Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Come to love

Round 34: June 2039 (Winter)
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Susannah Carmody is 29 and Zac Whitney is 5.
(Kimberly is 68, Rebecca is 30, Sam is 29, Julia is 28, Audrey is 27 and Camilla is 26)

Narrated by Susannah Carmody

My friend Camilla recently moved out of our building and I’ve really missed having her around.

I’m happy for her, because she and Charlie have just bought a fantastic new house but it’s a shame to not see her around the complex any more.

She’s come over a couple of times for coffee but she and Charlie both work weird hours. It’s hard for her to make the time in between work, the kids and everything else she has on her plate.

Zac misses Grace and Everett too. They’re getting older now and are busy with their friends, so they don’t usually come over when Camilla does.

Between here and Sam’s place, plus all the extra play dates he has now that he’s at school, Zac has plenty going on without adding more.

Zac goes over to his dad's place on Friday night and stays with him and his girlfriend Julia until Sunday about lunch time.

I still miss him like crazy when he’s not here but I know Zac has the time of his life over there. He's really close with Sam.

Zac has his own room at Sam and Julia’s place, which he got to help decorate. He’s so proud of it. It makes it feel a bit more like home for him, which is nice.

Zac has been asking if he can stay over at Sam’s for a bit longer some time, which I think I’d struggle with more than I do with the weekends.

But I told him I’d talk about it with Sam and see what we could do. A week during the school holidays would be fun for both of them, even though I know I’ll end up getting a bit sniffly about it!

Zac is always extra cuddly after he comes home from his dad’s, so I think he misses me as much as I miss him.

I usually work nights, so when Zac comes home from pre-school, he usually has to be content to tell the nanny about his day.

By the time I get home, he’s fast asleep in bed. I wish it was different but it’s just the nature of my line of work - a lot of nights!

To make up for it, I make sure I’m always up to have breakfast with Zac, even when I’m exhausted from the night before.

We talk about what he did the day before and what he’s planning to do that day. It’s a nice way to start the morning.

Working nights means I can often only see Daniel on the weekends.

That’s worked well up until now, because Zac is with Sam on the weekends, so I’m able to devote all my attention to Daniel.

Lately though, Daniel has been making an effort to come over during the week if I’m not working, so he can get to know Zac as well.

Daniel has met Zac before, of course, but they haven’t spent a ton of time together until the last few months.

I was cautious about letting Daniel get too close to Zac too soon. I didn’t know if Daniel and I would last, so I didn’t want Zac to get attached.

Daniel and I have been together two years now though and I feel like we’re going to be a long-term thing, so we’ve been having family time.

It’s been going well. Zac seems to really like Daniel and it means a lot to me that Daniel is so keen to get to know him. They just hit it off right away. I really want them to know and like each other, so I couldn’t be happier.

Daniel is a pretty wonderful guy. I feel lucky to have met him.

We’re quite alike. We go out but we’re just as happy to spend the evening at home on the couch instead.

He wants to get married one day, just like I do. He loves kids too, so that’s something else he’s looking forward to, as am I.

We’re still taking it slow on that front, though it’s hard when I see all my friends getting married.

Rebecca and Nathan are engaged, though they haven’t set a date yet. They’re still looking at venues and budgets, to see what they can afford and when.

Audrey and Jack’s wedding is set for April though and Rebecca and I will both be bridesmaids in that.

Right now, we’re looking around for dresses, both for Audrey and for us.

It’s all very exciting but it’s making me anxious for the day when it will finally be my turn to get married!

Picking out flowers, cakes and dresses is a lot of fun but I love the idea of the actual marriage too, not just the wedding.

Deciding that there’s one person you want to spend the rest of your life with and wanting to declare that in front of the world sounds like such a special and beautiful thing.

I’ve wanted that for as long as I can remember. I’m hopeful that maybe that's where things are going with Daniel but not positive yet.

I know Mum must like Daniel because she’s been dropping not so subtle hints every time we visit! She never did that with Sam. She and Daniel get along really well and I guess she’s keen to make him a permanent part of the family.

I love that she likes Daniel so much but it’s a little embarrassing when she directs her hints right at him, instead of at me.

You’d think she’d have enough to focus on, with Sarah and Nick having their fourth child in just a few months.

We’re all pretty excited about meeting their new little one, Nick and Sarah most of all, of course. I always saw them having a big family. Sarah is feeling amazing right now, so she’s thrilled to be able to just sit back and wait for the baby.

I can’t wait to see Zac and his cousins with the new baby Moretti. They all get along so well together and I know they’re going to be so lovely with the new addition too.

  • Title is from Come to Love by Matthew Sweet.
  • Kimberly adores Daniel. I was really amazed, because she just bitched and bitched at Sam every single time they got together! This is a nice change for Susannah, I'm sure.
  • Zac really likes Daniel too. They had the wants to be friends with each other, so I let them go ahead and do that next round. The snowman that Susannah and Daniel are kissing in front of in one of the pics was actually built by Zac, with Daniel's help.
  • No marriage wants for Daniel and Susannah yet (though Susannah has a generic "Get Married" want) but we'll see what happens next round.
  • I'm really dragging my feet on setting a date for Rebecca and Nathan but I think they'll get that sorted out once I play them this round (whenever that is - I can't even remember!)
  • And there's a sneak preview of Sarah with her huge belly before tomorrow's birthdays update. Not that you haven't seen that before! ;) Sometimes it feels like Sarah has been pregnant for her entire adult life!


