Thursday, 20 October 2011

Teenage riot, August 2035

Round 32: August 2035 (Winter)

Principal: Kendal Draper
Teachers: Joanna Draper, Julia Gray
Students: Noah Gottlieb and Adelaide Sitko are both 17, Mitchell Carmody is 16, Tim Lane, Jessica Royce-Nihill, Emma Gottlieb and Eddie and Louisa Gentry are all 15, Declan Romilly, Austin and Lauren Carmody and Justin and Xavier Moretti are all 14 and Caitlin Romilly and Brendan Lachance are both 12.

Along with the end of August comes the first Sullivan High School winter formal, held at Starry Nights function hall.

All current SHS students are in attendance and the small staff of the school are also present, just to ensure things don't get too crazy.

They'll be keeping a particularly close eye on Sebastian Gentry, former student and boyfriend of Adelaide Sitko.

Adelaide seemed to be looking just a tiny bit guilty when Kendal spotted her and Sebastian out in the courtyard.

And with a good reason! Seeing all the students of Sullivan High School are still under 18, this is an alcohol-free event. Fortunately for both Adelaide and Sebastian, Kendal doesn't spot the beer bottle behind Sebastian's back.

Then again, Adelaide has just a few months of school left and has (somewhat miraculously) been admitted into Suffolk University. What's the worst her principal could do to her now?

The younger girls are, thankfully, staying inside and right in their teachers' line of sight.

The beginning of the night is spent mostly comparing dresses and catching up on what's happened in the three or four hours since they saw each other at school.

The winter formal is also the first time Emma has officially introduced Laurel to her friends.

Emma and Laurel have been dating for a couple of months now and things are still going well for them.

For the most part, Laurel is fitting in well with Emma's friends as well. Jessica and Louisa both really like Laurel and can see her hanging out with the group a lot.

Lauren is not quite so enthusiastic. Laurel didn't exhibit much interest in anything Lauren wanted to talk about and was rather rude about expressing it.

Fortunately for Laurel, Lauren is too sweet to say anything to Emma about it. She's planning on avoiding interacting with Laurel too much and enjoying the company of her friends instead.

Laurel is somewhat hard to ignore for Lauren though.

Like Emma, Laurel can be somewhat abrasive when talking to people.

Lauren is glad to have Eddie as an excuse to take a break from Laurel every now and then.

Lauren still feels a little bit guilty for breaking up with Xavier so she could date Eddie but she really is happy with him.

A month on from their break-up though, it still stings a little for Xavier to see them together.

Despite his worst fears though, Xavier actually isn't having the most terrible time ever.

Just like Declan said, most of the boys came alone, so Xavier is far from the only one without a date.

The boys spend most of the night at the bar, enjoying the free beverages on offer.

They're all non-alcoholic, of course, but it still feels very cool and grown-up to drink them at the bar.

The youngest girl at the formal, Caitlin, is without a date but not without confidence. She's been chatting to just about every boy in the room.

Her older brother's friend Austin is less than impressed by Caitlin...

...much to her disappointment.

But Caitlin is not to be deterred. There are other boys around.

For example, Austin's older brother Mitchell.

Mitchell is actually friendly to her and listens to what she has to say.

And in her opinion, Mitchell is much, much better looking than Austin. But as nice as Mitchell is to Caitlin, it is also very apparent that he sees her as a little kid.

She heads over to her friend Brendan, to see if he has any advice for her.

He doesn't but Brendan is not particularly surprised Mitchell isn't interested in Caitlin. Mitchell is 16 and in about a year and a half, he'll be away at college.

Not quite what Caitlin wanted to hear but she kind of knows Brendan is right as well.

Seeing the boys aren't interested anyway, maybe Caitlin will just revel in being a kid for a little while longer.

She'll just have to be content to admire cute boys from afar from the time being.

  • I've used this lot once before, for my N99 Reunion Contest entry and I think I like it. It seems very playable. I had a ton of Sims here (even more for the contest entry) and it was all running very smoothly.
  • Sebastian and his beer was something that actually happened at my RL formal. The drinking age is 18 here, so several girls were already of age when the formal rolled around and alcohol was actually served. You needed a wristband for that though and one still-underage guy (obviously) didn't have one and brought his own booze, hidden in the inside pocket of his jacket. Everyone knew he had it, except every single teacher in attendance!
  • Lauren has 10 nice points, so I'm going to blame the altercation with Laurel on Laurel. Some time after I saw them arguing, I saw Laurel had an action to annoy Lauren lined up in her queue. She didn't get to her in time though, so they managed to avoid each other for the rest of the night.
  • Caitlin is not rolling romantic wants yet but she was flitting from boy to boy all night. I don't think I saw her talking to any of the girls even once! And she did do a lot of heart-farting in Mitchell's direction and was all starry-eyed over Noah as well. She would have to pick the two oldest teens in the hood, wouldn't she?


