Tuesday, 3 August 2010

You say it's your birthday, Winter 2027

Steve and Olivia are both in Olivia's sewing room in the basement when she realises it might be time to get to the hospital.

Steve is a little panicky. He can't believe Olivia wanted to do this at home!

Several painful hours later, Ramona Scarlett is born, beautiful and healthy.

And Ramona really is a beautiful little girl, with the dark skin of her mother and the red hair and blue eyes of her daddy.

Steve and Olivia are just about ready to take baby Ramona home, but not before some parting words from Dr. Moretti, who has seen the Nihills through the past nine months.

Asha's due date was just a few days after her friend Olivia's and it looks like Baby Lane is arriving right on schedule.

Luc better pull himself together and get Asha to the hospital, or they may find themselves in the middle of an unplanned home birth!

Thankfully, he does and Ruby Selene (who so far seems to be the spitting image of her dad) is born not at home but at Lukas Novak Memorial.

Cara is very surprised to see her ex-boyfriend Luc as such an attentive father. It definitely wasn't something she thought she'd ever see when they broke up.

While Cara is with Luc and Ruby, Josie, who is still completing her year-long internship, checks up on Asha post-labour. Josie is without her regular supervisor David today, so Cara has been lumped with her (much to Cara's chagrin).


I couldn't decide between this one and the one I used (still second-guessing myself now, in fact!), so I'm chucking this one in at the end. I think they're both cute.


  • Gah, two girls! Figures; the game always seems to give me the opposite of what I want! On the plus side, Ramona has red hair! Ramona is just the fifth redhead I've had born in Sullivan. All the other redheads have been female as well (Madelyn, Ione, Victoria and Caitlin).
  • I'm a little surprised Ruby isn't a blonde, as Luc has a blonde gene from his mother Debbie. I'm not as disappointed as I would have been if Ramona had black hair though. I've got plenty of blondes. :)
  • Completely off-topic but I've updated my education post with info about what I'm doing with the whole post-grad thing and all that junk. A couple of you have asked for more details, so there they are. It's not especially detailed but I'm still hammering out a lot of the finer points as I play.


  1. Awww, Ruby and Ramona, what sweet names! I'm sure they'll be good friends when they get older, no doubt thanks to their mother's friendships!

    Haha, poor Cara, getting lumped with Josie. Soon she'll be out of med school, don't worry! :P

  2. What a beautiful name Luc and Asha picked! Ruby Lane, it just sounds so right!

    Glad for your 5th redhead! In my game, the 2nd generation never has red or blonde hair, but in the 3rd everyone with blonde or redhead grandparents gets that color, and afterwards it continues that way. Sometimes I just change skin and hair colors by myself if it doesn't make sense (Like 70 % of the population being redheads!), also because my sims don't look as good as yours with bright hair and dark skin.

  3. Oh my gosh, I was totally using Ramona for Bekah, lol. Willa and Ramona (from the children books). How funny.

    That's crazy that they both had girls! And I love both their girls' names, and I think they'll both be gorgeous.

  4. Tessa, LOL, I'm sure they will be! If I remember, Ruby takes after Luc in personality, so she should be interesting!

    Cara's still going to have to work with Josie at the hospital once she finishes med school but she won't have to shadow her all day, at least!

    Flit Loue, thanks! I planned Ruby and Ramona's names out in advance, which I've done that for the last few births. Ruby just seemed like the sort of name Luc and Asha might pick.

    I really should have stuck a few more redheads in Sullivan from the start! It felt like forever until I got my first redhead.

    I think blonde/red hair with dark skin is a really "Sim" look. I didn't like the look myself until I read Strangetown Here We Come and got used to see Ophelia with her dark skin and blonde hair. By the time I ended up with Kit, Zaria and Asha, I was quite fond of the combination.

    Maisie, LOL, what a coincidence! It's been forever since I read Ramona and I don't even remember Willa. I'll have to look her up. This Ramona was actually named after the Guster song "Ramona".

