Friday, 7 February 2014


Round 35: February 2041 (Summer)
Rebecca Collins is 32 and Nathan is 31.
(Emil is 69, Anna is 63, Dominic is 31, Leslie is 30 and Oscar and Stella are 1)
Narrated by Nathan Collins

About a week after the wedding, Rebecca and I set off on our honeymoon. 

We had Dominic and Leslie mind our kitten, Anais, while we were gone. When she gets older, she’ll probably be all right for a few days as long as someone drops by once or twice a day to refill her bowl and clean out her litter box but being so little, we thought it was better she stayed with someone. 

When she gets older, she’ll probably be all right for a few days as long as someone drops by once or twice a day to refill her bowl and clean out her litter box but being so little, we thought it was better she stayed with someone. 

The twins loved her immediately, which Rebecca was a little concerned about. Kids are not always so gentle with pets.

I was positive it would be fine but Leslie had to do some convincing to reassure Rebecca.

We had a slightly non-traditional honeymoon, because we decided to go camping. 

I wouldn’t say either of us are particularly outdoorsy but it was something we’d never tried and we thought it might be fun. 

We were going to do some fishing at the campground’s lake but it was completely iced over. We knew it would be cold, but we weren’t expecting it to be that cold!

I don’t think we took our coats off the entire time. We even slept in them.

We only had three days though, so we made the most of it, despite the cold.

We had a great time but it went way too fast. 

As much as we enjoyed camping, we were both so happy to be sleeping in a nice, warm bed again. 

So far, married life isn’t too much different from what life was like before. I guess living together before marriage will do that. 

Anything we were going to find out about each other, we pretty much found out well before we got married. And besides, we’re a pretty good match anyway.

Definitely not perfect but who is, really?

Our neat freak tendencies might bother others who aren’t so neat but I think we’re both just relieved to have found a kindred spirit. None of my roommates were ever tidy enough for my liking and I know Rebecca had the same experience.

Our main difference is that Rebecca is very social and I’m very…not. I need to psyche myself up for social interaction but I’ve had to get used to the fact that Rebecca doesn’t mind her friends just dropping in without notice. Thankfully, she doesn’t mind too much if I just escape to another room for a while. 

We had a whole week away from work after our honeymoon, which really only made it harder to go back! We both had to talk each other into actually leaving the house.Neither of our jobs are very forgiving about time off, so it was really just best to get back to it and catch up on the mountains of work we’d both missed. 

Rebecca has been at me for a couple of years now about moving into corporate law. Corporate law is going to be MORE demanding, not less. I’m not sure I’m ready for that at this particular stage in my career.

Rebecca understands that but she thinks I should still consider it.

The money could be worth the heavier workload but I like where I am. I’m not particularly keen on change sometimes.

I guess our next big change will be starting a family, which is a change I’m actually looking forward to. The time isn’t quite right yet though. We haven’t actually talked about since we got married, though I know Rebecca also wants kids one day.

Most of our friends have kids now, so it does feel a little like the pressure is on. 

Spending time with them does make me more sure about wanting our own kids one day but just not right now.

Rebecca’s mother asks about babies all the time. Her parents are unlikely to get any more grandkids from her older sisters, so all eyes are on us now.

My mum is still under the impression that she’s 45 and way too young to be a grandmother, which is annoying in an entirely different way. 

I’m expecting Dad to ask eventually but Hope’s impending baby is enough excitement for him at the moment. 

For now, Rebecca and I are enjoying life with just the two of us. It’s nice to have our evenings and weekends totally free.

Last weekend, we thought we’d try out Cheesed Off, a new restaurant which specialises in grilled cheese sandwiches. 

They serve other foods too but the grilled cheese is what they’re known for. They do just about any variation you can think of.

The ones we ordered came on hamburger buns and they were delicious.

Rebecca doesn’t have the slightest interest in fancy food, so a place like this is perfect for her.

She even said she wanted to make it an anniversary tradition, though I’m not 100% sure she was serious.

Then again, we did have a pretty fun night there. It might be cool to have a not-so-traditional anniversary tradition, to follow our not-so-traditional honeymoon.

