Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Round 31: July 2034 (Winter)
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Emil Collins is 62 and Anna is 56.
(Rebecca is 25, Nathan and Malcolm are both 24 and Hope is 23)

Narrated by Anna Collins

Emil and I were already in enough debt from paying for Nathan to go to law school but with last year's taxes, we're even worse off.

We currently owe $14,000. Thank goodness Hope didn't want to do any postgraduate study. There's just no way we could have afforded it.

We've been forced to live very frugally lately, which I'm not enjoying at all. It's meant an awful lot of window shopping, which is the least satisfying form of shopping there is.

And I admit, I'm not very good at it. Sometimes I see something and I just have to have it.

I'm trying to curb that a bit, because Emil gets so annoyed about it and accuses me of being irresponsible. I'm just not usually thinking about the money when I'm buying something.

Emil is better with money than I am and thinks he can pull us out of this debt if I just stop spending money for a while.

We get along better that way, so I'm trying.

Not that I have much choice now, because Emil has lost his job. Up until this month, Emil got paid to go around to different parties and clubs and make appearances. It was a pretty easy job and it paid very well. Unsurprisingly though, people aren't as willing to pay a 62-year-old man for that, when they could get some young blonde thing to appear instead.

I'm not happy about supporting us both on my salary and I'm quite annoyed at these club promoters for forcing us into it.

Emil, on the other hand, is totally fine with it. He was feeling like he was getting a bit old for that kind of work anyway. His unexpected retirement doesn't exactly help our financial situation though.

Hopefully, all this debt and subsequent scrimping is worth it. Nathan is in his third year of law school and he seems to love it.

He wants to go into corporate law and he uses so much jargon and legalese that it all just goes over my head.

I doubt Emil gets it either but he pretends to.

For about six months now, Nathan has been dating Rebecca, a school counselor. We've only just got around to meeting her.

Nathan brought her home with him and we all had lunch together.

I tried my best to be nice and get to know Rebecca, even though I was quite resistant.

I'm often not a fan of new people, so I can't really stress enough how hard that is for me.

I was all ready to hate her because I loved his ex-girlfriend, Julia. She's Hope's best friend and we've known her since she was small.

But I actually really like Rebecca as well. As much as I liked Julia, even I have to admit that she could be very volatile and unpredictable. Rebecca, at least so far, doesn't seem to have that quality. I think she's a better match for Nathan.

Emil has taken a liking to Rebecca as well. I think Rebecca and Emil got along even better than Rebecca and I did.

Later on, Emil confessed that he never really saw Julia and Nathan together anyway.

He never said anything like that while Nathan and Julia were together. I think he just really, really likes Rebecca.

According to Hope, Julia took the break-up hard and was moping around the apartment for quite a long time afterward.

She's finally starting to pull herself out of that rut, much to Hope's relief.

Hope has enough on her mind without having to tend to a depressed friend as well. She's been going on interview after interview at various laboratories around town and has yet to gain a position.

I don't understand why she wants to work in natural science so badly anyway. There are plenty of other fields out there.

I'm not going to say anything more. Apparently, I'm completely missing the point on that.

Hope has been back together with Malcolm for about a year now and things seem to be going well.

Malcolm is in his final year of med school next year and privately, Hope has told me she's hoping for a proposal after that's done with.

I have no idea why she's so keen to settle down but she's a grown woman now, so it's up to her.

And if she's going to settle down with someone, I'd be very happy if it was Malcolm. I've always really liked him.

I could hardly believe it myself but even Emil seems to be warming to him. He was almost giddy with glee when Hope broke up with him, so I'm not sure what's got into him.

Maybe he's realised Malcolm's not so bad, he's mellowing in his old age or he's just accepted that Malcolm might be here to stay? Or maybe it's all of the above.

It took him long enough to come around, so I'm not going to question it. Malcolm was 17 when he first started dating Hope and he's 24 now. I'm so relieved Emil has finally stopped harping on about how much he hates Malcolm and Hope was too good for him. Seven years of that was long enough.

