Monday, 4 November 2013

Love like a sunset

Round 34: September 2040 (Spring)

(Jonas is 62, Tatiana is 57 and Veronica is 22)
Narrated by Edward Lachance

Chris finished his master’s last year and he’s been really enjoying the extra free time. I often see him curled up on the couch after work taking a nap, just because he can now.

Last year, he didn’t have that luxury very often, because he’d have to come home and study, so he’s relishing the freedom this year.

We ate better last year, before Chris decided to give cooking a shot. He made chili for dinner the other night and it was just…not good.

Lucy and I just tried to choke it down but Chris didn’t even seem to notice it was burnt.

I couldn’t believe the way he was scarfing that stuff down.

Lucy’s been reading a lot of cookbooks, hoping she gets so good at cooking that Chris won’t want to try again.

I don’t think it’ll be a huge problem though. Chris prefers to go out at night, often with Veronica.

She lives in the same unit block as us, so they often just decide to head out on the spur of the moment.

Veronica is in the second year of her own master’s degree but she seems to be pretty good at managing her time than Chris was. She’s almost finished anyway.

Lucy and I haven’t really spent much time with her at all, because they tend to go out rather than stay in more often than not but they seem to like each other a lot.

I know they haven’t talked about getting serious or even being exclusive. He’s dated other girls since meeting Veronica but not for a couple of months now.

They seem happy the way they are. I don’t see them rushing into any sort of commitment.

I’ve always imagined that Chris would live a bachelor kind of lifestyle for a good while.

I’m the opposite. I’ve never dated anyone except Lucy and am more than content with that.

Over the last year or so, Lucy has been pretty heavily hinting that she was ready to get married.

I took a bit longer to come around to the idea. I always figured we’d end up getting married but until recently, I still kind of felt like I was a kid.

25 feels different to 24 though - more grown-up, somehow - and I finally feel just as ready as Lucy does.

Lucy was thrilled about that.

Even though we pretty much decided to get married then and there, I still wanted to do the whole proposal thing, which Lucy loved the idea of.

I knew what kind of ring Lucy would want (pointing out rings she liked was part of all the hinting she’s been doing), so I picked it out on my own.

It felt pretty good to be able to pay for it. It was expensive but I just got a new job as a marine biologist and the price didn’t terrify me quite as much as it would have a couple of years ago.

I knew Lucy wasn’t the type to want a public proposal and honestly, it would have been completely nerve-wracking for me as well.

So I just asked Lucy to marry me at home, while Chris was out, so we had complete privacy.

We went out to celebrate right afterwards, at the nicest restaurant around.

We both knew Lucy was going to accept my proposal but it was exciting to finally be able to make it official.

We hadn’t told anyone that we’d been talking about marriage, so we were keen to tell our families and friends the news as well.

My parents were over the moon for us, just like I knew they’d be.

Mum has known Lucy since she was 4 years old, when she started pre-school and Dad liked her as soon as I introduced them, when Lucy and I were 14. She’s already like part of the family at my parents’ place.

It’s been a great year for Mum and Dad. Dominic made them grandparents (twice over - he and Leslie have twins) in February and Audrey got married in April and now I’m engaged.

Lucy and I definitely won’t get married before the end of the year but 2040 has still been amazing for our family.

Despite Chris’s currently less-than-enthusiastic views on marriage, he congratulated us when we told him.

I thought maybe he’d also be worried about his living situation - being forced out of this place or alternatively, being left paying triple the rent once we moved out.

If anyone moves out, it will be me and Lucy and it won’t be for at least another year, which will hopefully be plenty of time for Chris to save up a bit, find another roomie or another place.

Neither of us want our decision to leave Chris in the lurch but he really wasn’t too concerned about that anyway.

It never even occurred to him to worry about it. He’s confident that when the time comes, we’ll all have figured out a plan that works for all of us.

That was a big relief for both of us. Now we can just get on with planning our wedding!


  • Title is from Love Like a Sunset by Phoenix.
  • Ruby Lane was being a big creeper during Chris and Veronica's date. You might be able to spot her behind the glass in the first picture in the restaurant, but if not...
         ...there she is! She was heartfarting over Chris when he first entered the lot, so I guess she's got         a little crush. Typical Ruby!
  • In Sullivan 1.0, Lucy had an engagement or marriage want but Edward was dragging his feet. They both rolled up engagement wants as soon as I moved them into Sullivan 1.0, so I locked those babies down! Lucy also rolled a marriage and baby want pre-engagement, which is why they got engaged at home - I had to free up a lock! No baby want from Edward yet, so we'll see what happens. I haven't set a wedding date for them yet but I'm thinking maybe December 2041/January 2042. 
  • Never fear though, Lucy, because your future father-in-law has your back!
  • Tatiana and Lucy were too busy being super-inappropriate to talk much about grandchildren.

  • Chris and Veronica are still very casual. Veronica saunters into their flat on a fairly regular basis for a booty call but they're not going steady and Chris has a fear of marrying Veronica. So more wait and see for those two. 
  • I thought I remembered seeing this action a long time ago, when Finn and Victoria were teens. I don't think I've been able to replicate it since. Turns out I was using the wrong interaction - it's a Classic Dance thing, not Slow Dance! Anyway, Lucy was not happy about Edward accidentally stomping on her foot. ;)

         Poor Edward. I can't imagine Lucy getting that angry over an accident (Nice sims should react           differently!), so I didn't try to write this in but I still thought it was funny!
  • I haven't quite decided what will happen with Chris after Edward and Lucy get married. Maybe he'll advertise for a roomie. That might be fun, actually. 


