Friday, 15 December 2006

Caterina Sitko

Name: Caterina Ida Sitko (née Moretti)
Age: 77 years old (died of old age, 2032)
Personality: 5-10-3-5-4
Traits: Flirty, Amusing, Observant, Impulsive, Optimistic
Parents: Jonah Draper and Simona Moretti
Siblings: Arianna Moretti (twin), Filippo Moretti
Romantic History: Ben Nihill (deceased husband), Julian Sitko (deceased husband)
Partner: None
Children: Max Nihill, Olivia Nihill
Education: College graduate (Philosophy major)
Job: Retired
Previous Employment: Internet Movie Critic (Journalism), Hall of Famer (Athletic)
Businesses Owned: Exeter Health Club
Aspiration: Romance/Fortune
Lifetime want: Become Hall of Famer (achieved)
Hobby: Fitness

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