Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Run like a gun

Round 30: June 2031 (Winter)
Amar Hamilton is 30, Dominic Lachance and Nathan Collins are both 21.
(Jacob is 30, Julia is 20, Audrey is 19, Daphne is 4 months old)

Narrated by Amar Hamilton

Naturally, when Jacob got married, he moved out of this place and in with Claudia and her parents. He was getting tired of the bachelor lifestyle and he likes being a family man now.

He brought Daphne over here one day. She's Dominic's cousin and he wanted to meet her. I have to admit, she's pretty cute. Cute as she is though, I still don't think I'm quite ready for fatherhood. I'm having a hard time even imagining it at the moment. In a few years maybe.

Dominic though, you could hardly tear him away from Daphne.

He can't wait to have kids, even though he's still a kid himself.

After Jacob moved out, it was just Dominic and me for a while. We get along and he does all the cleaning; it's an awesome arrangement, at least for me.

But then Dominic's friend Nathan wanted to get out of the dorms for his senior year, so he moved in here with us. And then there were three.

I'd met Nathan a few times before and he's not a bad guy. A little uptight though. Sometimes I look at him and wonder if he ever does anything but study while Dominic and I are at work during the day.

He completely monopolises the computer. I've never seen someone take so long to write a term paper. He drafts and revises and then drafts and revises some more. I just used to pump mine out the night before they were due.

I keep telling him he's not really taking advantage of all college has to offer. He has two hours a day of classes and then the other 22 are his and he spends most of them on the computer.

He could be getting a ton of girls but he's got a girlfriend, Julia.

Julia's parents live right next door to us, so I guess it'd be risky for him to bring other girls around here even if he wanted to.

Supposedly, they're moving house soon. Nathan says he really likes the Grays but who really wants to live next door to their girlfriend's parents?

It seems like they're pretty serious but they're not thinking that far ahead yet. Nathan has four years of law school to get through.

Meanwhile, Dominic's dating again. It's been three years since his girlfriend Tessa died and he still misses her. But he's not sure if that feeling will ever go away, so he's just going to put himself back out there.

I've been at him to start dating again for two years now but it was his sister Audrey who finally got through to him. They were just talking about Dominic wanting to have a family one day and Audrey suggested that maybe it was time to start thinking about it again.

He balked at the idea at first, like he always does when I bring it up.

But Audrey told him it didn't mean he'd have to start a relationship up with the first girl he meets. He could take it slowly, if that's what he wanted.

He was still apprehensive but he decided he wanted to try, at least.

So he's been out with a couple of girls so far. The first one didn't go so well.

They didn't seem to have much in common and the relationship stopped there. He didn't really feel like she was listening to much of what he was saying.

I wouldn't worry about her, if I was Dominic. There's a girl who lives on our block and she's always sniffing around looking for Dominic.

I think her name is Cecily. She's cute; he could probably get something started with her. She's very keen, that's for sure.

Then again, Dominic also had a good time the other night with Leslie.

He thought she was sweet and he liked that she actually listened to him. She was even shyer than he is, so I guess that makes a person a good listener.

He hasn't asked her out again, of course, because he's been too nervous to call her. Maybe I should get his sister to bug him about it again, because he doesn't listen to me.

It's hard to believe but Dominic has actually been out with more girls than I have lately. I've been really busy trying to get my business off the ground.

I'm doing pretty well so far. I'm not making a profit yet but I think I will be soon. I've got a knack for sales and I'm selling my photographs to all sorts of people.

There have definitely been women who've come in and made other kinds of offers. It's tempting but I haven't taken any of them up on it. I'm trying to be professional.

Adrienne and I aren't really officially exclusive but I haven't really been with any other women lately either.

Adrienne has said she's not seeing anybody else. She has no reason to lie about it, seeing we haven't made any promises to each other.

I can tell she wants to head down that road though, because she asked if I'd meet her parents.

Apparently, her parents saw us making out a while ago and wanted to know who I was. She didn't want to introduce me then but she feels like we've been seeing each other long enough now that it should be our next step.

I tried not to freak out too much at that prospect.

I could tell she was nervous about even asking me, considering how long she danced around the question before she finally blurted it out. She was worried I'd want to end things with her.

Five years ago, I probably would have cut her loose but I've actually been thinking about it this time.

I like Adrienne a lot. Of all the women I've been with, I haven't been attracted to any of them more than her. I haven't really wanted to see anyone else lately.

She's the first woman I've actually dated in a long time. I'm used to just picking girls up at clubs and then taking them home, so it's been different.

Maybe it's time I grow up a little anyway. I'm 30 now and I'm starting to see the benefits of a slightly more permanent relationship.

I think I actually want to meet Adrienne's parents. I could hardly believe it myself, even while I was telling her I'd do it.

She was so relieved though! She said she's going to try and get everyone together in a few weeks or so.

