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Round 32: December 2035 (Summer)

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Amar Hamilton is 34.
(Jacob and Claudia are both 34, Adrienne is 28, Zane and Leslie are both 24)

Narrated by Amar Hamilton

I live alone now and even after so long, it still feels strange sometimes. It's the first time I've lived by myself. I've always been kind of a social animal, so it's been an adjustment for me.

I do really love this place though and it's great that I no longer have a landlord knocking on my door every week.

I've been spending more time than normal at home recently. I waited until my mid-30s to buy a house, thinking my finances would be stable enough by now and then I end up losing my job.

I was fired via e-mail, if you can believe it. The magazine I worked for decided that they're going to use freelance photographers, rather than pay me a salary to work for them full-time.

If I didn't have my photography business on the side, my house probably would have been repossessed by now.

I don't have much left over after I pay my bills but it's better than no income at all.

One day, it'd be nice to make the photography studio/store a full time thing and be my own boss. Until that day though, I really need a proper full time job. I have a mortgage to pay.

Things are going well with me and Adrienne, especially considering what a mooch I am these days.

Adrienne has been footing the bill for most of our dates recently. The money I have has to go towards the house or the business.

She's a buyer for an upmarket department store and she makes more money than I do even when I am working.

I asked Adrienne to put in a good word for me with some of the designers she knows. Photographing gorgeous women all day sounds like a pretty good job to me.

She pretended to be annoyed but I know she doesn't really care when I say that kind of thing. She's pretty relaxed, which I appreciate.

I've been avoiding serious relationships since I was in college but I think "relaxed" is what I needed. Adrienne has never been desperate for marriage and kids and I like that I feel like we can take our time on all that.

She does want to take another big step sometime soon and move in together.

I was a bit resistant to the idea at first but I came around to it, gradually.

I mean, we're almost living together already. She's got a bunch of her stuff here and she has her own key. It makes more sense for her to move in than for us to keep living separately.

And not that it's our overriding reason, but it makes financial sense too. No rent for her and I pay the mortgage off faster.

I told Zane about it at my New Year's party and they seemed quite amused that I was finally "making a commitment".

But then, Zane and I have always been quite different. He's 10 years younger he moved in with a girlfriend before me, he got engaged before me and even though he and Chloe haven't set a date yet, I'm 100% positive he'll be married before me too.

I can't imagine being ready for that kind of thing at 24. But to each their own, I guess. It seems to work out for some people.

The party was a pretty low-key kind of thing. Lots of people, especially for this house, but we all seemed to fit without being on top of each other.

Just a few beers, some good music and waiting around for midnight.

I invited Jacob not knowing whether he'd be able to convince Claudia to come but he came and brought her with him.

She stuck by him at the beginning but she loosened up after a little while. There were a couple of other people she knew there, like her sister and her boyfriend, so it wasn't as awkward as she thought it would be.

We mostly had a good time but Adrienne had a bit too much to drink and decided to start something with Leslie.

I don't know what she said but Leslie was pretty upset.

I ended up inside with Adrienne for a while, trying to figure out what her deal was but it was pretty pointless.

She was being irrational and what she really needed was to just sober up. I did manage to get her to leave Leslie alone for the rest of the night, at least.

Adrienne decided she was going to sulk for the rest of the night but everyone else had fun. It started raining, so we all crowded into the kitchen.

I'll have to do this kind of thing more often. It was so good having everyone over to ring in the new year.

Adrienne fell asleep on the couch and was dead to the world, so the rest of the night was quite peaceful.

Next morning, I was surprised to see Adrienne cleaning up the yard. I think she was feeling bad about the night before, hoping I still wanted her to move in!

I'm not going to change my mind that easily. I know she's not usually like that. Once Adrienne is sure her brother will be able to pay the rent on his own (which should be soon, given he's almost finished med school), she'll be moving in here.

  • Title is from Breed by Nirvana.
  • Amar rolled the Fired! ROS this round. I have plans for him to get back into the Photography career using some connections but I'm not enacting that just yet.
  • So Adrienne is moving in! Amar has the simultaneous want and fear of marrying her, so it's on his mind but he's not quite ready for that yet.
  • Adrienne insulting Leslie was as a result of the beer. I was hoping for a knockdown dragout or something, like I had when Evan had a party when he was still single (to refresh your memories, the fight was between him and Amelia, lol!), so I'm glad I got a little bit of drama out of the beer.
  • The beer is supposed to cause spontaneous proposals, which I have still never seen in my game though this time, I almost did. And I would have too, if not for a route failure! I spotted "Propose Engagement" in Malcolm's queue. Hope was there but in Malcolm's beer-fuelled haze, he was actually going to propose to Dominic! I can't imagine that would have gone over well but it would have been interesting!


