Thursday, 17 February 2011

Glory box

Round 30: November 2031 (Spring)
Narrated by Susannah Carmody

At the beginning of the year, I decided to move out of the dorms and room with Rebecca in Sullivan instead. It's definitely more expensive but there are enough advantages to make it worth it for me.

Rebecca wa used to living on her own and having every just the way she likes it, so I've had to really make sure I clean up after myself but that's only been a minor adjustment.

Living in the dorms, I didn't realise how much I missed eating real food! I really did get used to mac and cheese and cereal and I love being able to branch out again.

Rebecca has even started a little vegetable patch (which is not strictly allowed, seeing we're renting). Nothing has grown yet but Rebecca grew up on a farm and says she knows what she's doing. So I should have fresh ingredients for my cooking soon!

I'm not perfect, which Rebecca finds incredibly amusing, but I'm getting there.

I wish I could spend all day practising but unfortunately, I still have a year left of university and spend much of my spare time studying.

I definitely will not be enrolling in any post-grad studies, like Rebecca has! She's in the middle of her master's right now and is working under supervision with a psychologist at the hospital.

Rebecca sees clients on her own, which she said was scary the first time but has become easier as time has gone on.

She really loves it. She can't talk about any of the clients, because of confidentiality but it's all very interesting, apparently. Rebecca thinks she's finally building up a good rapport with the people she's seeing.

After each session, she sits with her supervisor, Carol and they discuss how things went and how she could improve her next session.

As well as her practical work, Rebecca also has a ton of papers to write and research to do when she's home.

If I need the computer, I have to use it during the day because one she starts using it, she's on there for the whole night.

Being so busy is part of the reason she broke up with Lucian, though there was a lot more to it than that.

For the entirety of their relationship, Lucian has been quite in love with Rebecca and she just didn't feel the same way. She was sort of waiting to see if things would change and if she'd develop the same sort of feelings for him. But as busy as she is now, she doesn't have the emotional energy to devote to that.

He didn't really take it that well but Rebecca decided it had gone on long enough. It was getting to the point where she felt like she was stringing him along.

Lucian did calm down after a little while and Rebecca was able to give him a better idea of what she was saying. Apparently, he still wants to be friends.

Rebecca thought her mother would be thrilled that she broke up with Lucian. He was rude to her at Claudia's wedding and Mrs Kirby has been complaining about him ever since.

Well, she wasn't thrilled. She kept denying that she ever said a word against him and that she thought he was a very nice boy and had been looking forward to getting to know him better.

It didn't take too long for me to realise why Rebecca's mother drives her insane so much.

I'm glad my relationship with Mama is not as contentious as Rebecca and her mother's.

We see each other all the time and there's never any sense of dread about it. We're just very close.

Seeing Sarah is on maternity leave until June, she comes over with Mum as well and brings little Thomas along. I love being an aunt, so I don't mind at all.

Sometimes I don't want to give him back!

Mama and Sarah have been asking about Greg lately. They want to meet him and have him over for dinner.

I'd have liked that too, because Mama and Sarah are so important to me, but it's just not going to happen now. It's over between Greg and me.

Greg has always been really sweet to me, so I could see us lasting a while. Maybe not marriage but I thought we could be happy together.

I ran into my friend Audrey on campus one day though and the topic of Greg came up.

She didn't really want to tell me but she thought I should know. When I'm not around, Greg flirts with other girls. Like a lot of other girls and all the time.

He's even tried hitting on Audrey a couple of times. I don't think she'd lie to me but I thought I'd ask Greg about it anyway.

So I confronted him about it, specifically asking him if he'd ever tried anything with Audrey.

I knew it was true when Greg kept dancing around the question. Instead of answering, he kept saying things like "I can't believe you'd ask me something like that!"

I've known Audrey longer than I've known Greg, so what was I supposed to think?

I just couldn't trust him any more and he didn't seem interested in fixing that.

I think I made the right decision but I'm still sort of depressed about the whole thing. I'm feeling kind of stupid at the moment.

Rebecca is convinced the solution is for me to start dating again. She thinks I should ask Samuel out, the guy she introduced me to last year.

Samuel actually calls me all the time. We talk a few times a week and I have to admit, I always look forward to his calls.

He's even come to our apartment a few times and we've hung out a little.

Things have got a bit flirty since I broke up with Greg but I'm being cautious. I'm just a bit wary about dating again so soon after dumping Greg. I think I'll wait a little while and then see if Samuel is still single when I feel ready to get back out there.

Rebecca enjoyed breaking up with Lucian just a little too much!