    I can't wait to see these girls age up, especially Ruby! I'm curious about whether she'll turn out looking anything like Cordy, just like Timothy looks a lot like Luc.

  5. OMG! Steve and Olivia had me! Okay no, they used my name though :D

    I don't remember the Ramona and Willa thing but I do know about Ramona and Beezus by Beverly Cleary. My dad bought me the entire set of books when I was a child.

    I'm still kind of iffy with the dark skin with anything but dark brown or black hair, mostly due to the fact you don't really see that in real life, with few exceptions. Mind you, if my sims end up with it (which has only happened like once), I'll let them keep it, but grumble about it the entire time.

  6. Aw, such cute little babies! Luc looks so sweet giving his baby girl a bath. He's really just a big softie under that rocker look.

    I love their names. I've been considering Ruby for a future girl's name in Pine Hollow lately. I had planned to name Sasha Ruby, but then the name Sasha got stuck in my head instead when she was born, lol.

  7. Woohoow babies!!!
    Aww girls, I was hoping with you for boys.
    But I'm sure Ramona and Ruby will be sweet!

  8. rome_raven, I didn't know your name was Ramona! It's a great name, one of my favourites. And yes, that's what I remembered from the Ramona books - Ramona and Beezus. I think Beezus's name was Beatrice, if I recall correctly.

    The dark skin and lighter hair is definitely not a combination you see in real life very often! I don't mind the look now, after getting used to it, but the eyebrows bother me. You can barely see Asha and Zaria's eyebrows but that doesn't bother me as much as how bright the red eyebrows will look on Ramona! I think she's going to wear fringed hairstyles for most of her life, if it starts to look too weird to me!

    Shana, I never would have picked it before he became an uncle but Luc is a total softie for kids.

    I get like that too with names for my Sims! I did it with my boys' choices for Asha and Olivia. I'd had names I was considering and then these two other names came to me and I just adored them. It's part of the reason I'm a little bummed they both had girls! I'll save the names in case one of them has a son later!

    Tanja, I've mostly come to terms with them having girls now. I'm only a little bit bummed! I might get the chance to marry in some of the cute new townies I just put in. ;)

  9. Willa Jean is Howies little sister in the series. ;) she's not a main character by any means.

    I didn't know your name was Ramona ether, Rome. I tried so hard to use it with each of my kids but it was always turned down.

  10. Maisie, ah, that's why I don't remember her, I guess! It's been so long since I've read any Ramona, and I never see my students reading those books (which makes me a little sad).

  11. Aw that's a serious shame that the kids aren't reading it. I own them all and my kids can't get enough of them. We've been anticipating the movie for a year now. Maybe the movie will have some of your students try the books.

  12. Welcome to the babies! And, I would have had trouble picking between those two pictures, too - they're both so cute!

    I'd forgotten all about the Ramona books! Fun memories...

  13. Maisie, yeah but come to think of it, I'm not sure how popular they ever were here! I don't remember any of my friends reading them either but I was a voracious reader and I read everything!

    Blackcat, thank you! I was trying to do a pose like Steve's before but never managed to figure it out. Glad I finally got the picture!

  14. Welcome to the world, Ramona and Ruby! Gosh, I really love those names.

    How great that you got the redhead that you were hoping for. Too bad they're both girls, I know you were hoping for boys. But maybe the next ones will be boys :)

  15. Sari, thank you!

    I'm really hoping for boys next time. I had two really great boys' names picked out and they're specific to Asha and Olivia, so if they never have boys, I won't get to use them!

  16. I love those laying down with the baby shots! Those are with the OMSPs, right? The sideways ones? I might have to try it out next time I have a birth... which isn't going to be for quite some time still, lol!

    Love the name Ramona! And Ruby too! Beautiful! Welcome baby girls! Yay for redheads! :)

  17. Laura, thank you! And yes, those two pics were done with OMSPs. You have to get the Sim to start the cuddle action and then put them on the 90 degree OMSP and then put that on one of the shiftable OMSPs, so you can raise them to bed height. And you have to start all over again if they finish the cuddle action before you get your shot. That's a lot of fun, let me tell you!

