Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Life in a glasshouse

Round 28: Autumn 2028
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Malcolm Novak, Susannah Carmody and Nathan Collins are all 18.
(Nick is 25, Sarah is 23 and Rebecca is 19)

Narrated by Susannah Carmody

I found adjusting to college life a bit difficult at first.

I felt like everyone else in the dorm seemed to be making a bunch of new friends and I was on the outs.

Some of the people in my dorm were just plain rude and they'd actually sneer at me when I'd try to talk to them.

My cousin Nathan is just downstairs and I did hang out with him a lot. But he's a little anti-social and sometimes he doesn't want to talk.

My ex-boyfriend Malcolm is rooming with Nathan this year and it seems like I'm constantly running into him.

I used to work in the cafeteria sometimes, just for a change of scenery. But every time I'd go in there, Malcolm would be there doing the same thing. Ugh. I tend to do most of my work in my dorm room now. I'm not enjoying myself too much right now.

Sarah says I'm just feeling homesick and I have to give it a chance. She's much more outgoing than I am and it took her a while to make friends too.

Seeing Sarah and Nick cheered me up quite a bit. I'm so happy they're still doing well. Nick's such a sweet guy. Cute, too.

I'm not having much luck finding my own guy, although the boys in the dorm are quite forward.

Nathan's keeping a close eye on them all!

I really wish I'd never accepted a date with Bill. What a disaster that turned out to be.

He took me to Dragonfly, in Exeter and then proceeded to completely ignore me until our food came.

Even Malcolm never did that, and he was pretty jerky sometimes.

He started talking once we were served but he didn't talk about anything but himself.

By the time I was finished eating, I had stopped even pretending to pay attention. He was such a bore.

I should have been relieved when he walked away from the table without warning but I was too shocked. Who does that?

And then he tried to kiss me goodnight.

That definitely wasn't going to happen. I told him it was for the best if we just went out separate ways and left it at that.

I don't know how exactly what I said could have been misinterpreted but somehow, it was. I didn't know where to look while I was yelling at him to get out of my room.

I told Nathan about it the next morning and he offered to "have a talk" with Bill for me. I told him not to bother.

He did it anyway but Bill had no idea who he was, so he probably just thought he was some crazy person.

Hopefully Nathan won't be breathing down my neck too much. He's got his hands full fighting with Malcolm anyway.

Malcolm had his side of the dorm completely disgusting within 24 hours and it drives Nathan nuts.

Nathan's side of the room is always immaculate. You even might call him anal-retentive.

I don't think the university could have assigned Nathan a worse roommate if they tried.

Some of our other dorm mates aren't too impressed with Malcolm either.

He hasn't changed much since starting college. He's still kind of a jerk and he's still full of himself.

Nathan keeps saying he's "keeping an eye" on Malcolm but I don't think he's got much to worry about. No one but Hope would put up with him.

When he's not at the dorm, he's with Hope.

I think that's actually Nathan's biggest problem with Malcolm.

He's become really protective of Hope since he moved to college and he hates knowing she's with Malcolm.

He was so mad when Malcolm and Hope locked him out of his own dorm room the other night. I didn't hear the end of it the next day and I bet Malcolm got an earful as well, once Nathan finally got inside.

Nathan just needs to find someone else to focus his energies on. It's pretty obvious to me that he'd like that person to be Rebecca.

I think he thinks he's being subtle. He just happens to need to borrow a book from me every time Rebecca, Tessa and I are hanging out in my room?

Rebecca is onto him. She could hardly not be. She thinks it's kind of funny, considering how much crap she gave him in high school after he dumped Tessa.

I asked Nathan about Rebecca and he insisted he had no idea what I was talking about. I kept asking but he just kept denying it over and over.

I dropped it after a while, because I could tell he was getting uncomfortable. I think Nathan would feel better if he'd just admit it but he's way too shy for that.

Malcolm is really rather serious about his distaste for this dormie girl. He's really not making friends around the dorm, except with that Colton guy. He just goes around bragging and insulting his dorm mates all the time. He's at something like -80 daily and lifetime with two different dormies. I think he's furious with them both too. This was all totally autonomous.

  • Title is from Life in a Glasshouse by Radiohead.
  • All three of these kids are maintaining 4.0s - so far, so good.
  • Susannah isn't rolling romantic wants for anybody right now, least of all Bill. I took a risk letting her go out with him. I don't want her to start rolling wants for Goopy lookalikes, especially not Goopy lookalikes who are Romance Sims.
  • Nathan hasn't tried anything on Rebecca yet but he's rolling a ton of wants for her, which is rare for a Knowledge Sim. I guess that's his family secondary coming out. He did flirt with an ugly dormie but she turned him down.
  • Malcolm has the want for Hope to go to college (actually, Nathan has that one too!). Even with the hack I have, I don't find adults roll romantic wants for teen partners unless they're on dates. But Malcolm hasn't strayed at all and he usually wakes up with the want to Talk to Hope. Otherwise, he's been quite studious so far. Not all Fortune Sims are good students - Victoria was pretty mediocre - so I'm quite impressed with Malcolm.


