Friday, 21 January 2011

Make it up

Round 30: March 2031 (Autumn)
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Connor Novak, Lila Sitko and Sophie Gottlieb are all 18.
(Jack and Audrey are both 19 and Josh is 17)

Narrated by Lila Sitko

Ever since Connor, Sophie and I moved into the dorms, Connor has been on our backs about choosing a major. I don't know why it matters to him but it really does.

Connor probably decided on his major in kindergarten, so he doesn't understand why Sophie and I are "dragging our feet".

But Sophie's going to be a chef, which she doesn't need a degree for. And I'm going into business, where you do need a degree but no one really cares what kind.

But Connor can chill out a little now, because I've chosen a major. Even though most workplaces just want to know you've been to university, I figured it might give me an edge to study something that would actually be useful. So my major is now economics. It's pretty interesting actually, at least to me.

Lucky Audrey had already picked a major before she started dating Connor or he'd probably be on her back as well.

I was so surprised when Connor said he was going out with Audrey. They seem like such a weird match to me. Connor is very serious and Audrey's not. And Connor is so grumpy sometimes and I don't know if I've ever seen Audrey not smiling. But hey, they seem happy, so whatever. Maybe it won't matter.

He's somehow managed to be friends with Sophie for years now despite their differences.

It's like living with a 5 year-old sometimes but she's fun.

But anyway, Connor seems to really like Audrey. When he was going out with Elspeth, she used to complain that he never seemed like he was that into her. He doesn't seem to have that problem with Audrey.

Connor can be a bit of a pain sometimes but we've become good friends as well. I didn't really know him very well at high school.

I would never have guessed it to look at but Connor is actually pretty into sports, like me. His game is basketball but he's still the only one around here who'll play soccer with me.

It's awesome, especially because he sucks at it and I always win.

Sophie is way too lazy for that. If she didn't have classes, I don't think she'd ever get out of her pyjamas. The idea of getting physical activity is out of the question.

We can get her in the pool every now and then, but only if it doesn't feel at all like exercise. So Marco Polo and the slide are okay but laps are not.

She always ends up scrambling to get dressed when Jack calls and tells her he's coming over.

They go out most nights, usually to the campus bar. That's where most people tend to go, because it's just close and convenient.

Jack wants them to move in together next year. He hates the dorms more than he thought he would.

Sophie's not really ready for that though.

Sophie's enjoying her independence right now and she's doing a lot of things for the first time, or for the first time on her own.

She doesn't really want to think about moving in with anyone until well after university.

There's so much else we have ahead of us before thinking about serious relationships, so I can't say I blame her.

I'm certainly not thinking that far ahead with Josh yet at the moment. I'm happy with the way things are.

Josh would like to take things further. He has sex on the brain lately.

He seems to think I should be totally ready to jump into bed, seeing he is and I'm a year older.

I don't know if Josh has forgotten my sister, the one who is now the mother of two at 18. Excuse me if I'm a little cautious about sex right now.

He usually shuts up after I say that but it starts all over again the next time we see each other.

Things are a little bit weird between us since I went away to college. It feels odd that our lives were pretty similar last year and this year, they're completely different.

I'm living on my own; Josh is still at home. I'm at university; he still has one year of high school. I can drink and am legally an adult; he can't and isn't.

I don't want to break up. I still like him a lot and I'm hoping things feel more normal once he's here next year.

  • Title is from Make It Up by Ben Kweller.
  • I was very surprised that a) Lila and Connor weren't already friends and b) they became friends so fast! Soccer really builds up relationship points, apparently!
  • Josh was rolling a ton of wants for Lila on their date but Lila wasn't nearly as enthusiastic. I am also yet to see a single woohoo want from her. So they'll be waiting on that, much to Josh's disappointment!
  • Sophie is my only student in a long, long time who hasn't rolled the want for a major before the end of freshman year. Of these three, she was the least interested in college, so it seems to fit.
  • Speaking of which - grades! Are you stunned that Connor has a 4.0? Didn't think so. Lila is at 3.6 and Sophie is at 3.3. I'm really liking this college harder grades hack!