  18. And you can't start the cuddle action while the sim is on the OMSP. I have proof of that and it's quite funny, I should post it sometime.

  19. LOL, yes! It's very important that any action you have your Sim do takes place before you put the on the OMSP.

  20. Awww! Loved all the pics in this update. They're all cute. ANd red hair! I love red hair too.

    But the cutest pic is of Luc washing his baby daughter. Of course he has a daughter. It's the classic curse for men like him, lol.

  21. Lunar, heh, I'm glad others share the redhead love!

    That's my favourite pic too - I especially like how Cara is smiling at him without me prompting her. I like it when they're co-operative. ;)

    And you're so right about Luc - now he's going to have to protect Ruby from all the boys like him!

  22. To keep my comments to a minimum because I have a million updates to read, I'm combining some(until I run out of space LOL).

    Re: your school update: Wow, so much going on in your high school LOL. I remember reading this around the time you posted it but never had a chance to comment. Poor Charlie getting dumped. And Jack too! Too funny that Sophie decided to take matters in her own hands. I hope she doesn't turn into a little home wrecker LOL. And aww, poor Edward being the butt of Lila's joke. But that was sweet of Camilla to go over to him. Hmm, maybe she kind of likes him? hmm And lol @ Elspeth. Too cute (and I still haven't seen that kiss in my game, with the hand on the cheek). I like how you did the secret admirerer. I have started to use allmenus, but only here and there, but good to know about the trick with the mailbox. Great update!

    Carmoday update: Ha HA! I had a feeling Sarah was going to get with Nick a while back when you said it was necessary for her to break up with that college boy. I completely forgot that she flirted with him during her freshman year. At least he's going to get with someone who's on the same "level" as him. She's a good girl, comes from a good family, has goals. I approve too Susannah!! :) LOL too cute seeing her sitting on Sarah's bed waiting eagerly to hear the details of her date. And yes, Nick should definitely get married in his uniform. I think that would look so cool and would make it more special. My husband's best friend was almost in our wedding and he would have worn his uniform if he wasn't overseas at the time. I know it would have looked nice if he'd been there. And I looked at Susannah's profile to look at her personality and she turned out so beautiful as a young adult. Love her with her hair down.

    And finally, love the names! And yay for another redhead! Can't wait to see what they look like. That reminds me that I need to put those 2 redheads I made in my game (the male with his younger sister). I agree about the darker skin with light hair. It's a look you have to get used to, especially the eyebrows. But with the great looking parents Ruby and Ramona have, they'll look gorgeous. And I agree about the pic of Luc bathing Ruby. He's such a softie *gush*. He's going to either be one of those cool dads or one of those hard ass dads since he knows *exactly* what the other boys are thinking.

  23. Danielle, LOL, you can comment however you like, I don't mind. :) Whatever's easier for you.

    The high school update must have been my craziest one yet. I don't know about Camilla liking Edward but I think Edward might have transferred his affections to Camilla, based on my little bit of play with him so far (I'm in the middle of the session right now)!

    Yeah, I knew that hint was pretty obvious when I posted it but I was actually surprised no one guessed it was Sarah before then! It seemed so obvious to me but I forget it's my hood. LOL. But Nick and Sarah are so cute together and you're exactly right - they're on the same level. They're both quite keen to start a family and will both probably want 100 children.

    Susannah only just went off to college where I'm at now. She's living in the new dorm I showed off at N99.

    Luc is adorable with Ruby but when I went in for Asha and Luc's wedding (that's not a spoiler, I hope, as they were engaged for forever, lol), I found Asha is not so bad herself. She seems to have taken to motherhood.

    I think Luc will be a cool dad, in all arenas except dating. I think he might take a hard line there, like you saw with Emil has had to do with Hope. He knows what all those boys will be after, because he was after the same thing. I can't imagine he'll trust any of them!