  • Title is from Soma by The Strokes.
  • I was so surprised that Anna liked Rebecca! Anna doesn't like anybody (except Malcolm, apparently ;)). Anna starts out arguing with just about everybody - she still argues with Hope a lot and they're 100/100. So yes...that was quite a shock! Emil was always going to be fine with Rebecca, because they were somehow already best friends. I don't even remember them ever meeting!
  • And yeah, Emil has decided he likes Malcolm. They usually fight but they started talking this time like they were old friends (and their relationship was 0/0, so that was odd).
  • Emil losing his job was a failed chance card:
  • He's rolled the want to get a job in Gaming, so this may be a temporary retirement for him. He will definitely have to wait until that rolls up on the computer though - it seems realistic that a 62-year-old would have a tough time getting a job, especially in such a youth-oriented industry.


  1. Yikes they have a lot of debt, and for Emil to lose his job is just bad timing. I hope he can find something to bring in some income seeing that he's rolling that want. I can see how it'd be difficult for Anna to stop spending, when it's been such a natural part of her life for such a long period. I'm so relieved that they all liked Rebecca! She's such a sweet girl, I'd hate for Anna to give her a rough time. Funny about Emil hating Malcolm for seven years, and that was long enough, made me chuckle.

    It's great to see Nathan, he seems to be doing well for himself. And then for Hope to possibly marry a doctor, there kids should be quite well off if it all goes according to plan.

  2. ROFL I love Anne. I feel her pain though, with having to cut down on the spending. Sometimes it's so hard to do. But penny pinching works too!

    As much as I hate to say it I do like Rebecca. And Malcolm asking Hope to marry him. I don't know. Will he ask so soon?

  3. I felt so bad for them with their debt, but hopefully things will get better soon. It will be interesting to see if Malcolm and Hope do get engaged :)

  4. Maisie, it is definitely a lot of money but Anna is up near the top of her career and is due for a promotion, so hopefully that might take care of it for them. Then Anna can go shopping again and maybe even take a holiday, which she and Emil have never done.

    LOL, I don't know how sweet Rebecca is but she's a good match for Nathan (who is also not really sweet). Anna was either going to adore her or despise her, I think, with their personalities.

    I was thinking the same thing about Hope and Nathan - they might end up rather wealthy! Maybe natural science and psychology pay well in the upper levels too. I haven't got there yet!

    Thanks for reading!

    Riverdale, cutting down is hard! Anna should probably stop torturing herself by walking past her favourite stores. ;) Penny pinching is the way to go right now.

    I imagine Hope will start hinting quite heavily once Malcolm finishes med school. I don't think Malcolm is opposed to the idea at all but whether he'll want to jump right in at that age (they'll be 25 and 26 when he's done) is another question entirely.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, the debt is pretty crushing but I think they might be able to pull themselves out of it next round. They got rid of (I think) half of it by the end of this session.

    Engagement is certainly what Hope is waiting for but she'll just have to wait and see what Malcolm thinks.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. $14,000 is quite a bit of money, even in sim world lol. I'm glad they got rid of half of it, it's a good sign that they can get out of debt. Parents are so fickle sometimes aren't they? It all boils down to never thinking ANYONE is good enough for your kid lol. And I think once they concede and say well maybe this guy/girl isn't that bad, it's hard for them to do it again for another person. I'm glad Anna was accepting of Rebecca, it'll make things a lot easier :).

  6. Yikes, that's really bad timing on Emil losing his job when they're so much in debt. :( Poor Anna, I know it's tough to control the shopping urge, lol! I'm glad Anna liked Rebecca though. Nathan had better hold onto her if his mom likes her because the next potential girlfriend might not be so lucky. Ha, I can imagine that Emil just gave up hating Malcolm since it looks like he can't get rid of him for good. ;)

  7. It's natural for parents to think their child is too good for anyone but it's nice to see both parents are becoming more welcoming to the idea.