  • Title is from Glory Box by Portishead.
  • Rebecca rolled the ROS to start a vegetable garden. I forgot all about that when I moved them into this place, so it was lucky I had the space!
  • Rebecca has never been too interested in Lucian and this round, Susannah lost interest in Greg as well. Which is a good thing, seeing he is a big jerk.
  • Once Rebecca had broken up with Lucian, I teleported Megan in and found that she had rolled the want to become friends with him. So yeah...make of that what you will!
  • Susannah now seems very keen on Samuel, which is a change from last year. So we'll likely see a bit more of him.


  1. Rebecca is very busy! Busier than I thought she'd be with her masters, poor Elspeth. I wonder how that session went. And LOL on Rebecca breaking up with Lucian, she really is enjoying that isn't she!! Really can't please her mother though, huh? Funny she rolled the want to be friends.

    I wonder how things will go with Samuel, Greg was pretty good looking, but yah, a jerk. Don't need to settle down with one of those.

  2. First, I really need to read thing all the way through. When I saw thet title I thought it read, glory hole. LMAO! Gutter brain.

    Anywho, I love their apartment, and those fans on the wall. I used to have two when I was a teen. I want those!

    I think Rebecca did enjoy breaking up with Lucian a little to much, but it was funny to watch. I'm sure he'll find a nice girl to settle down with. How much further does she have left of school?

    Susannah should take her time, just play it by ear. Firends are good, and maybe later something else can become of her nd Samuel.

  3. Team Susannah, still! Poor Susi! She seems to have rotten luck when it comes to her love life.

    Rebecca reminds me a little too much of her mother, hehe.

  4. Like Riverdale, I also misread the title ^_^ I enjoy seeing these two and their little place, that sofa is to die for in that cranberry red, yum. Makes me want a cranberry and vodka...mmm, o-back to sims :) I'm glad Greg is out of the picture and where the heck has Samuel been hiding? He's a cutie. Just noticed those striped chairs behind the grinning Rebecca, WCIF?

  5. Maisie, Rebecca is busy but she's the kind of person who enjoys it. I think she and Elspeth would actually get along quite well. I see them as quite similar, personality-wise.

    Who knows what is running through Megan's head half the time? Her daughter breaks up with the boyfriend she claimed to hate and then she decides she likes him!

    Greg was definitely not settling down material. Damn Romance Sims! Samuel is Popularity, so we'll see how things go with him and Susannah.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Riverdale, LOL! I think it's possible that Glory Box is also referring to something sexual. But not glory holes, lol!

    The info on the fans say they're by OM, at I've used those a few times - they're pretty!

    I think at the very least, it was probably a relief for Rebecca to end things with Lucian. It's been a long time coming! One more year and she'll have her master's. There'll be more time for dating then.

    I'm making Susannah take her time with Samuel but Sim Susannah is getting antsy - I stopped her from couch woohooing 3 times, lol!

    Thanks for reading. :)

    LaurelCrossing, Susannah hasn't had the best luck so far, from the grand total of two guys she's dated. Maybe she'll have a better go of it with Samuel.

    There may be similarities between Rebecca and Megan; sometimes people who are very alike get along and sometimes they just clash!

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Apple Valley, LOL, I can't imagine what you guys were expecting to read when you opened this post! You must have thought I'd gone all porno on you!

    Heh, Samuel was featured very briefly last year. He was the guy Rebecca forced Susannah to talk to at the campus bar. They became friends but it never went further until now.

    I wish I could tell you about the sofa and the chairs but I have no clue. :\ They're Maxis items but it's so hard to keep track of recolours. I got a lot from Piggi Sims but she normally does solid colours and doesn't do as many patterns. But it's a possibility.

    Thanks for reading. :)

  6. Wow, this is turning into a break-up theme round! I'm so glad that Susannah dumped Greg, she deserves someone better. I guess nobody was surprised that Rebecca broke up with Lucian, it's been hanging in the air a long time.

    Apparently my brain's not in the gutter at all, lol. I immediately thought of that Portishead song, it's one of my faves!

  7. LOL @ Glory holes. Sick people! ;)

    Anyway, yes it was great seeing these 2 together. Lots of changes for them. 2 break ups, Rebecca working on her masters and Susannah working hard to finish her final year. There are only a handful of your sims I could see having a smile on their face while breaking up with someone and Rebecca's one of them. And I really think Megan drives her daughters crazy on purpose. She probably smirks to herself everytime one of them scowls at her.

