Saturday, 8 March 2014


Round 35: April 2041 (Autumn)

(Caleb is 59, Cara is 52, Julia is 30, Chris is 26 and Sebastian is 25)
Narrated by Veronica Moretti

Adelaide has been working at the town hall for a while now and she’s really happy she’s found a career she really wants to be in.

Of course, she’s still Adelaide, so there are still mornings where she’s eating potato chips on the couch at 7:30 instead of getting ready for work.

But the difference now is that she doesn’t need so much prodding to get going and that once she gets to work, she actually enjoys it. Right now, she doesn’t actually spend a whole lot of time at town hall, because she’s doing door to door polling. 

There’s no election coming up. The governor is just polling the electorate to find out what issues are important to who. 

Most people are happy to talk to her for a few minutes but she does knock on a fair few amount of doors where the occupants are not happy about being bothered.

Even though she gets exercise quite literally all day, Adelaide still feels the need to do even more once she finishes. I tag along sometimes but not really being into soccer, I play the role of spectator, while she plays Chris instead.

Adelaide’s boyfriend Sebastian is similarly non-sporty, so I usually hang out with him while they’re playing. 

He’s fine and everything but I don’t know how Adelaide has the patience to sit through all of his talk about his music. I seriously have trouble even faking an interest in it.

He had to take a real job recently, at a coffee shop, because busking wasn’t cutting it any more. He was actually stunned that his music wasn’t paying the bills. 

I was only surprised he lasted this long. How much can you really make playing guitar on a street corner with a jar by your feet?

He was very quick to assure me that he was still working on his music on the side, lest I think he was some sort of sell-out.

I find the music talk tiring but Adelaide is happy with him, so I can live with it. He’s a decent guy, just very single-minded. 

He’s not my type but he seems to be Adelaide’s, so I guess that’s what counts. I’d just be frustrated with a guy willing to throw years into a job that isn’t going anywhere but I’m pretty ambitious, so I like to see ambition in others too.

It’s part of the reason why I get along so well with Julia. We did our master’s degrees at about the same time and sort of bonded over it.

People find it hard to mesh with Julia at times but I actually really like her. Some would probably find me a little abrasive as well, so I suppose we have that much in common. 

We have quite similar teaching styles too, so she’s given me some good advice about work as well, which I really appreciate.

We also both have our eyes on the position of principal at Sullivan High. Unfortunately for me, Julia pretty much has it in the bag.

I would love it for myself but at my age and level of experience, I have no chance. Once Kendal retires, all Julia will have to do is put her hand up. I’m kind of hoping she ends up hating it and leaves. I don’t want to have to wait for her to retire to get there myself!

Chris thinks it’s hilarious that I call Julia my friend yet I’m actively plotting her demise as principal. 

I wouldn’t say plotting. I’m not going to do anything to make it happen, I’m just going to hope that eventually things go my way. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

He gets it; he just likes to tease. I’ve heard him say way worse things about the people he works with!

We’re both very committed to reaching the top, though Chris will almost certainly end up making much more money than I ever will.

I wish Chris was half as committed to moving our relationship along as he is his career.

Admittedly, we started out very casually and neither of us made any promises to the other about where this was going.

But does starting out casual mean we have to stay casual forever? I certainly don’t think so.

The truth is, my feelings for Chris have grown much stronger over the time we’ve been together. I really want to make a go of things with him. 

It wasn’t a big deal for me at first either but eventually, I just realised I was thinking about him all the time and didn’t have the desire to be with anyone else. 

I’m not thinking about marriage or anything yet but just smaller steps like referring to me as his girlfriend or meeting my parents. That would make me really happy. 

Chris cringes every time I mention meeting Mum and Dad but they are really keen. 

Especially Mum. I’ve talked about him more to her than to Dad and she would really like to meet him finally. 

Adelaide thinks I should issue Chris with an ultimatum to get serious or get out.

I don’t think that’s a great idea if I’m not prepared to follow through with it, which I’m not. At least not at the moment. 

I know it's something I need to discuss with him though. I just haven't quite figured out how to broach the subject though.


  • Title is from Success by Iggy Pop.
  • Good thing Adelaide was only on the first level of my Political Strategist career! I have no town hall yet, so it was convenient to just be able to send her out to some houses to do her job. ;) I have a couple of town hall possibilities to download though, so it shouldn't be a huge deal if she needs a workplace next time. Which she will, because she was promoted to Campaign Worker!
  • Veronica is still very into Chris. Chris is very into Veronica when they're on dates but he is hot and cold at other times. He's not rolling romantic wants for anyone else though, so I would say things aren't completely dire yet, in terms of Veronica wanting to take this further. 
  • Hospital is coming along, for those of you who don't follow my Tumblr. I'm roughly 25% done.


  1. I really feel bad for Veronica right now. It just seems like a no-win situation for her. If she pressures Chris too much to make a commitment I just know he's going to run and all we'll see is a Chris-shaped hole in the wall! On the other hand if she stays with him and he never commits... then that's not too good either. It's a good thing he's not rolling wants for anyone else but I just fear that she's going to get her heart broken in the long run. I really hope I'm wrong!

