Thursday, 22 September 2011

Polar opposites

Round 32: March 2035 (Autumn)

Narrated by Anthony Moretti

When Veronica and I moved into the dorms, I didn't see her around nearly as much as I was assuming I would.

She spent most nights over at her boyfriend Oliver's house, which is right on campus.

They've been together for about 4 years now, so I was expecting her to be almost living over there.

And even before classes started, she was making herself a part of the furniture at the faculty of art.

Veronica did a bit of pottery at school, like we all did, but she's really getting into it now.

I've never been interested in art but I usually pretend to be, just to avoid Veronica yelling at me.

Now that classes have begun, Veronica is still at the pottery studio a lot but she's spending much more time around the dorm and I think I know why too. Veronica has developed a major thing for Edward, one of the juniors who lives in our dorm.

She flirts with him any chance she gets, even though Edward has rejected her time and time again. She's convinced she'll eventually win him over.

I'm not sure where that leaves Oliver. She's not over at his place nearly as often any more. Oliver comes over here sometimes instead but he doesn't usually stay long, probably because Veronica is never too enthusiastic.

She often ends up leaving him waiting for up to an hour, while she works on the computer.

If she's hanging her bets on Edward, it's pretty dumb. Edward is totally devoted to his girlfriend Lucy.

She's not a student here and she works full time but she and Edward see each other more than Oliver and Veronica do right now.

I've got to know Edward a bit and honestly, I think Veronica would eat that poor guy alive.

Edward is way too meek and mild for Veronica anyway. I can't imagine how a relationship between those two would go.

He's a good guy though. I like him a lot, which is more than I can say for some other people living in this dorm.

Like Chris, Edward's best friend. I actually thought we'd get along pretty well at first. He seemed like a cool guy and someone I could be friends with.

But then I realised he was competition. He flirts with every girl in the damn dorm.

Most of the girls he flirts with, I don't really care about. One of them, Ella, is kind of cute.

She doesn't seem to be into anyone but Chris though, so I don't think I ever stood a chance.

He's also all over Janette but I can't stand her.

She irritated me on the very first day I moved in, when she wouldn't shut up while I was trying to watch TV.

I have it on good authority that Janette is annoying in general too. She's Veronica's roommate and she brings friends in with her and talks loudly while Veronica is trying to sleep.

So Chris is welcome to those two but I hate it when he hits on Joanne. I've had my eye on her from the first day.

He just broke up with one girlfriend, he's still got Ella and Janette and he needs to have Joanne too? It really pissed me off.

I've been single literally my entire life and I'm sick of it, so I decided to pursue Joanne anyway.

Chris doesn't even care anyway. He gets plenty of girls.

I guess Joanne has good taste because it was me she eventually agreed to go on a date with.

My parents are still holding my 50 grand in trust for me, so neither of us has a whole lot of money to do stuff.

But we manage to have fun anyway.

We have a lot in common. We both kind of just cruise through classes without really doing much work, so Joanne's not going to start bugging me about studying. That'll be nice, because I have enough people nagging me about that.

We're both Tauruses, which Joanne seems very excited about. I don't know much about astrology, so I'm just taking her word for it that it's a good thing.

And best of all, neither of us are looking for anything too serious.

I really like Joanne and everything but the thought of making any kind of commitment right now is a little terrifying.

We're just hanging out, really.

For that reason, I've asked Veronica not to say anything about Joanne to Mum and Dad.

The second they hear about her, they'll be wanting to have her over for dinner and who knows what else. I just want to keep things casual for now and meeting the parents seems a bit too hardcore for that!

  • Title is from Polar Opposites by Modest Mouse.
  • These kids actually did study this round, not that you'd know it to look at the pics! Edward and Chris are still maintaining 4.0s, Anthony has a 3.6 and Veronica has a 3.5.
  • Anthony rolled the want to major in Economics but also the fear at the same time. He simultaneously rolled the want to major in Art but that doesn't seem very him. So I guess he's majoring in Economics but is a little nervous about it?
  • Veronica slacked off the whole of her first semester and ended it with a B and a 3.0 GPA. Not great for a Knowledge Sim! The first want she rolled after she came back from her exam was to write a term paper!
  • So far, Anthony doesn't seem interested in anyone else but Joanne. He rolls those generic multiple wants but she was the only girl he wanted to flirt with specifically. Veronica is secondary Romance and she is possibly not so monogamous. This was what her wants panel looked like most of the time.
At least she doesn't want Oliver to die?
  • Chris is going nuts! He was rolling wants for Joanne, Veronica, Ella and Janette this round - everyone but Elspeth, apparently! It'll be interesting to see what Chris does once he graduates and isn't in the dorm environment any more.