  1. LOL! Caitlin is a hoot, she's a bit too young so hopefully she'll enjoy her childhood more as well. The drinking age is one good thing about uni in Australia, in the US, half of the crowd has wristbands, but in other parts of the world, all uni students can drink together :) I wonder exactly why Laurel and Lauren didn't get along, I wonder if it's due to Emma's past crush on Lauren, or the fact that they only have one letter different in their names :P

  2. Apple Valley, I adore Caitlin. She's just as much fun as a teen as she was as a kid. She makes the best facial expressions as well.

    A friend of mine did an exchange to a US uni and it was so weird for her to not be able to drink there, when she'd been drinking for two years here at home! She pledged a sorority while she was there and the flyer for one of their parties said "18 to dance, 21 to forget", lol. But it makes sense to me that you are allowed to drink when you're allowed to do everything else - vote, marry, join the military, sign a legal document, etc.

    LOL, maybe Lauren and Laurel are mad that I always have to type both their names three times before I get them right! I don't know why they didn't like each other but wow, they really didn't. You think maybe Laurel picked up some vibes that Emma had a thing for Lauren at one stage? That's possible, I guess. I suppose we'll see what happens with them as time goes on.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. It's nice to see Caitlin has a determined spirit. I hope she enjoys being a child for as long as possible.

    I really thought that Adelaide and Sebastien would have gotten caught. Probably helps that he has long limbs and Kendal is kind of short. If I were Adelaide, I wouldn't push my luck. I know it's a hard thing since she's this close to graduating.

    I hope Lauren and Laurel will be able to be more friendly. I can only imagine how hard it could be for Emma if they continue to get along.

  4. Caitlyn is adorable!! This is anotherinstance that I love height differences! She does look like a little girl here in this crowd, and the boys all much more mature than her. I love that she's so bold and think it's appropriate to crush on the upperclass boys. As for Adelaide! Shame shame! I never care for Sebastian much, he always just seems too old for her. Probably cause his height. But I still think he'd be the type to pressure for stuff, and play it off smoothly. And the type to sneak in liquor, see!! ;) I just think he's trouble, trouble.

    That's funny that school functions there would allow liquor. To me, it'd be more comparable to a work function and it just wouldn't serve alcohol at all. Are the teachers allowed to drink at the dances in aus?

  5. Caitlin is so cute. I bet she's gonna be a real firecracker as she gets older.

    Poor Lauren. I'm happy she was able to avoid Laurel for the rest of the night. It blows when you don't get along with a friend's so.

  6. Choco, Caitlin wouldn't know what to do if Mitchell was actually interested and I think she knows that too, so she's going to be happy to admire from afar for a little while.

    Sebastian was just too fast for Kendal. ;) As for Adelaide pushing her luck, I know! And it is so tempting at that stage of your schooling. I went to a really strict Catholic girls' school but even a goody-goody like I was did basically whatever the hell I wanted after a certain point.

    Like I said in the text, Emma is just lucky that Lauren is too nice to actually take Laurel's bait and start anything with her. Otherwise, it would be even harder for Emma.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, I know, isn't she? Based on my own experiences, crushing on the older boys is very common! The height difference really works for me with Brendan too. You didn't see a whole lot of it here, except maybe in the last pic but next to the other boys, he looks like a little kid who borrowed his father's suit!

    I think David would probably agree with you about Sebastian. He likes him well enough as a person but this is the kind of stuff he worries about when Adelaide sneaks out.

    Work functions don't serve alcohol in the US? Wow, they do here! I can't think of a work function I've attended where there was no alcohol, unless it was a daytime thing with all the kids (like a school fete/carnival). Here, people generally expect that an event at nighttime would serve alcohol. Our school does trivia night, auction night and various other "adult" things for the parents and teachers and there is always alcohol.

    Teachers don't normally drink at dances, because it isn't served. It's for the kids and they can't drink. The Year 12 formal is different in that it's only just barely a school event. Everyone has finished their final exams, the graduation ceremony has been and gone and most students are already of legal drinking age. So it's a bit different than just boozing up at the K-2 disco (which we do not do)!

    Thanks for reading!

    HeredonCove, Caitlin really is cute. I think she's already a firecracker but I can't wait until she's ready to date and see what she's like then!

    Yeah, it's easier for everyone if significant others and friends all get along. Fortunately, any experiences I've had with disliking a friend's SO has been when I've judged the poor guy too quickly but my sister is going through this with her friend's boyfriend right now. It's hard. :\

    Thanks for reading!

  7. The beer bottle behind Sebastian's back is one of the best shots I have ever seen. Period. It is absolutely inspired!!

