Thursday, 25 August 2011


Round 31: October 2034 (Spring)

Eliot Lane is 48, Cordy is 41, Tim is 14, Simon and Matthew are both 9 and Charlotte is 5.
(Noah is 16, Mitchell is 15, Jessica and Louisa are both 14 and Justin is 13)

Narrated by Tim Lane

Mitchell has got it in his head that my house would be awesome for a party. He's been trying to convince me to throw one for at least the past couple of months.

Now that Halloween is coming up, he's really stepped it up. Mitch is pretty persistent.

He keeps telling me to ask my parents but there's no point asking them. I could probably convince Mum but there's no way I could convince Dad.

My dad is not exactly laid back and definitely isn't the kind of dad who would be cool with a party. The only kind of party he'd let me throw is one where he was right there watching us all the whole time.

He'd probably make me involve Matthew, Simon and Charlotte as well. I bet everyone would just love that. I don't want to do too much that Dad would disapprove of anyway but that just sounds like the lamest party ever.

On Halloween, Mum and Dad were planning to take the kids to some kind of haunted house thing at the primary school, then trick-or-treating for a bit and then dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's.

I haven't heard them talking about anything else since.

I could go with them, obviously but I didn't really want to spend all day with a bunch of little kids. It just sounds insanity inducing to me. And I see Grandma and Grandpa all the time anyway.

Instead, I decided to invite Mitchell, Noah and Jessica over for to watch some horror movies.

As soon as I mentioned Mum and Dad wouldn't be home, their eyes lit up and they immediately started talking about a party. We could start it in the late afternoon and have everyone out by 9:30 or 10, when Mum and Dad were due home.

Every time I raised an objection, one of them would counter it with a solution. I felt like I was backed into a corner, so reluctantly, I agreed.

On the day, it felt like the rest of the family were never going to leave.

Charlotte kept fussing around with her costume. She wanted face paint but there was no time to put it on.

She's such a brat sometimes but she gets away with murder because she's "the baby".

After two trips back inside so Mum could grab things she'd forgotten, they were all finally out of the house.

As soon as I saw everyone arriving for the party, I wished I'd said no. There were so many people, at least for me.
Mitchell said that was an essential part of why the party needed to be here. We have room, no one else at school does. I was just sure something was going to get broken or that something else would go wrong.

Mitchell didn't seem so concerned and told me to relax and have a good time.

That was all well and good for him to say. It wasn't his garden table Anthony decided to stomp all over and it wasn't his dad who would go totally nuts if he knew about this party.

Anthony got down when I told him to but he didn't see the big deal.

I guess it wasn't, really. So I decided I'd try to chill out a bit, seeing everybody was already here.

I was a little worried about having Louisa there at the party. She's kind of had a crush on me since we started high school.

She's a nice girl but I'm really not interested.

Mitchell thinks she's cute though, so he insisted that she come.

He tried to turn on all his charm to impress Louisa but I guess maybe the green face paint Mitchell was wearing as a part of his costume didn't do anything for her.

Sadly for Mitchell, Louisa's attention was soon caught by Justin Moretti.

I didn't know they liked each other but I was just hoping it meant she'd stop flirting with me.

Mitchell was a little bummed out though. Louisa is the first girl he's liked since Rachel dumped him.

Everyone else was mostly having a good time though.

Even me, I had to admit.

Right up until Anthony decided he was going to raid our fridge for some beer, that is. It was a perfect time for my parents to get home.

They weren't due back for another hour but ended up coming home early, seeing it was already such a long day. They would have been mad even without the beer but that was just the icing on the cake.

Everyone got out of there pretty damn fast once they saw my dad.

That left me alone to deal with two furious parents. I don't know if Dad was more angry about the beer or the party. I do know that I'm grounded until further notice - no phone, no internet, no television and absolutely no leaving the house for any reason other than school or work.

I thought maybe Mum would be more lenient than Dad - she's generally a little more laid-back - but not this time. They were doing that whole united front thing.

Dad calmed down a bit the next day and we had another talk. He does actually believe me that the party wasn't my idea.

Unfortunately, that still doesn't let me off the hook. Dad still thinks I should have had more sense than to cave in to peer pressure.

So I'm spending a lot of my time studying and working. You wouldn't think working would be so bad, seeing I work with Mitchell at Cluckin' Bell.

But we have to keep our minds on the job and there's much more scrubbing going on than goofing off.

My life is kind of boring right now but I'm hoping if I keep my head down, my parents will lighten up a bit and I can have some fun again.

I don't know what this was about. Adelaide being Adelaide, I guess.

She was starting arguments with everyone, even poor Declan! I think the only people who didn't get a dose of her rage were Veronica and Noah.

Aw, I'm sorry I had to dress you as a nerd, Xavier! But EA didn't give me enough stupid clothes to use for teen male Halloween costumes and CC creators don't seem to be picking up the slack, so you got stuck with "nerd", while Mitchell and Tim got to wear cool costumes like "alien" and "secret agent".

