Friday, 28 February 2014

Run devil run

Round 35: March 2041 (Autumn)

Jessica Royce-Nihill, Emma Gottlieb and Louisa Gentry are 21, Lauren Carmody is 20 and Caitlin Romilly is 18.
(Eddie is 21 and Declan is 20)

Narrated by Caitlin Romilly

I thought I’d miss my family most once I started uni but I actually miss my cat more! Plenty of times I’ve been studying on my bed and I’ve wished I had Ida snuggled beside me. 

There’s plenty of human interaction here on campus but I feel like a few kitties wouldn’t go astray! That’s what I’m really missing.

Brendan and I both started at Suffolk this year but I think I’ve had it a little bit easier than he has.

He went in not really knowing anyone but I had kind of a headstart, in that I already knew Jessica pretty well.

On top of that, I’m not shy, which has made it not really very difficult to make new friends here either.

Except with Emma, apparently. She doesn’t seem too interested in making friends.

She’s civil to me but that’s about it. She hasn’t been particularly welcoming or anything.

Louisa says that’s just how she is. They’ve all been friends for years and I’m a newcomer. She thinks Emma will warm up to me eventually. 

If she doesn’t, oh well. She’s a senior and will be gone next year anyway, so I’m not going to stress too much about it. It’s not like we’re at each other’s throats.

She’s with her girlfriend Heather more than anyone else, really.

Heather used to live in my dorm room but moved out at the beginning of the year in the hopes of getting a double somewhere else (which she did). You’d think they’d spend more time at Heather’s dorm but most days, it’s like Heather still lives here anyway.

Things are a little awkward around the dorm at the moment, mostly between Louisa and Lauren. Lauren recently broke up with Eddie, who happens to be Louisa’s twin brother. 

Eddie was pretty cut up about the whole thing and Louisa is feeling protective. She’s not thrilled about being stuck in between either. 

Lauren is sympathetic to the situation but she can’t really see what her other options were supposed to be, apart from staying in a relationship she didn’t want to be in any more. 

It would have just been prolonging the inevitable. 

Lauren isn’t planning on starting anything up with anybody just yet. Partly out of sensitivity to Eddie (and Louisa) and partly because she’s enjoying being unattached.

She gets a lot of attention when we go out though and I think she likes that too. I wouldn’t be impressed by a wolf whistle but whatever.

We tend to go out together quite a bit, being the two single girls in the dorm. I thought there’d be tons more guys here but the offerings seem a little disappointing so far.

I have a feeling Eddie might be developing a little thing for me, which I’m not sure what I think about.

I didn’t know him very well at school but he’s a lot of fun to talk to and is a really sweet guy.

We get along and we could definitely be friends. More? I don't know yet. 

In any other circumstances, I might make a move but he’s got a bit of baggage at the moment that I’m not sure I want to deal with.

Lauren has noticed how Eddie is around me and is hoping it means he’ll move on soon. 

If he does, it’s not going to be with me. Showing interest in someone doesn’t mean he’s in a good position to actually date.

I don’t want to end up as anyone’s rebound girl. If Eddie’s still interested when he gets over Lauren, then maybe we can talk.

Until then, I’m content to stick with my girls’ nights (and afternoons!) out. 

However, I’m starting to think I might need to have fewer girls’ nights out and more nights in studying!

I already totally spaced on handing in one of my papers. It was worth enough of my grade that I now cannot get any higher than a B+ this semester.

I don’t think that’s such a terrible grade but I know Dad won’t agree, once I get around to telling him. 

Normally, Declan would be lecturing me as well but he’s too busy fretting about his own grade at the moment. 

He’s due to get his first B ever this semester and he’s totally freaking out about it. His GPA has dropped to 3.8 and he’s just not having it. 

Except he has to. He even went to try and talk his professor into a higher grade but she wouldn’t budge.

Jessica has tried consoling him with the fact that he can still graduate with honours but he’s inconsolable.

He’s going on to do his Master’s next year anyway, so his GPA doesn’t seem that important to me. Time has proven than Declan and I have very different attitudes towards school though and this might just be something I’ll never get.


  • Title is from Run Devil Run by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.
  • Caitlin's only wants for anyone back at home were for Ida, the family cat. Finn and Victoria got her right before they got married, when Caitlin was 2 or 3. So Caitlin really hasn’t known life without Ida, lol! It's pretty sweet, really. 
  • I did have to stop some ACR action with Caitlin and Eddie this round. If they try again next time, I'll allow it but I thought it was a little bit too soon. Especially seeing the wants are mostly one-sided; Eddie's rolling many more for Caitlin than she is for him. I do think there's something there though, so I guess there'll be more of that next round.
  • That dormie in the bar was flirting with Lauren autonomously. She was lapping it all up but she did not roll a single romantic want for the entire session (and uni sessions are long!) I was expecting her Romance side to come out in full force but instead, her Knowledge secondary dominated. 
  • Jessica and Emma are officially done with uni. Jessica is the only one of the girls with a 4.0 GPA but Emma is also graduating with honours and a 3.8. Louisa should have been finished too but due to her one semester of academic probation, she's hanging back another year with Lauren. Lauren also has a 3.8, while Louisa's GPA is at 3.5. Caitlin's GPA is the lowest at 3.3, because the girl really doesn't like writing term papers! As long as she passes, I'll be satisfied, though I can't say Finn will feel the same. ;)


  1. LOL at Caitlin missing just her cat! I really couldn't see Lauren and Caitlin hanging out, but I guess since everyone else is tied up with significant others, strange bedfellows and all. I'm looking forward to some Caitlin/Eddie action! I think they'd make a cute couple.

