Friday, 26 June 2009

Pictures of you

Round 18: Days 86-90
Narrated by Augustin Novak

Mum never got to finish her insect collection. She had one bug to go, she even spotted it several times, but she was never able to grab it.

She'd been out in the yard all morning and most of the evening. When we all realised what was happening, I don't think any of us could quite believe it.

Least of all Eliot. He'd just been promoted at his after school job and came home to his grandmother dying. I think he's been taking it pretty hard but he plays his cards close to his chest, so who can tell?

Eliot has been spending a lot of time alone lately. I haven't seen his girlfriend Alayna around in ages. A lot of his friends are at college and he's not close to a lot of the kids left behind. He was always close to Zaria but they haven't hung out much since she got together with Max.

I hope he's not hiding himself away just because of his acne. I keep telling him no one can see it as well as he can!

All that time alone has meant he's earned an extra scholarship to Suffolk though. He's got 5 and he's a shoe-in for admission, even if his grades slip a bit (which they did, after Mum died).

It's really quiet in the house without Mum around so we've been glad to have Naomi over, even if she does act like she still lives here.

We're always thrilled when she brings Adrienne with her too. I never imagined being a grandfather of three at only 53 but Hanna got pregnant with James and Naomi when we were still both so young that I guess it was inevitable. I'm hoping Eliot holds out a little longer than we did before he starts a family!

Random pics:Augustin has this weird thing going on with one of Eliot's school friends, Opal. After the soccer game, they sat down on the grass and discussed romance novels. Natch. I sent her home because I didn't want it to turn into some sort of American Beauty style situation. It was a touch creepy.

Especially creepy because he really does love Hanna. A lot. I always forget how heart-farty they are over each other. They're very sweet together and they always have been.


Getting all romantical, even when forced to take his little sister Magdalena (and her friend Linnea) along with them on their date.

I believe that twinkle in Augustin's eye might be James and Naomi.

Here, I think the twinkle might indicate the fact that Augustin was about to propose.

And lastly, knocked up with Eliot. See? Sweet.

  • Apparently, none of the Novaks are fond of silly things like doorbells and telephones. I didn't even realise Naomi was there until I saw her playing the PS3. I teleported Adrienne in though, so Augustin and Hanna could meet their granddaughter.


  1. I love it when family members just bust in. It's kind of realistic, that way. I also love that if their parents drop by, the sims squeal whilst the parent opens up their arms and waits for their hug, LOL!

    These two are so cute. :D But nooo! She didn't finish her collection. This makes me sad. :(

  2. It makes me sad too. Towards the end of her life, I had Raffaella out there all day, every day, looking for that elusive bug. I've decided her great-grandson, Ethan (who is a Nature Sim) will be the next to tackle finding the bugs. The poor kid is 2 years old and I've already planned his life for him.

  3. Awww, RIP Raffaella. Poor Eliot. He seems so sad :(

    OMG, lol @ American Beauty situations! I've definitely run into those before! But yes, Hanna and Augustin have always been so cute together :)

  4. Yeah, I feel bad for poor Eliot too. His friends really have aged up and left him behind. I'm hoping to get them all caught up once I send him to college.

    I have definitely run into American Beauty situations before this one but this one was extra odd. Eliot wasn't even home at the time!

  5. Bye Raffaella. That is sad to see, but at least the dear sim was surrounded by family.

    The last pictures were too sweet. I could totally see the twinkle in his eye.

  6. Yes, Raffaella died much less alone than one of my poor Sims a couple of rounds ago. I think it was Lukas, actually. Everyone was either at work or watching TV.

    I should do flashbacks more often. I look back through my old pictures a lot and there are some nice ones I've never posted (these all had been though).