    Adelaide is gorgeous.

    Everything is gorgeous! Caitlin is something else, isn't she?

    How on earth do you get all of them together the way you do for those shots?

  8. S.B, thanks! I really like that picture too and it was very easy to set up, as a nice little bonus.

    Adelaide is getting prettier and prettier as she gets older. She's got some good genes working for her. Caitlin is just hysterical. Everything she does makes me laugh.

    My big group shots, you mean? With no small amount of patience and often a great deal of frustration along with it! The hardest part is often fitting them all in frame without having to zoom too far back. I like looking at them when I'm done though, so I persist. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  9. lol at the idea of boozing up at a k-2 event! As for my experience here, you can drink if it's not onwork property. So husbands Christmas party at the steak house you can, but if you go on a corporate retreat and everyone goes to the bar (including coperate) it's not wise to drink, even though you can. Seems most can't stop at a reasonable amount and several have been lined up and fired for harrassemenr, stealing of companies rented vehicles. And these are 28 plus year old men in business suits!!! Oh and if corporate gives a credit card for an event, you can't use it for beer, pay that on your own. Basically it's pleasure and business doesn't really mix well here.

  10. Maisie, oh wow! I don't know of any work places like that here. We actually have champagne in the fridge at school, though it's only come out for after-school drinks on a Friday or for the aforementioned adult events. Though at another school I used to work at, we had mimosas before school on Melbourne Cup day. Mimosas are only like half champagne but alcohol before work was a little strange, even for me, lol. In general, there is a more relaxed attitude towards alcohol here (which is a good and a bad thing).

    I don't know much about corporate credit cards but I imagine buying your own beer or wine with it would be viewed differently than buying clients a bottle of liquor as a gift or ordering alcohol as part of a meal when you're schmoozing someone. ;)

  11. I loved the update. Everyone looks so gorgeous in their formal wear and the stuff with Adelaide and Sebastian just seemed so real. I remember our 9th grade class trip to Helsinki (we were 15-16 yrs) and everyone was drunk off their asses but the teachers didn't have a clue, lol. Until the next morning when the hotel found out that several minibars had been "burglared". Oh the memories :)

  12. Sari, glad you enjoyed it! It was fun for me to get everyone dressed in their formal wear, seeing my teens hardly ever get to dress up. I did notice that I need more teen boys' formal wear in the worst way though!

    Heh, a similar thing happened on our Year 10 trip to Canberra. I was a goody-goody, lol, so I was not involved and not aware of the details but apparently there were boys snuck into rooms. That's particularly impressive, because I went to an all-girls school, so I don't even know where these boys came from! It's definitely a real teenage thing to test the boundaries and see how much you can get away with.

    Thanks for reading!

  13. That looked fun! I'll definitely have to try something like that when I get enough teens in the hood.

    Caitlin is so cute, running after the older boys. I know people who were just like that in high school. And I'm glad Xavier didn't have a bad time. No serious drama, for once, and I'm glad.

    That is a miracle Adelaide got into college. Probably has something to do with her beer-swilling boyfriend though...

  14. Fini, it ran more smoothly than I thought it would, considering I was going through a baby boom when some of these kids were born, so there are a lot of them. Makes me more hopeful about what my high school updates will be like when Daphne Kirby and Thomas Moretti's generation gets there!

    Caitlin is a lot of fun. I'm excited to play her this round, though it's a fair way off yet. There's a massive girl-boy imbalance in the high school, so Xavier was never going to be the only one without a date. That made it easier to relax and have a good time.

    Heh, Adelaide getting into college was a miracle in more ways than one! Who finally gets an A on the very last day I send them to school? Only Adelaide, so far.

    Thanks for reading!

  15. Oh yes, I was so excited to read about this one, that I ran to the kitchen for few marshmallows to eat while I was reading! :D (Sullivan replaces my movie, you know!)

    So many thing to say!

    First, I really like this lot, and was pleased to see it again!

    I really bursted into laughters at the picture with Kendral and Sebastian holding a bottle in his back! *lol*

    Laurel and Emma... awww... I can't be happy for Emma when I see Lauren so sad at not getting along with her (BTW, this picture of Lauren is stunning!!! She's really a gorgeous girl!) I'm sure Emma won't be comfy with someone Lauren doesn't appreciate. Will she?

    Xavier and Declan... *lol* I don't know why but they make me laugh at acting like little men. They're too cute.

    And talking about cute... Caitling!!! Aw, I love how Caitlin is so... Caitlin! That's really a girl with character.

  16. Sandy, LOL, you've made me crave marshmallows now!

    You will definitely see this lot yet again eventually. It's so playable, so I'm sure there'll be a wedding reception or something held here one day.

