Sunday, 2 January 2011

2031 elections: polls now open!

Once again, elections are underway in Sullivan! The current governor, Kirstin Sitko, has only served one term so under Sullivan law, she's allowed to stand again. She will be running against two other candidates but we'll look at Kirstin's platform first.

Incumbent: Kirstin Sitko

As well as serving Sullivan as governor since 2026, Ms. Sitko also serves as Attorney General. She is also the mother of three daughters, and very recently became a grandmother.

Her achievements this term include:
The opening of a new dorm, Novak Hall and the Novak Faculty of Arts, both at Suffolk University.
6 brand new family housing units, also at the university.
The long-awaited and much-needed refurbishment of Exeter Public Library.

If re-elected, her goals will be:
Further expanding Suffolk University to include specialist faculties of Music and Science.
Refurbishment of Sullivan Town Hall.

Candidate: Zaria Royce-Nihill

Zaria Royce-Nihill has been a familiar face on the political scene in Sullivan since shortly after graduating from Suffolk University. She is currently mayor and mother to two children.

If elected, her goals will be:
Movie studio in Sullivan
Establishing university scholarship for students with straight As and who could not otherwise afford to go to college.

Candidate: Eliot Lane
Eliot Lane is new to politics. His experience is drawn from his many years in the military, where he is now Chief of Armed Forces. He is also the father of four children.

If elected, his goals will be:
Establishing a military base in Sullivan.
The revitalisation of parks and recreation in Sullivan, including new places aimed specifically at children and teens.

  • I'll probably continue university expansion whoever wins but if it's Kirstin, that will be my focus.
  • I haven't shown the family housing units yet but Charlie and Camilla will be living in one next time you see them, so you'll see it then.
  • I would eventually like to do all of these projects, so I guess you should vote for the candidate doing whatever projects interest you the most. Or vote for whoever you think is the best looking. I don't care. ;)


  1. Yay! I really like this, and seeing what each will focus on! The great plus is that you actually get these things done! I swear, so many politicians promise and never perform. ;)

    Kirsten got my vote, she's done a good job with her last term, and got so much done for Suffolk! I'd like to see her finish it up!

  2. I agree with Maisie, it's a really cool idea to see what each candidate wants to focus on.

    I'm also giving my vote to Kirstin. She's done a good job so no reason why she shouldn't continue on another round.

  3. that has always been the most important criteria for me: who is best looking.

    I like all three...secret ballot time..

  4. Zaria gets my vote... only because I want to see the movie studio idea in action!

  5. Maisie, yeah, I only started doing the campaign goals last time and it seems silly to not do them now! Gives me some focus too!

    LOL, Sullivan's not so realistic after all!

    Thanks for voting!

    Sari, I think Kirstin's done a good job too, so we'll see if everyone else agrees.

    Thanks for your vote!

    S.B., heh, I'm sure you're not the only one. ;) Thanks for voting.

    Renegade, I have a feeling the movie studio might be why Zaria is in the lead at the moment! Thanks for voting!

  6. I'm very curious to see the future projects in Sullivan, espeically the movie studio. But Kirstin has done so well. And Eliot is so cute! LOL I'll be voting as soon as I finish typing.

  7. I like all campaign goals.
    Kirstin gets my vote.

  8. In case you are still looking for suitable dorms and the like, Babbelsim (who did the Apple plaza dorm originally) did two other similar dorms, Lemon and Orange plaza here: . You may already have them as I'm really late, but just in case. I'm thinking about using these myself.

    btw, go Eliot!

  9. Aargh the choices! ;)
    I'm really terrible at making them!

    I want to see them both, the military base and the movie studio, and even though you said that the university changes will happen no mather who gets elected, but I like her so much, that I want to elect her again as well :)

    I think I will go for Eliot... though I'm still doubting.

  10. Danielle, the movie studio will be a big project and I probably wouldn't get it finished within one term. Hopefully people wouldn't count it against Zaria, if she won!

    Thanks for voting!

    miss-essa, thanks for your vote!

    LaurelCrossing, thank you! I'm not looking for dorms right now but I'm sure I will be in the future. :)

    Thanks for voting!

    Tanja, I still haven't voted myself, which should tell you something about how decisive I am! But I'm saving my vote until the end anyway, in case I need to break a tie.

    Remember you can change your vote at any time up until the poll closes though, so you can be indecisive for a while longer. ;)

    Thanks for voting!

  11. I liked this too! I like that whatever each candidate promises to do - they'll (ahem you) actually accomplish it!

    I think Kristin did a great job so I voted for her. I wouldn't vote for Eliot and those awful eyebrows anyway. (don't you love my voting criteria, haha!)

  12. bbop, thanks for voting!

    LOL, poor Eliot! The eyebrows come from Hanna but I just had a look at her parents and I can't figure out where she got them from! Naomi got them too (and now you know why I've always had her hair covering her eyebrows!). Eliot passed them onto Timothy and Matthew but Simon and Charlotte escaped. ;)

  13. poor Eliot, I think he got his eyebrows from Petra, his grandmother

    Well, I voted for him; I had a military base in my Sim town (stopped playing years ago) and I had so much fun with it. My YA had to go there for a few days. I had some super military downloads from Katy76 (if anyone remembers her, there was some drama and then she closed her site, I think it was called, and I had so much fun playing there. It always was a fun play session.

    Go Eliot! ;-)

    Regards from Austria


  14. Astrid, ah, you're right! I should have known that. They look more subtle on females so the only reason I knew Eliot got his eyebrows from Hanna is because I could tell they weren't Augustin's!

    I think Katy76's stuff is at the Graveyard now, so thanks for mentioning that! I'll be sure to see if I can get my hands on her military objects if Eliot wins (which is not looking likely, but Eliot is grateful for your vote anyway).

    Thanks for reading!

  15. This is a difficult decision! I like all of their plans....but I must case a vote!

  16. Rachel, I'm hoping I don't have to break a tie (as I write this Kirstin and Zaria are tied, but there's 4 days of voting left), because I'd find it hard to choose as well!

    Thanks for voting!

  17. looks good for Kirstin, but she did a good job so she deserves it

    Still I'm hoping for Eliot "Eyebrow" Lane....


  18. Astrid, yep, so far it's looking like Kirstin will take it! There's still a couple of days though, so we'll see how the voting goes.