Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tone it down

Round 32: February (Summer)Link
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Rob Ashton is 35, Patience is 34 and Felicity is 3.
(Josie is 34, Troy is 33, Jude is 4 and Andrew is 2 weeks old).

Narrated by Rob Ashton

Felicity will start pre-school this time next year and we've already started preparing her for the idea a little.

It seems insanely early but we found out that due to low enrollment in the pre-school class next year, she'll be in a combined Pre-K class. It'll just be Felicity and four kindergarten boys.

We're a little nervous about that, so I guess we're preparing ourselves as much as we're preparing Felicity. I think Felicity will probably deal better than we will. She's kind of like her mother in that way. She's a very confident kid.

She's used to boys anyway. Her most frequent playmate has been Troy and Josie's son, Jude.

Jude started pre-school this year, so he'll be in Felicity's class next year. Hopefully he can watch out for her a bit.

A couple of weeks ago, Jude became a big brother and he's so excited about the new baby. He was telling me all about Andrew.

Patience and I were the first non-family members to meet Andrew when Troy and Josie brought him over recently.

It feels like so long ago that Felicity was born. I'd almost forgotten how tiny a newborn is.

Andrew is adorable and so alert already. Josie was feeding him on the couch and he was just trying to check out what I was doing the whole time.

Apparently, he's a bit of a troublemaker though! He hasn't been nearly as easy a baby as Jude was. He's waking up every hour at night and he has a real pair of lungs on him!

Even hearing about the not-so-fun parts of having a newborn though, Patience and I are keen to go through it all again.

We've been trying since not long after Josie announced her pregnancy. It's still less than a year but it feels like longer.

The first pregnancy, when we lost the baby, we conceived straight away. Felicity took a little longer but it was still only a few months.

We've been trying to stay positive but we've talked about the possibility of fertility treatments, if we can't conceive naturally.

Then we remembered if we did go that route, we'd have to wait until next year, when Patience turns 35. That's a little discouraging but still an option.

For me, I think two kids would complete our family. I'd love a son but another daughter would be awesome as well.

Before we got married, Patience used to talk about having eight or nine kids. Thankfully, she's just taking it one kid at a time now.

Patience has done what feels like hundreds of pregnancy tests and they've all come back negative.

She wasn't having any symptoms at all, so we had no reason to believe that time would be any different but it was!

Patience went to the doctor to get it confirmed the next day, because we just couldn't believe it. But I came home from work to the best news ever. Patience is pregnant and Baby #2 is due in November.

Now that this is finally happening, the apartment seems so tiny. I can't imagine it housing four people, even if one of them is very small.

If Patience has her way, that won't happen. She wants us to be in a new house by the time the baby arrives.

I think she's being a little ambitious, personally. I'm not really confident about our chances of buying and moving into a house within 9 months.

Patience, on the other hand, thinks we have enough money that we don't need to be too picky with our price range which gives us a leg up over a lot of other people.

Despite my doubts about how long it will all take, I am excited about moving. We both want to stay in the area - just in something bigger and something we actually own.

Felicity has been present for most of our talk about moving, so she knows we'll be in a new house sooner or later. She was fine with that, once I assured her Teddy would be coming with us too.

We haven't told her about the baby yet but we're looking forward to telling her. I'm hoping she'll be as excited as we've been assuming she will be!

Patience and I though, are thrilled to be finally adding to our family!


Just some Felicity spam, seeing this is her last update as a toddler!

This last one was what inspired the beginning of the update - they really were talking about school!

  • Title is from Tone It Down by Preston School of Industry.
  • How cute is Felicity?! I'm going to miss her as a toddler but I'm curious to see her as a child too.
  • Andrew has the kind of personality you'd probably expect Troy and Josie's spawn to have. ;) He'll definitely be more challenging than Jude.
  • Baby Ashton is due in November and unless one of my college girls gets knocked up, this baby will be the last one of the round! I can't imagine Rob and Patience with a boy, but we'll see what happens.
  • Patience is having a really easy pregnancy so far. I only saw her throwing up once.
  • I have a house in mind for them but I still have to pop in and see if it's appropriate. I might want to rearrange some walls inside. I'm already excited about decorating a place for them though!


  1. Felicity is a doll, im so excited for her to be starting school. With four other boys though, hmmmm lol.
    Happy to hear baby Ashton is on the way i know he/she will just as adorable as Felicity.
    I love Felicity's personality here, she seems such an easy going baby.
    I laughed at Andrew turning his head all the way like that to look at Rob..some babies just have to see everything that's going on around them and you captured that perfectly lol.

    Great update!!

  2. So excited about another baby from these two. I hope everything goes well, since they have gone through a lot. I can't wait to see their new place though :)

  3. Nicky, Felicity must be one of the prettiest little girls I've had in the game. I think the boys might prove more of a problem when she's older - Rob probably doesn't want to think about that though!

    She's been a good starter kid for Rob and Patience, so we'll see if this next baby is similarly well-behaved.

    Heh, Andrew did that on his own and I just wrote around it. It's pretty hard to get babies to do anything, so I can't take much credit for that. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, I really hope so too! Patience got pregnant on their second attempt, fairly early in the play session and I took such good care of her, lol!

    Still haven't had a chance to check their new place but I'm hoping I can do it up nicely for them. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Why do they grow up so quickly? Perhaps the other boys will be as smitten with her as we all are.

    I hope her pregnancy progresses smoothly. I want to meet Baby #2 as well.

