Thursday, 9 August 2012

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Round 34: April 2039 (Autumn)
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Lila Sitko and Sophie Gottlieb are 26 and Elspeth Romilly is 25.
(Camilla is 26, Josh is 25, Oliver is 23, Emma is 19 and Grace and Everett are 9)
Narrated by Sophie Gottlieb

My sister Emma dropped by last week, just so we could catch up a little. She’s been having problems with her girlfriend and she wanted someone else to talk it over with.

Makenzie wants them to move in together next year, which is moving way too fast for Emma. She’d rather just keep going the way they are and see what happens.

I'm totally on Emma's side in this. She doesn’t need to be setting up house with someone at only 20, when she hasn’t finished college and when she still feels like they haven’t been dating all that long.

She and Makenzie are still together but Emma told me they’re on a bit of a break right now. She’s going to use the time to think about what she wants to do.

She likes Makenzie a lot but she doesn't know where they can go from here, if they really can't come to an agreement on this.

I wish I could fix it for her but there’s not much I can do except listen to her if she needs me to.

I feel a bit guilty talking about Oliver with Emma but I can’t help myself a lot of the time. We’re really happy together.

We’ve been together for more than two years now and that time has flown by so fast.

It’s just all been so easy. Which worried me at first, because I was almost expecting something horrible to crop up. But mostly, it’s just been amazing and stress-free.

I’ve never felt like I’m in competition with anybody with Oliver, which I definitely did with Jack, at least towards the end of our relationship.

Neither of us is ready to get married just yet but just lately, I’ve been thinking it’s a real possibility in the future with Oliver.

For now, we’re just dating and are fine with keeping it that way but I can definitely see myself with him long-term.

Most of our friends are in the same sort of stage, though that’s starting to change. Charlie and Camilla are already married and Connor and Lila are making plans to move in together in the near-ish future.

I’ve been expecting it for a while, because it was so obvious how much they clicked once they got together.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not a bit sad at the thought of Lila moving out. I’m going to miss not seeing her every day.

She thinks I’m being ridiculous. I’ve never lived with Camilla and I still see her plenty.

I guess she’s right there. Camilla and I meet up a lot, even living on opposite sides of town and even considering the kids.

She often just brings Grace and Everett along with her and lets them play while we catch up.

I like seeing them anyway. Being the oldest in the family, it’ll probably be a while before I have nieces or nephews, so it’s fun to hang out with kids every now and then.

Lila is currently saving up every penny to put towards the house she and Connor eventually buy. She’s picked up some extra work doing financial consulting online.

Camilla and Charlie are house hunting right now and Lila keeps offering to invest their money for them and maybe increase their savings. Camilla isn’t interested.

She says with Charlie’s trust fund, they have plenty of money. It’s unfathomable to Lila that they wouldn’t want to have as much as they can but they’ve always had different priorities.

I was a bit nervous about how Lila would react when Elspeth and Josh started dating but so far, it’s been okay.

Josh has started to come over a little more often and no one’s murdered anyone yet.

Lila felt a bit weird about it at the start but she’s over it now.

She’s happy with Connor, she’s absolutely not interested in Josh and she’s friends with Elspeth again now, so she just realised she didn’t care if they wanted to date or not.

Not that Josh is her very favourite person in the world or anything. She’s still not very fond of him.

Elspeth really wants them all to get along though, so they’ve been on a few double dates together trying to make that happen.

It’s not exactly how Lila would choose to spend her time but I think things are getting better between her and Josh.

She’s still glad Elspeth and Connor are there to act as somewhat of a buffer.

If Lila is going to stay with Connor though, she’s going to have to get used to seeing Josh a lot. He and Connor are really close friends, so she was never going to be able to avoid him forever.

At least Connor seems to be okay with Oliver now, after a rocky start. Oliver never really had a problem with Connor but Connor had a problem with him!

They both work in surveillance for the SCIA but Oliver has been there longer, which Connor somehow found offensive.

I don’t think either of them really cared much whether or not they became friends but being in fairly close quarters at work, and then seeing each other so often when they’re over here, it kind of happened anyway. I knew they’d get along if they just got to know each other a bit better.

I guess I’m a little bit biased but it’s hard for me to see why anyone wouldn’t like Oliver. He’s a pretty likable guy!


Poor Georgina was accosted by some townie creeper!
Her father would be so pissed off! And her grandfather would probably tear the guy limb from limb!

