Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Adam Gottlieb

Name: Adam Samuel Gottlieb
Birthday: December 22, 1955
Age: 87 years old (died of natural causes, 2042)
Personality: 10-6-4-7-6
Traits: Childish, Driven, Loving, Dreamer, Considerate
Parents: Isaac and Petra Gottlieb
Siblings: Hanna Novak (twin)
Romantic History: None
Partner: Athena Gottlieb (married, c. 1984)
Children: Wade Gottlieb, Joanna Draper
Education: High school graduate
Job: Retired
Previous Employment: Fish Chummer (Oceanography), Birthday Planner (Events Planner), Celebrity Chef (Culinary)
Businesses Owned: The Claudette
Aspiration: Pleasure/Family
Lifetime want: Become Celebrity Chef (achieved)
Hobby: Cuisine

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