Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Kirby farm gets started

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On their first day, I had Joanne plant some tomatoes. The plan was to have them alternate who tends the crops but Nathaniel seems so much more into it than Joanne. He's reached full enthusiasm for Nature, even though he's actually a cuisine Sim.

So he's done most of the grunt work. He's got a gold badge now (7 rounds later) so he's more useful anyway. can see my "barn", where I put all my hack objects. That's the ACR adjuster in the background. I also have a dresser in there, the two teleport objects from DMA Sims, a Lot Sync Timer and the Lot Debugger. I am hacked to the gills.

Anyway, enough about me. Joanne's Tinkering enthusiasm is coming in handy, as predicted.

Here's Windy, their Australian cattle dog. I based her on my dog, dear old Jessie (RIP). She doesn't look exactly like Jess but she's way closer to the cattle dogs I see here than Maxis's version.

This was a first for me. They woohooed autonomously every night but never tried for a baby until the Thursday night. Joanne is Pleasure, so I guess she's not as keen for a tot as Nathaniel (he's Popularity but he has had the "Have a Baby" want since Day Dot). She did get pregnant, by the way.

The tomatoes haven't come in yet but the Kirby apple harvest is ready. They grow a whole 8 apples. Not even enough to crate! They're apparently "tasty" but they look pretty bland to me.


  1. Woo-hoo every night ! That's a lucky man lol! I'm loving it so far

    1. Glad to hear it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!