And a group shot, because you didn't really get to see everybody's costumes! As with every other picture on this entire blog, you can click to enlarge, if you like. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel with Emma and Jessica but they're the types to do matching costumes anyway.


  • Title is from Sulk by Radiohead.
  • Argh, this took me forever to post! I seriously thought that after getting back from Melbourne on Sunday night, I would feel like loading up the game, getting some more pictures and then typing it all up on Monday afternoon. Uh...not so much. I didn't even load the game again till Tuesday and am typing this on Wednesday afternoon. I was a little ambitious, I guess!
  • Charlotte's tantrum was inspired by my own boneheadedness. All along, I'd been thinking her Halloween costume had matching face paint and I was thinking how adorable it was going to be. Turns out, I either didn't download it or it doesn't exist, so she had to go without. :\ I'm a bit terrified of her now!

  • I can imagine Jesse and Abigail or even Wade and Amelia being a lot cooler with a party than Eliot! But their houses kind of suck for parties, so the pressure was on for poor Tim!
  • Mitchell has 3 bolts with Louisa but alas, she decided to go for Justin instead, who she has a mere 2 bolts with. And that's the first kiss for both Justin and Louisa.


  1. Ah, why must parents always choose the one time to come early when you have a plan for something? Poor Tim, it happens to the best of us (not I, of course. Too many breakable things in my house). The next few weeks/months are going to be a lesson in patience and trying not to let the demons of boredom win.

  2. I loved this post! All the pictures were great and I just loved all the costumes. LOL, Xavier's costume is so funny!

  3. Wow, when they were mentioning party, I thought something like a bunch of teens over for chips and drinks, not a big costume party. It would have been much cooler if it was allowed :P

  4. I knew right from the beginning that Tim was gonna get caught. Parents always choose to show up at the worst of times. It looked like an awesome party while it lasted though. ;)

    I love all the costumes....especially Declan's. He really is the perfect sim to wear that outfit. Yes, I'm a Harry Potter Fanatic.

    Anywho back on subject, poor Tim, being grounded. I know how much that sucks; my parents grounded me all the time! But, I suppose he did kind deserve it.

  5. They finally got him roped into a party, it was bound to happen. Not really sure how great of a friend Mitchell is. If my son were friends with him, I'd encourage him to look at the friendship. Mitchell seems very fun loving and kind of sunk poor Tim here with this giant party. And the beer, tsk!!

    Charlotte is super cute, I chuckled at the part about her being the baby. I know how that goes. It's too bad Tim didn't like Louisa, she's cute! I wonder who he'll end up falling for.

    Declines costume was so fitting, loved the cheerleader as a costume too. They were all super cute.

  6. Choco, it was a pretty inopportune time for Eliot and Cordy to come home! And now Tim is paying for it. ;)

    I never threw parties or anything when I was at school. I'm not really the type...though Tim isn't either. He's just unfortunate enough to have friends who are!

    Thanks for reading!

    Rosa, glad you enjoyed it! I'd never done a Halloween party before, so I thought I'd try it with this bunch. Heh...I don't think Xavier thought it was funny. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, my Sims are lucky if they ever get fed at all at the parties I throw (except weddings). Sadly for the teens, Eliot is totally on board with the idea of parties at his house. I can see Tim being the same way, so now that he's grounded, he has a pretty good excuse to get out of throwing more parties for his friends. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

    coolkat2, getting caught was somewhat of an inevitability. Four or five hours is not really as much time as one might think, at least not for a party.

    Ha, I'm not into Harry Potter at all but that just seemed like a perfect costume for Declan. He seems like he would be into HP!

    True, Tim knew his parents would say no but he listened to his friends and threw the party anyway. Lesson learned, hopefully!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, yeah, Mitchell was putting a bit too much pressure on poor old Tim. He's a nice kid but I think he just got a little too fixated on the "party at Tim's place" idea!

    Oh and I forgot to say in my notes but Anthony has a history of getting into alcohol when he shouldn't: I never really wrote it in in any real way but if anyone was going to find the beer, it would be him!

    Charlotte is super-cute and she knows it, I think. I think she's a tad spoiled - the baby and the only girl to boot!

    I am not sure who Tim will end up with. I have one idea but I don't think that will pan out, for various reasons. So I'm still on the lookout for someone for Tim.

    I thought Declan's costume was quite fitting as well! Adelaide had to be the cheerleader because it's just so opposite to how I see her and that's kind of a fun part of Halloween - dressing as someone who is very much not like yourself.

    Thanks for reading!

  7. Parents always come home at the wrong time. LOL Or they get into car accidents and die! Either way, it's a mood killer for any party. I'm just glad that no one was drinking said beer, I think that would have been worse.