  1. LOL! Yea, I don't think Dominic would have accepted, that's just my guess :P I like the party and am like Zane, I still can't believe Amar and Adrienne are moving in together!

  2. Ha! I get the proposal ALL the time. And it's always between female BFFs. The first one was with Mary and Nora on the beach when they were seniors in high school. The second one was at on of the frat parties on campus, between Mary and Lilly. And most recently at another party. But that's all I can share for now. LOL

    I figured they would move in together, and I have to say, I'm very pleased at this news. And to know that Amar is even giving thought to marriage is a huge step. I wonder if they ever will tie the knot? I guess time will only tell!

  3. Apple Valley, I know Sari and Maisie both had drunken proposals but the Sims were already couples at the time and I've been sort of curious about the crazy spontaneous proposals, where the Sims are not a couple. If they're already friends, would they accept? What would happen if one Sim was already married, like Dominic? And would Hope or Leslie have got jealous, if they'd seen it? Perhaps I'll find out at another drunken party sometime!

    It should be interesting to see what happens with Amar and Adrienne next round. :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Riverdale, LOL! Everyone seems to have seen it besides me. I can't wait to see this party proposal you're talking about. ;)

    I guess Amar figures at almost 35, he's old enough to start getting serious with a woman! He and Adrienne seem to complement each other well but we'll see how they feel about marriage further along the line. I wouldn't rule it out.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. I hope Adrienne apologizes to Leslie soon. She's such a sweet girl. I can't imagine anyone wanting to get into it with her, sober or drunk.

    It's pretty exciting for them to be moving in together. Perhaps they'll be one of those committed couples without ever marrying. As much as I love a wedding in Sullivan, it doesn't seem to be for the two of them. At least not right now.

    I have the beer and haven't had too many people drink it just yet so I can't wait to see if such debauchery happens.

  5. Choco, it would be nice if Adrienne apologised but I don't know that she will. Under duress from Amar, she might!

    It is exciting and a huge step for these two! I haven't had one of those never-married couples for quite a while, so I guess we'll see what happens. As I said, I won't rule anything out for Adrienne and Amar because they tend to surprise me!

    The beer is fun but also a little scary! It can cause a lot of trouble. I actually hadn't used it since Evan's party (I'd been using the non-alcoholic version) but I I decided to pull it out again for Amar's party. It always amuses!

    Thanks for reading!

  6. It's still funny to see these two moving towards more of a commitment......but I guess everyone has to grow up lol. I haven't used the beer in a while, but when I played my Taylor family, the proposal happened all the time lol. Hmmmmm, maybe I should let Caleb and the gang throw a graduation party with the beer.......nah, they have enough drama going on already :)

  7. Haha! What a fun party. LMAO that Malcolm was going to propose to Dominic. Are they friends? I could see Malcolm saying in this drunken daze "I love you man!! *sobs* I just love you!"

    I really need to have parties and try out that beer. I was going to bring it out at the bar on the college campus but I was nervous. I haven’t seen the spontaneous proposal either but I liked how Sari played it out lol. I gotta catch up on Maisie's blog to see what she did with it.

    So glad Amar and Adrienne are taking another step! That’s cool that he’s actually considering marriage, though, even if he’s terrified at the same time. It can be scary!

  8. Well it's a good thing that Adrienne is moving in--amazing timing, especially since Amar is out of a job. I hope he's able to get something full-time soon.

    Poor Leslie--she's so sweet! How could anyone take issue with her? It's too funny that Malcolm was about to propose to Dominic...

  9. Mizzgin03, it is funny, because Amar hasn't really done this monogamy thing for that long, compared to most guys his age!

    LOL, true, your college gang has plenty going on! Maybe adding the possibility of drunken proposals is a little much at this stage!

    Thanks for reading!

    Danielle, Dominic and Malcolm are friends, despite Malcolm kind of sort of stealing Hope away from Dominic back in high school! Actually, I should write more of that in, because I don't show Malcolm with his guy friends very often!

    I'm always a little nervous about it too but Sari and Maisie both got good storylines by going with whatever happened, so I kept telling myself that. I also told myself that I could always cheat everything back to the way it was if it really messed things up!

    Yeah, I think most people are at least a little nervous about getting married. It's kind of weird that it's only a romance Sim thing in TS2, especially seeing Family Sims can fear babies (though generally only when they've already had a few!)

    Thanks for reading!

