Friday, 20 August 2010

The Lane-Royce wedding

Round 28: Summer 2028

Luc Lane is 35 and Asha Royce is 31.

It's her parents' wedding day but Ruby is unlikely to see much of it. She's going to spend the ceremony and most of the reception napping in her crib.

Ruby's unexpected arrival was one of the reasons Luc and Asha decided to hold their wedding in their garden, where all of their friends and family are now waiting for the ceremony to start.

Some guests are getting a little impatient.

Kit and Linnea haven't met before this evening and so far, neither woman is very impressed by the other.

Oh well. Their kids are pretty fond of each other, at least!

Eliot doesn't approve of all this affection and kissing, even if it is a wedding!

Sister-of-the-bride Zaria thinks it's all quite sweet.

One of Kit's hidden talents is cooking and it's Kit who has prepared the whole spread the guests will be enjoying at the reception: pork chops, salmon and Baked Alaska for dessert.

She thought it was best to leave the elaborate wedding cake to the professionals though!

Not 15 minutes into the reception and Timothy is already socialising with anyone who'll listen!

Baby cousin Ruby is a captive audience for Timothy!

At 6 months of age though, Ruby isn't particularly entertaining to an 8 year-old boy, so Timothy leaves the doting to Ruby's grandmothers and goes off to find somebody else to talk to.

Timothy is pretty excited to find Jessica. He doesn't really know her that well but they've been in the same class since kindergarten.

Jessica's brother, Josh, is definitely his father's son, what with his eye for the ladies.

Right now, he seems to have his eye on Rose.

The bride and groom eat their dinner with Luc's good friend Evan and his new mother-in-law, Kit.

Once upon a time, Luc and Kit sharing a civil meal would not have seemed very likely but fortunately, any friction between the two has long been eased.

In fact, Kit just adores Luc now!

Asha is pleased they get on so well but she would like to talk to her husband some time tonight!

But Asha has her own new mother-in-law to attend to...

...and plenty of other friends and family who are keen to congratulate the newlyweds. .

There's a while to go before Asha and Luc can relax again.

Had Asha and Luc had a more elaborate wedding, Gordon would have been Luc's best man so the job of toasting falls to him.

Luc isn't going to wait until he's clinked his glass with someone before he takes a sip - he's just going to drink it right now!

Jessica and Timothy don't have any forks to knock against their glasses, or any glasses at all...

...but they are still very excited about this toast!

Lia isn't particularly happy with the way Luc and Asha end the toast, even though she and Gordon did the same thing at their own wedding, five years ago!

Not that Luc or Asha are concerned with Lia's opinion, of course!

Cake time!

Well, anyone who knows Luc knew he wasn't going to use a fork!

Little Jessica is dying to get some cake but all these greedy grown-ups are making the task quite difficult.

Success! She wasn't sure there'd be any left by the time she reached the cake but Jessica managed to nab the last slice!

What's a wedding without dancing?

That's Luc in a nutshell, really!

Kit and Linnea are both unaccompanied, so even Timothy and Jessica get to join in on the dancing.

Timothy and Jessica have just a tad more energy than Kit and Linnea and the two grandmothers (now getting along much better, after a shaky start) take a break from dancing for a while.

But that's okay...

...Timothy and Jessica can just dance together!

Now that the reception is over, all that's left for Luc and Asha is their professional photo session. Then they can finally have some time to themselves!

So I ended up crashing just as Luc and Asha's reception was ending, so really, the above never happened! I had to go and do a quickie marriage for them in game today and do all the posed pics. Really glad I use a screen capping program now, because previously if I crashed, I sometimes used to lose some of the photos I'd taken. Which was irritating, as you can imagine!

Anyway, on with the pictures!

I'm playing with new pose boxes. Don't mind me!

This one was an accident but I actually like it better than some of my posed ones - it would be perfect if Luc was looking down a little. I took some really bad ones but I'm not posting those (if they were funny, I would but they're just terrible).

The happy couple with Kit, mother of the bride.

And with Linnea, mother of the groom. How Linnea ended up in that dress is beyond me but it's pretty much something she'd wear!

With Ruby. I don't love this one, but I didn't want to leave Ruby out!

Asha with her big sister Zaria.

Luc with his twin sister, Cordy.

Asha, with her nephew Josh (who was sulking inside in front of the TV for most of the reception, I'll add) and Jessica.

Luc with his nephew Timothy. I think this is the first time I've shown Luc and Timothy front on in the same picture. But there's a pretty strong resemblance, I think. It's almost like Luc and Eliot are his parents, though Cordy does look a lot like Luc, of course! It'll be interesting to see if Timothy looks any more like Luc as he gets older.

Olivia was horrified by something Josh was saying...about the weather, of all things.

Jessica and Timothy should have swapped meals! I don't know why my kids at weddings always look so cranky when they're getting their dinner from the buffets. I never see it at any other time!

Just thought this was really cool - all the guests sitting down to dinner.

