Sunday, 4 December 2011


Round 32: March 2036 (Autumn)

last updates: Noah/Adelaide/the rest
next updates: Edward and Chris/the rest

Edward Lachance and Chris Draper are both 21, Anthony and Veronica Moretti are both 19 and Adelaide Sitko and Noah Gottlieb are both 18.
(Lucy is 21, Sebastian and Oliver are both 20 and Jessica is 16)

Narrated by Noah Gottlieb

I was looking forward to some lazy mornings when I finally started my classes but no luck. My classes start every morning at 9am.

I’m a physics major but at this stage, I still have some flexibility to choose my classes, so I’m taking an astronomy course as well.

I’m enjoying the classes, which is great because I'm planning on studying for a long time yet. I hope to eventually earn a PhD. That’s years away but I’m already pretty certain that’s the direction I want to go in.

Anthony is a year ahead of me and he still doesn’t know what he wants to do. He’s majoring in economics but if you ask him what he’s going to do for a living, he just says whatever will make him a lot of money.

Anthony’s not too motivated to figure out the details. He knows he has a virtual goldmine waiting for him in a trust fund, so he doesn’t feel like he’s in any rush to make any decisions about the future.

He does study though and seeing we’re roommates, I’d know if he didn’t. We’ve both done plenty of all-night cram sessions.

Anthony has a girlfriend now, Joanne and they’ve been pretty considerate about not occupying the room when I need or want to be in there.

Anthony is a pretty decent roommate. I've never shared a room with anyone before but we’ve both got a decent amount of space for our own things.

I know people don’t always have it so easy. Anthony’s sister has the worst roommate ever.

Janette is loud, obnoxious and inconsiderate. She even brings "guests" into the room while Veronica is trying to sleep.

Veronica is trying to convince Adelaide to swap places with Janette but Adelaide's not biting. I wouldn't either, if I were her!

Adelaide's room is the same size as the one I share with Anthony, except she has it all to herself. It's a seriously awesome set-up.

Adelaide is majoring in political science but doesn't really know what she wants to do with it. Her boyfriend Sebastian is trying to convince her to do the same as him. Sebastian is an art/music major and he has ideas of being a rock star once he finishes college.

She has no interest in playing music for a living though, not to mention the distinct lack of talent.

Adelaide is more sporty than musical.

She’s outside on the basketball court more often than she is anywhere else.

But she does like the idea of following Sebastian around the world, while he plays shows and she does…I don’t know what.

I don’t think either of them have really thought it through. It’s pretty unlikely Sebastian will be famous enough to travel the world in the two years between his graduation and Adelaide’s.

Sebastian’s twin brother is his polar opposite. He has a solid plan for after university and according to Anthony, it’s been the same plan since he was 12 - finish his political science degree and then head right into the SCIA after graduation.

Anthony knows him better than I do, because Oliver and Veronica have been dating for several years now. But I've talked to him a little and he seems like a pretty good guy to me.

Veronica doesn’t seem so enthusiastic about him a lot of the time though. Sometimes she seems like she’s more into Edward…

…or Chris, more recently.

And the next day, she’s being all lovey-dovey with Oliver again.

Apparently, this is an improvement over the way she was last year. Last year, she wasn’t much into Oliver at all but something has reignited her interest, I guess.

Chris is definitely interested in Veronica but he’s not looking for anything serious. I’ve been here three months and I’ve seen him with more than one girl.

I’m not sure what they see in him. He can definitely be kind of a jerk when he wants to be.

Chris says there’s only one time in your life you can be so free of responsibility and commitment and now is that time.

He doesn't understand why I'm still "bothering" with Jessica, instead of focusing on all the girls around campus.

I don’t how many there are left that Chris hasn’t been with but I’m not really interested in breaking up with Jessica anyway.

I wonder if he says that kind of thing to Edward as well, or if he doesn’t bother.

He and Lucy have been separated for much longer than me and Jessica and they seem to make it work.

They’re planning on getting a place together next year, so they obviously don’t have any plans to break up any time soon.

I think they’d rather get their own place but Chris will be tagging along too, mainly for financial reasons. A 2 bedroom place for three people should be quite affordable.