  1. Why do I feel like there's a bunch of heartbreak in the near future with the whole Conner-Jack-Audrey-Sophie quadrilateral :P

  2. It would be weird being a girl, I think, and having a boyfriend in high school... it seems to be "cool" for guys to go there, but not so much for girls. Personally... I'm not hoping for that couple, :-x I have my sets that I want to end up together. Its like a soap opera! And sadly (or maybe not) it's not Josh and Lila.

    How funny on the extreme laziness of Sophie! I love that she's always in her jammies, I have a few uber lazy sims, they drive me crazy (just for the mere lack of "run here" capabilities, outside of allmenus that is.)

    Do you turn woohoo off until younger sims roll the want?

  3. Apple Valley, maybe you're psychic, lol! There are really only a couple of ways this could end; either someone breaks up with their current partner and breaks that person's heart, or they stay with their current partner and break the heart of the person who has a crush on them. :\ So someone will be hurt, almost definitely.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, there's a bias against relationships where the girl is older and it seems to carry on as we grow older as well. 10 years from now, Josh and Lila wouldn't be a big deal but one year is so long at that age, seeing she and Josh are in such different life stages at the moment. Though Josh probably has some bragging rights, dating a college girl!

    I think everyone has their couples they're hoping to see get together, myself included!

    Oh, I forgot to say that yeah, that's not just me not making Sophie get changed, or her not showering; she rolls the want to change into her pyjamas all the time! If I don't change her, she goes to class like that (though she does get dressed when she goes to community lots!) She went to her final exam in her bikini!

    I don't turn off woohoo for anyone except the under 15s (well, I'd turn it off if I had another Sim like Lia who wanted to wait until they were married). If Josh and Lila wanted to woohoo autonomously, I would have let them. But they didn't, so I wrote it in as I did.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. I love lazy sims, so Sophie has a small spot in my heart. LOL I can't think of the sim right now, but she's always rolling the want to skip work, change into her jammies. I laugh. So funny.

    I though my uni. students were the only ones who go to class and finals in their pjs, undies, swimsuites. Good to know I' not the only one. LOL

    I'm glad Lila is remembering her sister. She should wait. And if Josh is really into her like that he would respect her and quit always asking. Geez, boys, I tell ya!

  5. I must be getting old because I didn't remember at all that Lila and Josh had started dating! Anyways, i seems that your Josh is just as keen to have sex as my Josh. Hopefully Lila gets her message through to him!

    I have lazy sims like Sophie who never seem to bother to change their clothes when they go to class. I can totally relate, I spend most of my free days in my pajamas and then get totally panicky if someone comes over, lol!

  6. Riverdale, LOL, I often get frustrated with lazy Sims, because they just won't stand up straight! The PJs thing is mostly a Pleasure Sim thing but I think it might be specific to lazy Pleasure Sims; not all of them seem to roll it.

    Nope, not the only one! I have a ton of outgoing Sims, so I actually have Sims going to class in their PJs a lot!

    Lila's pretty sensible, so she's going to take it slow here, despite Josh's impatience. He'll just have to wait. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, I think I actually would have forgotten myself, if I was a reader. Lila and Josh got together early last round and we only saw them together as a couple in Lila's update; she was still pursuing him in Josh's, if I remember correctly.

    Ah, I wasn't thinking about your Josh! Yes, I'm sure they could commiserate about this. If Josh knows what's good for him, he'll take it easy on Lila now.

    I can sort of relate to Sophie too! I do get dressed on my free days, though I might as well not bother, because I end up changing back into my pyjamas by about 4 o'clock! I remember having to scramble to get dressed when a co-worker called and said he was coming by to drop something off here! LOL.

    Thanks for reading!

  7. I really like Lila's look. The hair really suits her face.

    LOL at "Connor probably decided on his major in kindergarten". He's definitely the type.

    I can see why Lila's torn about her relationship with Josh. Josh may end up becoming impatient about sex and wind up dumping her :\. You know boys at that age.

    LOL at Sophie and her laziness. I bet Sophie made a lot of her male classmates fail their finals showing up in that bikini, though!