I love when my couples sit together without me asking them too!

I also love when kids make themselves useful! 10 neat point Sims are the best!

Oh,'re so inappropriate! No, you won't be flirting with your son's wife. Or with your son's mother-in-law, which is the want she has hiding under that little pop-up there! I seriously have never had another Romance Sim roll the want to flirt with every single person they meet but Linnea is special!

  • Yes, I am aware this was the world's longest sunset. But it was pretty!
  • I ripped off the decorating idea from a picture I saw in Living Sims. I've had it mind for Luc and Asha for a while now, mainly because the space they used in LS was similar to what I had to work with here. It wasn't until I put Asha in her dress that I realised I even used the same dress they used in their photo shoot! I'm very original, clearly. Sidenote but I don't reuse my dresses often but this one was worn by Nathalie Draper, who was Asha's grandmother. I actually picked the dress because I thought it suited Asha and realised her grandmother wore the same one after the fact.
  • How cute were Timothy and Jessica? I don't know if they'd actually met before the wedding but they're good little buddies now. Kit and Linnea are friends now too...that's an unlikely pair!
  • So now the only Royce left is Kit. Once she's gone, that'll be the first surname I've had die out. It's not one of my founding surnames, so I'm not too worried about that though.


  1. OH NO! Crashes at times like that are the absolute worst!!

    Glad to see the mother in-laws were learning to get a long. Nothing like a grandbaby to unite over!

    Jessica and Timothy were so cute dancing together.

    I love your pose of the bride with her foot in the air as they kiss. And the pic of Luc with Timothy I think is my favorite!

  2. LOL, yes it was a very long sunset, but it was a beautiful wedding. I missed that issue of LS, I'll have to look it up again-do you remember the issue?

    I loved little Jessica and how she was fighting for cake, thank goodness she got a piece before it was all gone!

  3. Thanks for reading!

    gallowaytownship, well, it would have been worse had the crash happened in the middle of the reception, because I'd redressed a few of them (Olivia turned up in her wedding dress!) and would have had to do that all again. Because the reception was ending anyway though, I could just forget about it.

    Kit generally gets along with everyone once she starts making an effort. She's quite sweet. I was surprised she and Linnea hadn't met before though.

    LOL, yeah, the leg up! I was inspired to use some different kisses after Laura's last wedding at LH, just to mix it up a bit. And that's one of my favourite pics too, the one of Timothy and Luc. He's such a good uncle.

    Apple Valley, hmmm, you know I'm not sure what issue it was! It was quite a few weeks ago. I was going through the back issues, saw that picture and grabbed it for future reference! It turned out really nicely, so I'm glad I remembered I had that pic.

    Jessica is a cutie. I was sad to age her up from toddler but I love her even more now. She's got a really expressive face.

  4. What a beautiful wedding! I'm very tempted to do a sunset wedding but I don't have any weddings in sight for a long time.

    LOL at Josh for liking Rose. She's way out of your league, dude! Too old and too much fond of women ;)

    The moment I saw Linnea in that dress I thought "that is so her"! And I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has wedding guests arriving in their own wedding dresses. I've had that happen many times because I always forget to change their formal wear after the wedding.

  5. Such a beautifull wedding! Asha is looking great, and so is Luc.
    Timothy and Jessica are so much fun, I hope they had a great time too.

    I'm tempted to ask wich pose-boxes you use, but I want to ask it every time :) So I'm going to go through that list all over again!
    I'm going to ask you where you got Asha's dress, I don't know how you do it, but I think my sims wear the same weddingdresses as others did on their wedding.
    How do you make ALL those sims selectalbe?

    (I'm sorry again, for all the questions!)

  6. The wedding came out beatifully.

  7. Your weddings always make me want to run off and get sims married lol. Really truly a very gorgeous wedding! I love the silk backdrop. It's hard to believe they're married with a kid now!

  8. That wedding looks beautiful. I love the way you decorated it and I think I remember what photo influenced you. Love the canopy effect.

  9. Beautiful wedding! Jessica is just adorable, I love her funny little chubby face! It's so childlike, and realistic imo. Her and Timothy dancing was beyond uber cuteness.

    Luc grabbing Asha's butt dancing was perfect. I love when sims do things like that.

    The Russo-Traver wedding experienced an extra long sunset too, it makes everything so much prettier. I want to redo my own wedding at sunset.

    How did you do the buffet with the special meals? The canopy turned out really lovely. I'm going to store that in my mind for later, hope you don't mind! ;)

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    Sari, I don't have any weddings coming up either. Josie and Troy but that's probably going to be like Round 30 or something!

    So many points against Josh with Rose! She's bisexual, actually (she dated Luc when she was a teenager) but she's been with Joanna for 18 years now and is almost 20 years older than Josh. Oh, and she's also married TO HIS TEACHER!

