Wednesday, 20 April 2011

You say it's your birthday, January 2033

A few months after Patience's miscarriage, she and Rob decided to start trying again and ended up conceiving almost immediately! Patience has just entered her second trimester and is due in July.

Marcus Lane, Luc and Asha's eldest son, is now four years old and ready for pre-school.

Joining him is Charlotte Lane, youngest child and only daughter of Eliot and Cordy.

There are also five new 12-year-olds this year, the first being Xavier Moretti. He'd better start studying hard, as he'd one day like to be Attorney-General.

Twin brother Justin is more interested in things of a scientific nature and would like to be an ecological consultant.

Justin and Xavier's cousin Declan is set to be just as studious as a teen as he was as a child. He's hoping to go to university and become an architect.

Lauren Carmody plans to follow in her mother's footsteps and go into journalism.
Lauren's twin brother Austin doesn't really have any clue what he wants to do when he grows up; he just wants a ton of friends. At least 30, to be exact!

Chris Draper has just moved to campus and has picked Art as his major. He hopes to go on to complete his Master's and work in city planning when he graduates.

Chris's best friend, Edward Lachance is living in the dorms with him (and with his big sister Audrey). Edward wants to be an oceanographer when he finishes uni, so he's majoring in Biology.

Edward's girlfriend, Lucy Gray, did not get into college so she's entering the workforce instead. She's currently working as an apprentice hairdresser at Kimberly Carmody's salon.

Lucy's big sister Julia did go to college and has just graduated!

Julia majored in Mathematics and earned a 4.0 GPA.

She is now living in an apartment with best friend Hope Collins and is working as a substitute teacher.

Hope is the only other graduate this year.

She didn't do quite as well as Julia, attaining a 3.6 GPA. She now has a degree in Biology.

Hope is planning to work in the natural science field eventually but jobs in that industry are thin on the ground right now. To pay the bills, she's working as a record store clerk instead.


I promised Charlotte spam before I aged her up, seeing her big brother kind of took over the last Lane update. ;) Speaking of Tim, Charlotte looks so much more like him than I thought she did!

Anyway, commence spam!

And an extra one of Declan.

I was going to use this one for his profile but I ended up liking the candid one better.

  • Okay, how cute is Marcus? I was a bit meh on him as a toddler, to be honest, but I think he's totally adorable as a child!
  • The new teens' aspirations are: Xavier - Popularity/Family, Justin - Knowledge, Declan - Knowledge/Family, Lauren - Romance and Austin - Popularity/Pleasure.
  • I'm so happy with Declan, even though his first LTW was "Become Rock God". That's so not him! City Planner was the second one, which I like a lot better for him. Seems like a good job for a serious Sim like him and it'll mean he has to get his Master's and I like the idea of him doing post-grad.
  • Julia got cheated into her chosen career because of her 4.0 GPA (and because I'm a bit kinder to my playable NPCs anyway). Hope will have to wait but her GPA will get her into natural science within 5 years, an idea which I think I stole from Laura!
  • The two dormies woohooing on the couch at the end of my last college update have moved into an apartment together, to be played as playable NPCs. It wasn't something I was planning on but when I was making them over, I noticed that the male dormie looked kind of like Amar! So he got a new name and I fixed him up in SimPE so that he and Amar are now brothers. You can read a little bit more about Zane and his girlfriend Chloe in the playable NPCs post.


  1. Lots of birthdays!!! I can't believe Declan is a teen and how cute are Patience and Rob on the couch. Justin and Xavier look so much alike, I would peg them as identical twins which is nice, since Maxis doesn't throw identical twins out often, identical siblings-yes, twins-not so much :) Chris and his facial hair, o my goodness, he looks so...old, he's not a baby anymore :P Anyhoo, love all the makeovers, especially Lucy's chunky cut.

  2. Justin and Xavier look so great as teens! You can really see how similar they are, same about Lauren and Austin!

    The kids are very cute, especially Charlotte. I never use that hair for little girls!

    Lucy looks really good, it's a shame she won't go to university :(

    And yay for Patience and Rob!

  3. Apple Valley, I could have taken so many photos of Patience and Rob but I knew this update was already going to have a ton!

    Justin and Xavier do really look alike. I think they did as kids too, but their hairstyles are more similar now, so it's more obvious.

    Chris has actually had a little stubble going since he was 15 or 16. I put it on him because he has such a baby face that he'd probably want to, if he was real. But it didn't show up much until now!

    Thanks for reading!

    Flit, I like all my teens this round but yeah, Justin and Xavier turned out really well. Austin and Lauren both look a lot like their dad, with their mother's colouring. Which I guess means that Jesse might make a pretty woman? LOL.

    I've never used that hair at all before but seeing Charlotte's favourite colour came up pink, I figured she could go girly-girl.