  1. Zac is just the cutest kid, I just want to give him cuddles! It must be hard for Susannah at the weekends when Zac is away but at least she has Daniel so she isn't totally alone. I'm so happy Zac and Sam get on so well with the fairly limited time they have to spend with each other. They have such a cute relationship.
    I adore those shots of Susannah and Daniel together. I think they are such a great pairing and hopefully they will roll the want to get married soon because (as I have said many times) your weddings are amazing! I had to laugh at Kimberly's very 'subtle' hints, another grandchild on the way is clearly not satisfying enough!
    I hope Rebecca and Nathan set a date soon. It feels like they have been engaged forever!
    As usual I have a few WCIF's (I'm so bad I know...) I was wondering where you got those bright letters on Zacs bedroom wall? And the wedding dress Audrey is trying on? Its stunning! Sorry to be a pain...

    1. Zac is really adorable. And he's a bit serious too, which I kind of love. Serious sims are fun for me, oddly enough! Susannah is definitely making the most of her Zac-free time with Daniel. She's not too lonely these days. ;)

      LOL, oh, you know I'm wishing for that right along with you! I love doing the weddings, so I certainly would not be opposed to one for Susannah and Daniel should they want to! Kimberly would love it. She didn't really act like a family sim for years but she's finally acting like her aspiration! She wants another grandbaby but she also wants a relative to get married. All her other relatives are too young to get married, so she's definitely thinking of Susannah there!

      It's no bother but I'll have to check your WCIFs in game! I downloaded the dress Audrey is wearing only a couple of days ago and I am drawing a blank! I've had the letters on Zac's wall for ages but have no clue on those either. I'll definitely get back to you on this!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Aww I didn't even realise Kimberly was a family sim until fairly recently! I guess it took a while to kick in.
      Thanks so much!

    3. Kimberly's always been weirdly reserved and a bit distant, but she's mellowing a lot lately.

      Okay, I have answers for your WCIFs! The letters are from here and the dress is from here. I don't know how I ended up with that dress, actually, as I hadn't yet visited the Maxis Match topic at GOS. But it's lovely, so I won't complain. :)

  2. Awwww, I'm so happy that things are going well with Daniel and Susannah. It's great that she's secure enough to let him get a little closer with Zac. I really hope there are wedding bells (and babies) in their future, lol!

    It's so exciting to see tidbits of the wedding preparations! I'm sure you can't wait. I don't know how you do those elaborate weddings, but I sure do enjoy looking at the pictures. ;)

    The shot of Susannah and Daniel on the couch is just adorable.

    1. I'm happy about Susannah and Daniel too. When she broke up with Sam, I wasn't sure who she'd end up with but coming across Daniel was a real stroke of luck for her, and for Zac. They're doing well together.

      I love doing wedding preparation shots almost as much as I love doing weddings (and the love is the only reason I can be bothered to do such big weddings - they're mostly a total pain to pull off!). It gets me all excited about picking colours and then choosing just the right outfits. Love it! It feels like ages until I'll get to do Audrey and Jack's wedding though!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Aww, I like Daniel and how he fits into this little family. So sweet. I hope it works out for them :)

    1. It takes a while for the townies to grow on me but I've definitely become fond of Daniel. He's been very good for Susannah and Zac. I have my fingers crossed for them!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Lovely pictures, and your characters seem so "alive" from how you write about them!
    Some of the poses are great, for instance when Zac is in his Daddy's arms. I have never seen that happening in my game, so I guess it must be a hack that enables this?

    1. Thank you, that's a lovely compliment!

      Zac in Sam's arms is actually a game interaction, though not one a lot of people would see on a regular basis. It's the Bigfoot Hug, accessed through the allmenus on cheat. I've linked to instructions for how to enable that in my Resources post in my sidebar.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I really like Daniel, he seems to be a great match for both of them, actually. It's wonderful that he wants to get to know Zac, too.

    Your wedding preparations are always so inspiring, I must get around to do one for my own hood soon. :)

    1. Daniel is definitely changing Susannah's life for the better. She and Zac are a package deal and he understands that, so that won him brownie points right from the get go!

      All the wedding prep just helps get me a little more excited about the weddings, as well as tiding me over until I can finally sim them out! Audrey and Jack's seems so far away!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I'm so glad things are working out so great for Susannah and Daniel! And I really hope they roll those mariage-wants soon! There can never be too much weddings!

    I've said it before but I adore that shot of Daniel and Susannah on the couch! That's some really amazing posing!

    I'm glad that Sam stil has such a great bond with his dad.
    Do we get to see an update of Sam and Julia? I forgot if you made the playable?