    Once things blow over I think Tim will be fine. Maybe next actually ask his parents if he can do the whole party thing. You never know, they just might surprise him! And I loved his costume. I instantly thought of Men in Black. :D

  8. I just knew that they would get caught, parents always come home early that one time you wish they wouldn't. Being grounded must be real boring though, specially if the whole party wasn't your own idea to start with. I hope he will manage to get through it without being to bored...but got to admit that party was just really cool. I also love the HarryvPotter costume, as also totally love HP books. Hehe.

  9. LOL Asha!!!! Haha that is so true!! Glad they didn't die at least!

    I forgot about Anthony and alcohol. Not cool! Hope he don't end up at AA. ;)

  10. Riverdale, oh, man, yes, I forgot about your hood! I guess Tim should be happy his parents came home at all!

    I think it will probably be a definite no from Eliot about any future parties, at least now! Tim's costume was one of the ones I was scrambling to download the day before I did this. ;) He went to more effort than Anthony, anyway, lol.

    Thanks for reading!

    Speechless, true, how do parents always manage that? It's like a parental superpower!

    Being grounded is boring but I guess that's the point. ;) Tim will get through it and hopefully think again next time before he decides to follow his friends' dubious advice!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie, ooh, I hope not! I think it's the lure of the forbidden right now. Anthony can drink legally next year, so it will hopefully be less interesting to him then.

  11. I really liked the party! Poor Tim, he really had hardly anything to do with it, and he's the one getting punished for it. Good thing his parents believed him about it not being his idea.
    I love Charlotte!! I thought it was great that she got angry about the face-paint :) She's so cute, I'm sure she has both parents, wrapped around her little finger!

  12. Awesome party, aside from the angry parents that is! Poor Tim, that peer pressure is terrible sometimes! Charlotte is adorable, the quintessential only girl :).

  13. Tanja, yeah, Eliot and Cordy know that parties are not really Tim's style but he did allow it to take place, so unfortunately, he gets the punishment.

    Charlotte is just a tiny bit spoiled. ;) I'm sure it's annoying to her brothers!

    Thanks for reading!

    Mizzgin03, I knew some kids at school who would probably would have considered angry parents a marker of a great party. Though it's a shame it got broken up earlier than Tim had planned.

    LOL, Charlotte is such a little brat. It seems fitting, what with her position in the family.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. Great update but poor Tim! I wasn't the type to throw parties while my parents were gone, although I did have a few friends over that they didn't know about ;). Parents do seem to be able to sense when to come home early. And I forgot all about Anthony getting his drink on so early in teenhood. Sullivan's little lush lol. I'm glad he didn't start drinking because Tim would be looked at like the bad influence when it wasn't even his idea to throw the party in the first place.

    I love everyone's costumes and surprised at all the ones you found. I didn't have as much luck as you did for the boys. Declan looked great as an alien and I'll have to look for those HP outfits lol. Charlotte is too funny! I can't wait to see her as a teen.

    Whew! All caught up!

  15. Danielle, LOL, most of us probably did at least that much. Parents have some kind of radar, I think. Like teachers!

    I don't know if Tim would have been looked as a bad influence if Anthony had actually drank any beer, though I wouldn't put it past Anthony to try to spin it that way. I don't think Eliot would buy it and I doubt Caleb and Cara would either. So there's that, at least!

    I didn't look very far for the costumes, so I think everything that's not EA was from MTS. The alien one and the HP costumes definitely are. They have them in all the Hogwarts colours but I just kept one. I've never read HP, so I have no idea which characters wear what colour anyway!

    Oh, Charlotte is going to drive her poor parents nuts as a teen! I can just see it already.

    Thanks for reading!

  16. Oh cool, a costume party! I'm nowhere near that ambitious, even with the few sims I have. Looked fun, until Eliot and Cordy got back. I was half expecting his little siblings to tease him for getting grounded, but maybe that's just my family.

  17. Fini, yeah, well, let's just say I won't be doing another costume party for a long time! So much dressing and re-dressing, lol.

    I actually almost wrote something in with the other kids watching Tim get in trouble and giggling but I was having game problems which ended up requiring a reinstall of Pets. So I just wanted to get it out there!

    Thanks for reading!

  18. Aww, poor Tim. I love the picture of all the kids running away. :)

  19. Rachel, heh, they must have all known Eliot would be the type to call their parents if he knew who they were!

    Thanks for reading!

  20. Aaaah, what a great party! I loved that everybody got costumed! (Charlotte is a bit scary, even though she hasn't a monster costume! *lol*)
    I so laughed at the picture with everybody running when the parents came back home. It soo looks like wild parties (not that I have been to any, of course... *innocent*)

  21. Sandy, LOL, yes, Charlotte was probably the scariest, though it didn't have much to do with her costume!

    I didn't attend any wild parties when I was a teen but I am quite a fan of the 90s teen movie "Can't Hardly Wait" and I was thinking of that with all the kids running out at the end. Though it was the cops that broke up that party in the movie. ;)

    Thanks for reading!