Monday, 10 October 2011


Round 32: June 2035 (Winter)
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Kimberly Carmody is 64, Nick Moretti is 32, Sarah is 30, Thomas is 4, Ryan is 3 and Catherine is 1.
(Caleb is 53, Abigail is 52, Jesse is 50, Cara is 46, Troy is 32, Susannah and Sam are both 25, Felix is 4, Jude is 3, Zac is 9 months old)

Narrated by Nick Moretti

Zac isn't quite old enough to play with Catherine yet but she's already very interested in him. She watches everything he does very closely.

Once he gets a little older, I think he and Catherine will be good buddies.

Susannah comes over here with Zac once a week or so. Kimberly would like it to be more often but the visits are stressful enough for Susannah as it is.

If Sam comes, Kimberly will inevitably get into an argument with him. They didn't get along from the start but Zac's arrival hasn't improved their relationship.

He's in his third job since he and Susannah got together and is thinking of looking for a fourth, which Kimberly is appalled by.

Sam doesn't think it's any of her business; Kimberly thinks anything involving how her grandchild is living is most definitely her business.

So sometimes Sam will skip the visits and Kimberly will instead complain about Sam the whole time.

Susannah tries not to let it bother her in front of Kimberly but Sarah says it's wearing on her.

Sarah has been attempting to reassure her that Kimberly will get used to Sam but she really doesn't know if that's true or not.

Poor Sarah is constantly worried about it. It's hard for her to see her sister upset and fighting with her mother.

Before Sam came along, I would have said Kimberly was a pretty great mother-in-law. Now I think maybe I just got lucky and she happened to like me.

Kimberly is a wonderful grandmother though and I'm really grateful for that. Every Thursday, she'll let Lucy run things at the salon and she stays home with Ryan and Catherine.

Ryan and Catherine both love Thursdays. They love it having Kimberly home with them all day.

I wish my parents or stepparents could spend so much time with the kids but they're all a lot younger than Kimberly and are still working full time.

That will likely be the case until the kids are in high school, so we try to make the most of it when we do see each other.

We visit as often as we can and we get frequent reciprocal visits as well. It's probably pretty close to evening out at this point.

Thomas thinks it's very cool that he has more grandparents than most kids. He didn't know the difference last year but now that he's at pre-school, he's realised not all children have so many.

I even heard him bragging about it to his friend Felix when he came home with him after school the other day.

I was hoping that the kids wouldn't inherit my shyness and even at four, I can tell Thomas definitely hasn't.

He loves pre-school and he has easily made friends with every single kid in his class, as well as a couple of older kids. If Sarah and I allowed it, he would have friends over every afternoon.

We had dinner at Ethan and Maia's place for dinner the other week. We usually go out with them instead but Maia has been exhausted lately.

She's about halfway through her pregnancy right now and she and Ethan are both looking forward to meeting their baby. Maia's also looking forward to not being pregnant any more.

It doesn't seem like that long ago that Sarah was pregnant with our first. It's such a scary and fun time.

Maia especially is nervous but she'll be great. She'll have Ethan and her whole family will be more than willing to help if she needs it. Sarah and I have offered a hand if they need anything as well.

We're going to be surrounded by babies in a few months. Troy brought Jude over to play with our kids and told us that Josie is pregnant with their second.

She's only about 8 weeks along, so I'm not sure Troy was supposed to tell us yet. We're going to keep our mouths closed, just to keep him out of trouble.

Sarah and I are so ready for a fourth baby and all our friends having babies is making us want one more.

I'd probably stay home with the baby again, if we did. I enjoyed it last time and got to spend so much more time with Catherine than I did with Thomas or Ryan.

Sarah wouldn't mind a longer maternity leave, except for the fact that it really slowed her down at work. Seeing that doesn't bother me, me taking the leave instead works better for our family.

It's all moot though, as another baby is just a terrible idea, at least at the moment. We'd need to move and we just don't have the money.

It's hard but we might just have to forget about a fourth for a while and see how we're doing a few years down the track.

