Thursday, 9 July 2009

A day in the life

Round 19: Summer 2009

Arianna Weaver is 54, Liam is 46, Jonas Lachance is 31, Tatiana Moretti is 26 and Jacob is 8.

Narrated by Tatiana Moretti.

I'm so glad to be back home in Sullivan! I missed this place so much. At Suffolk, there was no place to work on my cars... dogs weren't there with me...

...and neither was my little brother.

And for the final two years, neither was Jonas. But now everything is back just as it should be and I couldn't be happier.

We figured that we'd waited long enough to be together, so we got married right away.

I am finally Tatiana Lachance! It feels like I've been waiting forever.

I always pictured a small wedding but as you can see, that didn't happen. Both my family and Jonas's are just too large and there weren't many people we could get away with not inviting.

Still these were all the people we love most in the world, so I'm glad it turned out bigger than I'd planned for in the end.

I didn't even notice but Jacob missed the whole ceremony. He was upstairs painting.

He saw us cutting the cake from the window though and seeing the opportunity to pump his body full of sugar, he came running down for a slice.

He finished it before we knew it and he'd changed into his regular clothes.

He spent the rest of the party talking to Nicholas. Nicholas is a couple of years younger than him but he was the only other kid at the party, so Jacob didn't have much room to be snobby about that.

My in-laws get along really well with my mum and stepdad, so that's kind of a relief. I guess I was a little nervous about Jonas's parents, after what happened at Abigail's grad party.

I always thought our house was huge but it seemed really tiny with so many people crammed inside. We had our first dance in the upstairs hallway, just to get away from everyone for a while!

I'm a little worried about Abigail, speak of the devil. She had her son and Caleb with her but she still tried her hand at flirting with James, right in front of her kid.

I overheard her talking to Anna about how sexy she thinks Max Nihill and my uncle Filippo are. The latter is more disturbing than I can comprehend but I just hope Caleb doesn't get his heart broken. Pascal and Mina are hardly models of fidelity, which Jonas has never understood, ever since he was old enough to latch onto what was going on. But maybe it's had the opposite effect on Abigail.

And now the clean-up begins. It would have been nice of people to at least bring their cake plates inside the house. Sigh.

Mum and Liam offered to do the rest of the cleaning, so I snuck upstairs with Jonas instead.

So we were upstairs for several hours before we were interrupted by Jacob. He just had to know what we were doing in there. I wish he'd learn how to knock.

A couple of weeks after the wedding, I woke up and felt more nauseous than I'd ever felt before in my life. Once I got myself together, I confirmed my suspicions with a pregnancy test! Baby Lachance is due this spring!

I am unbelievably tired during the day, so Jonas has taken over my gardening duties. I kind of wish I was awake to see it, because I can't imagine him gardening. He's a city slicker.

We haven't told anyone that I'm pregnant yet, so no one has explained to Jacob that I really do need my rest. I try to sleep through his yelling about school but he's loud!

Jonas worries about me, so if he wasn't at work, he often sat on the bed next to me while I dozed.

He's a natural worrier and it usually turns out to be nothing but this time it wasn't. We lost the baby. We're both heartbroken over about it.

Jonas has been wonderful and he keeps telling me we can try again as soon as I'm ready. I'm really scared that I won't be able to get pregnant again or that I will and we'll lose the baby again. I hope I feel a little more confident about our chances with time but I just don't know.

Random pics:
I love autonomous slow dancing. Or "classic" dancing or whatever EA decided to call it. Kind of surprised that Anna and Emil were the only ones to dance at the wedding though. Of all people...

Jonas and Tatiana are both very protective of their newspaper! They were heading upstairs to woohoo (once again) but they dumped that from their queues so they could both yell at Emil.

I love the "are you for real?" face Sims make when the other Sim tries to initiate woohoo.

Too cute! Love this animation too.

  • Check out Mina clapping at nothing in the wide shot of the wedding. Anna is there too and it looks like she's clapping with her back turned to Tatiana and Jonas but she's actually playing with her Rubik's Sphere, like the rude cow she is! I had to laugh at that.
  • I made Abigail selectable out of curiosity at the reception. After no wants to cheat on Caleb all through college, I find that she has 3 bolts with James Novak (who can blame her? Rawr...God, I'm sad) and has the want to fall in love with both Max and Filippo. She is a worry, for sure.
  • Jonas and Tatiana seem to have a really high libido. They really do act like typical newlyweds. Jonas has the constant want "Woohoo in Bed". At first I thought it wasn't being fulfilled but it turns out that he just rolls it again as soon as they're done!
  • I am so sad about Tatiana's miscarriage. Jonas has had the want for a baby since he graduated college. I thought I was taking pretty good care of Tatiana, but apparently not! I'm going to pop into their house sometimes during Autumn 2009 to let them try again.


  1. How sad! I was already anxious to see what their baby will look like. I hope they can get pregnant again soon :)

    Wow, Abigail is really taking after her parents! I hope she doesn't turn into a serial heartbreaker-homewrecker!

  2. Poor Tatiana. She's one of my favorites; she's just so cute! I was rather excited to see she was pregnant. Awww...

    And Abigail! Maybe she just realized she's settled into children and married life too soon.

  3. I feel so bad for Tatiana, I hope she can recover from it. Abigail wants to spread the love huh?!

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone.

    I was really excited when I heard the lullaby but it was short-lived, unfortunately. I'd never noticed the "cheer up" interaction is activated after a miscarriage, so that was nice.

    I think settling down too soon is definitely what's happened with Abigail. She kind of got lumped with Caleb when she got pregnant - they weren't even going steady. And obviously, a baby wasn't in her plans at that stage either. :\ I'm not sure what's going to happen with those two.

  5. I love those wedding cakes! I just have to remember to make them available for community lots!

    Poor Tatiana. It's so sad when it happens (most of the time.) Next time will be better and that baby will stick. It's wrierd how inTeen decideds who's going to stay pregnant and who isn't.

    Abigail is still young. She's made a mistake but now she's starting to see that she doesn't have to settle. I just hope that no one gets hurt in her process of finding herself.

  6. Aww! Poor Tatiana! Hopefully they are successful on their next try. :( It's so hilarious how some sim couples are more amorous than others. Weird how that works. I've had three bolters that didn't woohoo nearly as much as some with only two bolts.

    Oh boy, Abigail is... I'm interested in seeing where this goes, LOL.

  7. How sad for Tatiana! She is one of my favorites!

    Wowza on Abigal! And LOL on the "rawr!"

    Looks that the wedding went well. The set up for it is quite lovely!

  8. I hope not either, Riverdale. Caleb is a good guy and he's already been dumped once.

    I wish I understood code enough (or at all) to really understand how Sim chemistry and woohoo frequency works. It's all very interesting.