss over it sometimes!