    I've come to terms with Lucy not going to uni. I'm kind of excited about having someone more important than a townie working at the salon. That's always fun. I loved it when Naomi was the owner and Kimberly was her employee.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. I was waiting for Declan to grow up, anxious to see how much like his dad he would look like...and surprisingly, I'm seeing a lot of his mom in there. BTW, I mark the time with this blog by Declan. I started reading while Finn and Victoria were teenagers and I fell in love with Declan when he came afterwards. Okay, enough with the fangirling Declan, although it would be funny to see him as a rock star, even if it were just for one picture. I'm thinking Hallowe'en or a costume party.

  5. I can't believe Declan and the others are teens now! I agree with Apple Valley, Xavier and Justin look like identical twins! I'm very jealous, I've never had twins look that much alike. ;) Lauren is gorgeous, and Charlotte is just so cute as both a toddler and a child!

  6. Love the new banner! Xavier and Justin do look a lot alike, a feat hard to achieve when the game never produces identical twins! I too was waiting for Declan to grow up and he's just as cute as I thought he was going to be. I'm interested in seeing his personality develop now that he is a little older. Lauren really is gorgeous!

  7. rome_raven, Declan's birthdays do always seem quite momentous! But yes, Declan is much more of a mix than he might appear to be initially. He has Finn's eyes and mouth but Victoria's nose and chin and those are much more distinctive features.

    Ha, oh, that would be funny! If Declan ever goes to a Halloween thing, rock star is so his costume!

    Thanks for reading!

    Shana, I know, it's kind of crazy! Emma and co. are only a year older, so they became teens last year but somehow this seems much more amazing to me.

    Camilla and Lila looked really alike as toddlers and children and then not so much as teens. But then, maybe that's their make-up? I should it take all off them as an experiment and see if they're as similar as Justin and Xavier are.

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, thanks! This banner was kind of a rush job because my first idea didn't work out at all!

    I really wish the game gave identical twins more often. There are quite a few pairs at the school I teach at, so it seems like they're more common in real life than in the game.

    Declan looks about the same as I imagined him too as well, only he seems to have Finn's jaw as well (because I think Victoria has Trent's and that's not Trent's on Declan). I actually was not expecting that!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Happy Birthday everyone!

    Carla I commend you for being able to keep up with everyone.

  9. HCove, for me, keeping track is the easy part. Coming up with the story stuff is way harder!

    Thanks for reading!

  10. Yay, I like your birthday posts. Nice to get a little peek at Patience’s baby bump. I’m so happy for them and fingers are still crossed!

    All of your kids are looking great! I miss toddler Charlotte already but she is such a cute child. She does look just like Tim. I *really* like Justin and Xavier and aww, look at Declan! And wow to Lauren and Austin! He looks adorable and much sweeter than I thought he was going to look. He just has an innocent look to him. And I like Julia with the shorter hair (she and Lucy look so much alike, I just noticed). Looking forward to all the drama these new teens, tweens and everything in between will bring!

  11. Danielle, I like my birthday posts too, lol! It's so fun to age everybody up. Patience is such an adorable pregnant Sim.

    LOL, I kind of miss toddler Charlotte as well! She really was one of the cutest little Sims ever. It's funny how I was never bowled over by Tim as a toddler, because I think structurally, toddler (and child) faces are the same between genders.

    Justin and Xavier seem to be becoming new favourites, LOL. I think they're going to be really handsome guys when they grow up. I kind of knew what Austin was going to look like. He was such a weird toddler that I aged him up to see if he'd need any surgery. He didn't. ;)

    Yeah, I wasn't sure about Julia's hair but it's growing on me. She and Lucy really do look a lot alike. Julia has Corbin's nose and mouth though, while Lucy is almost Pamela's clone, apart from her eyes. They're pretty girls, so it's a shame about Julia's intense case of the crazies!

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Yay for Patience and Rob!! Happy, Happy for them!

    Charlotte was my biggest surprise! She was so adorable as a toddler, and is still cute, but not of the same magnitude as toddler Charlotte. Declan doesn't look like I expected him ether.

    And Lauren is gorgeous! Wow! I didn't expect her to look as pretty!

    Julia is adorable, love that hair on her especially for her career. The twins look much more identical than I ever noticed before, minus the hair color.

    All in all, what a fun birthday thread!!

  13. Maisie, me too. I was just playing Patience and Rob a little bit before, to get a couple of pics for Troy and Josie's update and got happy all over again.

    Charlotte was a surprise to me too and I was actually a little disappointed at first! She grew on me though and I think she's pretty cute now (but nowhere near the levels of cute she was as a toddler!)

    Heh, I cheated and aged Lauren up when she was a toddler, so I knew she was going to be stunning. She's got a really interesting look to her as well.

    Julia's long hair would get in the way for teaching for sure. Her new style is more practical.