  1. How nifty! Congrats to Edward and Lucy! They've always been a sweet couple. LOL at the conversation between Tatiana and Lucy. They must be very close. ;)

    1. Edward and Lucy are very cute. I've got quite a few couples who met in high school and stayed together but they'd be favourites of mine, for sure.

      Ha, Tatiana and Lucy would be close by now, I suppose. Though it still seems odd to discuss that with your future mother-in-law/former high school principal - especially given how shy they both are!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I forgot these two weren't married! They already act like a married couple, so I figured it happened a while ago. But congrats anyway!
    LOL at Lucy trying to get good at cooking so they don't have to eat Chris's again!

    Chris and Veronica, I coudl see that working, kinda like Amar and Adrrienne, but we'll see.

    I totally saw Ruby the first time, identified her and it creeped me out!

    1. Edward and Lucy have always been very serious and monogamous, so I can see that! But nope, they'll get married sometime next round. :) Maybe Lucy will have improved her cooking by then - none of these three are very good in the kitchen!

      I'm interested to see how Chris and Veronica go. Neither are at all interested in settling down at the moment but I do find my sims all want to eventually. So who knows? I think it'll be a while for them, like it was for Amar and Adrienne. Amar was in his mid-30s, I think, by the time he settled down.

      Ha, I'm glad someone noticed Ruby without me pointing it out! LOL, what a creeper she is!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. That would be interesting seeing what kind of roomie Chris would end up with. Those two are such a cute couple, I can't wait to see their wedding and where they will move.

    1. Yeah, I'm trying to think who Chris might have move in. Maybe Mitchell? He's graduating this year and won't have anyone else to move in with yet, because Tim and Eddie still have a year to go. I'm sure he'd prefer having a roomie than moving back with his parents for a year, which is what I was going to do!

      I'm excited about the wedding, not so excited about finding them a house! They don't have much money and I'm thinking there'll be a mortgage in the future for Edward and Lucy. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I was amused by the conversation between Tatiana and Lucy. It's not quite as inappropriate as the one between one of my child Sims and his new stepfather, though. Their very first conversation involved the "relative gets married" and "first woohoo" memory icons, as if little Charlie was saying, "So, now that you and my mom are married, you're totally having sex, right?" AWKWARD.

    1. Well, at least kids have the excuse of innocence, I suppose! I can imagine a little kid asking that question without really realising he was being inappropriate. Wouldn't make it any less awkward for the adults involved though, lol!

      I'm just glad my sims are talking about memories again though. They never did in Sullivan 1.0 and I really missed being able to interpret their conversations.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Awww, Lucy and Edward are officially engaged now! Another wedding to plan. ;)

    I'm glad that they won't be moving out just yet. Chris is pretty much focused on his bachelor lifestyle after getting his Masters. Throwing a huge amount of rent and searching for a roommate would be a pain!

    I love it when sims have completely inappropriate conversations. It's always fun puzzling out what they might be discussing.

    1. Yes, I'm excited about the wedding planning, let me tell you! I have a couple of weddings scheduled for next round, actually. Rebecca and Nathan will get married fairly early on in Round 35.

      Nah, Lucy and Edward wouldn't leave Chris hanging like that. He might have done it to them though! I don't see him as being the most thoughtful kind of person, lol.

      Inappropriate sims' conversations are the best! I always snap pictures of them, now that they happen again in my game. Love them!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Yay! An engagement! I'm so happy with this news :) And I'm really looking forward to the wedding!
    Maybe Lucy and Edward can live with Chris a little bit longer after they are married. I know it's not ideal but it will give Chris some extra time to find a some other arrangements, if he hasn't by then.

    Chris and Veronica seem like a nice couple, I wonder if they can make it work. They both seem to want the same things out of a relationship.

    1. I'm looking forward to the wedding as well. I'm already keeping my eyes open for nice dresses, lol!

      I have definitely considered having Lucy and Edward live with Chris a little while longer. And actually, I think that will work out better than the current plan, which was to have Chris advertise for a roomie and have Mitchell move in. But by the time I get around to playing Chris again, Tim and Eddie will have graduated uni too, so Mitchell can room with them and live with his folks in the meantime. Which was actually my original plan for Mitchell anyway!

      We'll have to wait and see with Chris and Veronica. They're very casual at the moment, so it's hard to say. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. About time! These two are adorable together, and I'm totally happy that they are going to tie the knot. I love the idea of Chris advertising for a roommate, could be a lot of fun! I do like him with Veronica, but I think their wants and casualness really fits for them, so I'm fine with them not moving towards a serious status. Plus Veronica is still so young! Lots of time left, she doesn't seem the type to settle down early.

    Did you plan for Edward and Lucy to get married from the beginning? And it really has a been a big year for the Lachance family, lots of great things happened and even more to come.

    1. Ha, Edward and Lucy are only 25 but they have kind of been together forever, lol! I don't know if I planned for them to get married from the very beginning but it was pretty clear to me that that was where they were headed by about the time Edward got to college.

      I still think Chris advertising for a roomie would be fun but I'm probably not going to do it now. I was going to have Mitchell move in with him but by the time I play Chris again, Tim and Eddie will have graduated and there'll be no reason for him not to just get a place with them. So this gang might stay together a while longer. Next time I play them, Edward and Lucy will have been married a few months.

      Definitely don't want to marry off Veronica this early! I find all my sims want to get married, or at least settle down, eventually, so there's no rush. She's just finished her Master's and is very ambitious, so I think her career might be her priority for a while.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!