Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The first family

That sounds a bit presidential, doesn't it? The Kirby family are far from it, but they're pretty adorable anyway.

Nathaniel and Joanne are the first farmers in Sullivan. They own Kirby Market and work in co-operation with the Drapers to stock the store.

Unfortunately, neither of them have nature enthusiasm. I was hoping one of them would have that as their OTH and I thought Nathaniel did, for the longest time. But no. Nathaniel likes Cuisine and Joanne likes Tinkering. That will come in handy - my farm Sims are not allowed to call for repairs unless it's something that might be dangerous for them to attempt on their own. I figure it would be hard to get repairmen to come out to the middle of nowhere, so you wouldn't call them for just a leaky sink!

I made them both in Body Shop, the same way I always make my most favourite Sims - Google image search. In this case, I searched for "young male farmer" and "young female farmer" and prayed I didn't come across any porn. Fortunately, I just got two nice looking farmers to base Nathaniel and Joanne on. They don't look much like the pictures I found but that's not my aim. I'm after genetic variety and following a photo helps me "think outside the square" a bit.


  1. I came back to read the beginning of the Kirby family again. They're my favorite right now. *smiles*

    I like that you use the Google image search to seek out an idea for the look of your favorite Sims. That's a really neat idea, especially for someone like me, who's not that great at creating Sims.

  2. Every time I play the Kirbys now, I always think "this is Green's favourite family"!

    Google Image Search is a gift for the uncreative like me. I tend to use the same features all the time if I don't use it - pouty mouth, largish eyes. Chiara Moretti (for example) is fairly typical for me, but she looks a little bit more...sly...than my Sims normally do.

  3. Hey, cool! I love the image search idea. These Sims came out looking great, too.

  4. I'm pretty happy with them too. ;)

    Thanks for visiting, Jane!

  5. I think you did a great job with creating the Kirbys. They look like a young farm couple, maybe just out of agriculture school. I imagine them coming from a small rural town.

  6. If I was creating them now, I probably would have given them a little back story like that, actually!

    Thank you though - they're still some of my favourite Sims I've created. Their son Brandon looked like the perfect mix of the pair of them.

  7. I still come back and look at the Kirbys...I miss them. They'll always be my favorite Sullivan Sims. *sniff* LOL! <--I'm pitiful, aren't I?


  8. I'm glad they had such an effect on you! Nathaniel and Joanne are long gone but their genes are living on!

    Brandon was such a perfect mix of both parents and Trent looks a lot like him. f it's possible, Rebecca looks even more like Brandon than Trent does. She missed out on that Lachance chin that Claudia and Victoria got. ;)

  9. Such a cute family to start out with!

    1. Thank you. Nathaniel and Joanne's ancestors are still around but these two feel like so long ago to me now!