I’m pretty impressed Edward and Lucy have stuck it out for this long. It’s been more than three years and it’ll be four by the time he graduates. That’s a long time.

Suffolk isn’t that far from Sullivan but it’s far enough. University life is so different from school or going to work every day as well.

I’m definitely finding that a challenge with Jessica. I would like to see her more often than I do but it’s hard to see her even this often.

I can go out whenever I want but Jessica still has a curfew on school nights. By the time she finishes her after-school job, it doesn’t leave us much time to spend together before she’s due home.

Jessica's parents are quite relaxed but her grandmother watches her like a hawk. Jessica doesn't want to risk getting grounded, so we always make sure we stick to the curfew, as much as it sucks.

We try to hang out for longer on weekends, when we can. I still love her and we always have fun together.

It’s just hard when she talks about school sometimes - it already seems like that kind of thing was so long ago for me and I only finished a few months ago.

And I think she feels similarly disconnected when I talk about the dorms and classes.

Jessica is so excited about starting college and she’s full of questions about it but it’s so far away for her.

Two years really does feel like forever at the moment but I’m going to stick it out and hope for the best.

So Janette is possibly a bit of a skank. She's currently getting it on with all three of the dormies in this picture and she brings them all back to the room she shares with Veronica. And yet, in a picture I unfortunately lost, she turned down Chris! They seem like they'd be two peas in a pod but she's not into him!

  • Title is from Connected by Stereo MCs.
  • Anthony's money comes from the $50,000 he won as a result of the ROS he rolled last round. It's really racking up the interest!
  • Last year, Veronica was all about Edward and couldn't care less about Oliver. This time, she rolled wants for Oliver but also Edward (again!) and now Chris as well. So she's interested in her actual boyfriend at least but her eye is definitely wandering, which is a concern!
  • It's really hard to go by wants with Jessica and Noah at the moment because even on dates, teen-adult couples don't ever roll romantic wants. So I'm just feeling it out as I go and am not really sure how things will turn out for them yet.
  • This session took me an extraordinarily long time to play and I actually still haven't done the second semester. I plan to speed them through that, so there won't be an extra update on them or anything but these are their GPAs after the first semester: Chris 4.0, Edward 4.0, Anthony 3.7, Veronica 3.6, Noah, 4.0 and Adelaide 3.0. Edward has already done his term paper for his second semester and he's all skilled up, so he will almost definitely graduate summa cum laude, which is the most likely outcome for Chris as well.


  1. Even though I never liked playing my university, I'm always looking forward to yours :) And thanks to your updates, I've been starting to like my university a little bit more :)

    Noah seems quite lucky with his roommate, it's always a plus when you get along with the person you have to share a room with.
    Poor Veronica isn't so lucky with her roommate. I understand Adelaide as well though, I wouldn't want to switch rooms if I had a room all to myself!

    I'm glad Noah didn't listen to Chris, and is still with Jessica. They have been seperated for 3 months now, and it seems like they are making it work.
    Just look at Edward and Lucy, they make it work, so why wouldn't Noah and Jessica?

    If Veronica keeps it up like this, I'm pretty sure she'll be getting in some serious boy-trouble...

    I have some - several - WCIFs ...
    I know I've come across Noah, Chris and Anthony's shirts, but I can't find them anymore, do you remember where you got them?
    And the dormie Chris is flirting with, the one with the apples on the top. Do you remember where you got the top please?

  2. All this time I thought you updated each semester with the uni students, but it's only each year. I bet Anthony is going to spend through his money so quickly, hopefully Veronika can get a new roommate soon and I'm so excited about Edward and Lucy getting a place together soon-I think I'm mostly excited to see the new place and how you decorate it :P

  3. Not sure if it's my game or what. With Marcus and Bri, he rolls generic wants for her, like to call her on the phone, or to invite her over. Sometimes before class he'll wake with the want to kiss, and the want to make out with Bri. Bri has the want to marry and get engaged to Marcus. They both wouldn't roll away so I've locked them. She is the first teen in my game ever (who wasn't pregnant) to roll the want to get married.

