Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Drapers move in

And now a family you have not met, the Drapers. Angelica is raising her grandsons, Jonah, Elias and Isaac after the death of their mother. I gave her an extra 5 days to live to guarantee that she'd at least live until Jonah starts high school. This family was kind of chaotic, because Elias and Isaac started out as toddlers and much time was spent on trying to fully train them (success, by the way) and not as much time on was spent on photos.

It took me so long to tell them apart at a glance, even though they had different hair colours. But now, I can tell you that Elias has the black hair and Isaac has brown.

I take far too many pictures of the huggle interaction. But look! It's so cute!

Because the farm is eventually going to be the prime responsibility of the boys, I get Jonah started. By Day 5, he had his Silver Badge. His OTH is Nature too, so that works out quite well.

Classic Dance! For kids! I had no idea kids could do this. The option popped up one night and I tried it and there you go. Adorable.

Oooh, budding romance? We shall see. Jonah brought Simona home 3 days this week. On the day he didn't bring her, one of his brothers did.


  1. I take wayyy to many pictures of my toddlers, as opposed to other lifestages. A toddler doing anything is sooooooo cute!

    And classic dance for kids!?! I'm off to try that in my game...

  2. I'd forgotten all about it until I got your comment this morning. I don't think I've had my kids do the classic dance since Jonah and Simona!

  3. I'm reading over your older entries again (I like to do that every now and then to relive moments I've forgotten about on the blogs I enjoy!). Your note about not being able to tell Elias and Isaac apart even though they have different hair colors made me laugh because I had the same problem with Blake and Seth Lloyd when they were toddlers. Different hair colors, but I still constantly got them mixed up, lol. I don't know why since I was always able to tell Audrey and Emma apart and they both have blonde hair!

  4. Yes, I have that problem a lot with twins! I used to get Claudia and Victoria mixed up, to the point where I'd have to check their profiles to remember which one had red hair! Yet I have never once mixed up Justin and Xavier, who have the same hair colour. Go figure!