  10. Rachel, oops, you must have been reading while I was writing!

    Adrienne moving in is excellent timing for Amar. If it takes him a while to find something full-time, she'll be able to pay the bills until then. Heh, I don't know if she quite signed up for that! ;)

    I'm sure it was baffling for poor Leslie too. I cannot imagine what Adrienne's problem with Leslie was - definitely drunk talk! It kind of reminded me of that Simpsons episode where Homer gets drunk and starts abusing this guy and the guy says "We just met tonight. Your wife and my wife are friends!"

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Here's to Adrienne and Amar making their new step work. It really was the best timing since he seems to be struggling a bit to carry everything.

    I shivered a bit when you mentioned New Years and saw all those Sims outside without jackets. I can't imagine having a backyard party for New Years. We'd all be ice pops here.

  12. Yay a party! I really should do more of those, as always you're a great inspiration :)

    The party looked like a lot of fun. Aw, I was hoping you'd get a proposal out of the beer, but apparently your game decided otherwise. It would have been intersting to so see :) I don't think I had one before myself, but I've only had one party before, and they were all teens, so I was kind of happy with that.

    I'm so glad Adrienne is moving in! It's so good to see these 2 getting very serious, they make such a good match!
    I know I might be way ahead here, but I would to see them become parents one day, I'm sure they'll do great!

  13. HeredonCove, hopefully moving in will go smoothly for Adrienne and Amar. It is the best timing for them, in more ways than one!

    LOL, Sullivan New Year is in the summer! That's normal to me, as New Year here is usually stinking hot. It's only November and it's supposed to be almost 90C here today! It will be positively disgusting by January. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, the more Sims you have on the lot at a time, the higher the potential for drama, I guess. It usually makes parties a good bet, even though I didn't get a proposal! I got a bit of a fight, so I'm happy with that!

    Heh, we'll see about Adrienne and Amar, eh? Next time we see Adrienne, she'll be 30 so her fertility is starting to decline, making an accidental pregnancy less likely. But then again, I think Ione was 37 or 38 when she got accidentally pregnant with Francesca (on BC, no less!) so you never know. I'm sort of amazed Adrienne and Amar haven't already become parents without really deciding to!

    Thanks for reading!

  14. I would have loved to see fights and proposals at the party. No other way to start a new year, LOL.
    Sucks that Amar lost his job. I've become quite fond of him since he graduated from college. And good thing Adrienne can pick up the slack for now, but he'd better find another job soon; I can't imagine she'd be willing to do that for long.

  15. Fini, heh, maybe at my next party, there'll be an inappropriate proposal not interrupted by a route failure!

    Amar has certainly grown up a lot since his college days and he's really grown on me too. I used to mainly keep him around because I enjoyed torturing him! Amar's secondary is Fortune, just like Adrienne's, so he won't want her supporting him for too long anyway. As I said above though, I have plans for him to get a new job and it should happen this round. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  16. I think I'm the only one that doesn't adore Leslie, she's such a goodie-goodie. I bet Adrienne called her on that. ;) i do think shes great for Dominic of course.

    I like Adrienne and I'm glad she's moving in with Amar so we can see more of Amar too. Too bad he lost his job, goody ing he has connections to get back into that career line.

    At one time, Ethan drunken proposed to Kenzie's husband Tyler. He was unimpressed over it to say the least. You get that with couples around you can expect a sudden splurge of Jerry Springer fighting drama.

  17. Maisie, LOL, I can actually imagine Adrienne not liking Leslie because she really does just seem so good! That would grate on Adrienne perhaps and I guess she had some dutch courage in her on NYE!

    I'm looking forward to playing Amar and Adrienne together - I've moved them in, so they're ready to go. And Amar's new job is not too far away either. :)

    LOL, that sounds hilarious! If it happened in my game, I probably wouldn't write in the fighting drama as is because in real life, it would be a bit ridiculous to get upset about a drunken proposal between two straight guys! I'm curious to see it though!

    Thanks for reading!

  18. Ah, that was a nice New Year party, set in the backyard (typically australian! *lol* ). If Adrienne didn't upset Leslie!!! Awww, poor Leslie! It's good that Adrienne came back the day after to clean up the background. I'm sure she gets pissed of to not live with Amar yet. I would! *lol*

    1. Yes, definitely Australian! It's often too hot to crowd inside the house on New Year's, so people often head outside. I think Leslie will be avoiding Adrienne from now on. ;)

      LOL, Amar did wait a long time to make a commitment to Adrienne but he's with the right girl for that. She's very laid back about that kind of thing, although she became quite keen of late. Other girls would probably have ended it by now!

      Thanks for reading!