  1. Wow, that was a horrible date. I don't know why he didn't get the explicit hint. Also, what happen to half of Susannah's torso when she was rejecting Bill outside the diner?

    Love the scene with the roommates and how the messy vs the neat one, also the getting locked out. Loved how you filmed that-great job.

  2. Yay,me! I'm finally all caught up with Sullivan. Now my eyes can rest. ROFL

  3. Poor Nathan! His college experience doesn't seem so hot.

    And yeah, that was one awful date. I haven't had the courage to let any of my sims have an awful date yet. I need to do that!

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyon!

    Apple Valley, it really was! You'd think that if Bill was so determined to get Susannah into bed, he might have tried paying her any attention at all during their date.

    As for her torso, not sure! I think it's just the angle, or the lighting, because it looked normal in game.

    Malcolm and Nathan's roommate troubles was fun for me. Just the other day I realised that Jaydee's AL animation box had the "bang on wall" interaction and I knew immediately who I was going to use it on!

    Riverdale, LOL, yay you indeed! Hope you enjoyed catching up. :)

    D, Nathan's not having the best time right now but he's getting good grades. Maybe that might make up for it, for a Knowledge Sim?

    Susannah's awful date was mostly my interpretation. Bill got up from the table during dinner to go and giggle at a soapy fountain (I think all Sims must be stoners or something) and Susannah was left there talking to herself. But still when the date ended, the rating was "good", lol.

  5. Oh my poor girl,couldn't Bill be any more ovious what he was after. Greepy stuff if you find some guy suddenly butt naked in your bed.
    Nathan should relax, roommate troubles always happen - was so fun to read.

  6. "I think all Sims must be stoners or something"... I totally agree LOL!

    What a horrendous date! And the horror just kept going when she got back to her room. Susannah is such a sweet girl, I hope she finds someone decent.

    Ugh, poor Nathan. Having Malcolm as his room mate is a cruel punishment for something he hasn't done. I love the pics of him being locked out.

    I'm kind of surprised Malcolm hasn't cheated on Hope because that's the kind of thing I would expect from him. But I guess it's hard to find anyone to cheat on her with when he's on bad terms with practically everyone.

    Fun update :)

  7. Aww, poor Susannah, it seems like she's a little bit lonely at college! I hope she meets somebody she can hang out with.
    It can never be easy to share a dorm with your ex-boyfriend, espcecially when he's a jerk like Malcolm.
    And her date being as bas as it was ... :(
    I don't think it's easy on Nathan either, having such a roommate, and not having to nerve to admit to his feelings for Rebecca.
    Malcolm really is making name around the dorm isn't he? Good thing he has Hope.

    How did you get Bill to be completely naked? My sims never do that, and I don't have that option. Plus I still have those squares when a sim is naked, and I don't know how to get rid of them.

    I still love seeing Nick and Sarah together!! It's nice to see them pop up in this update too :)

  8. Bill, what a jerk... Susannah should know better than going on dates with guys that sneer at her when she tries to talk to them.

    Malcolm really is a terrible roommate, but I'd rather be locked out of my room than walk in on my sister and some guy!

    Nathan seems a lot shyer ever since he got 18. He didn't seem that shy to me when he was a teen, his mean trait was more noticeable (Probably because all I can remember of him as a teen is Magdalena and Jace thinking he's rude when Tessa introduced him to them).

    And ha, I knew it was Rebecca!

  9. Thanks for reading, guys!

    Speechless, this update was getting way too long so I cut it out but Susannah is very popular with the boys in the dorm. Bill's not the only one hitting on her, although he is the only one who stripped off and waited on her bed!

    I'm not sure Nathan will ever relax. He's highly strung.

    Sari, I hope so too. I don't have anybody in particular in mind for her, so it's kind of open slather for Susannah!

    Yes, poor Nathan! I wanted to try out roommates as soon as I could and it just so happened that the first two same gender students I got were Nathan and Malcolm. Sorry, Nathan!

    Malcolm's never really shown any signs that he'd cheat, though I guess he might have been headed that way with Susannah. But he hasn't really shown interest in anyone but Hope. He's Fortune, no secondary, so he's not particularly inclined to cheat in the first place.

    Tanja, well, Susannah has Rebecca and Tessa to hang out with for the meantime. She's quite keen to find a boyfriend though.

    Rebecca's an intimidating girl and Nathan is not very forward. If she decides she likes him, she may take the hard work out of it for him but I guess we'll see. She hasn't shown any interest in him yet.

