Friday, 11 February 2011


Round 30: September 2031 (Spring)
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Caleb Moretti is 49, Cara is 42 and Anthony and Veronica are both 14.
(Nick is 28, Sarah is 26, Oliver is 15, Noah is 13, Mitchell is 12 and Thomas is 3 months old)

Narrated by Anthony Moretti

My brother Nick and his wife Sarah had a baby a few months ago, which means Veronica and I now have a nephew.

Thomas is cute but not especially interesting right now. He just kind of sits around.

You wouldn't know it to watch Dad with him.

He was moaning about being too young to be a grandfather before Nick got married but I guess he's over that now.

I'm really not interested in anything but getting a girlfriend right now. There's been a lack of opportunity around here but I've been practising my moves in front of the mirror whenever I get the chance.

It was a bit embarrassing when I was doing it in the washroom at Dad's shop and was caught in the act. I felt very sheepish.

Dad didn't say much. He just smiled, like he was trying not to laugh and told me to get back to work.

It'd be nice if Dad's shop was the kind that attracted more teenage girls.

It could be a good way to meet some people but pre-cooked meals don't exactly bring in young customers. The people Dad gets in are a lot older. It sucks that I'm finally allowed to date and there's no one around.

Veronica has a boyfriend now. Unofficially, they've been dating for a while but that was behind Mum and Dad's backs.

But they know now and Oliver has come over for dinner a few times and everything.

Dad always looks so stern when Oliver's over but he says he likes him okay.

Oliver's not too bad but Veronica has been such a pain since they started dating.

She's so smug about it and is always teasing me about when I'm going to find a girlfriend.

I stretched the truth a little and told her I already had one but I don't think she bought it. I mean, if I had a girlfriend, she'd know.

Noah, though. Noah believed me. He was pretty impressed for a long while.

Noah never really asked for details, like who these girls I was talking about were and how come he'd never seen them. He just accepted whatever I told him.

Until Mitchell ruined it all. At first, he believed me as well, or at least, he pretended to.

But then he started pressing me for details, which I obviously didn't have.

Then finally, I guess he just got sick of listening to me because he went through and poked holes in all of my stories, right in front of Noah. So now he doesn't believe me either.

I was furious with him, to be honest and we ended up having a big argument about it.

I did my fair share of sulking over the next couple of days or so. Mainly because I felt so stupid. It was pretty dumb of me to start lying about imaginary girls, seeing it was always going to be easy to get caught out. If Mitchell hadn't "outed" me, Veronica probably would have.

Noah must have told his parents about what happened, because now my parents know. Mum gave me a nice little lecture about it.

I avoided Mitchell and Noah for a few days, hoping they'd forget all about it.

Turns out, neither of them had forgotten. Thankfully, they both seemed willing to let my idiocy slide. I hope they don't bring it back up to haunt me later on!


Oh my gosh, many, many pics - I just couldn't stop taking pictures of Thomas and his family!

Awww! I think I'm going to do that every time I see Nick with Thomas.

From my 5 minute observation, I've decided that Nick and Sarah are really cute as parents.


Veronica loves Thomas, which seems like a really 14 year-old thing. Were you guys all nuts about babies when you were that age? I remember being that way, as well as all my friends. What's with that, lol?

More cuteness! Apparently, Ione and Evan have sent Aurora to Caleb's shop to pick up some dinner. ;) He gave her a discount, because she's his niece.

  • Title is from Plans by You Am I.
  • Anthony rolled the ROS "Completely Silly Fight" this round. He's 100/100 with several Sims (as are most of my Sims) but I decided to go with Mitchell. I'd already set up Anthony as telling some tall stories during the high school update, as well as Mitchell being a bit dubious about it all. Telling stories like that was never going to last long in a small school like Sullivan High, so Anthony had to learn his lesson.
  • I think these two are going to get into college with zero trouble. Veronica is very conscientious and Anthony has somehow got more than 8 points in every skill except cooking, despite the fact that he hardly ever rolls the want to skill. He's on track for a full scholarship, like Nick got, but they are completely different. I think of them both as naturally very smart but Nick worked hard and Anthony's happy to coast.
  • This round, Caleb's business got to Level 4 and he paid off his entire loan. He and Cara even have quite a bit to spare now.