  • Title is from 1901 by Phoenix.
  • It was insanely cold on Nathan and Rebecca's honeymoon. It was early autumn in Three Lakes but the lake had iced over almost immediately upon their arrival. It thawed out a couple of hours before they left. So much for fishing! I was hoping to stock their fridge. ;)
  • No baby wants yet from either of these two. They're both rolling incredibly boring wants, actually. Nathan is oddly obsessed with womrats and birds. I bought him a womrat in the hope he'd forget about it (like most of my sims have done once they actually have a womrat) but now he just rolls constant wants to play with it! baby for these two this round, I guess! They're both very happy though - not hard to keep their aspirations up at all!
  • So apparently, you can’t order grilled cheese in restaurants? I was sure you could and sure that I've done it before. :\  Just in case you were wondering why Nathan and Rebecca had burgers at Cheesed Off! I might end up remaking this lot on its own lot and running it as a business, so I can add grilled cheese to the menu. Right now, it’s on a multi-purpose lot, which I’m not keen on running as a business.


  1. Wow, I didn't know that the lakes could freeze over. Now I want to visit a lot with a lake in the winter...hmm...maybe I did know that but never paid attention to it? No, I don't think so. I think an unique grilled cheesed dinner would be a great tradition. It comes in handy once they have kiddos, very easy to take them along with them. Also try some custom buffet tables for your lot to get only grilled cheese.

    1. Really? I guess that's easy to miss if you just haven't been on a community lot with a lake in the winter! It's a shame we can't skate on the lakes or cut a hole through the ice and go fishing. That would be cool!

      Good point about the kids - no problem if they can't find a babysitter if they're going to that particular restaurant. I hope that non-problem isn't too far away for them.

      Saw your tip about the buffet tables at N99 - thanks!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Believe it or not, but in all the years I have been playing The Sims 2, I have never had a toddler play with a kitten or puppy! I knew (and have seen it in my game often) that toddlers can cuddle an adult dog or cat, but somehow there was never a little cat or dog in the household at the same time as a toddler.
    You portray these two characters in such a realistic manner, I really admire that!

    1. I'm very surprised about that! I figured playing vanilla, you would have tried just about everything. Toddlers and puppies and kitten are just the cutest thing in game, in my opinion! It was really the only reason I teleported Oscar and Stella in. They could have easily stayed off camera.

      I'm so happy to get that compliment, so thank you!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Their honeymoon may not have been tradotional, but it was a nice one. And they spend some good time together.
    I like that Anna and Megan are so different when it comes to grandchildren. On one side you have Anna, who I'm sure Anna will be happy when Nathan and Rebecca have kids even though she wants them to wait a little bit longer. And on the other hand is Megan, who will be more than thrilled to have another grandchild, sooner rather than later it seems :)
    I like their differences in character here!

    I like their house a lot, and Cheesd Off looks nice as well. I hope you can work it out so that they can order actual grilled cheese sandwiches there!

    1. Nathan and Rebecca enjoyed the honeymoon, which is the most important thing! With my current lack of vacation townies (I think I have two!), they had the place pretty much to themselves too. :)

      I think Anna will be fine with her grandkids when they actually exist but the thought of being old enough to be a grandmother isn't sitting well with her right now. Megan was kind of the same when Victoria got pregnant but that was mostly because Victoria was fairly young herself! She's had 20 years to get used to being a grandmother now, so it's old hat for her. ;)

      I haven't decided exactly what to do with Cheesed Off at the moment. I'm considering a few different possibilities. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. They are such an adorable, little Type A combo. They both seem so happy together, and oh man, I totally giggled at Nathan and his wormrat. Mine always forget about their novelty pets, and they die or get set free if I remember they exist. I'm happy these two are waiting to have a baby, though I am really excited to see theirs, Hope is holding me over right now! And I don't want to get this families breeding over with too quickly. What is Hope and Nathan's IFS? Is Anna looking at a lot of grandkids at 45 (lol) or just a few? I always think the two siblings would not have that high of IFS, but I'm not sure if that's true!

    The restaurant looks great, funny on theirs being on a bun... with a burger in it, why that grilled cheese resembles a cheeseburger. ;) I hope you can figure out the menu issue, I know there's a hack to have restaurant foods at home, but never looked into something to serve the grilled cheese. Maybe you can find some grilled cheese sandwiches, I know MTS has a download with tons of sandwiches, and open face ones, which look soooo weird when they eat them, let me just stick my fingers in my ketchup... er.

    1. Ha, yes, Nathan and Rebecca are both extremely Type A! I think they'd probably drive a lot of other people crazy, so it's a good thing they found each other instead.

      Rebecca's IFS is 3 and Nathan's is only 1! He only has one nice point and one outgoing point, so even his Family aspiration didn't give him much there. It'll be interesting to see if they try again after they have one. So many of my sims have such IFS and I'm not sure how many sims I have who've actually reached theirs! Hope's IFS is 6 but Malcolm's is 3, so girl is going to have to compromise. ;) I'm not expecting Emil and Anna will ever have a whole stack of grandchildren (so nothing like Maria Moretti with the 85 grandchildren she had or whatever it was, lol) but I imagine they'll have at least a few.