That was when she decided to tell me that I'd also be meeting her grandparents at the same time. I don't know if that's going to be a good or a bad thing but I guess we'll find out in a few weeks' time.

  • Title is from Run Like a Gun by Rocket Science.
  • Dominic rolled the Fulfill Biggest Want ROS this round. He's a Family Sim, so he was always going to get married but I'm letting him take his time and find the right girl.
  • I hope the lighting in the hot tub pic isn't too weird. It's not a lot I decorated and I actually have no idea why it's so yellow!
  • Yes, that is Adrienne's mother Naomi in Amar's photography gallery. She just happened to show up! Amar wouldn't have any way of knowing who she was, though Naomi knows who he is.
  • And now we have Amar's side of the story. Over the last round or so, his fortune side has really been dominant. This round, he rolled one 20 woohoos want but all other romantic wants were for Adrienne. So he likes her a lot but he's not quite sure about this whole monogamy thing. He also rolled the want to be friends with Naomi. Could there be a better signal that it's time for Amar to meet Adrienne's parents?


  1. I'm glad Dominic is dating again. It's been 3 years since Tessa died, and I don't think she would have wanted him to stay alone the rest of his life.

    Amar really has his own view on life, and it seems like it's hard for him that others don't see it that way. Like Nathan studying all time, and only wanting to date one girl, but that's what makes it all interesting, and fun to read :)

    I'm so glad Amar is finally kind of settling down a little bit! I would hate to see Adrienne get hurt, because she wanted something else from the relationship.
    I'm actually looking forward to Amar meeting her parents and reading their thoughts about it :)

    I have (yet again) a WCIF. I love the outfid Dominic's date, Leslie, is wearing, do you remember where you got it?

  2. Whoa, Amar turning over a new leaf? Yikesaroo! I'm glad that Dominic is starting to date again, it's bittersweet since I still miss Tessa as well :\

  3. Wow! Go Amar. I think he's starting to grow on me again. I think he and Adrienne make a cute couple. I' glad he decide to meet her parents. And I see her mom couldn't wait that long. LOL

    I'm glad Dominic is back out there trying to find someone. It's been long enough. He'll find the right girl soon... I hope.

  4. Oh, I can definitely see how Amar would think Nathan was pretty boring, LOL. I love the contrast between those two.

    I'm glad Dominic is dating again--I'm interested to see who he ends up with. He's such a nice kid.

    Amar is actually thinking of getting more serious with Adrienne? I never thought I'd see the day, but it's sort of like Luc and Asha--they may just fit. :)

  5. Tanja, Tessa would just want to see Dominic happy. Seeing he wants a family so badly, happiness for Dominic will have to include dating.

    Nathan is such a different person to Amar, especially if you compare Nathan to Amar at 21. Very different priorities. Amar doesn't really understand being in your early 20s and NOT going out partying and picking up girls all the time.

    But he seems to be putting that behind him now that he's in his 30s. He really does like Adrienne a lot, probably about as much as she likes him. Which is good.

    I've moved Naomi and Owen's update way up in the schedule so I can show them meeting Amar. Next up, we have Claudia and Jacob and Naomi and Owen will follow right after that.

    The info for Leslie's outfit says it's from

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, it would appear so! Who would have thought it?

    Dominic dating again is a little bittersweet to me as well. I keep looking at all these girls and thinking, well, you're cute but you're no Tessa! I just need to see him with these girls a little more and see if there's any one that he clicks with.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Riverdale, LOL! I remember Amar wasn't very popular at all with you guys when he was dating Claudia but he seems to have wormed his way into everyone's hearts now. He's much less of a jerk now than he was when he was 18 or 19, so that's understandable.

    Naomi was getting a sneak peek! I'm going to write that into her and Owen's update. ;)

    Whoever Dominic ends up with, it's not going to be Redhead from his first post-Tessa date. She's a cow. She's been trying to hit on my guys for generations now. She'll have to learn some manners first. ;)

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Rachel, Nathan and Amar don't have a whole lot in common. And Nathan is so irritable already and Amar would just be in his face all the time.

    Dominic is a nice kid, so I want to find him a nice girl. He has chemistry with a few girls but they're all mean - I want him to end up with someone sweet.

    I wasn't sure if Amar would ever show signs of settling down either but it appears that he's getting there with Adrienne. I guess he just had to get all the promiscuity and partying out of his system and then meet the right girl.

  6. I'm glad Dominic is getting out there again. But like you and everyone else said, it's kind of bittersweet. But he is so young and he has to live his life. He definitely needs to take his time though.

    I like the contrast between Amar and Nathan. They're definitely in different points in their lives and the personality differences are obvious lol. It is fun to read.