  8. Danielle, I like Lila's new hair too but it's pretty hard to make her look ugly. I tried a ton of hairstyles out on her and she looked good with all of them.

    The good thing about Lila is that she'll stick to this principle until she's truly ready for sex. She wouldn't be one to cave in to Josh's pressure, even if that means putting the relationship at risk. She may get dumped over it or she may dump him. Or Josh might hold his horses and be patient. ;)

    Ha, I didn't think of that! Yes, I'm sure Sophie would have been quite the distraction!

  9. Well of course Connor has a 4.0.. :) I'm glad he seems to be more attentive to Audrey than Elspeth. It's interesting that they struck up the relationship basically on their own...

    Lazy Sophie is too funny. I love that shot of her lounging about in her pajamas!

    Josh is so silly--he can wait a little while. I'm glad Lila is sticking to her guns on this. She just wants to enjoy her independence and have a fun college life, and she's afraid that she might end up pregnant and laden with heavy responsibilities like her sister.

  10. Rachel, if I didn't know any better, I would swear Connor was biologically related to James because he is just like him. James had zero interest in girls until college and it's taken this long for anything to spark in Connor as well. Fortunately for Audrey, I guess!

    The thing I like about that picture of Sophie is that she smiled on her own. Like she was just really happy to be in her pyjamas, lol.

    Well, Josh doesn't seem to think so. He's quite adamant that they have sex now, lol! But Lila has decided to put off sex, along with all the perils that go with it, so he'll have to wait too.

    Thanks for reading!

  11. I hope things go better between Josh and Lila next time we see them, maybe everything will be different once Josh goes to univeristy as well...

    It's still strange to see Audrey with Connor, but maybe she will be good for him, make him more relaxed.

    Lazy Sophie, hehe, but when she gets there, I think it's OK.
    As I said in your previous post, I keep wondering about Jack and Audrey, and with that I of course wonder what will happend between Jack and Sophie, it doesn't seem they are on the same page, but on the other hand, once Jack call, she immidiatly gets ready ...

  12. Tanja, I'm due to play Josh today, so we'll see what happens on his end. I just realised I'm not even sure Josh will be going to uni. I'll have to check today, to see if he has enough scholarships. He should, but I'm not positive.

    I find it strange to see Connor with anyone! I didn't often see him and Elspeth kissing or being very affectionate, because he was just not into her. Their chemistry was so low though (the score was 1!) but he and Audrey have a decent score. I forget what it is, but they're two bolts.

    Yes, you're right there! Jack's feelings for Audrey haven't lessened his feelings for Sophie, which is what makes it difficult for him. And he's been good at hiding his feelings thus far, so Sophie doesn't know anything is up and she's still quite into him as well. There are a couple of other factors at play though, which I haven't dealt with yet but will in future updates.

    Thanks for reading!

  13. I am not surprised at Connor's 4.0 either, and he seems nerdy/sexy to me! Audrey must think so as well, they are an adorable couple, will they last though? Or any of them? Cant wait to see~

  14. Drew, Connor's a very smart guy but I bet he'd be rather taken aback to hear himself described as sexy, lol! Probably not something he's heard very often.

    I'm curious to see how long any of these couples last myself! Next college update, I'm taking the kids on spring break (or autumn break, rather), so we'll see what happens when they're away from the university environment.

    Thanks for reading!

  15. Connor cracks me up. He just looks stuffy with his hair, glasses, and sweater, lol! it's weird to think that he and Audrey are together now.

    I'm eagerly waiting to see what happens with the Audrey-Connor-Jack-Sophie thing, lol.

  16. Lunar, Connor really is stuffy, lol! I actually find it hard to imagine him with most girls. I had planned someone for him who he has super-high chemistry with but there's just no way on Earth I could figure out why they'd be drawn to each other. So yeah...that was scrapped! Most of the girls Connor has very high chemistry with don't make much sense to me.

    Oh, gosh, this Audrey/Jack thing has been going on since they were 12, lol, with different supporting players at various times. I'm looking forward to the outcome myself but I think it's probably a way away.

    Thanks for reading!