Oh my gosh, I took so many pics that didn't fit in to this update! You'll all have to indulge me for a little bit. ;)

Maia seems to be suffering from some pretty bad gas during this pregnancy. Nick and Ethan both laughed and Sarah glared at her! You'd think she'd have some sympathy, having probably gone through the same thing once or twice. ;)

This was just an excuse to photograph Nick in his new uniform. ;)

Catherine threw up all over Abigail.

Catherine thought this was pretty funny, though Abigail wasn't so impressed.

But Catherine is too cute to be annoyed at for too long!

I took far more pictures of the kids and their grandparents than I needed.

I'm curious to see Ryan as a child. I'm hoping his nose grows out a little!

But he's still really cute!

As is Catherine.

Did you guys know that toddlers playing with toys from the same toy box would talk to each other? I didn't! I knew they'd added this functionality with Family Fun Stuff but I don't have that pack.

Thomas wanted to earn some body skill points (he's a Sports Sim). It was too cold for soccer in the park, so he worked out to the stereo. Which is kind of hilarious for a four-year-old. Because he's his father's son, he rolled the want to study Physiology after this and then proceeded to max out his body skill within about 10 seconds.

A cute mother and son moment...

...and an equally adorable father and daughter moment.

Thomas is a great big brother. He doesn't mind sharing his room with Ryan and he rolls up the want to play peek-a-boo all the time. Based on the wants Thomas rolls, I think he's probably a future Knowledge/Family like Nick.

  • Title is from Unbreakable by Speedstar.
  • Kimberly and Sam actually briefly became friends during this session but they just cannot get along. I think it lasted about three seconds before Sam said something offensive about school buses or whatever and they lost their friendship. So um...this might continue for a while.
  • I'm really glad that Kimberly hasn't yet earned all the cash rewards for her salon, because this family seriously needs the money! They started the round with less than $500. They have considerably more now but things are still tight.
  • Which is why the possibility of a fourth baby is still up in the air. Nick and Sarah both want one, Kimberly and Abigail both want another grandchild, so I'd be making a lot of Sims very happy. But there's no room in this house and they don't have the money to move to a larger one. So we'll see how things go for them.
  • Maia's bump is huge, I know. She turned up at Kimberly's salon and got her third trimester bump a couple of months early. ;)


  1. LMAO @ "something offensive about school busses!" Don't be trash-talking education now! :)

    Wow, I didn't know he was on his fourth job though! I kind of see her point, seeing as how he has a child to help support now. He might want to stick to something for a minute.

    And with the way Nick and Sarah are all over each other, I don't figure they'll hold off on that fourth for very long! ;)

    But what a supercute family! And it's so neat to see all of these guys grown up and paired off and having babies now!

  2. Laura, yeah, Sims and their arguments are usually pretty dumb! I often ignore them, unless I can write them in in a way that make sense, like with Kimberly and Sam.

    Kimberly is definitely not totally off-base with her criticism of Sam (though they disliked each other right off the bat, so I think we're dealing with a personality clash as well as the job thing). Sam is still on his third job but has the want to quit. I haven't decided if he will or he won't but we're not terribly far away from his update, so I guess I should. ;)

    You may be right about that fourth baby for Nick and Sarah! Especially seeing they seem somehow impervious to birth control. Sarah was on BC when she got knocked up with Catherine. ;)

    I can't believe these guys are in their 30s now! It's fun though.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I was surprised that they're not pregnant yet considering Nick and Sarah tend to take things into their own control when it comes to babies :P I love little Thomas, so adorable. I can't believe he maxed out on his body points already!

  4. I love the picture of Catherine and Zac, they are very sweet together!

    I don't think it's easy on Sam coming along every week, knowing it would just end up in an argument. I don't think switching jobs is the bes thing he can do, but as long as he supports his family Kimberly should be 'happy'.

    I would love to see Nick and Sarah have another child, I think I've said that several times before, so you might be sick of it by now! But they make such cute kids! On the other hand a little bit of an age difference between the ones they have now and a new baby would be nice as well :)

    Every time I read your blog, I see more WCIF's :) So I hope you don't mind me asking another one :) this time it's Catherine's outwear, do you remeber where you got it?

  5. Apple Valley, Nick and Sarah do tend to take their family planning into their own hands, don't they? Thomas is the only one of the kids I was expecting!