    The pic of Sebastian and the beer is a favourite of mine, for sure! It really did turn out better than I thought it would (but just as well as I was hoping).

    If Lauren has anything to do with it, Emma won't find out that she doesn't like Laurel. Lauren would feel terrible if Emma ended things with Laurel because of her. It's hard when you don't like a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend though. It can be difficult to avoid them!

    LOL, the boys at the bar cracked me up too. I can imagine real teens thinking that was a lot of fun as well.

    Caitlin is so much fun. I'm so excited to get around to the Romilly family again!

    Thanks for reading!

  17. Oooh, bad Sebastian, sneaking in booze. I remember seeing that picture of him hiding the beer behind his back on Twitter--lovely!

    It's too bad that Laurel can be a bit of a jerk. Poor Xavier has to see his ex and her new guy, and she looks so beautiful, too. :(

    Caitlin is so cute! It's wonderful that she isn't shy, and her spirits aren't too low from being turned down a time or two. :)

  18. Again I should warn you, you're going to get spammed with my comments, since I'm pretty far behind, yet again!

    I really should build me a function hall, seeing yours always makes me think I need one, but I never get around to building one :)

    It seems like every one had a great time! I loved that Sebastian was sneaking in some bear, there always is one who does that, and he actaully seemed like the right one to do to :)
    I'm glad Xavier listend to Declan and went to the formal, I don't think he would have been happy if he missed it, and he had a good time after all!
    I really hope Lauren can find a way to get along with Laurel, if not for herseld than for Emma, I think she really needs her best friends to back her up on this!

  19. This was a great formal. I'll have to try doing one again in a few sims years since my first one wasn't all that exciting. I already said it on N99 that I love Caitlin and her expressions. It's so funny seeing her so upset for being rejected one second and then bouncing back the next. She's still very young so at least being rejected by the older boys hasn't hurt her confidence.

    Too funny that Lauren and Laurel don't get along. Some great shots in this one, Adelaide and Sebastian hiding the alcohol, that shot of Lauren biting her tongue, the younger boys hanging out at the bar, Caitlin, and my little Brendan who isn't little anymore. Looks like they had such a fun time.

    As for work functions and alcohol, most of the functions I've gone to have had alcohol. I work at a college and all of our Christmas functions have beer, wine and champagne. If the students are around, there's security that checks IDs. I guess it really all depends on where you work and who you work for. Even before working at the college, I've gone to Christmas parties with alcohol. It was great because I had just turned 21 that year. I probably had too much in the presence of co-workers and supervisors ;).

  20. Rachel, Sebastian is definitely the bad boy of the Gentry twins (the older set!) And Adelaide is a bit of a rebel herself, so I can see more and more why they've hooked up.

    Poor Xavier. This was the first time he'd seen Lauren and Eddie together officially and hopefully, it was the worst time too and it will get easier for him.

    Declan and Keira are both a little more reserved than Caitlin is, like their mum. Caitlin takes after Finn here. He was a pretty confident kid too. I just love Caitlin, she's so much fun.

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, you're catching up at the same time as a couple of others, so I have a lot of comments this morning! Perfect day for it though, as I'm home sick. ;)

    I can put this function hall up for download if you like, to save you having to build one. Actually, I might do that anyway! I don't think there's much custom content in it and someone else might find it useful, if you'd rather build your own. :)

    The other Sim I can think of who would sneak in beer would be Anthony but his girlfriend is too old for the winter formal, lol. And true, Xavier won't have to look back and wonder if he might have had a good time. He went, he enjoyed himself and now it's over. I'm not going to do this every year, so this was his only chance!

    Laurel gets along fine with Jessica and Louisa, so there might be hope yet for Lauren. I'm sure she'll give it her best shot, for Emma's sake.

    Thanks for reading!

    Danielle, Caitlin is an optimist, apparently! The rejection didn't seem to bother her for long at all. She reminds me of Louisa at that age.

    LOL, everyone's growing up, huh? I haven't played with Brendan as much as I have with Caitlin but I'm looking forward to visiting him this round and seeing what he gets up to. That, as well as re-visiting with Adelaide, who will be in college next time we see her!

    That makes sense, that it would depend on your employer and the venue! Here though, I would be surprised to attend a work function at night and for there not to be alcohol there. I don't even really drink but it's just very much a part of the culture here.

    Thanks for reading!

  21. Oooh really would you! I surely wouldn't mind!!
    I would love to have Starry Nights in SimsVille!
    Thank you so much!!

  22. Oh! Me too lol! I was actually going to copy your layout but hey, since you're offering... :).

  23. Tanja and Danielle, I'll have it up for you guys in the next couple of days, hopefully. I want to get Susannah's update out of the way and then put the function hall up next. :)