Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Sullivan Creek

I've always wanted to have a creek in TS2 (and to have an excuse to use that bridge) and I don't really know why I never bothered to build one before. Welcome to Sullivan Creek!

I added a little BBQ area, so they can cook they fish they caught. Theoretically, anyway. I don't even know if Sims can barbecue fish. Note: it took me 22 rounds to find out but they can, indeed, barbecue fish!

The structure on the other side of the creek, for those who don't have AL, is a children's cubby house. One of my favourite AL objects.


  1. oh in my town, the creek is where all the kids go to drink lol.

    I'm getting excited to read about the neighbors.

  2. Ha, that's great! My teens just try to sneak into bars to drink. They should consider getting their own booze, huh?

    I haven't used the creek overly much - last time I went, the banks were too steep to fish from and I can't remember if I ever went in to fix them! It looks good in the background of pictures though!

  3. Another cute lot! Where does that bridge come from?

  4. Hey Snarky,

    I had to wait until I loaded my game to check where the bridge came from but the item description says it's from www.blackypanther.de

    I don't ever recall going to that site though, so I probably got it from a lot I downloaded somewhere along the line. :)

  5. Hi Carla!

    Another new reader starting from the beginning. :-) I'm enjoying the town buildings so far. Now I'll get to see the first family of Sullivan. Great site, Carla! I have to also thank you for Flashnotes.

  6. Layla, hello! Always nice to have a new reader, especially when they leave a comment to say hello. :)

    I'm glad you're enjoying Sullivan so far though. I have so much fun with my hood and part of that fun is getting to share it with people. :)