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Round 32: January 2036 (Summer)

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Luc Lane is 43, Asha is 39, Ruby is 9, Marcus is 7 and Felix is 5.

Narrated by Luc Lane

I do so much travelling on my own but seeing the kids still have a couple of weeks before they go back to school, I thought I was time to go away with my family.

When I tour, I don't really get much chance to relax anywhere before moving on to the next destination, so I was planning on this being a totally different kind of trip.

When we arrived at the hotel though, it was pouring with rain.

It was kind of depressing to stand on our balcony looking at a beach we couldn't enjoy but Asha was just so happy to be travelling.

Asha's family never had the money to go anywhere when she was growing up. And when we got married, we had a six-month-old baby, so a honeymoon wasn't really on the cards.

Not that we were expecting this trip to be very honeymoon-like, with Ruby, Marcus and Felix in tow.

Lunch in the hotel restaurant with the kids was certainly an experience.

Felix decided to throw some spaghetti at his brother's head. Not the kind of behaviour that's really appropriate for a restaurant.

Both he and Marcus thought it was hilarious though.

I probably should have told them off but they were laughing so hard and I didn't have the heart to.

That kind of thing happens a lot. I'm away so often that I don't really want to spend the time I have with them yelling at them.

I'd rather just do fun stuff with them.

Most of the mischief they get up to is just regular sibling stuff anyway. All brothers and sisters give each other a hard time occasionally.

The rain on the first day didn't last long, so thankfully, we got to spend a ton of time on the beach.

On one of the beaches, there was an old shipwreck the kids really loved.

I don't think Asha or I ever thought we'd spend so much time playing pirates on an old ship but it's amazing the stuff you find entertaining when you have kids.

Which is a good thing. It's almost like being a kid again yourself.

The helicopter tour was $200 per person but totally worth it. A few years ago, we couldn't have afforded to drop $1000 for an afternoon's entertainment but things are a lot more comfortable for us now.

Apart from the noise, the kids loved the 'copter.

We got the kids their own room at the hotel: Ruby in one bed and the boys sharing the other. They were so tired every night that they just conked out immediately. We didn't hear a peep from them until morning.

Which gave me and Asha the whole night to ourselves.

It wasn't really honeymoon-like, knowing the kids were across the hall, but it was nice.

By the end of the trip, the kids were so worn out. They're not usually willing to sit still for long at all but they'd be ready to crash before dinner time on our holiday.

Once we got back home, they were back to their usual, energetic selves.

Ruby and Marcus are both excited about going back to school. It's a social thing for Ruby but Marcus really loves the learning side of it as well.

Felix is a different story. The kid is going into kindergarten and he's already decided school sucks. He couldn't believe it when Ruby told him he had another 12 years of it left!

I'm making an extra effort to enjoy this family time while it lasts. I don't think I realised how much I'd miss it when I started touring so much, so I'm trying to be home every night for dinner and doing the "quality time" thing with Asha and the kids.

Soon enough, I'll be going back out on the road. Then I'll be back here for a while before I have to go out again.

I'm away a lot, so I work from home whenever I can. We went into debt to build this recording studio but it was the best money we ever spent.

  • Title is from Green by Goodshirt.
  • Poor Luc and Asha have had that vacation want locked since they got married. Ruby is 9, so that's like 8 years now!
  • Speaking of, I am so damn sick of it raining every single time I send my Sims on vacation! I ended up turning it off a few hours after they got to the hotel, because it's getting ridiculous. Why would people want to go to this beachy place if it rains all the damn time?
  • I'm imagining Luc's schedule is something like two months on the road, one month at home, so this was his "off season". It's realistic for him to be at home right now, because it's summer in Sullivan, so there'd be plenty of shows for him to play.


  1. LOL, rain during vacations makes plenty of sense. I love how you're writing in Luc's constant touring and his family time as well.

  2. Apple Valley, true but I'd like it to be occasionally sunny for my Sims when they go to the beach!

    Balancing touring with his family life is just the way Luc's life is going to be for the foreseeable future. Difficult but he makes a much better living when he tours. We won't see him touring all the time but it wil definitely keep happening.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Loved the family vacation. And ROFL @ all the rain. You know, you are not alone. I get the rain about 99% of the time too. Sometimes it will stop, one time it rained the whole vacation, but I sent my sims out in it anyway. Shoot paying all that money and then sitting around the hotel was not going to happen!

  4. I love how you wrote Luc's touring in. It was nice that this month was his month at home, and that he was able to take his family on a vacation.

    They seemed to have had a great time, despite the weather! When Nio and Stella went on their honeymoon, one of them even gor struck by lightning, this was before I played with all the hack I have now, otherwise I would have made sure it stoped raining as well!

    I loved the boys at the dinnertable in the restaurant, boys are just boys I guess :)

  5. Riverdale, ha, not just me then! That's comforting. ;) I've sent my Sims out in the rain too but I think I'm just going to stop it from now on. Rain gets in the way of my photos!

