Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lingering still

Round 33: January 2037 (Summer)
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Sophie Gottlieb and Lila Sitko are both 24 and Elspeth Romilly is 23.
(Amelia is 48, Connor and Camilla are both 24 and Oliver is 21)

Narrated by Sophie Gottlieb

I sometimes get a little bored at home if I’m on my own, so I tend to do a lot of cooking to occupy myself.

It’s a lot of fun and as a bonus, I’m improving my skills for when I finally get to work in an actual kitchen, at a restaurant a bit classier than Cluckin’ Bell.

I pretend I’m cooking things for Elspeth and Lila and that’s sort of true. They never need to worry about dinner after work, because I always have something ready. I’m so lazy with cleaning and this is my one contribution to the household.

But in truth, I’m cooking for them but doing a lot of “tasting” at the same time. It’s definitely showing when I look in the mirror too. I just don’t seem to be able to burn off the calories like I once did.

Mum says it’s genetic. The same thing happened to her, although not until she got pregnant with Noah.

I’m just lucky enough to start packing on the pounds before I even get knocked up, I guess. But I’ve thought about it and decided I don’t really care so much. I’d rather be a little pudgy than work out.

Though I did try that a couple of times, with Lila. She goes a couple of evenings a week, after work and she loves it. I thought I might too.

It wasn’t quite as fun as I’d envisioned. The last time we went, the session ended with Lila abandoning her treadmill so she could nag me to take my hands off the rails of mine.

I was so relieved when she ran into Connor and forgot about me.

I ended up sneaking off to get a massage instead. I think that’s the only possible thing you’ll catch me doing at a gym any time soon.

I’m on my feet all day at work, so in my off time, I like to just veg out.

I do love my job though. It’s not at a fantastic restaurant - just a cafe at a bowling alley - but I am finally out of fast food! That alone is thrilling.

I still want to be actually cooking the food, instead of serving it but this pays better than my last job, with better hours. I’ll get there.

Lila and I have been living here for two years but it’s only since Elspeth moved in that we’ve spent any time at all in the back garden. It’s a gorgeous little place and the best part is that our landlord takes care of all the upkeep for us!

We talk about everything but we love swapping dating stories. Elspeth and I are both single, so we have a few. I like to get out there much more often than she does, so I tend to have more!

I’ve definitely dated a few duds since Jack and I broke up but hey, they make for good stories!

Lila sometimes skips our girl talk sessions and makes all-day plans with Connor instead.

Neither of them have had much luck with romance before but this seems to be it for them.

I fully expect Lila will be the first one to move out of our flat. Not soon but it’ll happen.

Then it'll just be me and Elspeth. I’ve grown even closer to Elspeth since she moved in with us. We've always been friends but we've never really confided in each other much.

That's changed lately. Last time we were home without Lila, Elspeth confessed to me that she has “a thing” for Josh.

I don’t know why she couldn’t have developed this “thing” for him when he was available. He’s going out with Veronica now.

I’m trying to encourage her to date other people but she’s going at it quite half-heartedly.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of the guys she’s been on dates with but she always comes home saying there was no spark, or they were boring, or they were dumb, or “not her type”.

I keep telling her sometimes it’s worth it to give someone a chance, even if they’re “not your type”. But I think she’s just decided no one but Josh will do.

The guy I’m dating right now, Oliver, is not my type, normally but we just really clicked, right away.

He approached me in a clothing store, chatted me up and then asked me out.

I was a little wary, because he’s still in college but I decided to give him a shot. He’s only three years younger than me, which isn’t that much of an age gap.

Initially, I didn’t think we’d have anything in common but that hasn’t been a problem at all. I don’t think we’ve ever had any awkward silences, even early on.

He’s even willing to listen to me talk incessantly about food, though he’s definitely not a “foodie” like I am.

Oliver is more into sports but just as a hobby. Career-wise, Oliver wants to join the SCIA, which is also Connor’s eventual plan.

He’s not so serious like Connor though, he’s very easy-going. And he’s very cute too, which is a nice bonus.