    That's apparently how Linnea dresses when she doesn't have Cordy around to rein her in. She was dressed more conservatively at Cordy's wedding. ;)

    I have people turning up in their wedding dresses at almost every wedding I have! Ione and Lia turned up in their bridesmaid dresses too, and Steve, Gordon and Evan came in their identical tuxes. Thank goodness for InSim!

    Tanja, thanks! I think everyone had a pretty good time, except for Eliot and Lia. Too many public displays of affection for their liking. ;)

    Oh man, lucky you didn't ask about pose boxes! I have like 140 of them (seriously) and for these pics, I used at least a few layered poses from different boxes. In the picture of Luc and Asha with the bouquet, I think I used at least four boxes! I'm cataloguing my boxes currently. When I'm done, I'll share. There's already a catalog out there but I'm doing my pictures in a different way which I feel is clearer.

    Asha's dress though...I have no idea. I just checked all the bridal links in my CC post and it's not at any of them. Seeing I've had it for so long, that likely means there was no information in the tag when I checked it while doing those posts. If you want to post a picture of Asha somewhere to ask if anyone else knows, feel free.

    I use InSim to make Sims selectable but I know there are various other ways. I just never bother with them because InSim is so easy.

    rome_raven, thank you, I was happy with how it turned out.

    Mizzgin03, thanks! I always get in a wedding mood when I see other people's Sim weddings, especially when they've got some CC I don't have or a new idea I never thought of.

    And I know...Luc and Asha in domesticity! I don't think they'll be moving to the 'burbs any time soon but they're certainly settled now.

    HeredonCove, thank you. Man, I have a whole folder full of photos from Living Sims that I look at when I'm stuck decorating. There's so many beautiful things in that magazine.

    Maisie, thank you! Yes, that's why I love Jessica! She really does look like a real kid to me, as well as being adorable. I love that EA thought to include the classic dance animation for kids!

    Luc had the want to slow dance and as soon as I set them up doing that, he rolled the want to "Lower Hands on Asha". So Luc!

    I'll definitely be doing another sunset wedding, although not the very next one. Gotta mix it up a bit! I want to try a night time wedding too but it was sort of hard to light this one. I'd just have to put lights all over the place, I guess!

    The buffet with the special meals was downloaded from...somewhere. I want to say it was SimLogical but I don't think it was. I'll check when I go in game next.

    And I stole the idea in the first place, so I don't mind if you re-steal it! LOL.

  11. Oh man! Too much good stuff in this update!

    Timothy and Jessica= ADORABLE! Those two look like trouble, lol.

    And Linnea, once I realized what she was wearing half way through, I couldn't help but nod. It does seem very fitting for her. She's a woman who refuses to age. So of course she wants to hit on the bride. She's hot, lol.

    The after shots of the wedding are cute, especially that first one. Luc and Asha would definitely not be the normal run of the mill "boring" wedding photos.

    But I loved the shot of Luc and Timothy together. Awww... that's cute! It pretty realistic that they look so similar I think. Sometimes that happens, especially considering that Luc and Cordy are twins. My dad has a cousin that looks very much the way he did when he was younger.

  12. Lunar, thank you!

    I think it's cute when Sims naturally gravitate towards who you'd expect them to at social gatherings, which was kind of what happened with Timothy and Jessica. They were just full of adorable for the whole wedding.

    I can't say I was surprised that Linnea rolled the want to flirt with Asha (or Kit!) I still play Linnea, off camera, and she's very active. ;)

    I chose that first pose for Asha and Luc sort of at random but I think it suits them, so I'm glad I used it. They're a couple who'd have something a little out of the ordinary. That's why they didn't have a bridal party. I can't see Asha wanting to bother with all that.

    I have a Timothy/Luc situation in my family as well, pretty much exactly! When my cousin was a toddler, he looked very similar to what my dad looked like as a toddler. They don't look anything alike now but it's apparent when you compare photos of them as little boys. I haven't aged Timothy up to check yet but my guess is he'll probably look like Luc all the way through his life. Which does not bother me at all.

  13. What an awesome wedding and I love that you did it at sunset. It looks so pretty. LOL When I first saw Linnea in that dress, I though the same thing. That's so her. Eliot is too cute making that face at them when they kissed. And I loved how adorable Jessica and Timothy were. I have to remember to make the kids dance together when I have weddings. And that's so cute that Timothy is Luc's mini-me. Definitely not upset at that. :)

    And I'm wondering if you got that buffet table from Exnem? I think I remember a buffet where you could put whatever foods you want there.

  14. Danielle, thanks! It might be a little while before my next wedding (I'm not sure when Josie and Troy will get around to it) so I'm glad this one went so well.

    Eliot is such a prude. It figures that he's Lia's cousin! I wonder what they thought of Linnea's dress, lol!

    Timothy is adorable and I aged up Ruby last night and I think Luc might have another mini-me on his hands!

    No, I don't think it's from Exnem then. I couldn't put whatever I wanted on it - it was specifically for Baked Alaska, Pork Chops and Salmon.