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Round 32: February 2035 (Summer)
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Dominic Lachance and Nathan Collins are both 25 and Jack Benton is 23.
(Tatiana is 52, Amar is 34, Malcolm is 25, Zane and Leslie are both 24 and Audrey is 23)

Narrated by Dominic Lachance

When Amar bought his house, he moved out but not very far away. He now lives literally across the street from us.

We don't see him as often as we used to but we're still neighbours, so we haven't had much time to miss him. He's really liking his new place and is so glad he's not renting any more.

Our landlord isn't so bad though. She just paid for all of our floorboards to be replaced, because the old ones were so worn.

Our couch also fell to pieces last month and she was able to get us a 10% discount through a friend of hers.

The discount was really welcome. We have a new roommate now though, Jack, so things aren't quite as tight for us around here any more. He's Audrey's boyfriend and she was the one who suggested him, when he was looking for somewhere to live after he graduated.

I already knew him pretty well, seeing he was friends with Audrey for years before they started dating. Nathan didn't know Jack quite as well but but they lived in the same for about a year at college.

The law firm where Nathan works as a paralegal is in the same building as Jack's office though, so they're a lot friendlier these days.

Amar's brother Zane has been a friend of Nathan's and mine for a couple of years and as it turns out, he now shares a cubicle wall with Jack. So we're all friends now.

Our house is often full of people on the weekends. There are always girlfriends, friends or family members dropping by.

It's like a revolving door around here, with people coming and going.

Our place isn't the biggest or the fanciest but we've got a basketball court, a nice TV and a console.

That alone seems to have made our place the place to be on weekends.

It's really noisy but it can be a lot of fun at the same time too.

Jack works on Saturdays, so he's often not around during these visits but even when he is, he'll sometimes hole up somewhere with Audrey, away from everyone else.

He's just not into large groups and tends to avoid them. He prefers to be one-on-one with people. It's funny, because I'm much shyer than he is but I'm okay with big groups if I know everybody.

Malcolm is a pretty frequent visitor, seeing not only is he Nathan's sister's boyfriend, he's also an old friend of Jack's from college.

Nathan, thank God, is more tolerant of Malcolm than he has been in the past.

He still finds Malcolm insufferably smug sometimes (and he can be) but he's mostly accepted that he might be stuck with him for a long time, if not for good.

They still have their moments sometimes and I don't think they'll ever be friends but things are generally civil.

As much as I like seeing everybody, by the time they all leave, I'm really ready for that and to spend some time with Leslie.

Sometimes I feel like a terrible boyfriend, like when I drag Leslie around car yards, even though I don't have anywhere to park a car right now.

I'm just dreaming. I try to keep it to a minimum, even though Leslie says she doesn't mind.

I guess she doesn't as, we've been together for four years now. I can't believe it's been that long. The time has just flown by.

We both want the same things for the future. A nice house in the suburbs, marriage, a few kids.

We haven't really discussed a timeline but I want all that with Leslie sooner rather than later. I bought an engagement ring a few weeks and have just been waiting for the right time to propose.

I took Leslie to a fancy restaurant in Exeter, called Le Magnifique. We usually eat out at much cheaper places but this was a special occasion.

Leslie was so thrilled to just go to a nice restaurant. I could only hope she'd be as thrilled about the ring.

Even with all our talk about the future, I was still nervous to bite the bullet and ask Leslie to marry me.

Leslie guessed what was going on as soon as I put the box on the table. She could barely open it, she was so excited!

She did though, finally. She loved the ring and she accepted straight away.

I could not have been happier and Leslie said she felt the same way.

The restaurant just happened to be right next to a bridal centre and we looked in the window for a little while. It's so strange to think Leslie will be shopping for one of those dreeses soon enough.

We didn't realise it had got so late but by the time we got back home, the sun was almost up.

We were planning on holding off announcing our engagement to anybody until we saw my parents later that day but seeing Jack and Nathan were up, we told them and they got to be the first to congratulate us.

We didn't tell my parents that they weren't the very first to know but I know they would have been excited for us anyway. My family liked Leslie right off the bat, so I knew they'd all be keen to welcome her into the Lachance fold.

Leslie and I hadn't even been engaged for 24 hours and Mum was already asking about a wedding date.

I had to ask her to give us a little time on that but I promised her we won't keep her waiting too long. Leslie and I are really eager to start our married life, so we're looking at getting married sometime in the next year.