Camilla especially is so excited for me. She keeps asking me when I’m going to get “serious” with him.

I guess I’ve been talking about him quite a bit lately!

Oliver is just coming out of a five-year relationship, so we’re not even talking about where this might lead, if anywhere. We’re just enjoying getting to know each other and we’ll worry about the other stuff when we need to.

This was an outtake from setting up the last picture. I think it's adorable!

  • Title is from Lingering Still by She & Him.
  • Sophie rolled the "packing on the pounds" ROS this round, so she was knocked down one fitness level to Fat. So far, she seems pretty happy as she is but she's Pleasure/Romance, so she may eventually roll the want to Get Fit. Until she does or until she exercises autonomously, she'll be keeping her curves. ;)
  • So a bit about Elspeth's wants. Since the kiss with Josh when they were in college, she's been intermittently rolling "Get Engaged to Josh" wants. I was keeping an eye on it, just to see if she'd roll any other romantic wants or if this was some kind of idle fantasy, maybe. For a while, it was just the engagement want but now the other romantic wants are coming out to play. I think I mentioned in Josh's update that he never really stopped rolling romantic wants for Elspeth, so we'll see what happens between them now, with Veronica in the picture.
  • Sophie and Oliver are the new couple I hinted at in my post at N99 yesterday. I teleported him in to see if there was any chemistry with Elspeth but surprise, surprise - she wasn't interested! Sophie though, was very interested and rolled the want to ask him out on a date almost immediately. They're not in love yet, so it's early days at the moment. They have the same attraction score as Connor and Lila (2 bolts, 75 points), so there's a decent grounding there. Not something I was planning but I'm happy Sophie's got a boyfriend again.


  1. Sophie looks wonderful with the extra pounds, besides you can't trust a skinny cook :P I hope Elspeth doesn't do something stupid with the whole Josh thing. Those two must be driving you insane.

    1. Sophie makes a very cute "fat" Sim, I agree. I just wish more creators added fat morphs to their clothing - took me a while to find something with a morph that was in Sophie's style!

      Elspeth and Josh driving me insane? Just a little. ;) Or really, it's just Elspeth. Josh has been quite consistent with his wants since he was 12 years old. He's always been a bit in love with Elspeth, the poor boy.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Sophie looks great. You're right about the fat morphs though, not many creators add them to their creations and it's a shame. I think Sophie and Oliver are a cute couple and I'm glad she's found someone. I was a bit worried about her after the break-up from Jack but she's obviously gotten over it.

    Elspeth, Elspeth... if only she had realised a bit earlier that it's actually Josh she wants! It'll be interesting to see how this "thing" will develop.

    1. I'm already imagining that the bridesmaids' dress I pick out for Camilla's wedding will have no fat morph and I'll have to explain that away by saying Sophie's wearing Spanx, lol! I find the formal wear meshes are even worse in terms of fat morphs.

      But Oliver likes the curves, it seems. ;) I was a bit worried about her too, or at least insanely curious, about what would happen with her, relationship-wise. She's always had her career mapped out for her but romance was another story. Sophie is definitely completely over Jack, these days. She got her time to date around, which she wanted and now she's back doing the relationship thing.

      Ah yes, if only! This thing with Veronica is going to be difficult for Elspeth. She didn't love it when Josh started dating Lila either but mainly because the attention was off her. ;) This is a bit different.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Sophia is rocking that extra weight, it suits her well. She even managed to get a hunk like Oliver *whistles*♥♥

    I love the girls backyard, gorgeous. Did you build that lot?

    1. Curvy Sophie is rather bootylicious looking, lol! And yeah, Oliver's not complaining, is he?

      Alas, no, I did not build this lot! This is one of Starr's awesome apartment buildings, which I now can't find. They may be one of the lots she put up at N99 and hasn't yet put up at Apple Valley Downloads. I'll ask her or maybe she'll see this and tell us!

      Thanks for reading!

    2. Ha, just as I was typing that, I clicked "older posts" on Starr's blog and found this building!

      It's here:

    3. LOL @ bootylicious, definitely that!

      Thanks for showing me where you got that apartment.