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, Luc's months at home are the happiest for the whole family, for sure. The constant touring gives them a lifestyle they couldn't afford before though, so it's a necessary evil.

    Oh, well, I guess Luc and Asha can be grateful no one got struck by lightning! It probably would have been hard to enjoy their holiday after that!

    Marcus and Felix at the table cracked me up too. They're just the types to start a food fight, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

  6. I have finally caught up with your blog. I actually went through and read all your stories of each family. It took a couple of weeks but I'm so glad I've read it all.

    Your blog is very inspirational and I wish one day to start my own but honestly im terrified on where and how to begin lol.

    Asha and Luc are one of my favorite couples but I think Audrey and Jack will become my favorite once I know its more permanent!

    The kids are just growing so fast! I feel like a grandma to them lol.
    I wish Luc all the best while he is on the tour I know he will miss his family dearly.

    Great job!!

  7. Nicky, hi, it's always so nice to hear from a new reader! I'm glad I could entertain you for the last couple of weeks. I'm always quite impressed when someone reads the whole archive, I have to say!

    When I started this, I definitely didn't know where I'd end up or what I was doing. I was just grabbing bits and pieces from everywhere but I'm so happy I started it now, three years on. I'm definitely having the most fun I've ever had with my game because of it. I hope you'll drop by with a link if you ever do start a blog!

    Asha and Luc are a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to playing Audrey and Jack a bit more as a couple too. I'm glad you like them so much. LOL at feeling like a grandma to my Sims - I know what you mean!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. I've had rain happen while on vacation. It's definitely annoying but it certainly wouldn't keep me from doing anything, unless it was going to the beach.

    I love how much Luc and Asha are making things work. I can't wait to see how the kids feel about this as they get older, assuming Luc still wants to tour. He's a rock star and there are plenty of older guys who are on tour.

  9. As I was reading the last update, I started think about Luc and Asha and their rambunctious kids, so this was a nice surprise! It was about time for them to get away too. Looks like a nice vacation they had; maybe they'll get to do the honeymoon thing when the kids are older.

  10. Choco, Ruby, Marcus and Felix are the kind of children who really need to be outside, so the rain would definitely have been an issue. Cordy and Luc both had very rambunctious children. ;)

    Luc is definitely planning on touring for a good while yet, so the kids will grow up with this lifestyle. Seeing he's fairly established though, he can also take extended periods off, if he wants to or if he feels his family needs him. That will be nice for the kids.

    Thanks for reading!

    Fini, ha, yes, both sets of Lane kids are very boisterous! I'm going in to play the Nihills today and Ramona and Jacinta will be a nice change of pace. ;)

    I'm hopeful that I'll be able to slot a honeymoon in for Luc and Asha sometime. We'll see what their lives are like once they roll another want for a vacation. They definitely have the money for it now.

    Thanks for reading!

  11. The Lanes are such an adorable family. They are much more patience than I am. I on't know if I could handle a food fight while on vacation.

    I hate the way the weather works out. It seems like everytime I plan an event for my sims in the summer it rains.

  12. This is a fun family, I love how active the kids are, totally fits the parents. It was nice they could do a family vacation. I don't have your rain problem, only rains every few vacations only. Love the pic of them sitting by the ocean, looks like a nice moment. And ditto the food fight! I wouldn't be chill with that ether. I love the variety of genetics with the kids, can't decide which is my favorite, but I do love Felix look over starting school. Hopefully he will find that he enjoys it.

  13. oasisvalley,

    I love the Lanes too. I think it's Luc that's the patient one. Or rather, he's more relaxed than Asha is. She wouldn't have found the food fight as cute or hilarious as Luc did!

    I know, I love weather in the game but it sure can be inconvenient! Just like real life, I guess. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, Ruby, Marcus and Felix are exactly the kind of kids I always expected Luc would have, lol! They're very mischievous.

    Lucky you with the rain! I often have to plan my Sims' activities around the weather. It's ridiculous how often it happens.

    Heh, you know I'm a fan of varied genetics too and the Lanes are a great example. I'm due to play the primary school soon, so we'll see what Felix thinks of kindergarten, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

  14. I read this a while ago and wasn't able to comment--I'm trying to catch up now! How funny that they've wanted to vacation for so long! I'm glad they were finally able to do it. :)

    1. I'm glad too. I figure Ruby's going to be less into family vacations now that she's moving into her teens, so Luc and Asha might as well get it done now. ;)

      Thanks for reading!

  15. Awwww, family time!!! How cute it was to spend holidays with the whole family (so Luke doesn't know much his own house, huh? When he's not touring, he's leaving on holidays!) *happy sighs*

    1. Ha, yes! Lately, Luc has seen more outside his house than he has inside. He doesn't get as much time at home as he once did. It's hard but he's going to try to maximise his family time when he can - before Ruby gets too old to be wanting to hang out with her parents all the time, lol!

      Thanks for reading!