Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cat on the wall

Round 31: July 2033 (Winter)
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Matilda Jacobson is 27, Adrienne Novak is 26 and Malcolm is 23.
(Amar is 32 and Hope is 22)

Narrated by Malcolm Novak

When I graduated from uni, I moved right in with my sister Adrienne and her friend Matilda. Their old roommate, Ethan, had moved out just before then, so they had a spare bedroom and I needed a place to stay that was not our parents' house.

It's not a bad deal. I have my own room, which also happens to be the best room because it leads out onto a private porch.

At the beginning, Adrienne tried to find things to complain about to me but she came up short. I'm a slob but so is she, so she can hardly go off at me for leaving a plate out or something. I'm a pretty good roommate.

Despite what Adrienne was worried about, I have not hit on Matilda (I was twelve when I had a crush on her and Adrienne still won't let me live it down) but we do actually get along okay these days. We both work a lot of nights, so if I'm home, I tend to see her more often than I see Adrienne.

My sister definitely wouldn't have been my first choice for roommate but given we usually work opposite hours, she hasn't had much opportunity to really get under my skin.

I feel like I don't often see the outside of the hospital these days. I'm in my second year of med school and the classes together with shadowing Dr. Moretti while she does her thing make for a pretty hectic day.

Then at night, I'm working as a paramedic, so I'm all around town but obviously always end up back at the hospital again. During the week, I'm not really home that much.

We'll see how that all plays out once Matilda moves out and leaves Adrienne and me alone in the house together.

She's been dating an artist, Miles, for four years now, he recently proposed and she accepted.

Matilda thought the whole thing was very romantic anyway, as she's told us multiple times since it happened.

They're looking at getting married next May but if they find a place before then, they're planning on moving in right away. That will leave Adrienne and I with a spare bedroom.

Since the engagement, Adrienne and Matilda have spent most of their weekends holed up in Adrienne's bedroom, talking dresses.

Adrienne is designing and making Matilda's dress, as well as the bridesmaid and flowergirl dresses. It seems kind of early to get started on that but what do I know?

I keep teasing Adrienne that the dress obsession is just her trying to live vicariously through Matilda. Amar thinks the joke is pretty funny but Adrienne doesn't find it particularly amusing.

I don't know if Amar and Adrienne will really get married but they're definitely exclusive now.

Amar has told me there were a lot of girls before Adrienne but he feels like he's getting too old for that kind of thing now. It doesn't hold as much interest for him as it once did.

Amar is looking around at real estate lately and he's involving Adrienne in the discussion, getting her opinions on various houses.

They're not moving in together, as far as I know, but it certainly sounds like they're both planning on Adrienne spending a lot of time at this new place, when Amar finally buys one.

It kinds of sucks to watch Adrienne and Matilda head out on what seem like constant dates and whenever I've got a night off, I'm stuck at home. I've been single since Hope dumped me in my senior year.

It's not that I haven't had any interest. One of my fellow med students, Diana, is always at me. I've turned her down every time but she keeps trying.

I like her but just not like that. I try to avoid her completely sometimes, because I don't want to give the impression I'm interested in her at all.

I've always wanted to get back together with Hope. I can't really think of anyone else I'd want to be with.

For a long time, Hope didn't even want to talk to me but I knew I could get her to come around, if I just kept trying.

I was right too and I finally got her to admit that she missed me as well. We broke up for the dumbest reason and she knows it. She wanted to move in together right after graduation, I didn't, she got mad and ended it.

We've been hanging out a lot and it's starting to feel like it used to. Hope and I always really clicked together, even before we dated.

We're not back together yet but Hope is acting kind of flirty lately. I think my dateless nights might be coming to an end.

  • Title is from Cat On The Wall by PJ Harvey.
  • Malcolm is halfway through medical school! When did that happen?!?!
  • Miles had the want to get married and Matilda wanted to get engaged and I'm finally letting them. I think they rolled up the wants quite a while ago. Matilda now wants to get married and throw a wedding party. I'll just have to oblige her, right? ;)
  • Last time I played Amar, I realised he has a whole bunch of cash in his personal account, enough to buy a small house. So I'll play him one last time with Dominic and Nathan and then I'll move him into his own place.
  • I am very, very surprised at Hope! Last time I played her, she wanted to drink Malcolm and see his ghost. So, not fond of Malcolm at all. When I loaded the lot, Malcolm wanted to be friends with Hope but he had the "enemies" icon under her face in the relationship panel. I had him call her and suddenly they were best friends again! Then when she turned up at the coffee shop, I made her selectable and she's got the want to flirt with Malcolm. So I think she has seen the error of her ways and wants to get back together as much as Malcolm does now. I kind of love them together, so I'm happy. Sims tend to roll wants for their exes all the time when they're out on dates but when they roll them spontaneously, like Hope and Malcolm did, I tend to sit up and pay attention.