    I love the twins - I'm looking forward to seeing what they get up to now that they're older.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. Awww, I can't wait to hear about Patience and Rob!

    Hope is such an adorable Sim with her freckles! And wow, Lauren is stunning!

    These Birthdays posts always make me want to age my Sims... someday... (right now, I think kids can't grow up without petting a furry friend, so they'll have to wait till autumn!)

  15. Wow! Alot of birthdays!
    I can't wait to see Patience and Rob's baby! I'm sure it will be adorable!
    Two things:
    1. Declan a teen! No way! *sniff* They grow up so fast...:(
    2. Charlotte and Marcus are absolutely ADORABLE. I serious awwwed when I saw them. They are gonna be so good looking when they are older!
    Anywho, great update! :)

  16. Sandy, there will be a Patience cameo in the next update but other than that, we won't hear about her again until May and then we'll meet the baby in July.

    I have such a soft spot for my freckled Sims. I would love to be able to apply freckles all over their bodies without changing their skintones. I've been hoping someone will make a freckle overlay but so far, I haven't heard anything. :\

    You're going to turn aging on when Unleashed comes out, then? That will be strange for you, your Sims aging up after you've played them as is for so long! It'll be fun as well though. I love seeing how my Sims change as they get older.

    Thanks for reading!

    coolkat2, there are not as many birthdays next time round, so I'm glad I got a big bunch this time.

    I cannot quite believe Declan is a teen. Still. It seems so insane to me that Finn and Victoria have a teenage son. Time flies...

    I think Charlotte is going to be very pretty when she gets older but I'm not sure about Marcus yet. He looks a lot like Asha, so maybe he'll look like Josh (who looks like a mix of Max and Zaria but mostly like Zaria)? I don't know. We'll have to wait and see, I guess!

    Thanks for reading!

  17. Wow! So much going on! Marcus is indeed a cutie! So many of these kids are! I can't wait to see how they all turn out.

    Declan as a teen--he looks so much like Finn in those pics, I think. :)

    Lauren Carmody is just gorgeous! What a handsome group of kids. :)

  18. Charlotte and Marcus are both adorable! I just want to pinch those little cheeks, lol. And all the new high schoolers look really nice too. I didn't expect Edward to grow up so nicely but I think he's really handsome.

    I hope everything goes well with Patience's pregnancy, it would be too devastating if they lost another baby.

  19. I adore Charlotte and Marcus' gapped teeth! And the freckles on Hope, just too cute!

    So Patience is pregnant again. That's good. Those two are so attractive, I'm sure the baby will be beautiful.

  20. Rachel, I really loved how Marcus turned out. Such a cutie.

    Declan definitely has a lot of Finn in him. Finn's eyes, Finn's mouth as well as his general face shape. He's a mix though, with Victoria's chin and nose. I like mixes. ;)

    I'm a bit worried assigning Romance to a gorgeous girl like Lauren but we'll see how she goes!

    Thanks for reading!

    Sari, Charlotte and Marcus are adorable for sure. It's funny you should say that about Edward, because he was the one who I aged up and then thought "you seriously look exactly the same!" His face is a little more mature now but he looks as I expected him too - just like his dad!

    I have my fingers crossed for Patience and Rob this time. I'm taking very good care of her now.

    Thanks for reading!

    S.B., the teeth are part of the skin tone. I didn't realise it had gapped teeth when I chose them so I just got a cute little surprised when I first switched to them and saw my kids. And I seriously have to restrain myself from not freckling all my Sims - I adore freckles!

    I'm very pleased about Patience and Rob's baby. I don't have anyone else who looks anything like Rob, so I'm curious to see what a baby Rob/Patience mix would look like.

    Thanks for reading!

  21. Some cute kids! Declan in particular has an interesting face. That nose might cause trouble, but still, his face is very interesting to look at.

  22. I adore Charlotte! She's still a cutie!
    I can't believe Ione and Evan's oldest children are teens already! It seems like only yesterday they were born, I'm sure it feels like that for Even and Ione as well :)
    Aw, Declan is a teen! I will miss him, because I loved him as a child! Did he loose his freckles?

  23. Lunar, I think everyone aged up pretty nice this round! I would probably be worried about Declan's nose, if the nose hadn't shown up on probably at least a dozen Sims around Sullivan. It's very distinctive but I've come to like it a lot - it comes from Victoria. Claudia, Rebecca and Josie have it too, along with Tate and Trent. It's a Kirby family trait, right from the very beginning. :D

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, I like Charlotte too. She looks pretty cheeky to me, which fits.

    I'm sure Evan and Ione are still coming to terms with having two teenage sons. Justin and Xavier are so grown-up now.

    And goodness, I think Declan did lose his freckles! Thanks for pointing that out. I'll jot myself a note to remind me to fix that up today.

    Thanks for reading!