  1. LOL! At least your students are rolling university related wants, mine never seem to do :P Maybe Chris is trying to take advantage of his youth :)

  2. Apple Valley, I think he might be! Chris is certainly enjoying himself at the moment, I know that much. ;)

    Edward and Chris are both very good at rolling uni wants and always have been. Anthony and Veronica are a bit hit-or-miss so far. Neither of them rolled any uni wants at all in the first semester but they both rolled a few (enough to get A+s) in the second semester.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I think it's great your students roll wants to study and such, my students roll some wants to study, but most of them don't, so most of the time I just let the study the necessary skills, but the rest is up to their wants :)

    Anyway to the update now :)
    So Veronica wants Edward... I wonder how that's going to turn out!
    I'm glad Anthony has found some one who he's kind of interested in. I'm so happy she likes him more then she does Chris. That boy already has enough girls liking him ;)

  4. Haha, Chris has been a very busy boy hasn't he? I'm amazed that he finds the time to study lol. And I'm glad Anthony ended up with the girl, she has a better chance at a stable relationship with him lol

  5. Tanja, I don't usually worry too much about my students who are highly skilled and don't roll any wants. Like, Anthony will be graduate almost definitely, because he's skilled up pretty well. His GPA might not be high, but he'll graduate. The ones who aren't as highly skilled are the ones I wish I could give a push to study sometimes!

    Veronica is Romance secondary, so that's her story. I can't see Edward being the type to cheat on Lucy and so far, he has resisted Veronica completely. And you know, every time she gets rejected, the relationship drops, which makes it less likely for Edward to accept her advances. It's interesting though! I wasn't expecting it at all!

    Ha, yes, Chris has plenty of girls. He can let Anthony have one!

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, ha, well, even with Harder College Grades, Sims still don't have to work too hard for an A+! Write a term paper and keep going to class - A+ for you! But it's true, Chris fits a lot of lovin' in between his classes.

    Yeah, Joanne absolutely has a better chance of a stable relationship with Anthony. The question is if she wants one! They're both Romance, so who knows what will happen with them?

    Thanks for reading!

  6. "At least she doesn't want Oliver to die?" LMAO! Well, at least there is that. ;)

    Knowledge/romance is tricky though, because knowledge itself is such a weak aspiration that the romance part overwhelms it sometimes. And she's young! And she's in her first year of uni! Poor Oliver! I wonder if this is a phase, or if she's going to cut him loose? Or if he'll cut her loose? It's a tricky time in young relationships.

    And awww! Anthony seems like a good kid! Joanne is very pretty!

  7. Laura, I think you're right about Knowledge/Romance (Luc is Romance/Knowledge), though I actually find that Romance can overwhelm most of the aspirations, at times!

    But yeah, this is Veronica's first taste of freedom and independence and she's taking advantage of that, possibly unfortunately for Oliver! There's only one bolt between her and Oliver, so it possibly was never a match made in heaven. ;) I don't know whether she'll get rid of him or not (which is to say I haven't decided yet!)

    Anthony would probably be quite pleased to be getting any action at all, considering the complete lack of it he got in high school, lol! But he does seem to like Joanne and she's very cute, in her current state (she was previously an extremely fug townie)!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Aw, I feel bad for Oliver. I'm thinking it's because she's open to a whole new world that isn't just restricted to her parents, brother and her boyfriend. She is very much running with this new found freedom.

    I wonder if Anthony & Chris will ever be friends or at least friendly rivals. Nothing makes a man want to one-up another guy than racking up their lady-numbers.

  9. I hope Veronica makes a clean break of Oliver since she's already got her heart and mind wandering on to others. I'm glad Edward isn't cheating on Lucy, she is just TOO stinking cute!!

    Joanne reminds me of Susannah, and I keep wanting to call her Joanna. so for those two reasons I hope he doesn't marry her! I will be confused. lol But she's adorable in her little sweater dress.

    I just can not get over Chris and his playboy ways! Seriously, so unlike him from high school!

  10. Choco, I feel awful for Oliver too. He's still rolling tons of wants for Veronica, so if she ends it, it's going to be a huge shock to him. :\

    It's pretty hard, I find, to have Sims living in the same dorm and have them not be friends. So in game, Anthony and Chris will probably eventually get there. Whether I decide to write it in that way depends!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, that would be the best thing for Veronica to do, I agree. Hopefully, she'll be mature enough to take that course of action.

    I cannot imagine Edward cheating on Lucy! He's just not the type and Anthony is right that Veronica would eat him alive even if he wanted to. ;)

    Ha, Joanne has a chubby cute kind of face like Susannah. And I've actually already had another Sim called Joanne (one of my Kirby founders). I might start calling her Jo instead. I don't know if this thing she has going with Anthony is heading for marriage, so you might not need to worry, lol!

    Ha, Chris didn't have Romance secondary in high school. All this womanising is definitely new territory for him.

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Aww, poor Oliver. I suppose not many people stay with their high school sweethearts at college though. So, it's actually perfectly normal for Veronica to wander...

    I didn't know Chris was such a womanizer! Wow!

    Joanne is too cute, but like Maisie, she really does look like Susannah!

    And go Edward! Him and Lucy are so cute, and I CANNOT see them break up! ;)

  12. coolkat2, true, a lot of high school couples do tend to break up at this point, if they even make it this far. Four years is a long time at this age.