    Patience is an ambitious one. Dealing with a toddler, pregnancy hormones, preparing for another baby, AND the stress of moving? Yikes! It'll be a miracle if no one rips their head out by the end of all of this.

  5. Awwww more cuteness on the way!!! I adore Rob and Patience and I'm glad they are having another baby :). I'm excited to see a child Felicity as well.

  6. Choco, I know, right? Felicity is one of very few girls in her age group, so she has the potential to be very popular when she grows up!

    I have my fingers crossed for Patience's pregnancy. I do actually play through their pregnancies normally, just to give myself a challenge, so we'll see.

    And yes, very ambitious! But they have no real place to put the baby if it arrives before they've moved. The baby will have to be sleeping in the living room for a while, lol.

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, Rob and Patience are favourites of mine too (but man, I say that about all my Sims!) I think this will likely be it for them in terms of babies, so I'm super-excited to meet Baby #2!

    Thanks for reading!

  7. I absolutely adore Felicity!! She's such a cutie! I will miss her as a toddler too, but like you said yourself I can't wait to see her grow up as well :)

    I'm so excited about this new baby, and I'm aware I say this with every 'new baby'-announcement, but babies are just exciting news!
    I can't wait to see their new house as well!
    So many 'new' things happening to this family :)

    It's nice that Jude and Andrew have different characters, though I think Andrew's parents wished he was a little bit more like Jude :)

  8. Tanja, Felicity is a lovely little thing but hopefully she'll be just as lovely when she's a child. :) I really love her.

    I feel the same way about every baby, so don't worry about that. It is exciting, especially with a new house to decorate. I actually don't know which part I'm more excited about!

    Jude and Andrew's personalities will be interesting to watch but this baby is sure to be more of a challenge for Josie and Troy. I'm sure Josie's parents find it a little bit funny though - Josie was such a brat as a child and now she gets to raise a little version of herself!

    Thanks for reading!

  9. I love Felicity as a toddler! She is uber cute! But I am also excited for her to age up, but only barely. Some kids I just get attached to at the toddler stage and she's one of them. She just seems like such a sweetie. I hope school goes well for her, stinks she's the only girl in her class. Any girls joining her the following year? Loved the pics of Andrew craving his neck, those pics reminded me of when our close friends and us rotated having newborns, one always had a little one on their lap. So those are my fav pictures, reminds me of fun times.

    Looking forward to seeing the house they buy, and them settling in.

  10. Maisie, Felicity is the sweetest little thing. I'm a bit reluctant to age her up, although I'm very curious. I was reluctant to age Declan up too though and then I ended up loving him as a kid too.

    Felicity will be the only girl in the pre-school/kindergarten class but the year after that (which is the year we'll actually see an update on the primary school), she'll be joined by Catherine, Francesca and Iris. So there are plenty of girls coming to even out this imbalance!

    LOL, yes, my friends were like that a few years ago - there was always someone with a newborn. Now one is pregnant with her second, so it's all about to start again!

    I really have to start writing down which families are in need of a new place. I totally forgot Rob and Patience are moving, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Felicity is so cute! I love the pictures of her sitting at the table. Yay for baby #2, too!

  12. Blackcat, Felicity really is a sweet little thing. Hopefully, I'll get another cutie with baby #2 as well. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  13. Felicity is quite the adorable toddler and I'm sure she'll be a beautiful child. But what I'm most excited about is this new baby. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed. I think I'd be as heartbroken as they if tragedy should strike again. They're lucky though that moving in the Sims only takes a few minutes, while in real life it takes months.

  14. Fini, Felicity is quite beautiful, isn't she? I'm curious to see her as a child. I aged her up to adult to check what she'd look like (I don't know why, because I usually only do that with freaky looking toddlers, which Felicity clearly is not) but I didn't check other age groups.

    If Patience miscarried a second time, I would feel so awful for her and Rob. :( I've never had that happen to a Sim more than once. And yes, so true about moving! If only it were that simple in real life. I couldn't resist moving this family into their new house, so I'm pretending that story-wise, they're not there yet, so I can maintain the illusion of realism. That's why their pregnancy updates will be at the hospital. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  15. *Crossing Fingers* I hope that Patience and Rob have a boy. The whole family is just so cute and I bet they would make a very handsome boy.

  16. oasisvalley, if they did have a boy, he would just have to be adorable, I think. But we'll see. Patience has only just entered her second trimester in game, so I have no idea yet. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  17. Yay for Patience and Rob! I hope their next child is as cute as Felicity. I'm excited to see the house you have picked out for them. :)

    1. I was so happy they tried again and were successful. I wasn't going to force it and I wasn't sure if they'd go another round. The baby has been born now, but I have no idea of the cuteness factor yet, lol.

      I have a lot tour ready of Rob and Patience's house. It's up at N99 but I'll put it up here one day as kind of an "emergency" post, when I have nothing else to show!

      Thanks for reading!

  18. What, what, what?!!! Patience is pregnant?! OMG, OMG!!! I'm so thrilled about that!!! They had so many troubles already. I hope everything will go fine. And that picture of Felicity you posted in the Extra, in front of her slice of pie!!! Good gracious, what a doll!!!!! *swoon*

    *hyper-happy for Patience & Rob!!*

    1. Let me tell you, I was really thrilled as well, and crossing my fingers hoping she would have a really smooth, drama-free pregnancy too.

      Felicity is just the prettiest little thing - she's just like her daddy. Who knew Rob would make such a cute girl, lol?

      Thanks for reading!