Friday, 23 September 2011

Lot tour: Sitko Faculty of Science

I was determined to finally finish this lot last night, so I could focus on my TV/film studio and I did! It was five minutes to midnight, so just in time, I guess!

So here it is! Sitko Faculty of Science is named after Collette Sitko, the first Sim in Sullivan to reach the top of the science career.

Top-down views.

I'm imagining this room to be some kind of medical research lab. I'm lacking in proper names for things in this lot - definitely not a science person!

The botany and natural science room (mostly botany, I guess), including my slightly crap attempt at a terrarium.

This started out as a biology lab, until I realised I didn't really have all the creepy jars of preserved animals, like my biology lab had at school. I did have some of Sandy's jars with some sea life though, so I turned it into an oceanography lab. I actually downloaded that huge poster without really knowing what a gyre was (I told you I wasn't a science person!) but I was very excited when I looked it up and found that it has to do with ocean currents.

The lecture theatre. I imagine those venetian blinds would be closed during class, to avoid wandering minds.

Professors' office, intended to be shared by four professors. I don't have a room like this in any of my other faculties so far, so this room might come in handy. I hope so anyway, because I really love it. Because I plan my layouts so poorly (or rather, don't plan them at all), I end up with either too much space or not enough. In this case, I didn't have enough space for the half-wall to be straight and for there to be equal space between each desk and the half-walls. So I just built a zigzag half-wall, never intending to keep it, but ended up really liking it, so I did one on the other side too.

The computer lab.

The chemistry lab. I haven't got many posters up in here, as I haven't made any yet. I did make a lot of the posters for this lot, but they were ones I made for other uni lots or my hospital that conveniently worked for this lot too.

This room looks really awful from afar but I probably will not ever take any photos of it like that for the blog. They'll all be up close, like you can see here, and I'm relatively happy with the up-close shots. Anyway, I'll be using this for my pre-med and med students.

Mini-observatory. I was always planning on having one but seeing there seems to be no good place for me to put the observatory deco object on my very flat uni terrain , it became essential to me.

And finally, a little rooftop garden/outdoor study areas. The uni I went to was not particularly green in most places but there were nice little pockets of it in a lot of places and most study groups I participated in were held outside.


  1. I think I mentioned on N99, but if not, it looks great!

  2. OMG Carla! You make me wanna redo my own faculty of science! There is so much I forgot when I look at yours!
    This is just great!! I love every part of it!
    When you mentioned you didn't have a professor's office on any of your other lots, it made me realize I didn't have it as well, lol!
    I like the observatory a lot, as well as the outdoor area.

    You said on N99 that you don't like decorating hallways, I usually put a lot of plants in them! Plants, the vending machines and the seating you've used :) but plants allways fill up a place :)

    As usual I have a WCIF ... I've been looking for a copier, but apparently in the wrong places, do you remember where you got i?

  3. Oh my goodness, this looks great! I love all the small details, it really adds authenticity :). I so need to do something like this for my uni......maybe one day lol

  4. This is superb! It actually makes me want to go back to college! I can't decide what I like most but it might just be the professor office. The terrarium looks great too and the medical! Love that area! That'd be so handy to have for Hadley when she starts college. The whole lot looks great!

  5. That looks great! I'm so impressed by your decorating skills.

  6. Apple Valley, thank you, I'm glad you like it!

    Tanja, that's how I feel when I look at everybody else's lots! My high school is the worst. I wish I could snap my fingers and redo that one like magic!

    I kind of stole the idea for the outdoor area from your business building! It's not exactly the same but that's why I started tossing plants up there! I'll toss some more plants in the hallway next time I play, lol!

    I'll have to check in game where I got the copier. I know I told someone one where it's from in the N99 thread where I did a lot tour of my uni library but the tags aren't working right now, so I can't get to that post! I've written it down as something to check when I get home. I'll give you a yell on Twitter. ;)

    Thanks for looking!

    Mizzgin03, I'm always happier with my lots if I take the time to do details. I think that's why I hate my high school so much, lol!

    Thanks for looking!

    Maisie, LOL, oh, nothing would make me want to go back! The professors' office is my favourite part too and I'm glad the terrarium is going over so well.

    The medical area was the last bit I decorated, hence the laziest! I probably spent no more than 10 minutes on it. Which is to say, if you wanted to do a room like that for Hadley, wouldn't take you long!

    Thanks for looking!

    Sarah, thanks so much, glad you enjoyed the tour!

  7. This looks awesome Carla! I'm so jealous of your simmies! Great job! :)

  8. coolkat2, thank you! I'm glad you like it!

  9. Wow, what a great lot! I really like the faculty buildings that you add to your campus, and this one looks amazing. You were able to fit in a lot of disciplines! (I was going to say "types of science," but that sounded dumb. I'm also not a science person. ;)

    I like that you made an Oceanography classroom, since it corresponds to a career path. (No offence to the creator, but that gyre poster took me by surprize. It's not the first thing I'd think about creating! ;). I also really like the terrarium, the half-walls, and the plant border on the roof.

    I also like that you named the building after a Sim. It's a nice way to commemorate Colette's achievement!

  10. Whisper Doll, thank you! LOL, I probably would have said "types of sciences", so no judgement here! I'll be glad when I finish all these faculty buildings. I'm doing one for each hobby - the next one will be a drama academy for the Film & Literature Sims and the drama majors.

    Ha, I probably wouldn't have thought to make a gyre poster either but I'm glad someone did! I have made various other posters in game that probably no one but me would think to make (an entire set of Library of Congress signs, for example), so there really is something out there for everyone!

    I try to name all my buildings after Sims. I was glad I got to use a different surname this time, because there are already a few things named after Novaks in this hood!

    Thanks for looking!

  11. Ooh, very nice! Your lots are wonderfully detailed! I love it!

  12. Rachel, I'm glad you like it! I've had a lot of fun playing with it several times since I posted this, so that's a good sign too.

    Thanks for looking!

  13. OMG, Carla, there's soooo many ideas to steal you here! It's crazy how you have thought to all the scientific matters a Sim can come cross, from botanic to astronomy... It makes me want to create a specific science uni... (I'm so saving all your pictures on my hard drive, now! *giggle*)
    Great job! You always think to everything!

  14. Sandy, thank you! I'm glad I could inspire you. I spent long enough on this that I was able to add ideas as they came to me. A lot of the sciences I included in this lot were ones that I've wanted to be able to take pictures for when doing previous updates. And now I'll be able to!

    Thanks for looking!