Friday, 21 February 2014

Bearer of bad news

Round 35: March 2041 (Autumn)

Eddie Gentry and Tim Lane are 21.
(Louisa is 21 and Lauren is 20)
Narrated by Tim Lane

Mitchell graduated at the end of last year, so this year, it’s just me and Eddie.

When Mitchell was here, he was more than happy to do all the cooking but now that he’s gone, there’s been an awful lot of pizza and Chinese food consumed in this house.

It’s not that we can’t cook. We just don’t usually feel like it and it’s so easy to just call up and have something delivered.

So bad for you as well. I’ve been neglecting my fitness since I started uni but all this fast food has made me sit up and take notice again.

I feel better getting some regular exercise again. Thank God there’s a gym on campus. It makes it a lot easier to fit a work out in around classes.

Eddie and I are seniors this year and our workload is heavier as a result. 

At least we have two computers now. We converted Mitchell’s old room into a study and put an extra desk in there.

I don’t know how three of us were sharing one PC last year. I can’t imagine having to share now.

Plus, we can’t have SSX 3 competitions with only one PC in the house!

Eddie’s trying to really stay on top of his grades this year. He’s still not sure what he wants to do with his life and he figures a good GPA will help him keep his options open. 

Even if he ends up in a job that doesn’t need a degree, it can’t hurt to have a strong academic record behind him.

He went to a careers counsellor here on campus, who ended up being quite helpful to him. She was the one who advised him to look into career fields that might not necessarily line up with his major.

Eddie didn’t like the sound of that at first and resented the idea that he might have studied for four years “for nothing”. 

But he heard her out and realised he’s never going to be happy in an office job, which were the kinds of jobs he was looking at. 

What Eddie really wants to do is paint. He’d like to do it for a living but if he can’t, he’s thinking about the fire service. Crazy hours but a good stable non-desk job. 

It’s not what I would have seen him choosing but he seems enthusiastic about it. He's been a bit down lately, so it’s good to see him happy about something. 

He’s been dating Lauren since freshman year and she just recently decided to end it. 

Lauren told him she wants to start seeing other people and that she feels too young to be tied down.

Eddie was pretty gutted. For him, it came right out of the blue.

For Lauren though, it was something she’d been thinking about for a little while already.

She didn’t want the way she was feeling to reach a point where she’d be tempted to cheat, so she broke it off before that happened. 

That didn’t make Eddie feel any better about it. They were together for six years, after all, and Lauren was Eddie’s first and only everything.

Every time his sister Louisa comes over, Eddie asks her about Lauren.

It’s probably a bit awkward for Louisa at the moment, given Lauren is one of her best friends.

Hearing about Lauren only makes him more miserable, so Louisa tries to gently steer the conversation to another topic. 

Eddie’s misery almost makes me feel guilty about my relationship with Marius, which is going scarily well. 

Eddie hasn’t said anything but even if it was bothering him, he’s way too nice to ever say something anyway.

We’re trying to balance not rubbing it in his face with not leaving him alone in the house night after night. 

I’m just glad Eddie and Marius get along. Introducing Marius to everybody has generally gone really well.

It’s just all been much easier for me than I could ever have imagined. 

Marius and I are both looking forward to graduating, though neither of us are done with studying just yet.

Marius wants to be an architect and wants to go on and do his Master’s of Architecture, which will be another two years. 

And I’m still holding onto to my 4.0 GPA, so I have every confidence that I’ll be starting med school next year, which will be another four years of work and study.

We’re both a bit nerdy like that and are actually looking forward to it though.

I get all giddy just thinking about all the new things I’ll be learning over the next four years. 

Next year will be a big change for us but it’s a change we’re both incredibly excited about.


  • Title is from Bearer of Bad News by Triple Fast Action.
  • I did the careers criteria thing on Eddie and he had WAY too many choices, very few of which actually seemed to fit him. I can't see him in Business or Politics at all. He fit pretty well into the Fire Service and also the military though, so that's the direction I'm heading in for him. Painting will probably remain a hobby...unless I change my mind, lol.
  • Lauren is rolling specific romantic wants towards other guys, which didn't bode too well for Eddie. :( So they are finished, unfortunately.
  • Tim's medical school journey is going to pretty damn boring if I don't get cracking on my hospital! The good news is that I've started it. The bad news is that I've done the shell and the layout for the first floor and that's it. So it's going to be a while before it's finished. I'm scheduled to play Tim again this round, so I'm hoping to at least have the classroom in the hospital ready, so I can do a couple of pics.


  1. Wow, that did seem all of a sudden, but it seems like it took the news well enough. Hopefully he will pair off with another one of your playables, he's such a cutie :)

    1. Well, Eddie's trying to focus on other things, so that's probably the way to go right now. I have a playable in mind for him but I don't think they've actually met, so I have no idea of their chemistry. Whether or not they ever get together will depend on that. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Oh and I just checked and saw that Lauren is a romance primary too. Six years is a long time at their age, and I'm sure she's eager to experience a little more, as young as they were when they hooked up. Poor Eddie though. :(

    Tim and Marius look happy together! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do for your med school students. I'll have a couple of my own in a few sim-years, and the idea of schooling them for another 4 years sounds pretty boring to me, lol! So I'll be looking to borrow(steal) some ideas from you! ;)

    1. Yeah, Lauren is Romance, which makes staying together at this age even less likely. Six years was actually longer than I thought they'd been together. I wrote "three" originally and then double-checked my notes and was like "huh". Had no idea. I imagine Lauren will move on pretty quickly but Eddie's probably going to be a bit down for a while.