    Chris is well, I have no words for him. I think he and Sarah would be great together! Well, not together, but you know what I mean. LOL I can't wait to see Edward and Lucy living together. And Veronica, I guess she's just feeling her way through. Hopefully she'll make up her mind. My money is on her boyfriend, for a sim he's HOT! lol

  4. Veronica seems to be "suffering" (for lack of a better word) from a world of wide open options. I'm sure boys are a lot more appealing then they were in high school, perhaps.

    I'm so annoyed with Chris. Probably because he reminds me of quite a few smarmy characters I've encountered. I'm hoping he grows out of it but it doesn't look like that will be the case any time soon.

    I want to give Adelaide some time since she's quite young and pretty enamored by her boyfriend. She seems like the kind to follow her guy around. Maybe she needs some time for herself.

  5. Tanja, I always find uni fun with this hood, though they do drive me a bit crazy! They're just like real people at this age - no idea what they want, lol!

    Noah and Anthony have been best friends for years, so yes, they definitely both got lucky with the roommate situation! I think Adelaide's going to stay put, because she has it pretty damn good with her huge single room!

    I don't know where Noah and Jessica are headed but he is definitely not the sort to follow after anything in a skirt, like Chris is at the moment! He's a smart kid. Veronica is a smart girl too but hopefully, her hormones don't get the best of her.

    I'll have to check in game for your WCIFs. Might have an answer for you tomorrow!

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, nah, writing four uni updates a year would drive me nuts! I just do the whole year in one go, lol!

    Anthony is a "binger", per your money management styles post, so I think once he gets out in the real world with his money, he'll make some relatively wise decisions.

    I'm excited about doing a place for Edward and Lucy (and Chris ;)) as well. I always love getting a chance to decorate a new place for my Sims. :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Riverdale, interesting! Noah and Jessica roll platonic wants for each other but no romantic ones, which is how every teen-adult couple has been so far in my game. Well, there's been one exception but I haven't said anything about that yet! I definitely have never had a teen or YA get a marriage want, though I have had lots of YAs roll engagement wants. I wonder what's different about your game, compared to mine?

    Chris is...interesting. I hope he's just taking advantage of his youth. We'll see if he or Sarah settle down once they're thrust into the real world.

    Oliver is a pretty hot Sim, lol! I desperately want to marry him into my hood and promote him to playable. If not to Veronica, then to someone else. Fortunately, there's sort of a boy shortage among his age group. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Choco, males do seem more appealing once they fill out a little and are a tad more mature, and I'm sure that's part of it for Veronica. We'll keep an eye on her and see what happens.

    Ha, "smarmy" is the perfect description for Chris! Next year, he's going to be juggling a full-time job, as well as studying for his Master's (he wants to be an architect), so he may be forced to settle down by circumstance, if not by actual desire!

    Adelaide just hasn't taken the time to figure out what she wants to do with her life, so having Sebastian suggest travelling 'round the world with him is pretty appealing. It won't necessarily be a practical or realistic option but it's certainly sounding good to her. She has a few years to decide though and we'll see where she is in her life by then.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. It was great to hear from Noah! I can see His relationship not lasting, just cause of the differences in where they are at in life, plus being young. They are cute together though. I'm looking forward to Lucy and the boys getting an apartment! That will be fun, hopefully Chris settles a little. Good thing the worst that happens in game is pregnancy and not diseases!

    I want Adelaide to be with someone else. Idk why but her guy bothers me. He just doesn't seem stable, and he is a distraction for her. I can see him bringing her down, and her making bad choices because of her feelings for him. Might be perfectly nice guy but he's not a parents dream guy, though he is worlds better than Chris!

  7. Maisie, yeah, it was good for Noah to finally get his time in the spotlight, LOL! I've said it a few times but the women in his family have been overshadowing him so far!

    Noah and Jessica are very young and two years is a long time, so Chris might have a tiny bit of a point there! They may not last. If they don't though, I don't think either of them would feel like they'd wasted their time, which is where Chris would be wrong. ;)

    Edward and Lucy won't like Chris bringing home a whole parade of women, so he may settle down due to that too. They're going to be a fun group to play - Lucy must be so excited to be move out of her parents' house finally!