  • Title is from Question by Old 97s.
  • Amar's house is the one you can see in the background of the first couple of pics. It's one of Maisie's brownstones and you'll see it properly in his update later this round.
  • The landlord really did give them a discount - it was one of those AL benefit things you get from having a good reputation or something. She gave it to Dominic, so now I'm wondering if the discount will carry over when he finds his own place with Leslie.
  • Wedding! I really love Dominic and Leslie together (though I'm starting to wonder if the Lachances are just inherently adorable, because I love Jack and Audrey and Edward and Lucy as well, lol), so this is exciting for me. I'm thinking maybe November for the wedding, as I don't see them waiting too long.
  • Dominic wants to start a family right away but Leslie hasn't got a baby want yet. She's Knowledge/Family though, so I'm expecting her to roll it soon (unless she's a total weirdo Family Sim like Eliot was when he first got married).


  1. Congrats to Dominic and Leslie. I know I say this every time, but bring on the pretty babies! LOL

  2. Wedding! I can't wait to see the wedding and how they plan everything and O! New place to live in! I love new places :) I'm assuming that they're moving unless she moves in with them, which might be strange :|

  3. LaurelCrossing, LOL, well, Dominic is definitely already on board with that! Hopefully, Leslie will soon follow.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, I'm already thinking up all the details! *rubs hands together* Members of the bridal party are decided but everything else is up in the air. Including where they're going to live afterwards.

    Though I can't say Leslie definitely won't be moving in here. That would be strange, not to mention not very romantic. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Yaaaaayyyy! I'm so glad they are engaged- they are one of your cutest couples! I can't wait for the wedding! :)

    Come to think of it; I love all the Lahances as well...but yet again, I'm in love with half your population. ;)

  5. Such a cute couple, can't wait to see the wedding! I hope Leslie get's with the program soon lol. And I loved the poses in this update!

  6. Yay! Congrats to Dominic and Leslie! And come on, Leslie, we're all eager for babies, so you'd better get on board soon too. ;)

  7. Yay, a wedding!! I'm so excited about it! I'm so happy for Dominic and Leslie, they are such a sweet couple and I can't wait to see the wedding, and the little family they want to start!!
    I adore that picture of the two of them in front of the bridal shop, it looks so real!

  8. Awww Dominic and Leslie are getting married!! I can't wait for their wedding. It feels like just yesterday Tatiana was born, and now her son is engaged! Oh my, how time flies in Sullivan! Leslie is beautiful, by the way. I seem to have a love for your Sims' hair! ;)

  9. coolkat2, aw, I think Dominic and Leslie are pretty adorable too! I'll be happy to get them hitched and making the babies. ;)

    Jonas and Tatiana made some exceptionally beautiful children but then again, I'm not really having a problem with too many fugs walking around this hood, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, me too. Give the people what they want, Leslie! ;) I'm glad you liked the poses. Two in particular are among my favourite pics ever, so it's nice to have people agree. :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Shana, LOL, I know! Leslie's secondary is Family, so it hopefully won't take her too long to figure out what her primary purpose is here. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, I'm excited too! I was supposed to get Dominic married about two rounds ago via ROS but it didn't seem quite in character for him to marry suddenly. So I used it as the catalyst to start him dating again instead. I did always see him getting married relatively young though, so now that is coming true.

    The bridal shop picture is one of my two favourites in this update (the other is the one I posted on Tumblr), so I'm glad you like it too. :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Anna, they are! It's exciting. Up until Matilda and Miles got married, it felt like we'd gone quite a while without a wedding around here!

    Goodness, do you really remember Tatiana being born? LOL, I had to remind myself, though I'm recalling it now. Her teen years are still very, very clear to me though. I'm finding it hard to grasp that Tatiana is about to be a mother-in-law and probably a grandmother soon afterwards!

    Thanks for reading!

  10. Oh, I like Dominic and Leslie together. I'm very happy for them. She seems like such a good girl.

    I like reading about male friends. It's good to see everyone enjoying the bachelor life. Too bad the roommates shall be losing another one of their own. Such is life, I suppose. Can't stay in that stage forever.

  11. Choco, after dating Hope in high school, I don't think Dominic would go for anyone other than a good girl! He's a pretty good boy. ;)

    As much as I love doing weddings, I do always get a little sad when I have to split the roommates up. But people do usually move on from that eventually and so do my Sims. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Aww how exciting! I did not even see this coming!! But it's about time, considering this was his ROS -biggest want fulfillment-- oh when was that? About 3-4 years ago? Maybe longer! :p They are too sweet looking into the bridal window! I'm excited to see their wedding, and I imagine they'll be pretty happy to start for their family too! It'll be sad having him leave this apartment though, they always have so much going on, and lots of friends hanging out. It's always a fun update, and I know it'll be fun with Leslie.. just not the same! :)

  13. Maisie, LOL, yeah, definitely about time in terms of the ROS! But it wouldn't have fit Dominic to jump into marrying Leslie so soon, especially after Tessa. So the ROS was postponed a little! I think you were the one who said getting married was never something Dominic was going to avoid anyway though!

