Friday, 26 June 2009


Round 18: Days 86-90
You wouldn't think I had a job but I actually do! I'm still a dancer but I've been at home a lot with Maia lately. She's just reached the age where she's getting into things she shouldn't, so I'm glad I can be there with her.

Mum comes over almost every day. She doesn't call or ring the doorbell, she just strolls in and scares the hell out of me. I just found out that I'm pregnant again, so she visits to make sure I'm taking care of myself. I should have known better than to mention how awful my morning sickness has been this time because she's been even more adamant about her visits since I said that.

Seeing Lia and Maia is just the icing on the cake for her. The girls love their grandma.

Jace's store is doing really well and the local business reviewer for the paper wrote a glowing article about it recently.

Business has been booming ever since and poor Jace is run off his feet.

All those late nights in Exeter are really taking their toll on him.

Aaron and Lia look have become best buddies. Aaron just started at Lia's school and she's taken him under her wing a bit.

I wonder if she'll grow up to be as family-oriented as I am. She's great with Aaron and she is wonderful at keeping her little sister occupied, even while she's doing her homework.

I'm so glad to have officially entered my second trimester. That's usually when my morning sickness stops and given how bad it's been this time, I'm hoping for some relief.

With an impending third child, we're definitely going to have to move. We moved both girls into Lia's room but it's much squishier in there than we thought. Jace is due for a huge bonus for his business, so hopefully we can use that money to buy a house. Until then, we're stuck here!

Random pic:The creepy-ass view from Maia's nursery. You probably can't recognise it, because I haven't really shown it but it is in fact, the cemetery. Jace and Magdalena were both constantly picking Maia up and standing there with her, like they were trying to traumatise the poor child.

  • I think this apartment lot has gone buggy. I was going to have Maia become friends with Josie next door once she aged up but when I sent Magdalena to knock on the door, I found all the Bentons, dog included, crowded into their foyer with green fumes coming off them. Gah!
  • Raffaella really does just invite herself in. I love it. I guess it's pretty realistic that she'd feel right at home strolling into her daughter's house.
  • I have no self-control. Jace and Magdalena both wanted another baby so even though they already have two, I actually let them have fertility treatments so they could have another. I'm terrible.
  • Magdalena's morning sickness has been the worst I've ever seen in the game. She threw up three times in two hours before I sent her to bed. Then she threw up twice more when she got up the next morning. Poor thing.


  1. MOAR BABIES! Haha, it's hard to deny sims sometimes. ;)

    That is so funny about them staring out at the cemetery! Hopefully their new place won't have that kind of view to freak the kiddos out with...

  2. It is hard to deny some sims sometimes. Sometimes it's like a dare. "Oh, you really want 10 kids? Really? Ok, well then hold on to your non-existant lives!")

    And Jace's store looke really good. I always love the inside peeks at your businesses. They always look so good.

  3. I think the cemetery is surrounded by community lots in most other directions, so the view should be less creepy at their new place.

    Thanks, Lunar. The interiors of my businesses is one thing I can take credit for!

    I'm planning on switching over to a similar aging system to Laura next round, so I'm trying not to have too many Sims pregnant, because I don't want to have to assign arbitrary due dates. But I couldn't resist with Magdalena. I'll often ignore the want if they already have kids and only one Sim wants another but they BOTH did. How am I supposed to ignore that?

    But no one is having 10 kids, I can tell you that much! I did that once, with adoption and it just about drove me insane. And that was by adopting all the kids as children too.