    I'm so glad that Amar agreed to meet Adrienne's parents and didn't just run for the hills lol. And I know Adrienne is happy, too. Too funny that Naomi decided to check Amar out for herself. That sounds like something my mom would do! Can't wait to read their update. I think Adrienne being in the place she is in her life might have helped Amar get to where he is now. I dunno if he'd be so willing to think about a permanent relationship if he was with a girl that's just like him. Or if Adrienne was still wreckless like she was pre-Sylvia. I'm glad she was able to tame him!

  7. I thought I'd never see the day. Amar is acting like a grown-up! It's nice to see him finally settling down (well, sort of) with one woman.

    I'm glad Dominic's dating again. He'll probably never get over Tessa's death completely but he needs to move on and live his life. I hope he finds some super sweet girl :)

  8. It's great seeing Amar begin to mature. I don't see him and Nathan starting up some study sessions, not that Amar is in college anyway. But it's nice to see him moving towards an actual relationship. I think an actual relationship would be his next progressive step, not kids, haha, Amar thinking of kids is funny. He needs to take things slow first! A new one for him!

    I'm looking forward to Dominic settling down! Not really an ROS though, unless you'd had him elope! Otherwise he was already going to accomplish that, someday anyway. :p

    Daphne looks super pale next to all the medium skin tones in this household! What a sweetie!

  9. Danielle, Dominic's still a baby, really, but he was very serious about Tessa and wanted to marry her. Had she lived, I probably would have let him. I can still see him marrying young but he'll have to meet the right girl first!

    Amar is a pretty nice guy and he's grown up a lot and he's definitely made Adrienne happy by agreeing to this "meet the parents" thing. Naomi showing up at Amar's studio reminded me of one of the recent Lakeside Heights updates; Naomi must have been doing some reading. ;)

    I think you're correct about Amar. If he was with a wilder girl, he'd probably still be out there just like he always was. He's thinking about a permanent relationship more because of the person he's with, as opposed to his age, though I believe that's a factor too. There's a time where it starts to look sad and Amar is approaching that time!

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, crazy, isn't it? I would say that Amar could probably totally give up his old lifestyle at this point but he's not ready to let go of that womanising persona completely yet. It's been a part of him for so long. I think he's getting there though.

    I don't think Dominic will ever get over Tessa either. The next girl he gets serious with will have some big shoes to fill, I fear.

    Thanks for reading.

    Maisie, I think Nathan could get to tolerating Amar but I don't know that they'll ever be best friends (not even study buddies, even if Amar was still a student!)

    I think Amar is only thinking of kids in a very abstract, far off in the distance way. It's hard not to when all your friends are having babies. He could become a father before he's truly ready though, because neither he or Adrienne are allowed to use BC!

    LOL, no, not my most drama-filled ROS for Dominic! But eloping would be so out of character for Dominic, with his family being as important to him as it is. He'd want to have everyone there.

    I'm still so glad Daphne got Claudia's skin tone, seeing Keira missed out. I had them together last night and she looks like a little ghost next to her only slightly darker cousin!

    Thanks for reading!

  10. All these guys are quite yummy looking, though I have to say Nathan caught my interest here. Maybe it is the freckles! Loved the 'uptight study shot', I think that says a lot about him~
    Amar's story was very sweet.

  11. Drew, Amar is, amazingly, a townie who I didn't do anything to! Dominic looks just like his mother and Nathan is his dad's clone (though I added the freckles as a nod to his mother). The uptight study shot pretty much sums Nathan up!

    I'm always extra-impressed by these Amar types who fall in love and start showing signs they want to settle down. They usually take their time!

    Thanks for reading!

  12. "Run like a Gun" is SO appropriate for the end there, lol! That's hilarious. It's sweet that he's thinking about them maybe in the long term.

    And Dominic, oh that last one I totally had a good feeling about. We'll be seeing more of her, won't we? She looks so sweet and so good with Dominic.

  13. Lunar, running definitely would have crossed Amar's mind, even if it wasn't the decision he made in the end! I'm surprised Amar is leading me this way but he is! Crazy.

    As for Dominic, of the girls he met this round, Leslie (the one at the end) was the one he clicked with the most. I'm probably going to go back and play Dominic a little more and maybe deal with him a bit more when I update his parents. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  14. I'm so glad Amar is finally growing up. Even when he was still stepping around on Claudia, I thought he could be redeemable if he just stopped indulging his Romance side. Good thing he and Adrienne have found each other; I think they're a good match.
    Nice to see the bromance continuing, with Amar being so worried for Dominic's love life. Although it's a tiny bit creepy.

  15. Fini, it took him long enough, didn't it? I think Amar was not quite himself when he was with Claudia. He was going through a jerk phase, sadly for her. But he's a much better match for Adrienne anyway.

    Ha, Amar is a bit flummoxed as to why young guys like Nathan and Dominic wouldn't be taking advantage of their youth. They're very different guys, obviously.

    Thanks for reading!