    The bridal window picture is my favourite one in this update. I should put that one up on Tumblr. I don't think Leslie and Dominic will wait too long to start making babies once they get married. Dominic is already keen and has been for a while now!

    Definitely sad to split up this household but I think one of my other new graduates will probably move in to take Dominic's place, so hopefully the fun will continue in this house!

    Thanks for reading!

  14. I tried to comment before, but then my browser died. RIP Firefox.

    Anyway, yay a wedding! I'm glad Dominic could find happiness after Tessa, and Leslie's just so adorable. You wouldn't think a bachelor pad is one of the most stable (as in drama) households in a neighborhood, but it is.

  15. Fini, I didn't know what would happen with Dominic after Tessa died, so I'm really happy Leslie came along. They're a good match for each other!

    And LOL, yes, you're right - not much drama here! Jack and Dominic are fairly good-natured. Nathan isn't but he's too reserved to raise much of a fuss about most things anyway!

    Thanks for reading!

  16. Aw, yeah for the engagement! It was so lovely and romantic. I absolutely adore this picture where they're both looking at the wedding dress. *swoon*
    I so enjoy reading about this household, always with friends, youth stuff... Cool sims of yours! :)

  17. Sandy, I'm glad you like that one, because I love it too. I wish I'd thought to take another one that I could turn into a banner, actually. Oh well. :)

    I always love playing the roommate households - there's always something fun going on! Fun for me anyway - not always fun for the Sims. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  18. Dominic is adorable. I would definitely say it's a family trait.

    I loved the house and how everyone just gathers at the house. And a wedding! Awww! These two really are a cute little couple. I look forward to it!

  19. Lunar, heh, I have definitely come to the same conclusion.

    This house has became the gathering point for all the under 25s in the hood, lol. Between the three of them, they're connected to just about everybody! I'll miss this little group but I'm eager to get Dominic and Leslie all married up and everything. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  20. I really like reading the roommate updates. I can’t wait to have some myself. You said they’re all connected to all the other 25s in the hood and I look forward to having that. Have been looking for good houses/apartments for them but no luck yet.

    Wow, Dominic and Leslie have been together for 4 years! Crazy how time flies. And yay! They’re engaged. I figured it out when I saw this pic of them outside the bridal shop (great pic, again) at N99 but it was a very sweet way to propose. Tatiana is so cute lol. One thing at a time! And yes. The Lachances are inherently adorable. I love all of them! Can't wait for the wedding, which is probably soon with how far behind I am LOL.

  21. Danielle, roommates are a lot of fun. I can see your Paul doing the roommate thing for a while when he graduates. Can't see him getting married right after university! For apartments, you should check out Starr's. I think you told me you read Lila and Sophie's update but hadn't commented yet? Anyway, they're living in one of Starr's, with Leslie living downstairs. Sam and Miles both used to live there as well and Matilda for a little while, after they got married.

    I was thinking to myself "is it too soon for Dominic and Leslie to get married?" so then I thought to go and check my notes and saw it was four years! Sarah and Nick got engaged after two years and married the next, so I figured it had been long enough for these two. ;) Dominic, like Nick, was someone I didn't see waiting too long.

    The Lachances really are all very cute, even Tatiana at 52! I wouldn't say the wedding is soon exactly, but we're getting there. We just entered August today and I've set it for November. So a few more months. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  22. I will definitely look at Starr's apartments again. I know I have most, if not all of them in my game already but just not placed. I have to move some things around. And yup. I already read Lila and Sophie's update ;). About to go finish catching up now.

  23. Danielle, the good thing about Starr's apartments is she builds them on smaller lots. So even though you might still have to rearrange, it's less of a job than for some of those behemoth lots you see elsewhere!

    You were busy while I was asleep - you're almost caught up completely, lol!

  24. Yay for the happy couple! I love the picture of them looking at the wedding dress in the window--perfect! So now they'll be looking for a new place and getting out of party central. :)

  25. Rachel, thanks, I'm pretty proud of that shot. :)

    And uh, yeah, I probably should get started looking for a place for them to live! The wedding is getting scarily close. The actual wedding is all planned but if I don't find them a house or apartment soon, they'll be bunking in with Nathan and Jack on their wedding night!

    Thanks for reading!