    I love all the pictures up in the dining room, I think that's a nice touch.

  8. That definitely sucks to be that far along in life with that much debt. It's great to help your children along but it almost seems like a no-win situation. I guess they are lucky that Hope hasn't picked any postgraduate degree to pursue.

    I feel badly that Emil was fired but at 62, it's probably best to tone down the partying. I know people who, at 25, seem to want to retire from partying. lol

  9. Mizzgin03, $14,000 is a big chunk of change, for sure. Nathan's law school tuition cost them $16,000, they paid off some of that and then were hit with taxes. I felt almost cruel making them pay more but that's life sometimes, eh?

    I think that was definitely part of the problem Emil had with Malcolm - not good enough for his little girl! But you know, Malcolm's set to get a better job than Emil ever had, is in med school while Emil got expelled from uni and he makes Hope happy. So he hasn't got much room to complain!

    Thanks for reading!

    Shana, it was spectacularly bad timing! And the option I chose for that chance card is usually the safer one too!

    Yes, if Anna likes you on the first meeting, you can consider yourself lucky. I think Nathan is pretty serious about Rebecca, so he may not have to go through introducing any more girlfriends to his mother, if all goes well!

    Thanks for reading!

    Driftwood Valley, it does seem to be a pretty normal thing - especially for fathers and their daughters, oddly enough!

    LOL, there's a ton of pictures up in their dining room because I can't yet afford to put any real pictures up! But now that they're all there, I'll probably leave them and fill the empty gaps with more family pics as I go along.

    Thanks for reading!

    Choco, I think it's a little harder for Anna to accept that they're in this debt at 56 than it would have been 30 years ago. I'm sure they both feel that they should be pretty stable by now.

    I think that's why Emil didn't mind being fired! At 62, he was ready to give up that lifestyle anyway. ;) Anna should understand, because she gave it up about 15 years ago herself but Anna's not particularly understanding when it inconveniences her. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  10. It does make sense for Emil to leave that line of work at his age, but such bad timing with their debt! Their kids seem set on good paths, and I'm glad the parents are accepting of their partners - even if it took Emil a little(!) while.

  11. Anna really does seem like the kind of person having trouble to not spend money :) I hope she manages :)
    It's sad that Emil lost his job, and I hope he finds a new job soon!

    I'm so happy Nathan and Rebacca are together! They make a great couple!

  12. It's too bad that Emil lost his job, especially when they're having money troubles. I hope they're able to pay down their debt soon!

    How nifty that they both liked Rebecca! Everyone seems to be getting close to settling down. :)

  13. Blackcat, definitely bad timing! Emil is a bit more laid back about this than Anna though, so he's not nearly as fussed about the timing.

    It took Emil a long time to come around to Malcolm but I guess they've finally found some common ground!

    Thanks for reading!

    Tanja, Anna would just like it if she could buy whatever she wanted and not have to worry about money but then again, who wouldn't want that? ;)

    I really like Nathan and Rebecca together too. I'd been planning on letting them get together for a long while.

    Thanks for reading!

    Rachel, it is unfortunate timing, for sure! I think I could have got all the debt paid off if he'd kept his job - it was bringing home almost $2000 a day.

    Settling down? Hope and Nathan both hope so but we'll see if their partners agree.

    Thanks for reading!

  14. Anna makes the best faces. They're hilarious!

    And good to see that mostly, she the same. She seems to be a bit more responsible than she was when she was younger, which is always good. I guess she forgot that the Collins-Moretti family was never rich, just comfortable.

    I'm glad that Rebecca and Nathan are still together. It's so sweet. And I'm as shocked as you that Anna actually likes someone outside her family.

    Hope's top looks like a separate from a Maxis outfit. I really like it. If you don't mind, WCIF?