    Ha, Chris was only just getting started last round, apparently! Ella is the only one he's slept with so far (apart from Elspeth).

    Edward and Lucy are pretty freakin' adorable. I'm hoping they want to stick together for a while yet. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  13. I love how your Sims' personalities seem so distinct! And each Sim has something interesting going on in his or her life.

    I feel a bit badly for Oliver, but I'm also glad that Veronica is stretching her wings. And Chris seems to be taking flight, too. ;) He doesn't seem to get hung-up about his philandering, though, which is probably a good thing. I'm glad that Anthony and Joanne have found each other. They seem to want the same things from their relationship, right now.

    It's also interesting that not all of your dormmates are getting along (at least, for now). Janette made me chuckle; she reminds me of girls I've known in real life.

  14. Whisper Doll, thanks, I'm glad you think so!

    I do feel badly for Oliver too but they've been together a long time and I think with a Romance secondary, Veronica was bound to start looking at other guys.

    I don't think Chris cares at all about his philandering (or would even call it that!) but I can imagine what his mother would think! Kendal would be horrified! And Anthony and Joanne are a good match too - both terrified of engagement but I'm personally of the opinion that most people probably should be at 18!

    Heh, playing dormmates is so fun! I'm really glad I decided to try this double door dorm thing. It really makes for some interesting scenarios!

    Thanks for reading!

  15. Oh Chris, Chris, what would your parents say? He's single and he knows it!

    If Veronica is not interested in Oliver anymore, she should break it off. It's not fair. Or maybe not, since Edward is most certainly not biting and I'd be very disappointed if he did.

    If only college could be this interesting when I play it, Uni would be my fave EP!

  16. Fini, I don't know if Lake would say much of anything but Kendal would be very upset! It would result in many lectures for Chris, so he'd better hope she doesn't hear anything through the grapevine.

    Yes, Veronica probably should break it off with Oliver if her eye is wandering. Whether she will or won't is another story. I'd be pretty disappointed in Edward if he accepted any of her advances too. So far, so good. :)

    Gosh, I hear lots of people saying the same thing about Uni! I've always liked it but have never had more fun with it than I'm having with Sullivan. I love this age group. I can make them indulge in all my drama and fun for 22 hours a day, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

  17. Quote: I've never been interested in art but I usually pretend to be, just to avoid Veronica yelling at me. LOL good boy! That skill will come in handy when you get married! ;)

    Oh my. If Kendal found out about Chris! LOL! I bet he’d have surprise check-ins every day from her. Anthony’s too cute with Joanne and I really like her dress. She reminds me of Susannah, too. And I forgot all about his 50 grand! Veronica is something else. She has a little cutie for a boyfriend and she’s hitting on another girl’s boyfriend. I don’t blame her though. I like Edward :P.

    I’ve yet to have a college student roll a want for a major. I have in the past but not now. No one cares about their future but me! LOL

    So having a townie/dormmie share a room with a playable works? I vaguely remember you mentioning it somewhere but I don’t think I realized that you had a playable and non-playable sharing the same room. I’ll have to remember that when I finish decorating the new dorm.

    Great update!

  18. Danielle, LOL! I think living with Veronica for 18 years has prepared Anthony for some fairly challenging women. ;)

    Heh, no, Kendal would not be happy about Chris! It would be a lecture of epic proportions. Kendal is already prone to the pop-in, much to Josie's chagrin, and I'm sure she'd be making some special trips out to Suffolk in this case, lol!

    As for's that damn Romance secondary! Kind of funny, because it hasn't really come out to play much until university. But her whole first semester was pretty much all Romance wants...and all for Edward. Lucy's lucky she's got a good boy there. ;)

    Yes, dormie/playable shared rooms work. Not perfectly, but it's nothing you can't work around. What you will find sometimes is if the dormie enters the room when your Sim isn't in there, the furniture will disappear. It will reappear when you have your own Sim enter. That's really the only thing I've noticed that's different from when you have two playables sharing a dorm.

    Thanks for reading!

  19. Poor Oliver! He might be left behind by Veronica. I'm glad she wasn't able to sink her claws into Edward though. Chris really was going crazy there with the a kid in a candy store.

    Anthony seems very low-key and nice. I wonder if he'll ever want to make things more serious with Joanne? :)

  20. Rachel, I'm definitely feeling for poor Oliver here, because he just has no idea. :( Edward's too sweet for her.

    Ha, yes, exactly! Much to Anthony's irritation, though he did get at least one girl in the end. I have more hope for Anthony wanting to get serious with Joanne than vice versa but we'll see.

    Thanks for reading!

  21. Another Sullivan Night! *yeah* (if boyfriend doesn't need internet tonight...)

    Ooooh, my oh my, poor Oliver. Veronica's wishes don't give him many hopes... It's already a good thing that she doesn't want him to die, I suppose, like you said!

  22. Sandy, LOL, Sullivan Night!

    Yes, I think not wishing death on someone is about the bare minimum you could ask for. Veronica seems to be losing interest in Oliver. :\ Which is natural but still sad for Oliver.

    Thanks for reading!