      Tim and Marius are a good, solid couple. Though I feel like my gay couples are more solid by default, because there's just not as many sims around to tempt them!

      Steal away! I don't do a whole lot with med students, really, but the game play stuff they have to do is on my education system page in the sidebar. Honestly, I have the most fun with the med school stuff I set up. It's not real game play but I get nice pics and I find that satisfying!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Poor Eddie, though I was surprised that Lauren lasted this long with him. I expected more relationships and flings once she got to college. I'm glad that she ended it, and hope that Eddie finds someone else. They are both still young! Poor Louisa though, that puts her in a tough spot, it will definitely be awkward for a bit, but I am sure they will get over it as time goes on. Though I don't imagine Lauren will be too torn up, after all she sounds like she has her eye on someone(s), are we going to find out soon?

    Tim and Marius are adorable together, and I'm looking forward to their masters and seeing Tim's education continued at the hospital.

    1. I was expecting Lauren to want to date around a little too but she's been mostly focused on Eddie until now. The person Lauren was spinning wants was Steve Nihill - not someone I'm prepared for her to have a relationship with! He's married, more than 20 years older than her, shows no interest himself and I have no idea where they would possibly have met! She's entering the same career as him once she graduates though, so I may write a little thing in about her crush then. Depends on what wants she's rolling by then. As for a new relationship, who knows? I'll send her out with Caitlin, see what happens. :)

      Louisa's been in this exact situation before, when she was dating Justin and Lauren dumped Xavier. So it's familiar to her, at least!

      You'll see more Tim and Marius this round, as I'll be moving Tim in with Eddie and Mitchell. Once I find them a place to live, that is!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Hmm, we can say Lauren met Steve at a Career Day. Not happening, but she's around that age where some are susceptible to crushes on totally unavailable older men. And being a Romance sim, I think it was only a matter of time. What's Eddie's aspiration?
    I didn't realize it, but Lauren owes Louisa big time after putting her in this kind of awkward situation twice.
    Tim the nerd. It's a good thing he found another one. :) I need to get working on my hospital ASAP. I'm going to have a few people visiting very soon. I only have one doctor, but there's only 50 or so people. I'll probably just steal your layout, LOL.

    1. Career day! Ha, it would be a possibility. Acting on the crush would be inappropriate but I definitely don't think it's unusual for a girl her age to become infatuated with an older man. Eddie is Popularity/Knowledge. Lauren is Romance/Knowledge and for some reason, those sims have always been my most troublesome! Too curious, maybe?

      Louisa is not thrilled about this situation at all but you'll see a little of that in the next update. It'll be through Caitlin's eyes, as she's narrating but I am planning to touch on it.

      Oh, you're doing a hospital too? I'm getting there with mine. Layout is finalised and I have three rooms decorated. None of them are rooms Tim will need for med school or, more urgently, rooms I'll need for Patience and Hope when they have their babies rather soon! But I have probably a few weeks and I think I can get at least that much done. And steal away with my layout! I almost stole my own layout but there are a few things I forgot last time, so it wasn't going to work for me any more. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I've said it before, and I'm going to keep saying it, but I always love your collegecrowd! Doesn't matter who it is. You really have inspired me to try to enjoy my own collegecrowd much more, and I have to admit that I even like playing it now, something I could never dream of :)

    It's always sad when a couple breaks up, but I never saw them in it for the long run.
    I'm sure they'll find some one new.

    I'm very much looking forward to your new hospital, but I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new here :)
    I'm still in the proces of redoing mine, after the original wasn't finished at all, and I already have new ideas if I'll ever redo it again, but let's make sure I finish this make over first!
    Tim and Marius are sweet together!

    1. Glad you enjoy my college crowd! They take a long time to play (I usually save them for a weekend, rather than after work) but they are usually a guaranteed fun play session. :)

      I never really saw Eddie and Lauren being together for a long time either, though they were - six years! That was longer than I ever intended them to be together, so they did all right. They'll both move on eventually.

      Hospital is still coming along! I ran out of steam over the weekend but was reinspired yesterday and fixed up the gift shop and finished the staff break room. So that's one half of the first floor done. Can't wait to see your own hospital when you finish either. I hadn't realised you were never done with yours!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Poor Eddie! That is a sucky way to end a long term relationship. It certainly doesn't help when your ex is all "yeah, I'm thinking about cheating so clearly, we need to end this." Definitely a blow to the ego, LOL! At least he won't have to deal with the drama of dating a romance sim down the line...

    Uni really does take a lot longer to play, doesn't it? I always abused the college clock in TS2, but there's no option for that in TS3. It takes HOURS! Like you, I save it for the weekends.

    So glad Tim and Marius are still going strong. :)

    1. Yeah, I can imagine that would have burned poor Eddie a bit! Lauren really doesn't want to hurt people and wants to do the right thing but she's not always 100% on what that might be!

      I used to use the College Clock a lot but I haven't added it back this time around. I still have InSim which offers the same function but I don't find I use it much. The way I play uni, led by their wants, means I like to give them maximum chance to roll a want to do a term paper! It really does take an absurdly long time though. I can play it in one session because I'm nuts like that but not if I want to go to bed at a decent hour!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!