  1. Oh Aurora is pure cuteness, how funny to have her show up at the shop. Nick and Sarah are really cute parents, and yes young girls seem to be gaga for babies, who knows why! I was too!

    Ohhh Anthony, that is a pretty lame thing to lie about. There always seem to be a boy in each group that has a knack for telling tall-tales, and he's certainly at that age for that. Glad he made amends with the boys.

    Caleb looks adorable with Thomas, he's such a good looking guy, and he's aging so well. Which sounds funny, cause he's not elder yet, but it is, what it is.

  2. I think guys that age forgive each other pretty quickly over something like that. Most of them are struggling! Poor Anthony though LOL!

    Nick and Thomas are so cute...lots of awwww.

  3. For most of the post, I thought that Cara was Amelia and I was wondering what happened to the baby until it hit me that they're not the same ^_^ Love the update and Cara's dress, it's a recolor of bunhead's secretary dress isn't it?

  4. I can't wait to see Thomas as a toddler. I think he's going to be spoiled. And I see Veronica is wearing my favorite dress. I've been meaning to ask where you got it since I saw Victoria in it way back when. So that's my WCIF!

    I wasn't as gaga over babies at 14, but I also think it has to do with the fact that my little cusin was born when I was 10, and I helped my grammy with him when they lived with us. Plus, even when they didn't live with us, they visited all the time.

    Teen boys, it's so easy to catch them in lies. LOL But now that he's learned I'm sure he won't do it again. And eventually he'll find a nice girl to date.

  5. LOL I like how you did the ROS. Anthony is adorable and is such a typical teenaged boy to lie about something like that. I like how Noah was so gullible. He looks like he would be, with his sweet face. But, boys will be boys and I’m sure they’ll get over it soon.. and will tease him endlessly lol. I’m sure he’ll find someone soon.

    But more importantly, awwwww Nick as a dad just made him even cuter (if that was even possible). And Sarah looks sweeter than ever with Thomas. I’m very curious how he will look when he turns 1. And I’ll say again, Caleb wears his grandfather hat well.

    I think I was a little baby crazy in my pre-teen years, too. One of my cousins was born when I was 10 and I helped out with her a lot. Everyone was impressed that I could calm her down when she was crying but I didn’t do anything other than play with her.

  6. Awwwwwwww, baby! Now I got that out of my system so I can comment on the update ;)

    It's so hard to believe that Caleb and Abigail are grandparents! He's a really cute grandfather.

    Anthony cracked me up. Isn't that such typical behaviour for teen boys (and girls too) if they haven't started dating yet. It's good that he made up with Mitchell and Noah although I'm sure he wishes he had never opened his mouth about his imaginary girlfriend.

    I hope Veronica doesn't get any crazy ideas when it comes to babies! I do remember being nuts about babies at that age too though but I never thought I'd want one for real.

  7. Maisie, I think I installed some kind of hack ages and ages ago to allow children as customers but I'm so glad I did. I think it's adorable when they come in on their own, if not a little unrealistic.

    This was a pretty lame thing to lie about for Anthony! So easy to spot inconsistencies! But it's behind them now and I think Mitchell and Noah were more amused than anything else.

    Well, I do try to make my Sims look older as they "age", so you can say Caleb's aging well.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    S.B., ha, well, Mitchell is no more experienced than Anthony is and Noah's one attempt at romance was quite the failure. So they're all in the same boat.

    I took an absurd amount of pictures of Nick, Sarah and Thomas - they're adorable and I'm excited to see Thomas as a toddler.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Apple Valley, LOL! Really? Ooh, that'd be a bit creepy, seeing Amelia is Caleb's sister. No sibling marriages in Sullivan!