      It looks just like a cheeseburger, doesn't it? ;) I'm going to pretend it's Turkish bread, lol. The thing with custom food is that they won't be served at an unowned restaurant either. They have to be manually added to the menu by an owner. So whatever happens, if I want this to be a sit-down restaurant, I'm going to have to set something up with an owner. You're so right about those open-face sandwiches though. Most people seem to clone those on the grilled cheese but they'd probably be better off cloning them off a food sims use a knife and fork for! Bit less messy!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. The mountains are always so fun when my sims travel there, and though it’s not the more traditional honeymoon, it looks like they had a lot of fun. I like how they are so alike in ways yet so different. They are so compatible with each other. I do have a question. Why does Rebecca want for Nathan to become a corporate lawyer? He seems quite reluctant, but she seems to be pushing him. And, your grilled cheese restaurant looks awesome, though I did question why they’re eating cheeseburgers until I read your bottom notes, so now I get it :) I didn't notice they can't order grilled cheese sandwiches at restaurant because my sims never want to order them.

    1. Well, the mountains sure beat Takemizu Village! My sims never find a whole lot to do there, unfortunately. Nathan and Rebecca enjoyed their camping trip, so that's the most important thing.

      Nathan and Rebecca are just different when it comes to careers. She is more confident than he is and has moved fairly quickly through the levels in her own career, so she doesn't quite get why Nathan is content to stay where he is. They'd also have more money if he moved up, which is also appealing to her. I think he'll probably give it a go in the next round or two. He wants to climb the career ladder too but he's just not in the rush Rebecca is. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I love their honeymoon and I have to agree with Maisie that these two are such Type A personalities. A match made in sims heaven. :) I really like the restaurant as well.

    It's funny/irritating with all the strange wants sometimes. My current pet peeve is all the "buy a painting that costs..." wants that fortune sims rolls. I want to yell back at the screen. "You already own ALL THE PAINTINGS." :)

    1. Glad you like the restaurant, even if it's not working the way I want it to! Rebecca and Nathan seemed to enjoy it well enough. :)

      Ugh, yeah, the "buy a painting" want annoys me. I don't think I've ever fulfilled it intentionally. It's either that all the paintings over that price are ugly (EA seriously think we just slap anything down any old place, I swear) and don't match the house or they literally have no more wall space for paintings! Annoying.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. I was waiting for these two to get an update! Don't tell my husband I was sneaking on my phone to try to read. Still couldn't reply until now.
    I forgot Rebecca was on Nathan to move up the corporate ladder. He'll get there. But my gosh, I looked at the pic of him with his dad and they look almost just alike, except Nathan has a lot more freckling, like his mother.

    1. LOL, we'll let that be our little secret. ;)

      Nathan will move into the corporate world eventually and even wants to. His LTW is to be Attorney General (default replacement for The Law), so he'll have to. He just doesn't mind taking his time.

      And yeah, Nathan is pretty much a clone of his dad! You can see it really well in the wedding picture I took of Nathan and Rebecca with Nathan's parents. I remember thinking the same thing when I saw it but I can't remember if I commented on it. I did remark on how much Rebecca looks like Trent in drag, as I am wont to do! ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Not all kids are gentle with animals, that's definitely true! My cousin's eldest is a little terrifying with pets... she reminds me of Elmira from Tiny Toons.

    Loved their unconventional honeymoon! If I had done a honeymoon, I like to think I'd have gone a similar route... though I can't imagine my husband being too keen on camping. He's a city boy in the worst of ways while I'm definitely more 'nature' oriented.

    I'll be thrilled when these two start spitting out babies, but I can't quite comment on wanting them to because we're currently in the same boat. ALL of our friends have kids and we're just sitting around playing video games like we're still teenagers. ;)

  9. I remember one Christmas, my poor tolerant Oscar was being tortured by my cousin's 2yo! He just had not learnt to be gentle yet. I had to keep my dog away from him all day. So Rebecca's fears were definitely not crazy.

    Ha, I'm with your husband on camping! I'm such a princess. I don't see either Nathan or Rebecca that way (she did grow up on a farm!), so the camping honeymoon seemed to suit.

    I'm in the same boat myself, though I'm single. It can definitely feel like there's a lot of pressure (spoken or unspoken) when you're the only childless one! Nathan and Rebecca will breed eventually, as it's basically a non-negotiable in my hood - but I'm happy for them to take their time somewhat.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!