Monday, 15 June 2009

Insane children and more tidbits from TS3 pt. 1

I made a new family in TS3 because I want to see the rice throwing at the wedding and that didn't quite work out for me with the Chapmans (Eloise and Connor). So meet Summer Montgomery and Doug Lennon, who have just moved to Riverview.

I started them out as roommates, so the bathroom situation in their tiny house was a problem. More for Summer. Doug doesn't seem like he minds all that much.

Soon it's not a problem for either of them because they become "romantic interests".

Then engaged.

Before they finally marry. By the way, I ended up screwing up their wedding. Twice. The first time I threw a party but forgot to change House Party to Wedding Party so I spent the entire party frantically looking for the Get Married social, before realising what I'd done wrong. So all the guests left because they were bored. The second time, I remembered to make sure I threw a wedding party but realised that guests in TS3 are not as easily entertained as in TS2. They definitely need music and they also want food. How demanding of them! So I got sick of parties and Doug and Summer get married alone in their backyard. Alone except for what's-her-face Grisby in the background (a family I actually love - I think their ears are adorable!)

Summer is a Natural Cook, so every spare minute she has out of work (she's in Medicine) is spent cooking.

Also napping. The medical career is so tiring. Summer seems to be constantly "on call" at the hospital so she often has to leave in the middle of the night to attend to emergencies.

Pregnancy offers a much-needed reprieve from work. Summer is Family-Oriented, so she's thrilled. She and Doug both want girls so she's eating lots of watermelon to ensure it. Her spare time of which she now has a lot is spent on her cooking skill.

She spends more time at the library than at home and it's on her way home one evening that she goes into labour, with Don Lothario looking on. Offering zero help. Wasn't he a doctor in TS2?

One fairly uneventful pregnancy and birth later, the Lennons are bringing home TWINS! That fertility booster lifetime reward really works. They're both girls - Eliana and Jemima. Eliana, by the way, is one of the insane children who inspired the title. I'm randomising traits and I've ended up with some...interesting Sims.

Twins are not fun. Doug is not much help. He's in Business and he's often staying late at his office holding meetings.

He does help out when he is home though, making sure to spend lots of quality television time with his daughters.

Among the chaos of twins, Summer has still managed to max out her cooking and learn all available recipes. She hasn't been able to cook them all but she's now working on the perfect turkey.

The twins are now toddlers learning to talk. Summer is teaching Eliana to talk about how much time Doug spends out of the house fishing.

While Doug is getting his own back and teaching Jemima about all the money Summer spends at the day spa.

Back to Sunset Valley and the Chapmans:

Anyone seen this guy? His occupation, apparently, is Magician. Huh? Anyway, Eloise came across him at the park.

Connor has lost his job in Politics. He was elected Mayor but was caught stealing money from the campaign. He probably should be careful about confiding in his friend Victoria, seeing she's a journalist.

At such an opportune time too, with Eloise expecting their first child. Luckily, she's just got good enough at guitar to play for tips so they're keeping their heads above water with that and her maternity leave pay.

They're still excited though and Connor's even decided that he's going to turn his life around, away from crime, and join the police force.

He's already thinking about all the money he'll make.

On one of her frequent busking outings, Eloise goes into labour.

She brings home baby Zachary, who has also come with the Insane trait. He's an insane Virtuoso, to be exact.

He's just cute right now, not showing many signs of mental illness. That will come later.

Connor had the wish to go and see a symphony. Seeing he has the lifetime thing that makes all entertainment free, he took Zachary with him. Both of them had a positive moodlet from the concert for 16 hours afterwards. Very cool.

Zachary grows up to look like...every other toddler in TS3. It doesn't seem to matter what their parents look like, all the toddlers look very pudgy and samey. Neither Connor or Eloise have a round face - I went out of my way to ensure they didn't - so this doesn't make much sense.

Hmmm, some of that insanity creeping in or just neglectful parenting?

I actually took this picture while I had ducked in to make over Claire Ursine's daughter and the terrible terrible outfit she'd aged into. But I thought it was cute. Eloise has advanced in the music career and chosen the symphonic branch. She's a Quartet Member here, hence the outfit.


  1. Aww, shame about the wedding! :( I'm not sure what dictates thrown rice, but I DO know there's a glitch where they can get stuck in an infinite rice loop (thought I'm sure they can be reset with the console command).

    As for twins, yeah. Not fun, at all. Especially not four toddlers at once--OMG. My Donovan house nearly drove me to madness.

    Magician?! I haven't seen him!

  2. SO that's what happened in my game! All the stuck sims were going to toss rice. I had no idea they could do that action. How do you unstick them?

  3. Sims throw rice? I forgot that detail! Just recently had a wedding with one sim in attendance. He didn't move to throw rice at any point though. I suppose I'm glad that he didn't!

  4. Bring up the cheat console in the game, I think it's like CTRL/SHIFT + ALT + C or something.

    Just type 'reset firstname lastname'. I'm pretty sure it's reset and not resetsim.

  5. My sister saw the rice in her game. I rushed over to see it. Kind of an anti-climax after all this whining from me but at least they reacted to the wedding! That's all I want!

    Heaven forbid I ever get stuck with 4 toddlers in TS3! Some day soon, I'll post the story of my Wong family, who got lumped with sextuplets due to a weird glitch I had. I posted it on N99 but I might as well put it up here too because it's pretty terrifying.

    The cheat console is the same as in TS2. I can never remember what that one is either, until I have to do it in game. LOL. But the cheat is definitely resetSim. I remember capitalising the 'S'. I had several idiots standing around in the Lennons' backyard for hours and the resetSim cheat was what got rid of them. I wasn't game to try moveobjects in TS3. Anyway, resetSim worked a treat!

    Another cheat I'm loving is the teleport cheat. If you've got testingcheats on, it's activated. Just shift-click anywhere and "Teleport Me Here". It's great for getting to those out of the way areas where there's no transport except walking.

  6. D'oh, you're right. I never remember that crap 'til I go to type it in, LOL. moveobjects on works, you just can't use an underscore anymore.

    There's a teleporter in the game that's really neat. I did get a chance to play with it for a bit, LOL.

  7. I noticed the in-game teleporter but haven't tried it yet. The teleport visual effects are really cool though and I assume they come from the reward object. Right now, my priority buys are the Vacationer (so they can take a day off every now and then) and Long Distance Friend (which doesn't seem to be working properly).

    I know moveobjects works but I wasn't game to try it on a stuck Sim. It works in TS2, as you would know, but I've heard it can mess things up rather badly in TS3.