  15. Fini, Anna is incredibly fun to pose - she has a very expressive face! She hasn't changed much over the years, though she has matured somewhat (thankfully!)

    And no, they've never been rich but they've never had to worry about money before so this is new and irritating to her. ;)

    Nathan is pretty keen on Rebecca, considering they've only been together about six months. It's nice to see.

    Yes, Hope's top is separated, I think from one of those H&M outfits. The mesh is definitely by Amaryll and I think that particular recolour comes from her as well. She doesn't always put full swatches up.


    Thanks for reading!

  16. Too bad for Emil losing his job but it kind of makes sense. 62-year-old is probably not such a hot guest at parties anymore. Hopefully they'll be able to pull out of that debt.

    I'm glad that Anna likes Rebecca. I suspected she might hate her because she liked Julia so much but luckily that didn't happen.

    I can't wait to see what happens with Hope and Malcolm once he graduates from med school. I hear the very distant sound of wedding bells, lol.

  17. Sari, I can imagine some fairly unimpressed party guests, when a 62-year-old walks in! I'm sure that stung a bit for Emil but he was feeling a bit undignified anyway.

    I was very surprised but Anna and Rebecca just really clicked straight away! I hope that's a good omen for her and Nathan's relationship.

    Heh, I'm sure Hope is hearing those wedding bells a little clearer than Malcolm is right now but who knows what will happen once he finishes med school and establishes himself a bit?

    Thanks for reading!

  18. Oh Anna, lol! She doesn't think about money when she's shopping-- that's so like her. And Hope reminds me so much of Anna. Malcolm better be careful. (Though she's not exactly like Anna with that wanting to settle thing. I loved Anna's face at that one!)

  19. Lunar, I don't think Anna quite grasps the concept that their bank account doesn't just replenish itself once she empties it. Most people learn that lesson long before they're 56. ;)

    There are definitely enough similarities between Hope and Anna that Hope could make life difficult for Malcolm if she wanted to. They're both high-maintenance women. Hope is a little bit softer than Anna though - she really wants to settle down and have babies. Anna had to be talked into all of that!

    Thanks for reading!

  20. *lol* @ Anne doing shopping. She's not that impressed by their debt, is she? Poor Emile, he's out of luck at losing his job now!
    I'm happy to see Rebecca is accepted by the whole family!

  21. Sandy, Anna's shopping is not very compatible with their current debt! I'm hopeful they can drag themselves out of it next round though. Then Anna can start shopping again. They don't have any more large expenses they'll need to make during their lives. As much as they like Rebecca, they're not the types to pay for weddings. ;)

    Thanks for reading!

  22. Awww, poor Emil. But true, a 62 year old party guest is a little unlikely. Actually, that whole job is pretty unlikely. They should have made the top of that career a party planner instead. I guess we could just pretend ;)

    Also, I'm quite surprised you have any Sims in debt around here! I remember when even your poorest had a modest bit of padding in their bank accounts. Did you hike the tax rate or something? lol!

    LMAO that Emil and Rebecca are already best friends. Sims are funny sometimes!

  23. Laura, professional party guest is one of the sillier jobs in the game! I actually have a separate events planning career though (Maia is working in it and Araminta used to), so I just try to work with it! Kind of glad Emil got fired though - it doesn't sound like the kind of job you'd retire from.

    Oooh, I don't know! I still do have a lot of Sims with plenty of "padding" as well as some truly rich families but I think adding the post-grad fees is really hurting some families. Anna and Emil paid $16,000 for law school for Nathan, at the same time they'd just moved and had to furnish a new home. Even though this place is smaller than their old place, they somehow managed to get into debt with it, even before law school! Makes sense with Anna though!

    Heh, yeah, who knows when Emil and Rebecca became friends? For all I know, they sat down and played a game of chess on a community lot 20 years ago! I'm often surprised by who shows up in a Sim's relationship panel!

    Thanks for reading!