  1. Whoopie!!! I was right! Matilda and Miles are getting married. I know that pose all too well since I have been looking for a pose box or hack to allow that crazy hug around the neck that only happens with engagments. So excited!!! Matilda is a playable right? We'll still see her right? A wedding so exciting and Hope might be back with Malcolm, that's interesting as well. Looks like this house of roomies might be breaking up soon.

  2. Is Matilda a playable then? Wondering if we are going to keep following her once she marries Miles and moves in with him. I'm excited that things are going well for her, and that Adrienne and Malcolm aren't butting heads too badly. His medical school looks great! I can't wait until my Hadley starts, I'll be using you as inspiration!!

    I like Hope with him, it's a good pairing. I'm glad that they are back to being friends, and maybe soon going back on dates together. They are cute together, and she puts up with him well, and him with her. They both have some glaring "faults" but deal with them well, which I like about them. It'll bad sad when these roomies all split up! I wonder what Malcolm will do if his sister moves in with Amar and leaves him alone. Does the rent on the house cost much? I don't have a house for rent for these siutations, but I'd like to when I actually have a group to use one lol. I always like the look of yours!

  3. Apple Valley, yes, I was pretty sure that's what you were driving at when you posted! I do love that hug though. I wonder if that hug is included in one Aikea Guinea's animation paintings. She has a lot of base game animations included in those. I love that hug too, so I'll check next time I go in game!

    Yes, Matilda is a playable. I decided to upgrade her a while ago, regardless of whether she married another playable or not. So Miles gets an upgrade too. ;)

    I was really a little annoyed when Hope and Malcolm sort of broke themselves up, so I'm quite pleased at this turn of events. I imagine Nathan will have something to say about it when I do his update.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, yes, Matilda's a playable, so we'll continue to see her. I almost downgraded her back to playable NPC, just because of my insane population. I even had an explanation of that all written out in the Notes and then I deleted it late last night and decided to keep her playable. I like her too much.

    I think Malcolm and Hope are a good pairing too. Chemistry-wise, there's not really fireworks or anything (they're a fairly solid two bolts, though I haven't adjusted their turn-ons yet, so they could go higher) but they just seem to work. I can't really imagine either of them with anyone else.

    I can't remember the exact rent on this place but I think it's around $3000. Do other people think that's crazy high, lol? Most of my apartments rent from between $1800 to $3000. If Adrienne moves out, Malcolm will get new roommates. He can't really afford the rent on his own.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. I'm so glad Malcolm and Hope are heading towards dating again! I know it's not definate yet, but I really hope it will come that one day! I always liked these 2 together!
    Malcolm seems to be doing great in medival school. I have Kenneth Warner who will be going through it soon as well, and just as Maisie you will be my example!!

    I'm so happy for Miles and Matilda!! And I can't wait to see another one of your great weddings!! I'm also looking forward to their new place!

    Amar and Adrienne seem to be doing fine as well, and even if they aren't moving in togehter just yet, it's nice that Amar involves her in her house-hunt and asks for her opinion. And it's amazing that he decided to be exclusive for her!!

  5. A lot to process in this one update! First, Matilda is getting married! I'm sure she'll have a lovely wedding.

    Adrienne and Amar ended up working out so well together! Who would have ever seen that coming? For some reason, it's very strange to think of Amar with a house...that's just so responsible.

    Malcolm might finally get what he wants! It will be interesting to see he and Hope reunited. :)

  6. Congrats M&M! Bring on the pretty babies! Aw, our Amar is growing up!

  7. Tanja, I know there were some people disappointed when Hope and Malcolm broke up (including me!), so I thought this little spark of hope might be welcome! They do seem like they both want to get back together now. It was rather one-sided for a while.

    I'm so looking forward to doing another wedding! I haven't done once since Aaron and Calvin's and as much as I loved their wedding, I didn't get to pick out nearly enough dresses for that one. ;)

    Amar hasn't really shown any interest in anyone but Adrienne for a while now. He seems ready to give up that lifestyle and be with Adrienne only. I find most Romance Sims do want to settle with one person, eventually.

    Thanks for reading!

    Rachel, I hope so! I've picked out Matilda's dress but I'm wavering on it and might change my mind before the big day. Everything else is yet to be decided.

    I definitely wouldn't have thought of Adrienne and Amar together, just to look at them. Adrienne really hasn't been interested in sleeping around since she had Sylvia, whereas it seemed like that was Amar's favourite activity!