  • Title is from Crack Code by Sullen.
  • It's looking good for Lila and Connor buying a house this round sometime. The girls have $40,000 between them, which will give Lila at least $13,000 to take with her when she moves out. I think she has a little in the bank too, as well as an expensive TV in her inventory. :)
  • I've picked out a house for Camilla and Charlie. It should work really well for them but I am yet to decorate it. :)
  • Emma and Makenzie...they're still together technically but I don't know how much longer that will last. Emma will probably visit her folks at some point before the next uni update, so I'm going to check to see what her wants are like at that point. This session, she had some platonic wants for Makenzie, but nothing romantic.
  • Sophie and Oliver are so adorable. I love them together. I was amazed but this round, Sophie rolled a marriage want! I don't think she's really quite ready yet, nor is Oliver, but it was sweet.


  1. Aww I hope Emma comes to a decision she is happy with. It must be hard to have such different ideas about the future but I'm sure she'll make the right choice.
    I adore Sophie and Oliver so much! They are totally adorable and I really hope they do get married later down the line. Sophie really deserves a happy relationship after the way things ended with Jack. Can I ask which restaurant you used it this update? The one you used for Sophie and Oliver and where I think Georgina is too. I love the look of it :)
    I can't wait to see what Lila and Connors house looks like and to finally see them moved in together.
    And thank God things between Lila and Josh and Connor and Oliver are better than they were! They are all going to be spending way too much time together to dislike one another too much.

    1. I think Emma will figure it all out eventually. She hasn't had much luck in the love stakes, so I'm hoping things turn around for her, with or without Makenzie.

      I love Sophie and Oliver too. I never really thought about them together and actually had him in mind for Elspeth at first. There was zero chemistry there but Sophie was into him right away. I'm glad she's in such a healthy relationship now.

      Sophie and Oliver and Georgina are at two different restaurants. Sophie and Oliver are at Orchard and Georgina (as well as Connor, Lila, Elspeth and Josh) are at Tate Benton's restaurant, Tate's Grub Hub. I downloaded that one from TSR a long time ago but I changed it quite a bit, IIRC.

      There definitely needed to be some sort of peace between Lila and Josh, at least for Elspeth and Connor's sake. Ditto Connor and Oliver, though I don't think that ever would have come to much of a head. It was all one-sided and Connor is the type who would mostly just silently fume and sneer!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Aww, a marriage want. It's a bit sad knowing that this household will break up soonish :( but they're growing older and moving on to other things. :\

    1. The marriage want was pretty adorable! I'm such a sucker for those. I always lock them. :)

      This update was the last one with Lila, Elspeth and Sophie together, which is a little sad. But there'll be at least one more update with just Elspeth and Sophie, so it's not quite breaking up yet. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Glad Connor is getting over his grudge! And that things are okay with elspeth and josh dating. I'll be sad when this group breaks up and goes into their next stage of life. I can't wait til I have a group of girls living together, already know which ones it will be!

    Sophie and Oliver are really cute together. I really like them as a couple and am looking forward to them getting married when that time comes. Hope emma gets some better luck. And with someone else. I don't care for makenzie very much.

    1. I'm glad too. Connor and Oliver actually seemed to get along quite well once they actually started talking! I suspect they've actually got fairly similar interests.

      I can't wait to see your roommates either! I'm already trying to think who it might be. ;) I'm always sad when I break up a roomies household but I generally have plenty more to take its place.

      Sophie and Oliver are favourites of mine too. I was surprised they clicked so well together but was really glad they did! I think a slightly younger guy suits her, because there hasn't been as much pressure to commit. There probably would have been with Jack, if Audrey didn't exist!

      Yeah, I'm not sure about Makenzie myself. I'm starting to think she's not a good match for Emma though. I wonder what aspiration she is - I can't actually remember!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Sophie and Oliver make a really cute couple.I take it they started dating after college or while Oliver was still a student.I didn't even notice the age difference until I double checked.I think it's sweet that Sophie is thinking that she realistically could have a future with Oliver.I know it's too soon for her to seriously think about getting married, but I can't wait to see where these two end up.

    I said on N99 that I love the idea of friends living together after college rather than moving back with parents or finding their own apartment.It must be bittersweet to see them move on with their lives.

    It doesn't seem like Mackenzie is okay with Emma's terms, even after talking with Sophie.Maybe after talking with her parents she may have better insight into whether she really wants to be in this relationship anymore.

    1. Yes, Sophie and Oliver started dating when he was a senior in college, so he was just about done when they met. Sophie is still taking things slowly with Oliver but she's definitely begun to look to the future, which is nice. I wasn't sure how long that would take her - she's Pleasure/Romance and they're kind of wildcards sometimes!

      Roommate households are a ton of fun! I think my Sims enjoy it as much as I do. ;) And it's pretty realistic for the early to mid 20s stage in life too.

      Makenzie and Emma are still not on very solid ground with their relationship. The break may or may not end up being a break-up. I'm going to watch Emma's wants and see. If Emma starts rolling some romantic wants, that may be a sign she wants to give things another try. If not, then it might be time to end things.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I'm glad things are going so well for Sophie and Oliver. It brought it home how hard it was for her with Jack when she thought about how she didn't feel like she was competing with anyone for Oliver.