  4. I'm so happy Sophie finally found someone she's happy with! She and Oliver make a nice couple.
    I don't mind Sophie's curves, she wears them well ;)

    I'm interested to see things develop for Elspeth. It seems like it's never the time for her and Josh. It seems a little bit like she wants Josh every time he's with someone else, like she doesn't want him to have someone else but her... I might see this wrong though.

    1. Sophie and Oliver work together better than I expected. They're very into each other, like Connor and Lila were (and still are). We'll see how it lasts! I'm hoping they're both in it for the long-term.

      Yeah, I don't know about Elspeth. I think a part of her has always wanted Josh but this is the first time she's ever realised it herself. It certainly would have been nice if she'd realised it while Josh was still single though!

      Thanks for reading!

  5. I know I've been missing for so long.

    Carla, I love these two together. Sophie is so practical and so lovely, it's no wonder Oliver is going after her.

    What's up with Elspeth? Josh is some kind of perfect man? It took her a long time to realize it LOL!

    1. Not long at all! You commented on my lot tour just this Tuesday. :) Don't even worry about that. :)

      I really like Sophie and Oliver too. It's so early but I'm hoping for good, good things from them. I wouldn't have thought to pair them up, had Elspeth not been so picky, but they're a good match. I can see why they'd be drawn to each other.

      LOL, yes, Elspeth certainly took a long time to make up her mind about Josh! TO her, he apparently is the perfect man, or at least as perfect as she'll probably get. I'm going to try to delve into them a tiny bit more in the next college update, with Veronica, but I'm not positive I'll get the opportunity. I've got five kids in the one dorm at the moment!

      Thanks for reading!

  6. Aww, I like Sophie with curves. :) And is Oliver the same one that was with Veronica?! What a crazy situation.

    Elspeth is so wishy-washy when it comes to guys that this thing with Josh may never take off. I am very happy that Sophie seems to have really moved on from the whole Jack thing.

    1. Me too. I think Curvy Sophie is pretty adorable. And yep, Oliver is Veronica's ex-boyfriend and was dumped in favour of Josh. Sophie will be much kinder to him, hopefully!

      Elspeth has definitely been wishy-washy with boys so far. I don't think she really knows what she wants, at least up until now. She seems pretty certain about Josh. We'll see what happens with him and Veronica.

      Thanks for reading!

  7. Elspeth has a "thing" for Josh. *sigh* Awww, these two ones take their time to find each other! But it's passionating to read about, because they might finally never find them, or on the very late, after 15 years of marriage with someone else! I'm going to lose all my nails on this!
    Sophie looks gorgeous with her curves. I had totally forgotten how thin could be "fat" Sims in Sims 2. She's just plainly lovely!

    1. Oh man, figuring it out after 15 years of marriage would be very painful for everyone involved. :( Things are becoming very clear to me, though I can't say much else than that at the moment. ;)

      I would probably never stop eating if I knew I could only get as "fat" as Sophie, lol! I think she looks gorgeous!

      Thanks for reading!

  8. I think the weight looks great on her too! Though the TS2 bigger size always did look pretty good.

    Aww,Elspeth and Josh, still running circles around each other. It was bound to come to this though, I think. They'd have to at least give it a shot.

    And Sophie and Oliver! They look cute together!

    1. True, the TS2 "fat" Sims are just a little curvy and soft, really. Oliver seems to like it. ;) I'm glad I found someone for Sophie, finally.

      Elspeth and Josh never seem to be able to get it together enough to be mutually interested in each other when they're both single. This is the first time Elspeth has shown any genuine interest, really, so I think it's significant. She's certainly not showing any interest in any other guys I've thrown her way! I'll see what happens with Josh and Veronica.

      Thanks for reading!

  9. Oh man I'd eat to my hearts content out, if I would never get "fatter" than Sophie! She's adorable. She's one of my favorites, and I'm glad that she's found someone to date (more steadily), funny that you had him in mind for a date with Elspeth. I hope her and Josh date, no One Day romance here! That is too long of a wait. I feel like it's been real life two years. Lila and Connor are a couple that I just really like, but would never picture! It's like those couples that people whisper about how he must be good in bed to get a girl like that. Not that Connor isnt good looking cause he is, just not in a "frat boy" way, and I think Lila is model gorgeous.