    Sims will lie down on the bed completely naked with ACR. If they're getting ready to woohoo, they'll lie down fully clothed, in their underwear or naked, depending on personality. I can't remember where I got my hack to get rid of the censor blur but I want to say it was at the SimPE site?

    I still love seeing Nick and Sarah together too. I won't get to play them again for a while and Susannah had the want to be friends with Nick, so it was a good excuse for a cameo. ;)

    Flit, I think most girls have been out with a jerk or two in their time. Susannah is no different, in that respect. She cut him loose as soon as she figured it out though, so she learnt her lesson from Sarah's experience with Marshall.

    LOL, yeah, that is true! I don't think Nathan would have liked what he'd have seen if he actually got that door open.

    Nathan's always been shy. Tessa made all the moves when they got together. Tessa also isn't very scary. Rebecca is. She's made her feelings about Nathan quite clear in the past, so he's not going to make his move any time soon. Although she's actually been a little nicer to him lately. Perhaps she's over the whole dumping Tessa thing!

  10. Poor Susannah! That date was horrible. And lol at Bill thinking he was still going to get lucky after all that. ;)

    That has to be really upsetting for Nathan, knowing his little sister is locked away in his dorm room with Malcolm! I love Nathan listening at the door and trying to get in.

    Yay, Nick and Sarah cameo! :D

  11. Bill has some nerve! What the heck!?! I'm glad Susannah has a good head on her, and isn't just going for that crap. I feel bad for her having a hard time adjusting, she didn't really go with the best group there is, probably would have a better time if Sarah was still in college.

    Wow Malcolm. I'd have to say Naomi and Owen don't have the most upstanding citizen children, not to knock Adrienne, but it's not ideal, and Malcolm isn't the biggest sweetheart around. I feel for clean and neat Nathan to share a room with him, and UGH on Hope situation! Poor guy, a brother should never have to know that much about his sister!

  12. I think everybody else has already said this but: Bill is such a jerk! Fancy treating a lady like that, and then being so forward afterwards!

    If Nathan and Rebecca don't work out maybe he could try with Julia. She might actually grow up sometime soon, and I think they make quite a cute couple.

    They're both mean sims, aren't they? ;)

  13. Everyone already said this but, yeah, what a nightmare date! I wanted to add my condolences to Susannah!

    I love that first picture of her, on her own, btw. Very nice.

  14. Thanks for reading, all!

    Shana, I think Bill may be suffering from some kind of delusion. Susannah was quite clear about her intentions at the end of their date!

    Nathan would be okay with Hope and any other guy except Malcolm. Any other guy, it'd probably just be your average big brother protectiveness. But he really dislikes Malcolm!

    Maisie, Susannah is still a virgin and her first time was not going to be after her first date with a jerk like Bill!

    LOL, yeah, Naomi and Owen might be wondering where they went wrong! Adrienne has turned herself around since Sylvia though, so I'm hoping she's back on a better track. And what happens with Malcolm remains to be seen - he's still young.

    Shake, it's no way to treat a lady, that's for sure!

    Yes, Malcolm and Julia are both mean. She'll be off to college next year. Who knows what will happen, with ACR running rampant?

    Blackcat, definitely a nightmare! Susannah would be grateful for your condolences, I'm sure. ;)

    And thanks. That picture was a fluke actually! I haven't figured out if any of Jaydee's boxes have that interaction, so I was just lucky she did it autonomously!

  15. Hope and Malcolm are like Hope's parent's redux! Though, they both seem more faithful to each other. It's sweet he wakes up every morning wanting to talk to her.

    And poor Nathan, lol! He's so cute being so shy.

  16. Lunar, ha, I didn't think of that! But it's true. Hope is very much like Anna and one of the reasons I have hope for Malcolm is because Emil was a much bigger jerk when he was Malcolm's age than he is now. So there are definite parallels. But yes...Hope and Malcolm have never cheated on each other!

    Rebecca's quite a formidable woman. Nathan probably has reason to be nervous about her!

  17. I laughed so hard at poor Nathan's mishaps I'm crying now. And at Bill thinking "go away" means "let's get it on." Susannah's too nice for her own good.
    Man, I knew Malcolm was a jerk, but I didn't realize how much till now! Again, poor Nathan, having to put up with that, and knowing he's with his kid sister. Only tangentially related, but I want to hold him down and shave him.

  18. Fini, poor Nathan! He's a little uptight, so Malcolm was probably the worst person he could possibly have as a roommate.

    Malcolm can definitely be a jerk. He wouldn't have started out trying to annoy Nathan but he does kind of like the reactions he can provoke in him. He has that much in common with Hope - she's a bit of an antagonist as well.

    As for the beard, Malcolm actually looks really strange as an adult without facial hair, so I like to keep him scruffy like that. Plus, he's a slob and it fits the picture I have of him in my head.

    I'd forgotten about Bill! I'm sure Susannah is hoping she'll be able to forget one day as well. ;)

    Thanks for reading!