Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Round 19: Summer 2009

Brandon Kirby is 74, Leontine is 67, Trent is 39, Megan is 37 and Claudia and Victoria are 8.

Narrated by Megan Kirby

Brandon and I are still working hard for the market, looking up new recipes for the bakery section. Brandon would like to retire and he's very keen to get everything perfect before Trent takes over.

Trent and I have been working on something too. We discussed it for what felt like forever and finally decided we'd try for one more baby. Maybe we discussed it too long because I'm still not pregnant. I'm only 37. It shouldn't be this hard to conceive yet, should it?

We're lucky than Brandon and Leontine are such involved grandparents because they often take the girls out without us even asking. Brandon took Claudia and Victoria to the creek while he went fishing last week. It's just across the road from our farm, so it's very convenient for us.

The girls aren't very interested in fishing but they have some play equipment there and they played on that for a while. Until the lookout was taken over by teenagers using it as their hangout.

There are plenty of other things to do down there anyway, especially for Claudia.

We had Brandon's old friend, Galen, over the other night. Brandon's been a bit worried about him, as he's been so depressed since the death of his son.

He didn't end up joining us for the actual dinner though, probably because the smell of Victoria's awful muffin was a little off-putting.

She was very sweet to Galen when she invited him to play her video game with her. She even let him win, which is a pretty big deal to her. She's quite competitive with anything game-related. I don't know if she was being polite or if she knew he needed a bit of fun but it made me smile, regardless.

Trent and I qualified for fertility treatment last week, so now we're waiting to see if that helps us at all. Brandon has backed off a bit in pestering us about another grandchild, thank goodness.

I would love to be able to give them one more grandbaby though. Maybe a boy. I know I say it all the time but they really are wonderful grandparents. Brandon is out with Claudia every evening teaching her all about farming.

Leontine works until very late but I hear her go in to kiss the girls goodnight when she finally gets in each night.

Just yesterday, I took what seemed like my millionth pregnancy test and it was positive! We're both thrilled beyond belief. I really think this baby will complete our little family.

Trent couldn't wait to tell Tate our news but Tate seemed a little put off at first. He and Zelda want another child too and have so far been unsuccessful. I don't think Trent meant to be insensitive - he was just really excited!

The rest of Tate's visit was spent with Trent patiently listening to all of Tate's cooking anecdotes. Trent doesn't care about cooking at all (I should know!) but Tate listens to Trent talking about cars and tools, so Trent is obligated to return the favour.

Our niece Josie came over with Tate too. She's a year younger than the twins but she seems to have matured a bit since the last time we saw her. She was very sedate yesterday and the girls are all becoming really good friends.

Random pic:
Whatever Asha is involved in, it's certainly a juicy piece of gossip for the primary school set! I wonder how long this rumour will keep flying around.

  • My not-calendar is based on the southern hemisphere, so imagine this takes place around January 2009 and not in the middle of the year. This round will end with Summer 2010, so think of that as around December 2010.
  • So this was my first family under the new system and it's working really well for me. I turned off aging and just bumped them all up 2 days when I was done with them. Except Leontine. I didn't age her at all so she's finally in line with Pascal's age (her twin) and not Georgette and Vivienne's (her older sisters). I played them for 3 days but it was nice to know I could go longer or shorter if I wanted to. There's a lot more freedom for me this way.


  1. How are you aging them up by days?

    The girls are cute in their matching dresses. Hmm... I wonder what kind of juicy gossip the kids are sharing about Asha. Do they gossip like their parents? Maybe Asha burned a muffin. XD

  2. I use InSim to age my Sims up by days. It's the only hack I can think of that has the option to go up by one day but I could be wrong.

    I don't know what the deal is with Asha but I'm going to pay way more attention to her now! There's no smoke without fire, so there must be something going on with her!

  3. I don't know if I still get the new aging system. From what I understand you play for however long you want to but it counts as 2 days? Or did I get it totally wrong? I tried to read the info at Lakeside Heights but apparently my brain isn't functioning today because I didn't get it LOL

    I use the good ol' multipainting to age my sims up by days. Nothing bad has happened (yet).

  4. Yeah, that's basically it! Because I have aging off and I age them up manually, it doesn't really matter how long I play them for. Whether I play them for 2 days or 10 days (I doubt I'll ever play that long though!), they still only age 2 Sim years.

  5. I got it now! And now I'm tempted to try it too! LOL

  6. I'm glad they were able to have another baby, hopefully not twins again! I think it's hilarious that the kids can gossip too....Asha better watch what she does from now on!

  7. Yay, I'm glad they got their last baby! No offense to Trent, but I hope he/she gets Megan's chin ;)

    Asha! What scandal, lol!

    I use the multi-painting too. Are we not supposed to? I haven't been paying attention, lol!

  8. I'm glad that they're getting the third baby they want! LOL, I wonder what Asha has been up to that's such juicy gossip?

    The more I see people using the Lakeside Heights aging system, the more I'm very tempted to switch to it also. It would be so nice to be able to play as long as I need or want in each household and still keep everyone aging together like they're supposed to! Hmm...maybe I'll consider it when round 13 starts in Pine Hollow.

  9. Laura, I've just always used InSim so I just continued with that. I like being able to spawn the different bits and then delete them without going into buy mode. I don't know much about the multi painting - I've never used it!

    I am hoping for two things with this baby. 1) A mouth of a normal size and definitely Megan's chin! and 2) ONE baby, not twins!

    Shana, I wish I'd started sooner so I really recommend it. I know Laura and Riverdale agree.

  10. The girls look cute sitting around the playtable, having fun. :-) Glad the new aging system is working well for you!

  11. Thanks, Jen!

    Josie looks cute at the playtable but the twins are so hard to photograph! I try to get good angles but the chins are super-prominent from the side but they look plain bizarre from the front, Claudia especially.

    I think I'm going to age them up to teen today, see what they look like and then consider some minor surgery!

  12. Yay! Another baby... or should I say babies? The fertility treatment option does increase chance of multiples! ;)

    Glad the system is working for you. It's always nice when we can actually enjoy playing and not worry about the things that nag at us. :D

  13. *light bulb!* I got it now what you are doing with your new aging system. (I'm behind on my reading and catching up this morning).

    I've been thinking of keeping with the 3 day rotation but making the 3rd day not age. And as of now I'm going to rotate houses by season like you! I LOVE this idea. Thank you for sharing it!

    I'm so happy you are doing ages now too, it's always interesting to know.

  14. Mao, I seriously did not know that! And it's been so long since I played this family that I can't remember. Megan may actually be pregnant with twins. I have no clue!

    Maisie, I'm glad everything is making sense to you now. My explanation was not terribly comprehensive but I was hoping everyone would just fall in line with it as we went along.

    I can't take credit for the seasons idea. I believe Riverdale's year is marked by seasons and I'm pretty sure I got the idea from her. ;)

  15. This systems sounds really interesting, but there's something I don't quite understand:
    How often do you change the seasons? Or how long to they last?

    (Sorry if my English sounds rather stupid, it's not my first language).

  16. Okay, I found out by reading some more updates. :-)

    And this systems sounds great, I think I'll use it, when my hood will be finally ready to be played.

  17. Astrid, good, I'm glad it became clear to you as you read on. I love this system - I wouldn't go back to playing any other way. The whole hood feels almost alive to me this way.

    And please don't worry about your English! It's absolutely fine and I wouldn't have known English wasn't your first language had you not mentioned it.