    David is not especially fond of Sebastian and he definitely wouldn't approve of this travelling the world thing! And Kirstin wouldn't be too jazzed either, come to think of it. I'm not sure where Sebastian and Adelaide are headed either but as always, we'll see!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Tanja, I have some answers to your WCIFs - all except Anthony's. I downloaded it only recently but there's no info about it in the tool tip.

    Ella's top
    Noah's t-shirt (it's definitely in one of those t-shirt sets, although it's not pictured!)
    Chris's outfit

    Hope that helps!

  9. I hope things will work out for Noah and Jessica! It is hard playing teen-adult couples (but also kind of realistic in the way you write it, with them not being able to relate to each other's lives anymore).

    One thing I do, is switch the teen to "Independent Teen' for a few sim-hours when they're together (not sure if that's with ACR or Insim... so many hacks, I can't keep track!). Then they look teen but the game relates to them as an adult regarding wants etc. I usually put them back to teen so they'll keep going to school, wanting college etc as well.

  10. Blackcat, we'll see about Noah and Jessica. ;) They're both knowledge, so that's a good start and neither have a romance secondary, which is another good sign, lol! But you never know. They're young, they're living different lives at the moment and they still have almost two years to go.

    Oooh, and thanks for the tip about Independent Teen! I've seen that option on InSim. I've got a hack that allows teens to roll adult wants but it only seems to let them roll the want to woohoo and only with other teens. I'm going to try that next time!

    Thanks for reading!

  11. I love your university updates. They make me actually want to play college sims and not just college clock them through like I usually do. I assume you don't speed up the semester at all.

    Too many sims to talk about, but I'll try to keep it brief. Edward and Lucy are still just adorable. I'll just keep my mouth shut about Chris; I already had a mouthful about him last round. I recognize Anthony's girlfriend from last round. If they're official, then he can't be that scared of commitment... I was actually surprised that Veronica was still with Oliver this round; I was sure you were going to break them up. You'll have to excuse me, I'm still in shock that Adelaide made it to college, much less doing something while she's there. I'm glad Noah and Jessica are going to try to work this long-distance thing out.

  12. Fini, actually, I usually do end up speeding up the semester. I rarely need all 144 hours to play out what's going to happen in the story. This time, for example, I played until there was about 20 hours left of the first semester and sped through the rest. I generally enjoy university though!

    Looking at Anthony's wants, I think he's probably more likely to be a serial monogamist type, rather a guy who will try to juggle many girls at once. It's interesting, because it's definitely not what I thought he'd be like!

    Veronica is very confused right now and I don't think she knows what she wants yet. But there'll be plenty more on that next time. Her wants are a bit more like I was expecting Anthony's to be.

    Adelaide was definitely a last minute scrape-in with university but we'll see how long she lasts. So far, she has zero motivation. But Sophie was the same way and she managed to graduate, so we'll see.

    Noah and Jessica are sweet and genuine but a lot of things could happen between now and the time Jessica is ready to start uni. I don't know if anything will but it's a risk they are constantly running.

    Thanks for reading!

  13. Oh Veronica. :( I just hope that whatever happens, it's amicable!

    Two years is a very long time, especially with the timing of the age gap between Noah and Jessica. Hanging onto a relationship when one of the participants is in college and the other still in high school is hard.

    It's exciting to see these kids in college!

  14. Yeah, poor Oliver. You'll hear a little more about Veronica further on in the round and she had yet another surprise in store for me.

    There is definitely a bit of drifting apart happening with Jessica and Noah, which may be the end of them. But I don't know. Next time I play Jessica, I'm going to try switching her to independent teen to see if that gives me any clues as to what she wants with Noah and what he wants with her.

    Thanks for reading!

  15. Oh yes, university post!!! (can I also add them to my favorite list that becomes ridiculously long?!)
    With students, it's even harder to make pronostics than with teens or adults, so I'll shut my mouth and will see how far they have been in their romance... :)

    1. I'm about to play my next university post today, funnily enough! So even I don't know what's happening with this bunch next. ;) It's true, students are wild cards - you never know what they're going to get up to!

      Thanks for reading!