Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Sophie Gentry

Name: Sophie Isabelle Gottlieb Gentry
Birthday: September 27, 2013
Age: 32 years old
Personality: 4-10-2-10-6
Traits: Curious, Childish, Considerate, Spirited, Lazy
Parents: Wade and Amelia Gottlieb
Siblings: Noah Gottlieb, Emma Gottlieb, Michael Gottlieb
Romantic History: Jack Benton (ex-boyfriend)
Partner: Oliver Gentry (married, December 2043)
Children: None
Education: College graduate (Philosophy major)
Job: Sous Chef (Culinary)
Previous Employment: Executive Assistant (Business)
Businesses Owned: The Claudette
Aspiration: Pleasure/Romance
Lifetime want: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends (achieved)
Hobby: Cuisine

10 Facts About Sophie (written c. Sullivan year 2033):
  1. She's not sure she really belongs at uni but she's sticking it out for the year she has left. Her grades are mediocre, because she's really not into it.
  2. Among her friends, Sophie is the peacemaker, a role she's not particularly comfortable with at the moment.
  3. She considers her parents to be "cool", considering their relative youth compared to her friends' parents and their laid back attitude. But she'd never tell them that.
  4. Sophie inherited her grandmother's talent for music but none of the enthusiasm for it. She took piano lessons as a child but abandoned them as soon as she started high school.
  5. If it was socially acceptable, Sophie probably never would have stopped playing with her toys from childhood.
  6. She is a procrastinator of the highest order.
  7. Sophie has wanted to be a chef for as long as she can remember. Originally, it was just her way of emulating her mother and grandfather but over the years, it's become her true passion.
  8. While she was with Jack (for six years!), she sometimes wondered if she was missing out on anything by not dating around a little more.
  9. She is terrible with money. Her family is very wealthy, so it's not something she ever had to think about when she was younger.
  10. Caffeine has no effect on Sophie, though it would be helpful if it did; she's not a morning person!

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