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Round 31: February 2033 (Summer)
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Kit Royce is 73, Max Nihill is 46, Zaria Royce-Nihill is 45 and Jessica is 13.
(Josh is 19, Anthony is 16, Noah is 15, Tim, Emma, Louisa and Eddie are all 13 and Lauren is 12)

Narrated by Jessica Royce-Nihill

Josh is living on campus now but sometimes, it feels like he still lives here at home.

He seems to be sitting on our couch as much now as he did when he was still in high school.

I like my brother and everything but he's in such a foul mood all the time lately. He snaps at the littlest thing.

He almost bit my head off just for asking him how come he's hanging around here so much at the moment. Geez.

Mum said he told Dad that he's having problems with Lila and that it's probably why he's so testy.

Apparently, we just have to be patient. He starts his sophomore classes in a couple of weeks and if it's not all sorted out by then, he won't have as much time to spend here anyway. Or at least, that's what I'm hoping.

I guess I've grown used to living like an only child over the past year. It's always just me, Mum, Dad and Grandma these days.

We still do a ton of stuff together. The other week, Grandma and I made pizza for dinner while Dad was at work. And it was pretty great pizza, if I do say so myself!

Dad is teaching me how to cook. I think Grandma is just as good a cook as he is but Dad insists that he's better and that I need to learn from him.

So we're doing all our lessons at home. Dad doesn't really have much opportunity to teach me at the restaurant. It's way too busy there.

There's not much in the way of restaurants in Sullivan - they're mostly in Exeter - so Dad does really good business now.

It's even more popular at the moment. The weather is still really warm in the evenings, so people like the outdoor eating areas.

There's a break room at Front Page but I hardly ever see anyone in there for longer than 5 minutes. Emma, Lauren, Louisa and I use it more often than Dad and his employees do.

It's sort of become our new hangout. If we want to talk, without our parents or other people at school overhearing, the break room is actually a pretty good place to do it. We're rarely interrupted.

It's usually Louisa talking, about her undying love for Tim Lane.

Emma is kind of sick of hearing about it. Louisa has liked Tim for about a year now and he's about all Louisa talks about.

Louisa was waiting for him to make a move but he just wasn't going to. Everyone knows Tim is pretty shy.

So she got over her shyness from last year and decided to actually talk with him.

It was going okay but Tim was kind of freaked out when Louisa tried to flirt with him.

But she was strangely not deterred by that at all. She just kind of shook herself off and got back up again.

Maybe confidence runs in the family. Louisa's twin brother Eddie has a huge crush on Lauren and he's pretty obvious about it.

Lauren does actually like him a lot too. But Eddie's not the only boy Lauren likes.

She can't really make her mind up, because she's also got a thing for Emma's older brother, Noah.

He's 15, so he's kind of old for her. At least now, at 12.

She says it's fine, because her parents are really relaxed about that kind of thing.

I don't know about that. My parents are pretty cool as well but I know Dad especially would freak out if I brought home some guy three years older than me.

Which is why my crush on Anthony Moretti will be staying just that, at least for the foreseeable future.

He's so cute but he's also 16. Definitely off limits and probably not even interested in me if he wasn't.

I'm still so amazed he even talks to me at all.

Not that's stopped Emma from talking about setting us up. She keeps saying she's got an "in", seeing Anthony is her cousin and all.

Maybe so but I know for a fact that my parents aren't going to let me go on a date with a boy who can drive! I'm just going to try and forget about Anthony and check out some boys my own age.


Totally spammy, as always. ;) I teleported Felix to the Royce-Nihill house, so Kit could meet her youngest (and final!) grandchild.

Squee! Look at his nose! Adorable. I can't remember if I figured out who he inherited that from (not Kit, obviously, lol!) but I love it.

Jessica got to redecorate her room, seeing she's now a teen. She's doing better than Josh, because I never got around to redoing his!
The quilt doesn't really go any more (Jessica's room used to be pink) but Olivia made it for her when she was a baby, so it's not the kind of thing she'd throw out.

  • Title is from Low by Cracker.
  • Kit is just as good a cook as Max but nowhere near as arrogant. ;)
  • Louisa is a confident little thing, apparently. You know how when Sims get rejected after flirt attempts and they just stand there grimacing, like they're really embarrassed? Well, Louisa got positive relationship points from Tim rejecting her and looking at her facial expression, it didn't seem to bother her a whit!
  • Did I say in birthdays that I suspected Lauren would be trouble? If I didn't, I'm saying it now! I took control of Lauren and noticed she had romantic wants for Noah. She's Romance, so I let her flirt with him (I sometimes let my Romance Sims get started a little early, if their wants are heading that way). Then she rolls up romantic wants for Eddie. I let her fulfill those and then she's rolling them up for Noah again. Like mother, like daughter, eh?
  • Jessica literally has chemistry with every single teenage boy in the hood, except for poor old Austin Carmody! Anthony is her current focus but I'm sure her parents will appreciate it if she keeps her word and moves onto someone younger! ;)


  1. Haha I can't wait to see Lauren when she's older, I smell lots of trouble! And I agree, Max would definitely freak about her bringing home a boy that could drive and she's only 12! And good for Louisa! Boys are so silly at that age, it's better that she is so confident and isn't deterred by it :).