    1. Caitlin gets along with everybody (barring Emma), so I was pretty sure she'd be okay with whoever she ended up hanging out with. When you look at the basic personality points, Caitlin and Lauren aren't too dissimilar.

      I've been liking Eddie more and more as I play him and I think he and Caitlin could make a cute couple. I think they'd have fun together for a while, at the very least.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Caitlin could have been me back when I started Librarian School! I missed my cat, and she missed me; my Mum told me how she kept sitting near my bedroom door at home and insisted that my Mum would open the door for her so that she could see that I really wasn't there...
    As always, your way of incorporating things that happen in the game into a very realstic story is great!

    1. Aw, no one can tell me animals can't feel something like love! I hate it when people say they're only in it for the food. I thought it was very charming Caitlin missed her cat so much. She probably won't live with Ida again, as she's the family cat, but I'll have to remember she's a cat person and get her another kitty one day. Glad you enjoyed the update!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. So funny that she misses the cat, but it makes perfect sense. Wow, I can't believe Declan has a B. I have to remember that he's not his father, but I can't help but think he should act just like his father.

    1. I would have missed my dog and cat something awful if I went away from home when I went to uni! So it made perfect sense to me.

      Declan is actually identical to Finn where you'd think it would count for grades - in neatness and in seriousness. I think Finn would have taken a B in his stride but Declan has perfectionist tendencies. I'll have to add that one to his traits, now that I think of it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. How sweet that she missed her kitty. I bet Victoria would be a little sad about that fact, assuming that they are missing her. I imagine their house is much quieter with Declan and Caitlin gone! How can it be!

    I can totally see Caitlyn not jumping into a relationship with Eddie, especially with making friends with Lauren, that is just awkward. Poor Lauren though, breaking up, and stuck dealing with her ex, and his twin! Not fun, but she will be able out of there. I think it is perfect that Caitlin doesn't have a 4.0, she's not that serious about academics, but I definitely want her to graduate! I can imagine her Dad giving her a stern conversation, and poor Declan and his GPA. Do you keep track of GPA at master's level?

    I am assuming that Eddie has a black/red hair gene, so he can marry Caitlyn if he wishes, I do want her to eventually have red-haired babies. How cute would that be! But not for a while, she doesn't need to repeat her parents, though they are one of my favorite families!

    1. Ha, probably! Caitlin is nice enough not to actually admit to her parents that she hasn't missed them at all though. And it's early days yet anyway. ;)

      Caitlin's a smart girl and she knows a relationship with Eddie would be a terrible idea right now. There does seem to be a little bit of attraction there though, so it's not out of the realm of possibility for the future. And yes, I redid all the DNA when I rebuilt, so Eddie is black/red, just like all of his siblings.

      Finn will react differently to Declan's B than to Caitlin's. Caitlin's came from slacking and Declan doesn't slack! Also, Caitlin doesn't care that she got a B, which will probably grate on Finn, lol. I don't keep track of grades after undergrad. I haven't figured out a way to really do it that wouldn't be random, so I just don't.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I like the wants Caitlin rolls for het cat, it's so sweet, and makes it rather real! I would miss my Lola when I was away that long!
    I'm kind of curious to see how things between Caitlin and Eddie develop. I know she's dating Brendan at the moment, but you never know what will happen.
    But I can see Caitlin not jumping in right this second. Even though I'm curious to see it, I don't want them to hurt any one else though!

    Poor Declan! He's been working so hard. I hope he doesn't beat himself up too much, he still has a very good grade, though I doubt he'll see it that way...

    1. I thought it was very realistic as well, for Caitlin to miss Ida so much! I don't often get sims rolling wants for their pets and I don't think I've ever had it after they've moved out, so Caitlin must be a true animal lover!

      Caitlin isn't dating Brendan and hasn't been since she was 15 or so. They are now just friends and she has no interest in starting anything back up. So she and Eddie are both single. Eddie's thing with Lauren is still just a little bit raw for Caitlin to want to jump into anything with him. :)

      Declan's got high standards for himself and he fell short this semester. I'm sure he'll get over it eventually but I imagine he's going to really throw himself into his studies in his final year, to get his GPA up as high as he can.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Yay, I'm finally up to date!

    It's very understandable that Caitlin doesn't want to start anything with Eddie yet, right after his break-up. They'd make a cute couple though so I hope that they get together once he's gotten over Lauren.

    Poor Declan! It seems like he expects so much from himself, more than anyone else does. I bet he'll work even harder next year to make up for this.

    1. Yay! Caitlin is being pretty cautious with Eddie, which I think is wise at the moment. It really hasn't been very long since Lauren but we'll see what happens once some time passes.

      Declan has set very high standards for himself, maybe too high in this case. It's going to gnaw at him that he can't get that 4.0 but I think he'll work even harder as a result.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. I would definitely consider that ACR action between Eddie and Caitlin a rebound! She definitely deserves better. They might make a good couple if he gets over Lauren first.

    I loved that she missed her cat the most. That was the worst for me after I left home, I had to leave my cat behind! Loved that cat--Nikita was my furry best friend throughout adolescence. ;)

    Lauren loving the wolf whistle cracked me up. Caitlin commenting on it was even better. We can't all be classy ladies, Caitlin! ;)

    1. Yeah, it's just way, way too soon for Eddie and Caitlin. We'll see what happens between them in the future though. I think there's potential for something there. Not necessarily true love but something.

      I was projecting a little with Caitlin and the wolf whistle. ;) I've never found wolf whistles flattering and am so baffled as to why anyone would!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!