    Adelaide and Sebastian are so cute together. I think it's meant to be if she's willing to listen to him talking about his music for hours. ;)

    1. Yeah, Veronica's got a Romance secondary but I haven't really ever found that it comes out very often! Chris is a little more traditionally Romance, so it's easy to see how he and Veronica wouldn't see eye to eye here. But there are some positive signs too, so we'll wait and see.

      Adelaide's been listening to Sebastian's music talk for nine years now with no signs of running for the hills! It must be love. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I wonder how things will turn out for her and Chris, also has she considered being principal at the primary school?

    1. I'm already trying to think what update I could write more Chris and Veronica stuff into, without waiting all the way until Chris's, which is a bit away! Possibly Kendal and Lake's but we'll see. I'm looking forward to continuing it a bit, in any case.

      I don't think Veronica is very well suited for primary school but it is even more competitive there anyway. There would be three people more senior than her, apart from Tatiana - Pamela, Finn and Leslie. So she'd have an even bigger fight on her hands.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I quite like Chris and think these two make a good couple; it would be nice for them to get together "properly". And I don't blame Chris for not being too keen yet on meeting the parents - that can be a bit awkward :-)

    1. I think Chris and Veronica could make a good go of it, if we can get Chris completely on board! As for meeting Veronica's parents, Chris is probably not too different from a lot of people in that arena. It's definitely a nerve-wracking thing and Caleb is most definitely going to be giving him a hard time! He doesn't have a very high opinion of Chris, from what he knows, so he'll be waiting for him to prove himself!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Man, I wonder what will happen with Chris and Veronica. I do think that Chris will eventually come around to a relationship, because Amar did, and if he can do it, then anyone can! But I don't see Veronica waiting that long! Hopefully he can start taking small steps, they are both still so young, plenty of time! I do understand why Veronica is confused over Sebastian, I am too! They seem happy together. I think it's cute that Chris and Adelaide play soccer together, and I really like that career you have made to put her in! It's a great idea!

    1. My Romance sims do tend to tire of the lifestyle after a while! I think Veronica is likely to eventually want to put her foot down about it, though I don't think she's there yet. I think she'd be open to taking it slow, if Chris is amenable as well. So we'll see. :)

      Sebastian and Adelaide really do seem to have grown into a really solid couple, much as Veronica doesn't see his appeal! But Adelaide wouldn't be into Chris in a romantic way either, so it works out okay. As long as they all get along, which they do, they're doing all right. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Chris and Veronica make a nice couple, I just hope they can make it, and the Chris starts to want something more committed. I hope Veronica doesn't give up on him too soon, but on the other hand I don't want her to get hurt either ....
    Even though Veronica doesn't see too much in Sebastian, I'm glad he and Adelaide make it work as good as they do. They seem to be very solid couple.

    I thought it was nice to read something about Julia told by some one who doesn't think she's crazy, and actually kind of looks up to her. Despite her crazy behaviour in the past, I always felt a bit sorry for her :)

    1. I am hoping the same thing. I really do like Chris and Veronica together, though I'm not going to force it, if it isn't meant to be. They have incredibly high chemistry though, which works in their favour (in my game at least).

      Well, no one can be all bad, can they? The stuff that went on with Julia and Jack and later Nathan was a long time ago and Veronica never really knew about any of it, so Julia has a clean slate with her. And I think she's grown up a lot since then anyway. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Sebastian and Adelaide have been together seemingly forever! I'm lgad to see they've stuck it out. I'm kida ambivalent about Chris and Veronica. We'll see, but I'm not too sure about Chris. His last relaationship was kind of a disaster, and I know Veronica won't wait forever.

    1. Yeah, Sebastian and Adelaide have been together for nine years, so she was 14 when they started dating. So at their age, nine years really is like forever! I wasn't really sure where they'd go when they first got together but I'm happy with where they are now.

      Chris doesn't have a good track record with relationships but it's been a while since he's actually given one a try! So who knows?

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Veronica's reaction to Sebastian's music hipster ways cracked me up! I've known the type and I completely feel her pain. Music talk only goes so far. Loved his surprise at busking not paying the bills. Those are some lofty life goals there, bro!

    Oh man, she definitely shouldn't deliver an ultimatum. Those never end well. I'm crossing my fingers for them, because I like Chris and Veronica together... but I'm concerned about Chris' consistency with being 'forever casual.'

    1. Veronica has patience for so little things and her friend's boyfriend's babble about his music is not among them! Sebastian's lack of progress is kind of my fault. I haven't added the custom rock star career back in yet (the first level of which is Busker/Street Musician), so I made him get a proper job. It's pretty realistic that someone just kicking off a music career is going to have times when it doesn't pay the bills, so I quite like it. Once I get around to playing him (I forget when I have him scheduled), I'll add it back and let him have another go at it.

      No, Veronica's too smart to do the ultimatum thing, unless she's prepared to deal with all possible fallout from it. She's not, so she's not going to take Adelaide's advice in this case. I don't know if Adelaide really thought that one through. I think ultimatums have a much greater chance of backfiring than actually achieving the desired outcome.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!