  2. I love Louisa, she's so cute that she wasn't bothered by the rejection. The first couple of scenes made me believe that you were setting up for Kit's death, but luckily not this time.

  3. Lauren's going to be a handful when she's older, lol!
    It's pretty funny how all these thirteen year olds have things for the older boys. Very realistic though.;)
    Louisa, Louisa, she sure seems confident! I'm glad she was able to stop his reluctance from bugging her.
    Great update!:)

  4. Mizzgin03, yes, Lauren's already a bit of a worry! She's a nice girl but her mother is nice too, so that doesn't completely let out the possibility of trouble!

    Definitely no car dates for Jessica, if Max has anything to say about it. He's lucky Jessica doesn't have much of a rebellious streak.

    Heh, boys are silly in their early teens! That stage seems to last forever for some of them. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, I was pretty impressed with Louisa's nonchalance over being rejected. I was expecting a cringe at the very least but nope.

    And yep, Kit's going to be sticking around for a while! I had to go back and read the beginning and see what you meant. I hadn't meant to set it up that way!

    Thanks for reading!

    coolkat2, I think Lauren might already be a handful, lol!

    Heh, that's certainly the way it was when I was 13. The boys our own age just didn't hold as much interest.

    Louisa's confidence is pretty impressive, especially at 13. Hopefully, Tim doesn't spark an interest in Louisa later, because it seems like she's already set to move on!

    Thanks for reading!

  5. The teens are really growing up so fast! Wow her brother really is bit grumpy currently, he looks pretty scary on one pic, no wonder she is not impressed about him being home ;)

  6. Aw, I can't believe these kids are all teens now and developing romances. They grow up so fast, lol! ;)

    It sounds like Jessica has a pretty good head on her shoulders about her crush on Anthony. It's fun crushing on older boys, especially if they can already drive! But yes, I can imagine her father freaking out if she brought Anthony home, lol. Maybe in a few years she'll get a shot with him, when the four years won't matter so much. :)

    And ha, I've never seen a Sim enjoy getting rejected. Louisa certainly has a lot of confidence!

  7. Their crushes on the older lads are very cute - hopefully they'll stay that innocent way, otherwise I bet trouble would come along swiftly, lol! Jessica does seem sensible however, and I can see her becoming a exemplary adult! ;)

    I agree that Felix is one adorable toddler, and I think you've done a great job with Jessica's bedroom! An enjoyable update. :)

  8. Poor Jessica, it's rough dealing with siblings to begin with, then add a brother who shouldn't even be home and acting grumpy to boot! I'm looking forward to an update on him! Im guessing his troubles with Lila aren't that he fooled around with Elspeth, cause if she knew that I don't think shed still be around.

    I liked the hangout in the breakroom. That would be a fun place to hang out, and nice and private. Jessica has good taste in boys! Looking forward to all these girls and their first kisses. As for Lauren! She's gonna be an interesting girl i imagine!

  9. Lol, her brother really annoys her, doesn't he? :)
    And I love how her dad teachers her to cook!
    Such a cute family!

  10. Lauren's room is so cute!

    Jessica handled Josh pretty well especially since he was being such a grump. I figure Josh is trying to figure out what to do about Lila and Elspeth.

  11. Speechless, I know, the teens are doing my head in a bit! I thought these girls would want another round of being kids but they're all keen to get into dating already!

    If Josh was not currently extremely grumpy, Jessica probably wouldn't have minded him being home. But he's being a bit of a jerk at the moment, unfortunately for her. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Shana, they really do grow up fast! And these ones seem to have no problems jumping right into teenhood!

    Jessica's a smart girl and she's not rebellious in the slightest, which is a good combination. ;) Hopefully, it means Max has nothing to worry about, at least with Anthony. Because, yeah, that's not happening any time soon!

    Louisa cracked me up with her reaction to being rejected! I had to add "confident" to her traits because she clearly is!

    Thanks for reading!

    Shake, the boys are probably enjoying the attention, after all this time! Noah and Anthony have both been surrounded by cousins and sisters for a good while now. ;) Hopefully, you're right about Jessica. Glad you enjoyed the update.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, Jessica sort of drew the short straw with siblings. She's such a sweetheart and then she gets grumpy old Josh for a brother, lol! I won't say anything about what's going on with Josh and Lila but the update is mostly written. It will be up tomorrow. :)

    I wish I'd had a place like that break room to hang out when I was a teenager. I would have loved it! I'm betting we won't have to wait long for first kisses - the high school update is scheduled for April (I think?) and they usually go first kiss crazy at school!

