Monday, 29 June 2009

El Scorcho

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Zaria Royce

Asha was crushed to leave behind the playground but she didn't have much choice. Mum and Dad got a great deal on a house and had to act quickly.

So the next afternoon, the school bus dropped us home at our new house. Asha and I have to share a room now but I'll be heading off to college soon anyway.

Mum and Dad decided not to rehire the nanny for our new place, leaving me in charge of Asha after school. And any friend she decides to bring home on the bus with her.

There are still a couple of afternoons a week where my parents and I are both working and they decided to get Grandpa to watch Asha then.

I kind of had other plans though, so I told them I wasn't going to work because I was sick (of having a job, but we'll leave that part out) and that I would watch Asha. I told work the same thing, got Asha in bed as soon as I could and then called Max.

Max and I have both been thinking about having sex lately and we both decided we wanted to do it. The only thing stopping us was a suitable place.

And that's where having parents who work nights comes in very handy.

Anyway, I think it was great, not that either of us have anything to compare it to!

Max was already thinking about when we could do it again. I was just trying to get everything exactly as it was before my parents got home from work, which included getting him out of the house!

I jumped into bed and shut my eyes seconds before Dad came in to tuck Asha in!

Mum and Dad were both already up when I came out to the kitchen the next morning. They barely even looked up from what they were reading when we said good morning, so I guess they don't suspect anything.

At our new house, my friend Wade lives right next door, so we hang out all the time.

I miss having girl friends though. Wade isn't very interested in talking about girly stuff, as much as I try to engage him with it! I'm hoping I can make some more friends at college.

Speaking of college, it can't come soon enough! The first thing I'm going to do with my scholarship money is buy a phone, so I can take all my calls in my dorm room and have a bit of privacy, finally!

Random pic:
Does anyone else think it's kind of funny that when Sims finish woohooing, they hold hands and grin stupidly at each other under the covers and then crawl out of bed looking this sheepish?

  • I had another interrupted play session but thankfully, it was due to a hack conflict and was easy to fix. I thought it was a corrupted lot at first, which is why the Royces had to move house. They were jumping whenever I tried to make them eat. Seeing eating is kind of essential to Sims' lives, I was quite eager to fix the issue.
  • Zaria was thinking about woohoo all the time, so I let her and Max go for it. She is BFFs with Abigail, so I guess it would follow that she might be curious about sex. Zaria's smarter than Abigail though, because she made sure she was on birth control before doing the deed. ;) My teens usually only woohoo autonomously or through an ROS but I'm trying to pay more attention to what their thought bubbles are telling me too.
  • I could have sworn Asha was going to become a teen this round but she's still 2 years off. Oh well. Leo gets to keep one of his little girls for a little bit longer.


  1. I'm glad Zaria's parents didn't come home early! That would have been horrible for her!

  2. I think it would have been more traumatising for Leo, actually. He wasn't even keen on the idea of Zaria even having a boyfriend!

  3. Zaria's got pretty undies, lol! Where did you get those? My teens have such boring undies, which is pretty uncharacteristic of a couple of my girls who LOVE to show them off ;)

    Go birth control! Smart girl!

  4. Oh, and yes, that sheepish face is an awful follow-up to the lovey-dovey face before it. But it's good when you want pics of an oops hook-up :)

  5. Yes, or just general emo-ness. I used that when Galen was being all emo about Samson.

    As for Zaria's undies, they're from InBeatz:

    There are some nice teen female undies at Anna Maria Sims2 as well.

    Teen females seem to be ignored for everything except everyday wear, so I grab what I can!

  6. Sneaky Zaria. But was that her parents bed? EW. I suppose she doesn't really have anywhere else, but there is the couch or something! XD

    Also, thanks for the links. Have you seen MTS today? Adele and Decorgal have a collaborative project going. Don't know if I'm ever going to need or use it, but it is simply awesome and amazing-- just as I'd expect from those two working together.

  7. Heh, yes, it was her parents' bed, grossly enough! I'm trying to think if there's space for a driveway in that house - a car would have been a better option (and so traditional!)

    I haven't been to MTS today but I will definitely be scooting over there right now! I'm all over anything Decorgal and Adele produce so I'm looking forward to what they have for us this time.

  8. Oh boy! Of all the things. I just hope Zaria doesn't regret it later or Max at least doesn't do the typical guy thing. That would be bad. At least she was responsible!

  9. So far, Max has been a good boy. Very un-Romance like. I'm hoping it continues because I like these two together.