    LOL at Susannah getting antsy (I can see why though. Samuel is cute). I think your sims are telling you that you're making them wait too long! I remember you had to stop Nick and Sarah's booty calls several times. But yes, Susannah needs to take her time. Samuel so far seems like a keeper.

    And yay! More Thomas!

  8. Susannah, LOL, have I had a lot of break-ups so far? I guess I have though I hadn't really realised it until now.

    The only one surprised by Rebecca and Lucian breaking up was probably Lucian. Greg and Susannah were slightly more unexpected but he needed to go as well. He was an ass!

    I'm glad someone doesn't keep their mind in the gutter. ;)

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Danielle, Rebecca can be a bit of an antagonist, so yeah, finding a guy's reaction to being dumped funny does seem quite her!

    Rebecca is mildly amused by Megan's rants and does derive some pleasure from provoking her. So if Megan is trying to drive her nuts intentionally, she's playing right into Rebecca's hands a lot of the time. Not here though. I think Rebecca was genuinely confused here!

    Susannah and Samuel are both getting pretty antsy, actually! Their panels are filling up with wants, they're heading for the couch every time they're together - they're not happy with me! Yeah, it's like Nick and Sarah all over again! They should just be extra grateful when I finally allow them to get together. ;)

    Thanks for reading. :)

  9. Great update, Lucian is a cute bugger! Awww over the breakup, he didn't take it well! Maybe he would be alright for Susannah~but then, Samuel is cute as well! Greg, sheesh, good riddance.

  10. I love these girls!
    Rebecca seems to be a bussy bee :) but it's a good thing, if she's making time for other things as well.
    I'm glad Susannah broke it off with Greg, and that she started seeing Samuel.
    No surprise in Rebecca breaking up with Julian, though I had still hope for these 2, I hope she finds someone else soon.
    I can imagine it being a breese having Susannah's mom over instead of Megan, but Megan wouldn't be Megan if she wasn't the way she is (if this sentence makes any sence at all :))

    Seeing you campuslots, makes me want to start building mine, but I don't have any ideas just yet, and still tons of other work to do :)

    I have a question about the golden record; is it necessarry to put it up in situations like these? And do you need it on community lots as well?

  11. Drew, Lucian is cute but not right for Rebecca, sadly for him. I don't think Susannah is keen on him, actually. Or at least, not overly. I would have noticed if they had very high chemistry.

    She's very into Samuel. I went in to graduate her last night and had to stop a booty call. I noticed she was going to autonomously get into the photo booth (which is in the basement of their apartment) and cancelled the action. Went down to check who was in the photo booth and Samuel came out!

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, Rebecca is honestly not doing much but studying at the moment! But she's done all the requirements now (though in game, I'm considering her to be in her second and final year of the course), so some more fun for her next time.

    Susannah hasn't starting dating Samuel yet but it's heading that way. They're kind of just flirty friends at the moment.

    Megan is a busybody and a know-it-all but yeah...that's just who she is! Her daughters have their own ways of dealing with it now, so she's more tolerable.

    Oh, I didn't build that lot! That's an awesome one that I downloaded from SimTopi and just edited a little. I moved some things around, changed some wallpaper and flooring and added the classroom and the gallery. It was nice that most of it was done for me!

    As for the golden record, I had a YA student selectable as a visitor on his parents' lot once and he started to age up, like he was graduating. So I'm thinking that it is necessary. It basically turns the lot into a uni lot in all ways - coaches will barge in and make the Sims start working out, you will get mascot and cheerleader fights. Unless you ban them all with Visitor Controller, which is what I do!

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Wow! It seems a like a lot are happening with these two. Rebecca is well on her way to a career and now she's unloaded the boyfriend....I wonder who she'll get with next? It's funny that she's encouraging Susannah to date, but isn't moving to do so herself.

  13. Rachel, Rebecca and Susannah were busy girls this round! Rebecca doesn't have her eye on anyone yet, so I'm not sure who'll she choose for her next boy.

    As for encouraging Susannah to date, well...I think that might be Megan's busybody genes in action! Rebecca definitely has a tendency towards that as well.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. LOL! On the pervy Glory talk. Oh man, I am SO glad I'm not the only complete pervert.

    Greg is a jerk! I'm glad Susannah got rid of him.

    And dang Rebecca! Cold hearted, lol!

  15. Lunar, LOL, no, definitely not the only pervert around here!

    Greg was a huge jerk - as well as kind of dumb! Of all the girls to hit on, he goes for Susannah's friend as well. It's like he wanted to get caught.

    I love how no one is especially surprised that Rebecca would enjoy a break-up so much!

    Thanks for reading!