    1. Maybe they'll be more likely to roll those marriage wants if they know how much we're all spurring them on, lol! I would love to have another wedding to do next round. ;)

      Tanja, if only you knew how easy that pose for Susannah and Daniel was! Those are just two poses from Janita's Love on Seat pose box and I didn't do anything to adjust them other than add facial expressions. So Janita is an amazing pose box creator and I'm just benefiting from her great work!

      Yes, I'm regretting it (seeing I have so many sims to play already!) but I did make Sam and Julia playable and you'll get an update this round. I think it's relatively soon, if I'm not mistaken. Hope and Malcolm, then the high school update and then Sam and Julia. :) Zac will be staying with them for a week, so we'll see him again too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Susannah and Daniel make a really cute couple.It's nice that she's happy with someone she really is serious with and who is also interested in her son.I'm sure she's glad that she has someone she doesn't have to worry about how her son would feel about her boyfriend.They seem so great for each other, much better than she and Sam.I had to go back and read why she and Sam broke up.But atleast both of them have moved on. I wonder how Sam feels about Daniel?I secretly hope wedding bells are in the future for these two, especially since they want the same things anyway.

    1. Susannah just needed to find somebody she really connected with and I think she's found that with Daniel. Huge, huge bonus that he also is willing to make the effort with Zac too. I think Zac was so young when his parents split up that he doesn't really remember them being together, so that's not as big an issue as it might have been if he was a little older.

      I don't think I've had Daniel meet Sam but I might have to do that in Sam and Julia's update later on this round. We'll see how they get along!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. First, wcif Sarah's shirt?! I looked through your pinterest list trying to be a good girl, but didn't happen to see it there. By chance you know? It's really adorable, and professional, and maternity! Hard to always find!

    I'm super geeked about them having their fourth baby, and I'm really glad that Susannah is taking things slow with Daniel. No babies, no quick weddings, etc. It's sad that she has to share Zac with Sam... I know that's the nature of things, and the right way to do it, but it'd be so hard! At least it goes well though and Julia seems to be a good future-step mommy.

    Looking forward to all these weddings! I don't know though if Rebecca will *ever!* get married though! :p

    1. I just had a look at Sarah's shirt for you and the info says OBehave/Amaryll. I downloaded it fairly recently but can't find an exact link. Hopefully that will give you something to go on though!

      Poor Susannah still can't use BC under my new system, so I'm glad she and Daniel haven't got themselves in the family way yet. He's a lovely guy though. Sharing Zac is hard for both Susannah and Sam but it's the best thing for the child. I think he'll grow up fairly well-adjusted as a result.

      LOL, Rebecca and Nathan will definitely get married eventually! I'll get to that in their update this round! I really have to look at their finances and see what's possible for them, because I have no clue.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. I'm so glad that Susannah's relationship with Daniel is working out--I know it was pretty difficult for her when everything with Sam fell apart. I'm also happy that he's with Julia, because she was so unpleasant before!

    I'll be interested to see if Susannah and Daniel end up married--I love that shot of them in the kitchen in their pajamas--very romantic!

    1. Julia? Unpleasant? LOL. Yes, she sure was. I'm about to play her and Sam today and I'll be interested to see how she is adjusting to everything.

      Susannah and Daniel seem to be pretty well-matched and assuming all goes well, I can see them getting married one day. But I did think she'd marry Sam too, so I guess we'll have to wait and see!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. Aww, I’m so happy things are still going so well with Susannah and Daniel. I really liked that pic of Daniel and Zac playing. Daniel looked so serious with the little doll in his hand lol. And very glad to hear that Kimberly adores Daniel, too. Definitely a nice change for Susannah. But now instead of hearing her nag about how crap Sam was, she’s hearing her nag about getting married. You can never win sometimes with your mom! :)

    Love the look of the bridal shop and all the pics in it. I still haven’t gotten around to decided when Keisha and Ryan are going to get married but I’m looking forward to setting up scenes like that. Hopefully Rebecca and Nathan (and you!) can decide on a date soon!

    Zac is a little cutie and I like that pic where everyone is gathered around talking to each other and he’s there reading (third to last pic). Really shows what kind of kid he is :).

    Oh and thanks to the link to that wedding dress. It looks like one I already have but I haven’t looked at the MM theme at GOS yet (there are some pretty nice outfits there to my surprise!)

    1. I imagine being around kids is still a bit unusual for Daniel, so he's probably not quite sure how to play with them yet! But he's trying for Zac and Susannah's sake, which is nice. The marriage nagging Susannah is getting now from Kimberly is probably at least a little better than the nagging about Sam!

      Hah, really? I was just thinking I need to make over that bridal shop! It's not that I don't like it; it's just that I didn't decorate it, so it doesn't feel like it's mine. I often end up having that problem with downloaded lots. These days, I redecorate a lot of them right away, to avoid the problem from the start!

      Zac's quite a serious little kid (takes after his dad!), so I loved that he went and got a book to read! He's quite different from Thomas and Catherine in that way but Ryan is also a serious little thing, so he's not a total black sheep in his family!

      I've hardly looked at that MM theme myself! I think someone linked specifically to those dresses on Tumblr and I somehow resisted the temptation to look at everything else.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!