    Cara's outfit is a top and skirt. The skirt is from Bunhead but the top could either be from Bunhead or one of the recolours of it from Heredon Cove.

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Riverdale, me too! I don't know if Thomas will be spoiled but he certainly has enough people willing to try. ;)

    I'll check on Veronica's dress for you. I'm pretty sure it's either MTS or TSR but I'm going to start loading in a minute, so I'll check when I get in.

    Actual 24/7 experience with a baby would probably hamper the novelty factor, I think!

    I think we can say that Anthony has learnt his lesson. I don't know who he'll end up dating though - the pool is pretty small, because he has so many damn cousins!

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Danielle, it's funny that it worked out that way because initially, I only wrote Noah as the gullible one because he looked so enraptured by Anthony's bragging, while Mitchell looked bored or annoyed. I think Anthony's lie has given the boys some ammo when they want to make fun of him later. ;)

    Thanks for reading. :)

    Sari, I know, I think I'm going to be more shocked seeing Abigail as a grandma! She's only a year younger than Caleb but her kids are still so young,

    Yes, it's not unusual for girls to stretch the truth at this age either! It seems pretty typical when they want to look mature in front of their friends. It would help to make the lies believable though - a vital step that Anthony missed!

    I don't think I wanted one of my own babies at that age either. Veronica is quite bright, so I don't think she's going to go out and try to get herself pregnant or anything!

    Thanks for reading. :

  8. Riverdale, Veronica's dress is by Fishie and it comes with 3 other dresses on the same mesh. You can download them here:

  9. I like the way you worked the ROS into this update, and is really was a silly fight :) but I'm glad the boys made it up and are friends again. I hope that Anthony has learned his lesson though.

    I was crazy about babies when I was 14 years old, lol I still am, but at times I'm really happy that I don't have children (yet).
    I think it's just typical girls, while they go all oooh and aah, the boys usually walk away as fast as they can :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing Thomas as a toddler. And Nick is a dad is even cuter than I thought it would be!

  10. Tanja, heh, well, silly fights usually don't last long and the ROS did call for a silly one. So the boys all made up and I do think that's the last time Anthony will tell a tall tale like that. ;)

    Heh, you too, huh? It's funny how it worked out that way with this family too. Veronica was all over Thomas but Anthony barely cared at all! It's not a niceness thing either, because Anthony is the nicer of the two.

    Nick and Thomas together is just the sweetest thing ever, isn't it?

    Thanks for reading!

  11. Ok, Nick and Sarah really are cute parents. They totally put a smile on my face, lol.

    Also, ha, Anthony and the made up girlfriend. I remember knowing people who'd tell stories about their long distance boyfriends and girlfriends back in the days before internet. Remember those days? Those stories never lasted very long, lol.

  12. Lunar, I know, I love them! I already can't wait to play them next round, when Thomas will be a toddler. Sarah and Nick will probably both want another baby by then!

    Ha, yes, it was a lot harder to believe tales of a girlfriend or boyfriend in another city when kids really had no conceivable way of even meeting someone like that! Maybe Anthony should have told his friends his girlfriend was a long distance one, though I'm sure he still would have been snuffed out eventually. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  13. What a happy little family (despite Anthony's silly lies)! They're doing pretty well, with the kids set up for college and not really getting into any terrible trouble (so far), and the shop earning back the loan. I hope Veronica keeps her head firmly on her shoulders with Oliver...they've been together a while and he might start pressuring her for more serious things.

  14. Rachel, they've always been pretty happy I think (though they must be glad they don't have to find babysitters for Anthony and Veronica any more!) their financial situation is much better than it was a few years ago, definitely. The business was a good move for Caleb; he can thank Cara for encouraging him. ;)

    I do see Veronica as a pretty smart kid but at the moment, that's being forced on her. We'll see what she does when I turn woohoo on once she's 15. Hopefully, she'll keep her wits about her with Oliver and not do anything she doesn't want to do.

    Thanks for reading!