    Home ownership does seem very responsible and grown-up for Amar but he's sort of a whiz with money. He bought his community lot for about $8000 and has already made that cash back, plus more. I've been putting all his business grants and promotion bonuses in his bank account and it's really adding up! It'll be a small house but it'll be his.

    Malcolm's persistence may have finally paid off, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

    LaurelCrossing, heh, I'll have to see what we can do about getting some more pretty babies in Sullivan. There haven't been enough lately. ;)

    Yep, at 32, Amar is finally a grown-up, lol!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. I like Malcolm and Hope together. I hope that works. Adrienne and Amar??? Now that's a surprise!

    The dress thing just killed me LOL! Like you can design and whip up all those dresses in a couple of weeks, why plan that far ahead? Poor boy...

  9. S.B., Malcolm and Hope worked pretty well before, up until their spontaneous break-up (which was actually due to a weird glitch, I'll remind everyone), so I have high hopes for them this time. Adrienne and Amar would probably surprise me too, if I was reading!

    Malcolm is obviously not really considering the amount of work that goes into designing and making one dress, let alone a few! If he and Hope ever get married, I'm sure he'll find out what Adrienne and Matilda are doing is not so unusual!

    Thanks for reading!

  10. Aw, I love reading about your Sims' everyday life! Isn't it neat to follow Malcolm at his studies in medicine?! :) Hope is so completely adorable that I hope they'll be back together!
    Talking about completely adorable Sims, who is this Miles? I don't find any page about him. Is he a townie?

  11. Sandy, I love writing about my Sims' jobs, as well as their studies post-EA uni! It just makes things a little bit more realistic to me.

    LOL, yeah, Hope looks pretty adorable, though she doesn't act that way very often! But it makes her a good match for Malcolm. ;)

    Miles is indeed a townie. I was going to move him in as a playable NPC and put a little thing up for him on that page but seeing he'll be moving in as a real playable this round, I didn't see much point!

    Thanks for reading!

  12. I'm glad that Malcolm and Hope are friends again. Malcolm seems to have matured a lot. I remember him as a jerk but he actually seemed like quite a nice guy in this update.

    What a romantic proposal! I'm so happy for Matilda and Miles. I can't wait to see what you come up with for this particular wedding.

    I get a feeling that Adrienne might not be living with her brother much longer now that Amar is looking for a house.

  13. Sari, Malcolm is pretty arrogant but he's a lot more pleasant when things are going his way. Which they are right now. ;)

    I keep changing my mind about Matilda's wedding. I'm terrible. I have decided on approximately nothing but I will hopefully pull something nice together anyway. :)

    You may be right about Adrienne. As much as Malcolm would never really choose to live with her unless he was out of options, Malcolm isn't her ideal roommate either.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. Aww, maybe Malcolm can get back together with Hope. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him, lol.

    Congrats to Matilda. I'm sure she'll be very happy and I know her dress will be amazing.

  15. HeredonCove, Malcolm has always really clicked with Hope, even when they were both dating other people when they were young teens. He's pretty keen for a reunion. ;)

    I'm so excited about doing another wedding! It feels like it's been forever, lol.

    Thanks for reading!

  16. First I just had to say that Malcolm looked adorable in the group shot lol. That grin he has makes it look like he’s up to no good or something.

    Anyway, yay! Congrats Matilda and Miles! They are too cute together and it did look like a romantic way to propose. And that’s cool that Adrienne will be making the dresses. LOL @ Malcolm teasing her about living vicariously through Matilda. I know the wedding will be lovely, as always.

    I’m glad Amar has gotten over the whole man-whore thing. And I’m glad Malcolm and Hope are on their way to getting back together. It was a stupid fight and he was left with no real closure.

  17. Danielle, heh, Malcolm usually looks like he's up to no good. He's just so smug, which is rather fitting. I've always thought Malcolm was such a smug-sounding name, due mainly to a politician we have here named Malcolm, lol.

    He and Adrienne will take any opportunity to antagonise each other but Adrienne is certainly enjoying all the dress making. Miles and Matilda are such a sweet little couple.

    Ha, Amar probably only had a few more years before the man-whore act would be most definitely sad and pathetic, in just about everyone's view so it's good that he found Adrienne and fell for her.

    Hope did dump Malcolm for a stupid reason and she's realised that now, two years later! It would be a big deal for her to admit that she's wrong so admitting that she misses Malcolm is pretty huge.

    Thanks for reading!

  18. Haha oh Hope. She's just a passionate sim is all. They are a super cute couple though, so I'm glad that maybe Hope has seen the error of her ways!

  19. Lunar, ha, "passionate" is probably a nice way of putting it! They're a real pair, Malcolm and Hope. If they were real, I'd imagine them being one of those couples where everyone is stunned when they break up!

    Thanks for reading!