    1. I think Sophie's glad to be steady with someone again too. She dated around a little after she and Jack broke up, like she wanted to, and now she's ready to have an actual boyfriend again.

      Oh, gosh, if I did a One Day thing with Elspeth and Josh, I think I'd traumatise myself and I know I'd traumatise you! No, I don't think that's in the cards! I don't think it's been two years yet but it's been at least a year, with their "dancing", lol!

      LOL, funny you should say that about Lila and Connor because I've definitely had the same thoughts! I was going to write something in about it at one stage but I couldn't think of who'd actually point it out! Lila is definitely the more traditionally attractive one, of the two of them. :)

      Thanks for reading!

  10. I love that pic of Sophie looking in the mirror at her “pudgy” self. She’s still gorgeous. I agree about the clothing lacking a fat morph. I have several pudgy sims and I have lots of clothes sitting in their “closet” that they can’t wear. I’m glad she made it out of Cluckin’ Bell and making her way up the ladder.

    Love the girl chat and swapping dating stories. I’m so happy for Lila and Connor. I’m glad that they’re bad luck in love is over. So, so funny about Elspeth wanting Josh now! Best. Timing. Ever. those 2 lol. *shakes head* Well, Veronica is young and knowing her, will probably move on very quickly. And if Josh gets wind that Elspeth may be interested, he may kick all other ladies to the curb!

    I didn’t see Sophie and Oliver coming but it could work. They both seem happy and really into each other, and he seems like a good guy, which she deserves.

    1. Sophie's a gorgeous Sim, pudgy or not, lol! I'm glad the ROS went to someone who looks good with the extra weight and who it made sense for. Sophie's lazy and if Amelia is anything to go by, genetically inclined towards weight gain! And you know...all that cooking she does. ;)

      I can see Lila and Connor both as the types who aren't much into the dating "scene". I'm sure they're relieved to have found each other so they don't have to date any more! Some people enjoy it but I think some just find it exhausting.

      Yeah, Veronica is only a few years younger than Josh but she's still quite fickle in her affections, and has been since she started uni. I haven't yet figured out what will happen between them but I'm sure I will before we visit them again. It could go one of many ways, including the scenario you just described.

      Sophie and Oliver were a surprise to me too but considering Sophie's aspirations, she's very into him! It's a bit like the way Lila and Connor were when they first got together (actually, they're still like that, two years on, which is sweet).

      Thanks for reading!

  11. She lives!

    Anyway, here were my reactions to this update:
    -You work those curves, Sophie! You really remind me of your mom now.
    -Aww, Lila and Connor are still working out well. Awesome.
    -AHHHJOSHANDELSPETH! I've held a torch for them almost as long as Josh has. Goddammit Elspeth, why'd you wait till now when he's kinda with another chick? Well, it's Veronica so it might not last long.
    -What an adorable couple! Another unexpected but workable pairing.

    Sorry for the absence, but yeah, I've been in mourning. I was going to just catch up and pop in then, but this is my fave potential pairing in here, and hearing that they might have a chance is too exciting for me to keep silent.

    1. Hey Fini, nice to see you around again! I wish your absence had been for a happier reason but hopefully, things are starting to settle down a bit in your life now.

      I am really as pleased as can be about how Lila and Connor are working out. Neither of them has an aspiration type normally inclined to roll a lot of romantic wants but they always want to be quite affectionate anyway. Makes me think it might be the real thing!

      Josh and Elspeth...sigh! I know, she picked the worst possible time to decide she was into Josh. :\ You're right that Veronica may not be Josh's one true love though, so we'll see what happens, I guess! I'd like them to get together too but I won't force them.

      Sophie and Oliver were a surprise, absolutely but I was happy to go with it. I really wasn't that keen on any of the guys she's dated casually since Jack but she clicked with Oliver. :)

      Thanks for reading!