    Thomas is similar to Nick in more than just appearance, apparently. ;) Possibly a future Knowledge Sim.

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, I was pondering how to set that shot up and then Catherine just toddled over and grinned at Zac! It was very cute.

    No, it's not easy for Sam, hence why he sometimes skips the visits. So far, Sam is supporting the family but if he quits his job, Kimberly is worried he won't be. And, as I said to Laura, there is a personality clash issue at stake here as well.

    Ha, I get that "let Nick and Sarah have another baby!" thing from just about all of you! I'm not really sure if I'll let them yet. ;) We'll see.

    Catherine's outerwear is by C.G. Aracis. I'll probably add a link on my Pinterest when I get the chance but in the meantime, it's in the Toddler Clothing CC post. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  6. Wow, where does the time go? They're already in their 30s! I can't believe it.

    I imagine that this house should have a revolving door with how many sims go in and out. Thomas's friends, Nick and Sarah's friends. Speaking of whom, I remember that Nick and Maia used to date, but didn't Sarah and Ethan too? If so, that's a funny coincidence.

    I'd like to see lot tours of some of the older houses at some point, like the Kirby farm, and this house. I was always under the impression that this was a big house, but then there are six in here.

  7. Fini, I know, right? It's pretty nuts!

    Too true - friends are constantly coming and going and then there is Nick's huge family on top of that - parents, step-parents, five brothers and sisters plus 18 first cousins! This house is not often empty.

    Lot tours? I'll add that to my to-do list. The Kirby house was remodelled slightly before Claudia and Jacob's wedding but it's mostly exactly as it was when I moved Nathaniel and Joanne in all those years ago. ;) This house is not a small one but like you said, there's six people in it!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. aaawch, I've been so overwhelmed by cuteness in all your extra pictures that I totally forgot (again!) what I wanted to say at the first place.
    That's such an adorable family! Those pictures with the kids playing together, or with Thomas and his mum.... Awwww... *swoon* That's just too darling. And Catherine is a pure cuteness!!

  9. Sandy, LOL! Well, I'm glad you liked the cute pictures. I don't seem to be able to stop taking pics of this family. Nick, Sarah and their kids are all just so sweet!

    Thanks for reading!

  10. That's too bad that Kimberly and Sam don't like each other. :( Poor Susannah.

    Nick and Sarah are just too cute! I'm excited to see how their kids turn out! :)

  11. Rachel, it's hard on poor Susannah, to have Kimberly and Sam fighting all the time. Plenty more on that when I get to their update (which is the one I'll be playing next).

    Nick and Sarah are always adorable though. So sweet and I just love them. I'm aging Ryan up soon (eek!) so it will be another Moretti birthday.

    Thanks for reading!

  12. Aww I love this little family. Surprise, surprise. Thomas is adorable with all his friends. Looks like he's going to be a little social butterfly. That's so sweet that he rolls up the want to play peek-a-boo all the time. Catherine is such a little doll! I liked the pics of her sitting next to Zac. I can't wait to see how Ryan looks like as a child.

    I hope Kimberly and Sam can eventually start to get along better for Zac's sake and Susannah's sanity. I can see Kimberly's concern over Sam's job hopping but at least he's getting a paycheck, right?

    I really hope their financials work out and they have a fourth child. I'd love to see another little Catherine. I do really like their house now, though.

  13. Danielle, LOL! Thomas was born right in the middle of a baby boom, which is perfect given his social butterfly status! Plenty of kids to play with. If I remember correctly, Ryan is actually cuter as a child, at least in my opinion. You'll be able to judge for yourself soon enough.

    I can't say too much about Susannah and Sam, as I'm playing them today. Sam is still getting a paycheck though, yes. He wants to change jobs though and Kimberly is concerned the paycheck won't be coming in for long. :\

    Another baby from Nick and Sarah would have to be pretty adorable and it would be nice for Catherine to have a sister. We'll see though. If Kimberly gets that top cash reward, that'll be $50,000 into the bank. I'll have to reassess at that point, depending on how old Sarah is and what else is going on in their lives. Thank goodness for BC is all I can say!

    Thanks for reading!