Sunday, 12 July 2009

That's the way

Round 19: Autumn 2009

Ben and Caterina Nihill are both 54 and Olivia is 12.

Narrated by Caterina Nihill

I must be crazy because instead of enjoying a quiet afternoon reading, I let Olivia invite some kids over instead. Her friends Asha and Lia came along. In turn, Lia brought her sister Maia, who brought her friend (and my nephew) Jacob. It was a mad house.

I was trying to go about my business but they all start helping themselves to juice from the fridge, so I took that as a hint that it must be lunch time and made sandwiches for all 5 of them.

Olivia is at that age where she's not a little kid any more but she's nowhere near as mature as you'd expect from a teenager either. It's interesting to watch her with her friends, because she's taking an interest in clothes and fashion already...

...but then you'll see her sit down and play Mary Mack. She's off to high school next year but she's at a very weird in-between stage right now.

Speaking of high school, I decided it'd be a good idea to work on some self defense skills before she starts! I remember what those teenage boys can be like!

I had a little gathering of my own the next day, when my sister Arianna came over with her daughter Tatiana. We've been reconnecting since Ben and I moved back to Sullivan, as we didn't see much of each other at all when we lived in Exeter.

Ben came home while we were sitting in the living room catching up and suddenly dropped to his knees to serenade me. I think Tatiana and Arianna were quite taken aback.

It was a little embarrassing but it was sweet too. It's nice to know he still thinks to do things like that after so many years together.

By that time, Olivia had come home from school (with another A+ - we're so proud of her) and declared that she was starving.

It was only about 4:30pm but we decided to sit down to an early dinner anyway. We talked about all sorts of things but Tatiana kept bringing it back to kids. She and Jonas just got married a few months ago and I guess they're looking to start a family soon. She certainly seems keen!

Random pics:
This was Olivia's reaction when I had her view her own painting. She's maxed out her creativity but apparently, she's her own harshest critic. ;)

And now you know why Tatiana was all about the baby talk at dinner! I popped in to have her and Jonas try again right before I played the Uni kids and they were successful on their first attempt. That was a couple of days ago now but I saved it until now - it's a nice way to end my last entry before I go on holidays. She's due in Summer 2009-10.

  • This was the first family since I started the new system that I actually only played for 2 days. Mum took my sister and me out to dinner as a farewell tonight, so I had to get just a quick session in, so not too many pics.
  • As I said, this is my last update before I go away. When I get back, we'll be in Winter 2009 (which is where I am right now in real life!) and will be starting with the Sitkos.


  1. Yay, Tatiana is pregnant! I hope all goes well this time.

    I think it's sweet that Ben still serenades Caterina after all these years! Romance isn't dead ;)

    Have a great sims-free holiday! :)

  2. Thank you!

    Hopefully, this pregnancy will go to plan. I have to visit them in Winter and Spring to advance the pregnancy and then again in Summer to have her give birth. She would have to miscarry in that very short amount of time I'll be in their house so she'd be super-unlucky. But fingers crossed anyway.

  3. Crazy Southern Hemisphere-- in winter right now. That's one of those facts that I know because of science class, but still neat to hear.

    Wow, that's a lot of kids. Doesn't that look like fun!

    And Tatiana pregnant with a Jonas baby.

    Have a fun trip. I hope you do post up some pics when you get back. ^__^

  4. 5 kids running around? Too many for me! Have fun on your trip!

  5. Whoa, Caterina is one brave woman to let five rambunctious kids run around her house all at once! ;)

    Yay! I hope all goes well for Tatiana and Jonas.

    Enjoy your trip! :)

  6. Cool beans! Have fun on your trip. If you come to visit my lovely city of Chicago, USA make sure to check out the new skydeck at Sears Tower. The new skydeck allows visitors to literally stand on clear plastic over downtown Chicago.

  7. Hope you're having a blast! I'm a little late with the farewell and good wishes, but we just got back from our own vacation.

    Yay for more babies!

  8. Crazy update. I always go nuts when there are a lot of kids.

    Have a great vacation. Sidenote where are you from that is winter right now?

  9. Lunar, I am still planning to post some pics of our trip at one point but I'm sure you'll all forgive me for being a bit lazy with it over the next couple of days!

    Bernz, we did do the Skydeck! We literally had our picture taken on it and then ran back onto opaque ground. It's much freakier standing on that than I thought it would be!

    heredoncove, I'm in Sydney, Australia.