Friday, 10 July 2009

Wooden nickels

Along with playing the Carmody family yesterday, I took Betsy down to the high school to get all the new students enrolled. Not as crazy as the primary school was in Round 18 but these kids kind of had minds of their own, in a way I have not quite witnessed before in a school update. The way it played out really didn't lend itself to anything close to story telling, so this will be more commentary-like than usual.

All the new students, bar one, are pictured here. Cordy and Luc are 16, while Rose and Joanna are both 14.

The youngest new student is 13 year-old Ione. She's already making quite the impression on the boys at school.

But she's just happy to be reunited with some of her friends from primary school, who are a couple of years ahead of her.

Half of Betsy's new class works quite well.

But as soon as she's got her back turned, Rose is awkwardly flirting at the back of the room.

Here's where they started getting minds of their own. This round, I spent most of the time letting the kids wander around doing whatever they wanted. Half ended up in the music room. I watched them for a while, only to head over to the library where Cordy and townie Stephan were getting rather close. They'd actually made friends (all the way up to about 85 daily) all by themselves.

Stephan had the want for his first kiss (Cordy couldn't care less about her first kiss, apparently - I don't think she's ever rolled that want) so I let him go for it. It was a little awkward when they bumped noses.

But they got into the swing of it eventually.

More awkwardness followed though, when they could barely look at each other afterwards without giggling. Probably not a match made in heaven, but at least Cordy will have some experience under her belt if she ever decides to try things with Eliot, when she's older.

Poor Ione's hunger was in the red, even though the rest of her classmates' hunger was at about 50%. So she was all prepared to eat lunch by herself.

So she was pretty thrilled when the rest of the class entered the cafeteria and Stephan sat down to eat his own lunch at her table.

She tried to talk to him about sports but I guess tennis isn't his thing, because he kept his eyes on his pancakes (real healthy lunch, Sullivan High!) the whole time. The time he wasn't staring at Cordy, anyway.

Forget him. Another townie, Gordon, has taken a shine to Ione. She's a tad embarrassed by all the attention.

He's a better conversationalist than Stephan, at least.

Rose and Joanna insist on hearing all the details when Ione sits down to seconds (well, I said she was really hungry, didn't I?!)

Rose soon realises she's looking at Luc in a whole new light.

Autonomous, people! Never have I had two playables autonomously share a first kiss! That I can remember, anyway. They only have one bolt too.

Then, mere minutes later, Ione and Gordon are sharing a first kiss of their own. Also autonomously.

Ione runs straight outside to share this new development with Cordy. Relationships formed at 13 rarely go very far but it's exciting when you're 13 anyway.

So it was just first kisses all around and not much else this time! Ione and Gordon and Cordy and Stephan have decent chemistry but they're townies so I'm going to try to avoid them. I really prefer to pair up my playables, when I can!


  1. Great update! I can't wait to start playing the Sims 3!

  2. Wow, autonomous first kiss! I don't think I've ever seen that in my game.

    This was a very entertaining update, it's certainly not boring to go to Sullivan High :)

  3. First kisses and everything! Woot! Wish that happened at Riverdale High, all the do is give noogies. lol Great update!

  4. If you think about it, it's pretty realistic.....once kids get past that "ewww girls are gross/boys are nasty" stage, there's no stopping them! Their hormonal from then on!

  5. Thanks everyone. This round was fun but kind of hard to keep up with. I almost missed the two autonomous first kisses - lucky for that annoying music! I'll never complain about it again. ;)

  6. Your teen girls are all so pretty! And I love Cordy as a nickname - how long have you been calling her that? It suits her perfectly in her cute little track jacket :)

    Wow, everybody's hot for that first kiss it seems, lol! I'm jealous! I've never seen an autonomous first kiss. Maybe it's part of the new ACR? I did notice the first kiss interaction in the menu. Hmmm... I'll have to plop a few of my unkissed teenyboppers in the same room and see what happens ;)

  7. Thanks, Laura. I think they're pretty cute too, though there are not all that many cute boys for them to pair up with!

    Cordelia has always been Cordy, since she was a baby. I'd planned for her to switch to Cordelia at some point but she's definitely a Cordy.

    I bet the autonomous first kiss is a new ACR thing. I hadn't thought of that but I just downloaded it the other day.

  8. Oh man! What a great start to the high school. Way too cute!

    Wow... Sims grow so fast. I remember when Ione was just a little sim! Now she's getting her first kiss.

    I especially love that picture where others are joining her for lunch and she has that huge surprised smile on her face.

  9. Ione's surprised face was one of those times when the Sims get their faces stuck with one expression for a while. She was sitting there staring at Stephan in shock for quite a while.

    I can't believe Ione is so grown-up either. And that she looks more like Araminta now. She looked like Henry as a baby and toddler. She did have some surgery to shorten the gap between her nose and mouth as a toddler but she always looked like Henry.

  10. I still need to get the new ACR. I think I'll do that now, actually! I'm such a procrastinator.

    I love seeing the inner-workings of your schools. It's so cool to see the students all gathered there and what mischief they get into.

  11. I love doing the school updates. They're really easy to play and it's on a community lot so I don't have to worry about anyone aging up accidentally either!

    I should go check ACR again. It could be past beta by now, all the time I've been away!