    It's funny to see Lila and Connor double-dating with Elspeth and Josh! I'm glad everyone is getting along so far.

    1. I think Jack genuinely loved Sophie but in the end, he sort of fell out of love with her and his feelings for Audrey were stronger. That would have been hard on Sophie's end. But she seems ecstatic with Oliver, so all's well that ends well, I suppose!

      Lila probably didn't think the double date was quite as fun but I think she's getting there. The whole thing with Josh was so long ago and I don't think the specifics of it would be in the forefront of Lila's mind these days. I don't know if she'll ever be friends with Josh again though! Civility will be enough.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I'm really looking forward to seeing Connor and Lila live together, and I hope Oliver and Sophie decide to take that step soon as well, even though they don't seem to be thinking about that at the moment.
    I will be sad to see this household break up though!

    It's nice that Elspeth and Lila are friends again, especially seeing that their boyfriends are best friends.

    I was still hoping that Makenzie and Emma could work it out, but I'm not sure anymore. It kind of seems like they want different things from life, at least at the moment. Which is kind of normal seeing they are at different points in their life.

    1. I'm still hunting around for a house for Connor and Lila but it's all the hypothetical right now. I really have to wait and see how much money Connor ends up with after his update. Oliver and Sophie aren't quite at the point where they're thinking about anything like that yet but we'll see what happens next round. ;)

      I think any hostility in the Lila/Connor/Josh/Elspeth foursome would be pretty terrible, seeing they're all going to be spending so much time together now. So Lila is trying to move past it all- it's a good thing for the group.

      We'll see about Makenzie and Emma but it doesn't look good, does it? It's hard when they have such different views on where the relationship should go from here. :\

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. LOL at the townie creeper! Oh my. Poor Georgina.

    I'm so glad that Lila, Connor, Elspeth, and Josh are getting along okay. With everyone being 'attached' in some way, it makes it easier! Now you don't have to worry about fights breaking out between the friends. ;)

    I'm sad about Emma and Mackenzie... but you can't do something that doesn't make you comfortable. If she isn't ready to take the next step, then she just isn't ready!

    Sophie and Oliver are really cute together. I'm glad that they're happy!

    1. Hopefully! I don't know if Lila and Josh will ever be friends, as I said, but if they could not shoot eye daggers at each other for Elspeth and Connor's sakes, that'll probably be enough!

      Emma and Makenzie likely won't last much longer. I don't see Emma suddenly becoming more into her or Makenzie backing down. They just both see themselves heading in different directions, I think.

      Sophie and Oliver though? Adorable. I never would have thought to pair them up but they're a good match!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. I hope Lila and Connor do buy a house this round. I want to see what it looks like, and it keeps Lila from having to see Josh too much.
    I'm a hopless romantic, so I'd love to see Oliver and Sophie get married, but of course it's best to wait till they're both ready.

    1. Lila and Connor will definitely buy their house this round and we'll see at least a glimpse of it before the round is out. Maybe even a lot tour, if I get it decorated in time!

      Well, Sophie's right there with you. ;) I guess it's at least partly up to Oliver as well, so we'll have to see if he feels the same way. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. Ooh, marriage wants from non-family sims are my favourite marriage wants. :) I hope she and Oliver will get serious in the future since they're such a sweet couple.

    I'm also interested in the house Lila and Connor will buy, will keep my fingers crossed that you have time for a lot tour.

    1. Marriage wants from non-family sims always mean something extra special to me. They're that much rarer, so you know the sim must really mean it. ;)

      There will definitely be a lot tour of Lila and Connor's place at some point. It's just a question of whether it happens this round or not. If not this round, then the next. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. I had a whole comment typed up but I lost it :\. Like everyone else has been saying, it doesn't look like Emma and Makenzie are going to be together much longer. Maybe if they still have feelings for each other in the future, they can get back together when they're both on the same page.

    I really love Sophie and Oliver. So happy for her. She deserves to have someone who's dedicated to only her. I'm excited for those wedding bells to start ringing for these 2!

    Ditto to everyone else again re: the roommies household breaking up. But I'm so excited for Lila and Connor to take that next step. Really looking forward to seeing their new home and how you decorate it :).

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure what's ahead for Emma. I don't think she'll stay with Makenzie too much longer but after that? Who knows? She's still an enigma to me.

      Sophie and Oliver are too cute. I always felt bad for her with Jack. I was pretty invested in the idea of him and Audrey (so was he!) but at the same time, it was a little sad that he was never totally into Sophie. But she has that with Oliver now, which is really nice for both of them. :)

      Dissolving the roomies households always feels like the end of an era but it also usually signifies more good things to come, in this case Lila and Connor moving in together. I hope to have them moved into their own place by the end of the round. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!