    Lauren will be interesting to say the least, I think!

    Thanks for reading!

    Diana P., at the moment, yeah, Josh is annoying Jessica but then again, he's being kind of annoying. ;)

    I love it when my Sims have a hobby or LTW that relates to one of their older relative's jobs or hobbies. It's a nice bonding experience.

    Thanks for reading!

    HCove, thanks! Jessica's room is pretty simple but I'm very fond of it anyway.

    All about Elspeth/Josh/Lila will be revealed tomorrow. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  12. I love those 4 girls, and I can't wait to read more about them, and what will happen when they are older! I'm sure it will be interesting!
    So Josh is grumpy because something with Lila or Elspeth... ooh I want to know!

  13. Tanja, these girls are a really fun bunch. I'm sure there are a couple of surprises in store with them as they grow up. ;)

    The Josh/Elspeth/Lila update is written and by the time you read this, it'll be up. So no more need for waiting!

    Thanks for reading!

  14. LOL Josh drinking out of the milk carton just kills me it's so perfect! So why is he in such a mood? Lila? Elspeth?

    and...hmm...Jessica and Anthony.

    I really love all those girls, too! They're so much fun to read about!

  15. S.B., heh, I do love the milk carton as well and it's pretty perfect for Josh. He's just the type and it would drive Jessica insane. Josh has got himself into a right mess with Lila and Elspeth but I'll leave discussion on that in the next update, so I don't spoil anything for people who haven't read it yet. ;)

    I forgot to say but these girls were so much fun to play as well. I wasn't really too excited about playing this family but it was great. A fun one to write as well. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  16. I'm surprised that Josh told his mother about his troubles with Lila....I can't wait to hear more about the fallout from that.

    Ooh that Lauren! We have another wild one! :)

    Now why does Anthony Moretti keep talking to her?! Hmmm...someone had best keep an eye on him. I'd be interested to see his wants panel.

    The pictures with Felix and Kit are adorable, and I always love your decorating endeavors--Jessica's room is lovely. :)

  17. Rachel, oh, Josh definitely didn't say anything to Zaria about Lila. He told Max (and I imagine he framed it in rather vague terms) and Max passed it on. Plenty about Lila/Josh in the next update and a little bit more in the one after that, which is going up today.

    I'm really going to have to watch Lauren! I wonder if Jesse and Abigail will be able to keep up their relaxed attitude towards dating when they realise Lauren's such a wild one!

    At the very least, Anthony is flattered by the attention Jessica is paying to him. As to whether he's genuinely interested or not, I actually don't know! I haven't looked at his wants panel too closely but I certainly will when I play him this round.

    And thank you - Kit's such a good grandma. I have her spend a lot of time with her grandkids, even though I don't always show it here.

    Thanks for reading!

  18. I really liked seeing the girls hanging out together. Ah, to be 13 again dreaming about all the older boys in school LOL. I love all their personalities. I'm glad Louisa wasn't crushed by being turned down by Tim. Most girls her age would probably die if they braved flirting with a boy and ended up rejected! I like her confidence! Lauren is going to be fun to watch, actually, it will for all the girls. I hope (Abigail's) history doesn't repeat itself with her!

    I think I said on the forum that I really like Jessica's new bedroom decor. And great to see Felix again! He's a cutie. I meant to ask, where did you get Josh's hair from? I've never seen it before and it's the perfect hair for him. It really suits the shape of his face and everything. I already read the next update so I'm off to reread it, but probably won't get to comment until the morning (it's 2:30 am here).

  19. Fun update! I like seeing those girls hanging out together, kind of takes me back to those good old days when I was a teenager. Looking back life was so easy back then although at that time it didn't feel like, lol.

    Jessica is such a sweet girl and apparently she can read her dad's mind. No way Max would approve if she started chasing a 16-year-old!

  20. Danielle, I can't tell you much fun these girls are to play! I'm playing the Gottliebs soon and I'm very excited. :D

    Yeah, Louisa is a very confident girl. Good on her. I thought she was shy but that's her twin brother. She's actually quite outgoing. Fingers crossed for Lauren - no teen pregnancy please!

    Damn, I read your comment yesterday and meant to check Josh's hair in game! I'll do it today but I'm pretty sure it's an unlocked or bonus Maxis style so I don't know how much info will be in the tool tip. It really does suit him and I think he'll keep it when he graduates.

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, yeah, those days do seem very easy looking back but I remember they sucked at the time. So I still wouldn't go back, lol!

    Heh, a mind reader or just really smart, lol? Max would hit the roof if Jessica brought Anthony home! Or if she snuck out with him and he found out. He's very lucky Jessica is the way she is and probably won't give him too many heart attacks. ;)

    Thanks for reading!